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1 Tenders: 17379393 Supply Of Canvas Bag For Bed Roll. Size: 60 Cm Length X 50 Cm Width X 42.5 Cm Depth. ( As Per Sample ) .
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Due Date : 27/12/2018
2 Tenders: 17362742 Purchase Of Triming Canvas Bag. .
Due Date : 04/01/2019
3 Tenders: 17297346 Supply Of Canvas Bag Size Lxwxh = 60Cmx425cmx50cm Capacity Of Each Bag Should Be 23 Linen Kits/16 Pillow & Covers/16 Blankets Each Make Canvas.
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Due Date : 05/12/2018
4 Tenders: 17293247 Supply Of Discharge Earthing Pole Assembly Complete For 25 Kv Ohe As Per Rdso Specification No. Eti/Ohe/51(9/87) With A&C Slip No. 1 And As Per Core Ald Of Approved Drg No. Ht/Trd/Ohe/Dr/01/00 1 Discharge Rods To Be Make Out Of Full Fibre Glass Male/Female Connecting Screw And Fasteners Of Ss (Anti Corrosive) With Canvas Bag.
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Due Date : 30/11/2018
5 Tenders: 17292752 Supply Of Earth Tester Hand Operated Four Terminal Range 1 10 100 Ohms With Kit For Earth Tester Canvas Bag ,Four Spikes , 4 Wires , Hammer Screw Driver And Plier .
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Due Date : 05/12/2018
6 Tenders: 17210480 Supply Of Canvas Bag Of Parachute Cloth Size 20"X10"X10" .
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Due Date : 19/11/2018
7 Tenders: 17103862 Limited Biding For Canvas Bags .
Due Date : 05/11/2018
8 Tenders: 16995253 Item 06 Supply Of Dwt Canvas Bags Size 86.5X56cm .
Due Date : 30/10/2018
9 Tenders: 16952614 Supply Of Heavy Canvas Bag For Bedroll Distribution On Trains.(Ac Coaches) Description Of Canvas Bag.(1) Size 60 Cm (Length) X 50 Cm (Height) X 42.5 Cm (Width) (2) Colour Of Canvas Bag Off White / Dark Blue, (3) Quality Of Fabric Water Resistant, (4) Cotton Cloth 14.02, (5) Niwar Belt Should Stitched All Round The Bag Size Of Niwar Belt 2',(6) Thickness Of Cloth 3 Mm, (7) The Bag Should Be Double Stitched At All The Sides & Should Have To Close The Flat By Cotton Strip. (8)(Sample Can Be Seen At Dmm/Rtm Office Or Coaching Depot Indore) (9) Tolerance Capacity 75 Kgs.Of Linen. (10) Stamping On Canvas Bag The Bags Should Be Marked With "Western Railway" & It's Logo Along With Name Of The "Coaching Depot Indore" Both In English & Hindi.
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Due Date : 23/10/2018
10 Tenders: 16904784 Supply Of Heavy Canvas Bags Size 70 Cms Length, 52 Cms Width, 60 Cms Height, Whole Mouth Open To Easy Use, Good Quality Heavy Duty Chain To Close The Bag And Also Extra Facility Ot Close The Bag (In Case Of Chain Failure) With Button Locking System, Strong Handle Strips For Lifting Should Cover Entire Side & Bottom To Give Strength, Whole Bag Triple Stitching With Nylon Thread, Colour Military Green. Depot Name Indicated On The Bag, I.E Section Engineer (C&W) Okha.
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Due Date : 22/10/2018
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Canvas Bag Tenders

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