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1 Tenders: 20489323 Industrial Training And Employment, Govt. Model Iti, Hosur Road, Bangalore 560029. 1 Micrometers,Outside 2 Micrometers,Outside 3 Micrometers,Outside 4 Vernier Caliper 5 Vernier Caliper Digital 6 Vernier Caliper Digital 7 Vernier Height Gauge Digital 8 Vernier Caliper 9 Power Saw Machine
Due Date : 18/11/2019
2 Tenders: 20481983 Supply Of Digital Vernier Calliper Range 0 To 150Mm. Minimum Accuracy + Or , 0.02Mm. Minimum Resolution : 0.01Mm. Make:Mitutoyo/ Snap On/ Starrett Usa Only.
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Due Date : 25/10/2019
3 Tenders: 20480004 Supply Of Cat A Spares. 1.01 Belt Water Pump 1.02 Unit Head Lamp 1.03 Blade Assy Wiper 1.04 Caliper Assy Disc Brake 1.05 Pad 1.06 Shoe Set 1.07 Drum Rear Brake 1.08 Cylinder Assy Brake Master 1.09 Disc Front Brake 1.10 Mirror Assy Out Rear Rh 1.11 Mirror Assy Out Rear Lh 1.12 Air Cleaner Element 1.13 Motor Assy Starting
Due Date : 26/10/2019
4 Tenders: 20474899 Supply Of Calipers.
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Due Date : 06/11/2019
5 Tenders: 20474897 Supply Of Calipers.
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Due Date : 06/11/2019
6 Tenders: 20474784 Supply Of Calipers.
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Due Date : 02/11/2019
7 Tenders: 20474551 Supply Of Calipers.
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Due Date : 30/10/2019
8 Tenders: 20457101 Supply Of Vernier Caliper 250 Mm, Jaw Typea With Jaws On Both Sides For External & Internal Measurements. External Measurement Range Upto 0 150Mm, Resolution 0.01Mm, Jaw Length 150Mm, Material Hardened Stainless Steel, Minimum Weight 190Gm, Dimension 100X35x10 With Calibration Certificate Of Oem. Make Aerospace Or Similar.
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Due Date : 23/10/2019
9 Tenders: 20445494 Industrial Training And Employment, Govt. Model Iti, Hosur Road, Bangalore 560029. 1 Steel Rule 2 Outside Spring Caliper 3 Inside Spring Caliper 4 Hermaphrodite Caliper 5 Divider Spring 6 Centre Punch 7 Hammer 8 Cold Chisel Flat 9 File Flat Bastard 10 File Flat 11 File Flat Smooth 12 Screw Driver 13 Combination Plier 14 Safety Glasses 15 Surface Plate 16 Marking Off Table 17 Scribing Block Universal 18 V Block 19 Try Square 20 Outside Spring Caliper 21 Divider Spring 22 Inside Spring Caliper 23 Straight Edge Steel 24 Straight Edge Steel 25 Steel Tape 26 Steel Rule 27 Sprit Level 28 Hammer 29 Screw Driver, Heavy Duty 30 Hammer Lead 31 Spindle Blade Screw Driver 32 Allen Hexagonal Keys 33 Spanner D.E. 34 Adjustable Spanner 35 Reduction Sleeve Morse 36 Angle Plate Size 37 Angle Plate Adjustable 38 Solid Parallels In Pairs (Different Sizes) In Metric 39 Oil Can Pressure Feed 40 Oil Stone 41 Number Drills H.S.S. (Parallel Shank) 42 Punch Letter Set. 43 Punch Number Set 44 Twist Drills 45 Drill Chuck 46 Centre Drill 47 Grinding Wheel Dresser (Diamond) 48 Grinding Wheel Dresser Huntington Type 49 Clamps C 50 Clamps C 51 Tap And Die Set In Box Metric Pitch 52 File Half Round 53 Needle File Set 54 Reamer Adjustable 55 Assorted Tools And Bit Holders For Lathe, Shaper, Slotter And Planner In Different Shapes And Sizes 56 Table Chuck 57 Mcstrg Vice 58 Hand Vice 59 Radius Turning Attachment 60 Universal Mcstrg Vice 61 Universal Table Angle Plate 62 Knurling Tools 63 Plier Cutting 64 Carbide Tipped Tools Of Different Sizes And Shapes (Throw Away Tips) 65 Hand Hammer 66 Digital Multimeter 67 Variable Resistance Box 68 Dc Battery With Cap 69 Dual Power Supply 70 Solder Iron 71 Inductor 72 Relay 73 Function Generator 74 Bread Board 75 Ss And Sc Centre Lathe (All Geared) With Specification As:
Due Date : 15/11/2019
10 Tenders: 20431371 Procurement Of Physics Lab .( Optical Bench Apparatus And Rods, Abonite Rods, Ammeter Best Quality Bench Type Dual Range, Analog Ammeter, Analog Voltmeter, Apparatus To Show Force On A Conductor In A Magnetic Field, Avometer Mechanical High Ranges, Bar Magnet, Bar Magnet Plastic Coated Ceramic, Bar Magnets, Battery Holders Cell Box Of One Tow Cells And Woobox With Brass Teminals, Bell Jar And Air Pump, Burette Clamp And Boss Head, Calorimeter With Wooden Jacket + Stirrer + Lid Superior, Capapcitor, Ar Bulb, Capacitor, Car Bulb, Carbon Rod, Circular Coil, Compass, Compound Pendulum, Concave Lens, Concave Lense, Concave Miror, Connection Wires, Constant Volums Air Thermometer Wooden Stand On Cast Iron Base Brass Leveling Screws And Glass Pulleys Bulb Superior Quality, Convex Lens, Mirror, Convex Mirror, Drawing Pins, Electric Balance Precision Type Capacity, Electric Calorimeter, Electrically Maintained Tunning Fork Large, Electroscope, Fly Wheel Unit, Fortune Barometer, Galvanometer, Geometry Box Wooden Large For Black Board, Glass Rods, Glass Slab, Gold Leaf Electroscope, Graduated Cylinder, Heating Plates With Regulator, Helical Spring Apparatus On Iron Stand, Hoffman Voltmeter, Holder For Lense Y Shape On Metal On Metal Adjustable Stand Superior, Hooke Law, Hypsometer, Keys, Jockey, Lead Shots, Mass Box, Masses Box, Mercury Lamp, Meter Rod Wooden Best Export Quliry, Metric Bridge, Micrometer China Complete Set, Micrometer, Milliammeteres Bench Tye Ac Ohmic Resistors, Pendulum Balls, Plane Mirror, Plano Convex Lens, Plates For Simple, Plotting Compass, Post Office Box Plug Type Fitted England Wite Whoud Coils, Precision Balance, Prisms, Pulleys, Sonometer, Spectrometer, Spherometer, Steam Boiler, Stop Wtch, Striking Hammer, Tangential Galvanometer, Test Tube, Thermometer, Vernier Callper, Weight Box, Wheatstone Bridge, Xy Oscilloscope, Manuals)
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Due Date : 04/11/2019
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