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1 Tenders: 22558222 Running And Maintenance Of Ags, Chandigam. 1 Colour Box 2 Dictionary (Large) 3 Dictionary (Medium) 4 School Note Books (Large Size) 5 Sweets 6 Purchase Of National Flag Large 7 Purchase Of National Flag Tri Colour For Distribution To Children And Teachers 8 Sweets 9 Toffee 10 Purchase Of National Flag Tri Colour For Distribution To Children And Teachers 11 Sweets 12 Toffee 13 Calculators (Citizen) (Medium) 14 Paper (A4 Size) 15 Paper (Large Size) 16 Gum Bottle Camel (700Ml) Big 17 Glue Stick 18 Fevicol 19 Drawing Pins 20 Drawing Sheet 21 Pencils (Natraj) 22 Sharpner (Natraj) 23 Erasers (Natraj) 24 Sketch Pen (Luxor) 25 Rubber Band 26 Pen Reynolds (Blue) 27 Pen Reynolds (Red) 28 Temporary Marker 29 Ribbons Various Colour 30 Globe Large Size 31 Attendance Registers 32 File Covers 33 White File Covers 34 Laser Pointer 35 Class Room Educational Charts 36 Marker Ink 37 Table Glass 38 Table Cloth 39 Posters Of Eminent Personalities (Politicians, Sportsmen, Scientists Etc) 40 Cello Tape (Different Colours) 41 Plastic Door Mates (Medium) 42 Broom 43 Curtain Rods 6Ft 44 Curtain Rods Short 3.5Ft 45 Lizol 46 Wipers 47 Phenyle 48 Napthylene 49 Dusting Cloth 50 Room Freshener 51 Odonil 52 Volley Ball Net 53 Volley Balls (Navia) 54 Footballs (Navia) 55 Badminton Rackets 56 Badminton Nets 57 Shuttle Cock 58 Printing Of Student Performance Card 59 Printing Of Student Transfer Certificate 60 Indemnity Bond Forms 61 Printing Of Fee Collection Receipt 62 Student Proficiency Certificate 63 Printing Of Character Certificate 64 Result Gazette Register 65 Conduct Of Parent And Teachers Meet Approx Expdr Incurred @ Rs 3000/ Each Qtr 66 Purchase Of Answer Sheets 67 Purchase Of Drawing Sheets 68 Printing Of Question Papers
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Due Date : 17/06/2020
2 Tenders: 22225619 Supply Of Iti Material At Central Jail Ujjain Pencil Pen Refile Blue Colour Refile Red Colour Refile Black Colour Rubber Sharpner Temperary Marker Ink (Black Colour) Temperary Marker Ink (Blue Colour) Temperary Marker Engineering Drawing Tool Kit Engineering Drawing Sheet Sketch Pen Set Rough / Fair Copy Book 150 Page Rough / Fair Copy Book 200 Page Rough / Fair Copy Book 300 Page Assignment File Drawing Board Mini Drafter Drafting Template Jeomatry Box Roller Scale C.D. / D.V.D. Calculator Paper Weight Deewar Ghadi Diesel Jaick 05 Ton Capacity Rubber Met 5 X 10 Ki Chain Block 02 Ton Capacity Multi Colour I.C. Logic Gate Ki I.C. 7402 D.T.H. Chhatri Ka Receiver Whiter Marker Board Ameter Hot Tharmas Gum Stick Tape Adha Inchi Copper Wire Cello Tape Leather Paper 05 Number Varnish Filmy Paper 05 Number Wire Bundle 01 Mm (Black Colour) Wire Bundle 01 Mm (Red Colour) Wire Bundle 01 Mm (Blue Colour) Wire Bundle 01 Mm (Yellow Colour) Aluminium Wire 06 Mm Holder Switch 03 Coil Group Lakdi Ka Farma Motor Winding Wala 04 Coil, 2 Choti, 2 Badi Lakdi Ka Farma Motor Winding Wala Steel Reep Tape Adha Inchi Pichroll (Wire Joint Motor) (As Per Req.) Chumbak Chad Volt Meter (D.C.) Alpin Net Protector Anti Virus Stapler Machine 24 Number Cotton West Lakdi Ke Gutke 1½ X 1½ = 6 Diesel Filter Battery Distill Water Horse Stand (Teen Paye Wale) (Tripod) Hand Gloves Safety Goggles (Chasma) Apron Engineering Drawing Ki Book, Alag Alag Writer Ki N.K. Publication, N.D. Bhatt (1 1 No.) Geomatric Form (Jyamitiy Akratiya) Jaise Shanku, Pyramid, Ghan, Ghanav Et. (1 1 No) Ganit Ki Kitab N.K. Publication Ki Electronic Compound Alag Alag Prakar Ke Sabhi Prakar Ke Eletrical Scrab T.V. Remote, Mobile, Radio, D.V.D. Player (1 1 No.) D.C. Motor 12 Watt D.C. Motor 06 Watt Transfarmer (12012) Dry Battery 06 Watt Dry Battery 12 Watt Condensor 2200, 4700, Mfd Electronic Book Alag Alag Writer Ki (1 1 No.) Electronic Picture Book 2016 Edition Electronic Practical Book 2016 Edition Sensor Alag Alag Prakar Ke May Circuit May Book Led Diode Photo Diode Speaker Ka Khaaali Samaan Kayal Parda Jaali Chumbak Khaali 06 Inch Speeaker Wali Computer Ka Scrape Card Reader Pen Drive 08,06,32 Gb Terminal Clip (Battery Wali) Point Clip 12 Mm Chargeable Cell 1.5 Watt Charger Cell 1.5 Watt Electronic Wiring Alag Alag Prakar Ki White Marker Board Bulb 06 Watt Cutter Leather Paper 02 Number Filmi Paper 07 Number Slu 1 Se 8 Number Tak (20 20 No) Cotton Tap (1/2 Inch) Pankhe Ki Wiring (Copper Wire 36 Number) Karma (Paani) 02 Badi, 02 Choti Quile Wala Pankhe Ki Leeed Wire (Alag Alag Prakar Ke) Sabmarsibal Motor Ke Wire (19 Number) Sabmarshibal Motor Ke Wire (18½ Number) Sali 6 Inchi Slot Paper 6 Inchi Casing Patti Switch Board (Lakdi Wale) Socket Three Pin Socket Two Pin On Off Switch Transfarmer 05 Watt Ameter (0 40) Tak Volt Meter (0 400V) Tak Motor Case (Body) Alag Alag Prakar Ki Switch Board Plastic (Single Switch)
Due Date : 11/04/2020
3 Tenders: 22141752 Auction/Sale Of Unserviceble /Obsolescent Items Printers ,Fax Machines ,Paper Shadders ,Photocopy ,Machine ,Scanners ,Desktops ,Monitors ,Laminator ,Upss ,Air Conditioners ,Fans ,Chairs ,Plasma ,Tonner ,Wall Clock T,Elephone I,Nstrument ,Mouse ,Keyboard ,Calculator ,Stabilizer Ac ,Ham Radio ,Material ,Water Dispensor ,Ups 2Kv
Due Date : 03/04/2020
4 Tenders: 21921155 Supply And Installation Of Consumable And Other Necessary Material For Established 115 Vocational Workshop In Government And Local Body Secondary Schools In Various Districts Of Maharashtra State. (For Retail Trade) 1 Sales Register Ledger 2 Gst Billing Software Offline Cd 3 Cash Drawer 4 Caution Sign Board Cleaning In Progress (2 X 1 Feet, Yellow) 5 Challan Book With Delivery Challans 6 Hand Held Metal Detector Scanner 7 Glue Gun 40W With Glue Sticks 8 Mannequins 9 Pencil Cell 10 Mannequin Gents Clothing 11 Mannequin Ladies Clothing 12 Jewellry Mannequin 13 Focus Light 14 Extension Board 15 First Aid Box 16 Fire Extinguishing Ball 17 Pos Paper Rolls 18 Calculator 19 File Holder
Due Date : 11/03/2020
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