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1 Tenders: 24247168 Alwal Iti Tender Of Tools And Equipments . Adjustable Set Square Scissors Tailors Square Leg Shaper Pinking Shears Screw Driver Set White Magnetic Board With Felt Board And Accessories Display Board Dress Forms Dummies Tracing Table Mannenquins Childrens Mannenquins Ladies Mannenquins Gents Garment Hangers Cart Chop Table Sharpener Rubber Mat Sprayer Pattern Punch Pattern Natcher Pattern Hanging Stand Water Tub Stand For Hanging Dress Electric Automatic Steam Press Pick Glass Machine Attachments Display Board Covered With Glass Or Acrylic Sheet Wall Clock Calculator Desk Type White Board With Accessories Dummy Mannequins Mannequins Mannequins White Magnetic Board With Felt Board And Accessories Display Board Vacuum Cleaner Sewing Machine Single Needle Lock Stitch Industrial Model Over Lock Machine Zig Zag Multi Purpose Machine
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Due Date : 01/02/2021
2 Tenders: 24066579 Nit02/2020 21 Retail Dungarpur 1.01 Display Racks Different Types ( Asset) 1.02 Display/Boards/ Standees Different Types ( Asset) 1.03 Shopping Cart ( Asset) 1.04 Tables ( Asset) 1.05 Stools ( Asset) 1.06 Calculator ( Asset) 1.07 Public Address System Microphone ( Asset) 1.08 Display Photographs Of Different Types Of Produce Categories ( Asset) 1.09 Gondolas (3 Or 4 Types) ( Asset) 1.10 Stock Almirah Godrej ( Asset) 1.11 Cc Tv Camera ( Asset) 1.12 Projector ( Asset) 1.13 1 Desktop Computer ( Asset) 1.14 Lcd Tv ( Asset) 1.15 Demo Counter ( Asset) 1.16 Bar Code Scanner ( Asset) 1.17 Billing Dummy Software ( Asset) 1.18 Dummy Products With Barcode ( Asset) 1.19 Peghooks ( Asset) 1.20 Ladders ( Asset) 1.21 Loading Trolleys ( Asset)
Due Date : 05/01/2021
3 Tenders: 24030586 Supply Of Wooden Table, Wooden Chair, Plastic Chair, Box, Takhti Tipai (Tripod), Calculator, Chain (Jarib), Various Materials.
Due Date : 18/12/2020
4 Tenders: 23920463 Supply Of List Of Articles For E Tender Of Sub Divisional Officer, Bishnupur For 2020 21 Miscellaneous Goods. Alpin 2 Bleaching Powder J Blotting Pad/Dakpad 4 Auto Click File 5 Battery Pencil (For Clock) 6 Battery Pencil (For Ac Remote) 7 Battery Pencil (For Microphone) 8 Broomstick (Coconut) 9 Bucket (Medium Size) 0 E!$Et (Dustbin) I Foot Pressure Dustbin 2 Bygone Spray J Brass(Latrine) 4 Candle 5 Led Bulb (18 Watt.) 6 Colin 7 Cup+P1s1s 8 Calling Bell (Cordless) 9 Calling Bell (Electric) 20 Wall Clock Ajanta (Good Quality) 21 Cello Tape (Mediurn Size) 22 Toner (Xerox) Ricch/Cannon Zj Cartridge(Computer) 1 2A Hp 24 Cartridge(Computer) 7 8A Hp 25 Caftridge(Computer) 8 8A H P 26 Caftridge(Computer) Ribbon For Treasury Hf 27 Cartridge (Cornputer) 88A Laser Pro Tll Zoz Printer Landfi4v Section) Hp 28 Cartridge (Compiter) 30A Cf 230,{ (Ca ,Sec) Hp 29 Cartridge Drum 32A C! 232A (Ca Sec.) Hp 30 Carbolic Acid 31 Clip Board (Plastic) Z Clip Jj Calculator Big Sizb 34 Dot Pen (Good Quality) 5 Dendrite 36 Pavlon Llquld ( Luu Lnl.) Tiffin Plate 38 Detergent Powder (Sunlight) 39 Eraser(Whitener) 40 Rruwasn (R Letrol/ Javton/Lliebouy)_25 0 Ml Drinking Glass 42 43 Extension Cord 44 File 2 Folder 45 File 4 Folder 46 R Lat) 41 Fevicol Tube 48 Fevicol Big 49 F Evlqulci( 50 Fevigum 250 Rnl. ),G!Low Colour 51 Gamaxin 52 Guarder 53 Le 54 Computer Mouse (Dell) 55 56 51 Harpic 58 Rpray 1 Duster Keyboard (Dell) Hitech Pen
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Due Date : 09/12/2020
5 Tenders: 23856934 Supply Of Petty Supply Item Soft Broom, Hard Broom, Long Broom, Match Box, Naphthalene Ball, Life Boy Soap (125 Gm), Candle No. 510 (10 Each Per Box) , Black Phenyl (5 Liter), Scrubing Brush, Big Wiper, Bleaching Powder, Washing Soda, Liquid Soap (5 Liter Can), Plastic Bucket (20 Litter), Plastic Mug, Big Battery Cell, Medium Cell, Pencil Cell, Remote Cell (Small), Hand Wash (200 Ml), Shainet Powder, Nadi Tep, Tachani Pin Packet (100 Gm), Red Tag (Bundle), White Tag (Bundle), Wheat Swing ( Chalini), Shaving Blade Razor , Stapler Pin (Small No 10), Battery Contain 2 Cell , Battery Contain 3 Cell , Calculator With 12 Digit, Scissor For Hair Cutting, Super Max Blade Packet (5 Blade), After Shave Alum, Godrej Shaving Soap ( Round Shape), Shaving Brush, Shaving Razor For Barbar, Blade Razor For Barbar, Hair Brush For Barber, Coam For Barber Small, Coam For Barber Big, Godrej Lock 5 Levers, Godrej Lock 6 Levers, Godrej Lock 7 Levers, Normal 5 Levers, Normal 6 Levers, Normal 7 Levers, Ink For Inkpad (100 Ml Bottle), Gum Bottle (150 Ml Camel ), Gum Bottle (700 Ml For E.C.G. ), Punch Machine Small, Punch Machine Big, Attendance Muster, H.B.Pencil Black, Cartrage For Printer ( Hpofficejetpro276dw), Sleeper No.7,8,9, 10, 11, 12, Curtain Wire, Curtain Hook, Tube Light 2 Feet, Tube Light 1/2 Feet, Tube Light 4 Feet, Tube Light 36 Volt 865, Tube Light 11 Volt E Coton Pl S, P.V.C. Steelgrip Tep (Insulation), 40 Watt Bulb (Surya / Philips), 60 Watt Bulb (Surya / Philips), 100 Watt Bulb (Surya / Philips), Fresh All (Godrej Co), Khatnil Spray (1 Liter), Nylon Wire, Dustbin (Small/Regular), Dustbin (Big (Red/Bule/Black/Yellow) Swain Top 32 Liter, Swain Top Dustbin , White Thred For Tailor Machine, Green Thred For Tailor Machine, Yellow Thred For Tailor Machine, Tailor Scissor No 10, Tailor Scissor No 12, Tailor Machine Needle No 14, Tailor Machine Needle No 16, Tailor Machine Needle No 18, Machine Vadi Leather , Major Tape, Bobin Ring For Tailor Machine, Tailor Chauk, Zerox Paper A 4 Rim, Tocha Wooden Handle, White Cholk, Singer Machine Oil, 11 Watt C.L.F.Lamp, 24 Watt C.L.F.Lamp, 36 Watt C.L.F.Lamp, Door Mate 3 By 4 Sq.Ft., Asian Paint White Color, Asian Paint Yellow Color, Asian Paint Red Color, Asian Paint Black Color, Painting Brush No.3, Redoxied, Black Bord Color, Small Stapler, Mediam Stapler, Bery Spray, Whitenor Pen, Pintop 5 Amp, Pintop 15 Amp, U Pin Box, Dish Washing Scruber, Marker Pen, Tarpaint Oil, Acid , File Folder, 2 Side Folio File Folder, Pendrive 8Gb, 16Gb, Brown Tap, Box File, Writing Pad (Wooden), Duracell Remote Cell, Duracell Pencil Cell, Glucometer Cell, Washing Plastic Pipe, Wheel Dustbin (120 Liter).
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Due Date : 25/11/2020
6 Tenders: 23815602 Supply Of Equipment/Items In Inspection Kits Hardware. 1.01 Hammer (Medium Size 500G) 1.02 Scissors(Medium) 1.03 Cutting Pliers(Medium) 1.04 Magnifying Glass(50Mm To 70Mm Diameter) 1.05 Eletrical Extention Cable(20Meter) 1.06 Screw Driver Set 1.07 Calculator(12 Digit) 1.08 Permanent Markers 1.09 A Suitable Metal Box To Carry Items Mentioned In 1 To 8 1.1 Safety Cone With Hooks To Attach Label(Light Weight Fibre 60Cm Height 1.11 Safety Label With Imprint Legal Metrology Department Inspection In Progress ( Tobe Affixed To Cone) In Figures
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Due Date : 28/11/2020
7 Tenders: 23774415 Auction Sale Of 2 Various Seized Goods Details As Per The List Attached. * C Motar Parts / Rotor With Shaft 2 Sony Chf 90 Audio Cassette Gillette Contur 10 Blade Gift Set (Watch Digital +Pen) Gift Set (Watch Digital +Pen+Neclace+Clip) Makeup Kit Boots Baby Bath Care 500 Ml Gillette Gii 10 Blades Eraser High Class Torch Tiger Head Brand 3 Cell Torch Tiger Head Brand 2 Cell Circular Eraser Nylon Sox Gents Rose 3 Sarees Suitcase 4 Safari Briefcase Lungi Shirt And Pant Bedsheet 5 Ln.Cassette C90 Audio Cassette Sony Mc 60 Comcorder Cassette Cassette Ehf C90 21 Loose +70(Box) Cigarette Lighter Headphone Sanyo Unicef S 88 Mini Dynamic Stereo Headphones Sanyo Stereo Speckers Set Jsx37l(L) Socks Set Two One National Flash Camera A 900 Teinin Double Bull Baniyan Pant Pieces @ 5M Pant Pieces @2M Shirt Pieces @2M Shirt Pieces @5M Mini Carpet (1M) T Shirt (36) Saree Trolley Bag (Damaged) 6 Kodak Video Cassette E180 Auvi Head Cleaner Torch Pensil Cell Boxer Am Radio Sanyo Electric Shaver Sve 710 A National Electric Shaver Tony Cassette C90 Sharp El 345 S Torch Packed Lila 7 Panasonic E 180 Hq Bag Green Suitcase Old Without Brand 8 Vcr National Nv 340 9 Vcr National Nv 340 10 Calculator Fx 82B (Leaked Battery) 11 Panasonic Camera Wvp 100E+ Flash Battery Panasonic Vbb30 3600 Bt2 Starbility Camera Toma Af 35 National Video Cassette E 180 Kodak Video Cassette E180 Rechargeable Torch 4 In 1, Hong Kong 12 Video Cassette Tdk Video Cassette National Japan Car Stereo Tkr Japan 60 Watts Speed King Car Tape 13 Blanket Stellar 200*240 (Korea ) Blanket 220*240 (Korea) Blanket Tiger King L80*230 (Japan) Table Lamp Battery Operater Melody Chime Bell Chain Alarm (Honkong ) Apollo Mini Movi Q1094 Car Break Light Cs 101 Umbrella Golden Pine Socks Wolf Shoes Sports Kyoceia Son Of Solar (Bettery Solar ) Rognis Men Socks Binaculer Super Zenith 20*50 3" Redleaf Scissor Comb Set Duct Vhs National Cassatte E180 5 , Nve30pms 8 Wilkinson Shaving Blade Box Foldable Scissors Rose Brand Victory Make Jacket (S) Jordan Toothbrush (Norway) Measuring Tape Tailor 150 Inch Telephone Socket (2Pen) Pen Set Sheaffer Pant Piece 6 Mtr Shirt Pieces 12 Mtr Pant Pieces 6 Mtr Pant Piece 10 Mtr Pant Pieces 7.5 Mtr Modella Make Pant Pieces 3.5 Mtrs Black Ehf C90 Audio Cassatte Mini Audio Cassette Casio Sports Glasses Socks Set Spectacle Frame Celica (R) Ml 303 Utility Knife Gillette Gii Willkinson W Ii Gillette Contour Gilletter Contour Plus Toothbrush Sumel Sports Shoes Dunlop 6/39 Sports Shoes Barratts Socks Ladies Socks Kids Victory Xl Sweater Binaculars Deluxe Floding Goggless Comb Jordance Half Pant Chemise T Shirts Pant Piece Shirt Piece Carpet 2*1 Chunni Cloth Mint Color 14 Kyowa Video Head Cleaner Vh310 Video Cassette National Nv 180 Video Cassette National Nv E30 Video Cassette Panasonic E180 Video Cassette National E180 Premium Video Cassette National E180 Video Cassette Jvc E120 15 Jvc Newvision Video Camera Gx N70e National Portable Vcr Nv180 With Remote Panasonic Battery Pack Vb30 Normal Plug Ac Adapter Vw A11ba Jvc Character Generator Cg P50e Connector Cable 16 Hara Jeans Pant With Belt W 30 Cristal Glass France (1 Set Of 6 Pcs) Sony Hf 90 Cassette Tdk D90 Cassette Watch Qandq Ladies National Video Cassette E30 Name Plate Sticker (Sony, Panasonic) 17 Cassette Sfd E180 Cassette Tdk E180 Cassette Tdk E180 National Sp E180 Cassette National Std E180 Cassette Maxell Uds Ii 90 Cassette Tdk A/90 Cassette Sony Hf90 Cassette Gillette Adjustable Gillette Shaving Brush Gillette Foam With Shaver Combo Small Binocular With Cover 2.5X24 65 Ussr Gillete Sports Contur Plus + 2 Blades Gillette G Ii With 5 Blade Gillette Contur 5 Blade Pack Casio Mini Cassette Scissor Savoy Japan Ross Lab Nipple Unit Globe Star Staple Pin Pack (1000 Per Pkt) Ink Pen Hero Watch Strap Rubber Nail Cutter Big Bell Korea Binocular With Box Super Zenita 20X50 Field 3 Deg 18 Asahi Pentax K1000 (Roll) Casino Xt 1 With Lens (Roll) Pentax Me Super (Roll) Bag In Which Camera Placed 19 Bolton Radio Citizen Watch (Square) Model Citizen Watch (Round) Model Multitype Panty Stocking Pauline No.2 Stocking 20 Ball Pen Romus 21 Twincam Double Cassette Player With Radio Sony Mc60 Cassette Mini Electric Condenser Microphone T71 Casio Cacli Hl812 Sparkle Calculator Pocket, Fancy Scissor Torch Rechargeable Sanyo Malallah Stocking Knife Set 5 Piece Pearl Essential Balm Lamp Optical Fiber Saree Shirt Than Green T Shirt Night Suit (Shirt Payjama) Cloth Than Red Clothe Than White 22 National Nvgi20 Em Vcr Hitachi Vt 138 Vcr Remote 23 Loop For Camera National Sp E180 Video Cassette Gillette G Ii Gillette Contur Tdk D90 Audio Cassette Citizen Pocket Mb 260 Calci Sharp El 857H Calci Casio Hl 122 Calci Casio Fx 82C Scientific Calci Gillette Sensor Blade Sony Ef 90 Audio Cassette Casio Hl 812 Calci Yasica Md 35 F Camera 24 Funai Vcp Vip 3000A 25 Sony Walkman Wm B12 Sanyo 9Cv240 Malallah Stocking Korea Free Size 26 Cassette Player Radio Fm,Mw,Sw And Spekers Sony Cfs 1000 S Cassette National E180 Cassette Torch Rechargeable Black Sony C200 Stereo Walkman Red Aiwa Stereo Walkman Red Sony Kc 16 Walkman Black Sanyo M30 Walkman Panasonic Oki Radio Mouth Organ Hero Harmonium Nail Cutter Magnet Bracelet National Qc Headcleaner National E 180Hd Cassette Sony Pro X Cassette Cleaner Sony Ef90 Cassette Mini Phone Epo28 Calculator Citizen Scd735 Casio D 160 Calci Ct500 Citizen Calci Citizen Calci Lh 830 Calculator Lc 503 Calculator Scd708 Citizen Lc786s Calci Sharp El858 Calci Sharp Calculator El838 Sharp Calculator El857 Texas Ti 35 Calci Camera Yasica Md 35F With Cover Toy Piano Mech 27 Hair Dryer Lp 700 Small Doll Big And Small Torch Panda 3 Cell Torch Recharchable Ss Feather Double Edge Blade Pkt 10 Each Citizen Lc 5001 Calci Citizen Sdl 708 Calci Car Toy Cell Video Head Vtr 28 Nec Circular Flurescent Lamp Magnetic Chess National Superquick Head Cleaner Gillette Gii Blade Holder 5 Blades Sanyo 2 In 1 Fm Mw, Ms350 Fluroscent Tube Rod 8W Phone Car Shape Binaculor With Box Tento Usa National Car Deck Mw Sw, Cq 7070 Blanket Korea 220X240 Size 29 Casio Mini Card Calculator Citizen Sdl 737 Calculator Citizen Sdl 760 Calculator Citizen Sdl 760N Calculator Citizen 7001 Calculator Citizen Lc503 Calculator Citizen 737 Calculator Citizen Ct600 Calculator Sharp El 8578 Calculator Citizen Sdc8001 Calculator Citizen Ct 500 Calculator Citizen 814 Calculator Citizen Lc797 Calculator Casio Hl 820Lu Calculator Casin Hl 100 L Calculator Citizen Sdc 814 Calculator Citizen Sdc 839 Calculator Citizen Lc 7874 Calculator Casio Fx 82 Lb Calculator Citizen Sdc 814 Calculator Citizen Lh 600 Calculator Citizen Sld 707 Calculator Citizen Bs 101 Calculator Calculator (Dollar) 30 Casio Fx 82 Casio Calculator Citizen Bs 101 Calculator Citizen Sdc 814 Calculator Citizen Sld708 Calculator Casio Fx82 B Calculator Casio Hl812l Calculator Citizen Lh600 Calculator Citizen 503 Calculator Citizen Bs 101 Calculator 31 Tdk D90 Cassette Mini Turbo Dryer Mini Piano For Kids (Toy) Kodak Duoflex Ii Camera, England Verbatim Floppy 3.5" Casio Calci Jwa10 Torch 2 Cell Tiger Hanimex 35Hs Camera (Roll) Kodak T 600 Horizontal Camera Steppler Pin Packet Small Folding Scissor T Shirt Small Undergarment 32 Vcr National Nvg10em Vcr Nv630 (No Name Plate) 33 National E180 Video Cassette Knife Ss Standard Tooth Brush Golden Dragon Folding Scissor Stepler Small Stepler Pin Small Packet Stepler Pin Big Packet Gas Lighter Cigar Lighter Arcaniom Turbo Printer Roll Paper Binocular Small 2.5*24 65 Ussr Nail Cutter Measuring Tape Ss 2M/6.6 Feet Vibrazor Massaging N Shaving Nivea Travel Kit Aftershave And Foam Kit Binocular Small Ussr Gft2 Yashica Aw818 Cawno (Camera Roll) Premier Pc 100 (Camera Roll) Yashika Kodak P600 Horizontal Philips 800 Trend Style Dryer With 1 Attachment Casio Fx 82 D Calculator Citizen Lc 509 Calculator Citizen Lc 507 Calculator Citizen Calci Sld 701 Calculator Casio Lc 797 G Calculator Casio Lh830 Calculator Citizensld701 Calculator Citizen Sld 731 Calculator Casio Hs 8G Calculator Casio Sld 737 Calculator Citizen Lc 509 Calculator Casio Hc 812 Calculator Sharp El 857H Calculator Casio Dc 750 Calculator Casio Dc 750X Calculator Citizen Mb 2610 Calculator Sharp El 869 Calculator Casio Dc50 Calculator Citizen Lc 508 Calculator Citizen Sdl 848 Calculator Printer Calculator Casio Hr8a With Roll 34 Vcp Funai Vip 3000 35 National Vcr Nv G33 36 Sp National E180 Video Cassette Tdk Hs E180 Video Cassette Premier Camera 3Silver ,1Black ,1Red Skina Sk105 Camera 37 Calculator Citizen B 30 Calculator Citizen B 70 Calculator Citizen Sld315n Coin Cell 38 Ring Watch Metal Citizen Watch White Metal Citizen Watch Black Metal Quartz Omax Watch Black Leather Belt Button Cell 362 Button Cell 721 Button Cell 626 Button Cell Lr44 Button Cell 364 Button Cell 379 Button Cell Sr920 Button Cell 371 Button Cell Sr927 Button Cell 371 Technico Ct2322hm Landline Phone Instrument 39 Atabo Calculator At 206 N Casio Folding Calculator Bistec Bs850 Sharp El 308 Calculator Sharp El 838 Calculator 40 Aimei Walkman Sp 100 Headphone For Walkman Car Audio System Xrs 24 Video Game Portable Bricks Game Video Game Portable Brickgam 126 In1 Yashica Sports Camera Pentax K1000 Camera Philips Dryer 800 Trend Style Attachment For Philips Dryer 41 Car Tape Pioneer Keh 4750 (Malaysia) Car Tape Pioneer Keh P7850 Cable Set Vcr National Nv 450 Sliver Vcrnational Nv L15hq Black Connector Power Cable Panasonic Nv Sd230am Vcr Pansonic Nv Sd230am Vcr Remote Vcr Veq 2138 Panasonic Remote Raksl224 Wh Sanyo Cordless Phone Clt5800 Cordless Base Sanyo Clt 5800 Recharchable Battery 270Aa Adapter Sanyo Ad 2755A Car Sterio Pioneer Keh P7850 Car Stereo Display / Facial Pioneer Power Cord Camera Yashika Novacam Av Connector Telephone Cable National Vcr Nv300 Panasonic Nv Sd230 Vcr Panasonic Sl Vm525 Video Cd Charger Pioneer Car Sterio Keh/P4750 Pioneer Car Sterio Display / Facial Vcr Panasonic+Remote Nv Sr38 Connectors Video Cable Camera Yashica Novacam I Car Stereo Display / Facial Pioneer Remote Cable Power Cord Av Cable Vcr National Nv 433 Hq Vcr National Nv L15hq Vcr National Nv J1hq National Remote Power Cord Video Cable 42 Valuable Box 43 Ibm Laptop Piii 46L4866 (Sr No 9706949) Class B Without Adapter Ibm Laptop Type 2640, (Sr No 70Kk42497/06) Class B Without Adapter Pieree Cardin Black Cloth Bag 44 Red Trolly (Skybag) Goldstar Bag Inko Travels (Hand Pouch) 45 Projector /Lg Make Bs 275 Hp Laptop 8470P Hp Laptop 8470P Hp Laptop Elite Book 8470P Hp Elite Book 8470P Hp Elite Book 8470P Hp Elite Book 8470P Hp Elite Book 8470P Hp Elite Book 8470P Power Cable Mp612c Display Benq .Projector Mp612 P Benq Projector Mp615p Nec Projector Ey380 Lenovo Thinkpad T420 Lenovo Think Pad T420 Lenovo Think Pad T420, Lenovo Thinkpad T420 Lenovo Thinkpad T420 Lenovo Think Pad T420 Royal Polo Duffle Bag Galaxy Duffle Bag Tycoon Bag Pack 46 Samsung 40'' Smart Tv Series 5 Model Ua40f5500ar 47 Sony Lcd Klv 32Bx300 48 Sweater Jos A Bank M Sweater Kinross Cashmere Samsung Galaxy Tab S2sm T713 Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Sm T810 Led Flash Light, Yn600l, Yongnuo Digital Dell Laptop I7 Processor,14" Mic Re 320 Shotgun Shock Mount Stand Adaptor Sm4 Rode Microphone Furry Windshield Sennheiser Mic 865S Rode Ntg 2 Microphone (Australia) Sennheiser Mic Mk4 (Germany) Sennheiser Mic E935 (Germany) Zoom H6 Handy Recorder Zoom Msh6 Mic Maxcell Aa Battery Cable Usb Mircro Sd Card2gb +Adapter Zoom Xyh6 Sterio Mic Yongnuo Yn 685 Speed/Flash Light Wristwatch I Edox Les Vauberts (Date) Wristwatch I Edox Les Vauberts (Day And Date) Go Pro(Video Camera) Hero 4 Full Set Nikon Lens Af S Nilkkor 85Mm 1:1.8G Nikon Lens Af S Nilkkor 50Mm 1:1.8G Nikon Lens Af S Micro Nikkor 105Mm 1:2.8G Nikon Lens Af S Nikkor 17 35Mm 1:2.8D Nikon Lens Af S Nikkor 24 70Mm 1:2.8D Samsonite Big Trolley Bag 49 Lenovo Think Pad, T410s Lenovo Think Pad, T410s Lenovo Think Pad ,T410 Lenovo Think Pad, T4105 Lenovo Think Pad T4105 Lenovo Think Pad T4105 Lenovo Think Pad T4105 Lenovo Think Pad T4105 Lenovo Think Pad ,T4105 Dell Latitude E6410 Dell Latitude E6410 Dell Latitude E6410 Hpelite Book 8470P Lenovo Think Pad T4105 Lenovo Think Pad T4105 Laptop Keyboards Laptop Battery Lenovo Laptop Battery Dell 50 Lg X Boom Cube 330W Om5540 51 Samsung Led Tv 40'' (5 Series / 5000 Model Ua40f5000ar) 52 Samson Suitcase Cosmo Trolley Bag Monza Trolley Bag Monza Trolley Bag Sports Trolley Bag Grey Suitcase Maroon Suitcase Newsun Leather Bag Brown Light Our Choice Duffle Bag 53 Timberland Bag Blue Colour Camera Uivitor Onki 27 Calculator Citizen Ct 500 54 Black Crocodile Bag Mobile Charger Nokia Mobile Charger Motorola Mobile Charger Nokia Mobile Charger Mobile Charger Alkatel Mobile Charger Nokia Citizen Calculator Sld 760N Cable Wired Headphone Samsung Wired Headphone Samsung Wired Headphone Nokia
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Due Date : 20/11/2020
8 Tenders: 23760288 Supply Of Scientific Calculator Bitek/Ors.
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Due Date : 20/11/2020
9 Tenders: 23757187 Engineering Foal Items 1 Spray Gun Paint 2 Hydrometer 1000 To 1300 Sg.6 3/8" Long 3 Anemo Meter Hand Complete With Transit Case 4 Comb Binding Machine 5 Extractor Tool Type Set 6 Crimp Tool No 416643 519 1586 7 File Flat Bastard 150Mm 8 File Flat Bastard 10" 9 File Flat 150Mm 10 File Flat Smooth 10" 11 Files Half Rd Bastard 4 In. Handle No.1 12 Files Half Rd Bastard 8 In. Handle No.3 13 Files Half Rd Smooth 8 In. Handle No.3 14 File Hand Bead Smooth 6" 15 File Hand Edge 10" 16 Files Hand Smooth 6 In. Handle No.2 17 File Smooth 12" 18 Files Rd Bastard 6 In. Handle No.2 19 File Round Smooth 10" 20 File Round Smooth 14" 21 File Round Smooth 4" 22 File Round Smooth 23 File Round Smooth 300Mm 24 Files Square Bastard 6 In Handle No.2 25 Square File 10" 26 Files Square Smooth 86 In Handle No.3 27 File Three Square Triangular 100Mm(6") 28 File Warding Bastard 29 File Warding Bastard 30 Screw Driver 6 1/2" X 5/16 31 Plpiers, Side Cutting, Single Joint Two Joint Cutter Pipe 32 Spanner Adjustable* 10"X1 1/8" Max Jaw Opening 33 Spanner Adjustable. Oal Closed Crfcfmttype31omm(12") 34 Tweezer Non Ferrous 125M 35 Spanner Open Jaw De Fixed Spearhead 15 Degangle Of Jaw Nom 36 Spanner Open Jaw Deaf 8X9mm 37 Spanner Open Jaw Double Ended Size 10Mmx11mm 38 Spanner Open Jaw D E A F 12X13mm 39 Spanner Open Jaw Double Ended Size 14Mmx15mm 40 Set Of Ba Spanners 0 10 Sizes 41 Spanner Adjustable, Nom Size 250Mm Maximum Jaw Opening 30M 42 Block Steel Chain 3 Ton 43 Block Steel Gear 1/2 Ton 44 Spanner, Wrench, Hose Connection 'C For 6" 45 Wrench Pipe 900Mm Capacity 90Mm 46 Gauge Thickness Filler Type 100Mm Comprises 47 Micrometer 0Mm To 75Mm 48 Mocrometer Inside 50Mm To 300M 49 Chisel Cold Nickel Steel Half Round Nose 50 Spanner Open Jaw Deaf 8X9mm 51 Gauge Pressure Dial Indicating 6" Dial Duplex Scale 2 250Psi 52 Gauge Pressure 63Mm Dial For General 53 Gauge Pressure Vaccum Dial 100Mm 54 Gauge Pressure Vaccum 55 Gauge Pressure 100Mm Dial Bar 0 10 Connection (Bsa) 3/8" 56 Gauge Pressure Dial 100Mm 0 4 Bar Mounting 'S' 57 Gauge Pressure Dial 04" 0 6 Kg/Cm2 58 Gauge Pressure Dial 100Mm 0 10 59 Gauge Pressure 150Mm Dial For General Purposes 60 Lub Oil Hand Pump Extraction Oil From Drum 61 Wrench Tap Reamers 1/8 To 1/2" Adjustable 62 Stud Remover Taper Type 63 Stud Remover Taper Type 64 Block Vee Ci 2"X1 1/4" 65 Plier Quick Grip 7" 66 Nose Plier6" 67 Box Spanner 1/4 Bsf 68 Plier Long Snip Nose Box 69 Tommy Bar 16"X1x3/8" 70 Saw Blade 71 Screw Driver Flat 8"L 72 Vice Regular Head 73 Socket Spanner Af 10Mm 74 Socket Spanner Af 13Mm 75 Socket Spanner Af 14Mm 76 Wheel Spanner 12" 77 Tommy Bar 10"X1/2"Dia 78 Lub Oil Test Kit 79 Strainer Metal For Hoses 80 Bearing Skf 6201/Equivalent 81 Cutter Pipe Complete (12 To 50Mm) Three Wheel Type 82 Spanner Box Tubular Box Double Ended Matric 83 Spanner Box Tubular Box Double Ended Matric Size 8X9mm 84 Spanner Tubular Box De Size 12X13mm 85 Spanner Tubular Box Double Ended Size 14Mm X 15Mm 86 Spanner Tubular Box De 16Mm X 17Mm 87 Spanner Tubular Box De 18Mm X 19Mm 88 Spanner Tubular Box De 20Mm X 22Mm 89 Spanner Tubular Box De 21Mm X 23Mm 90 Spanner Tubular Box De 24Mm X 26Mm 91 Spanner Tubular Box De 25Mm X 28Mm 92 Spanner Tubular Box De 30Mm X 32Mm 93 Spanners 8And9 (Ring And Open End) 94 Spanners 10And11 (Ring And Open End) 95 Spanners 12And13 (Ring And Open End) 96 Spanners 16And17 (Ring And Open End) 97 Spanners 24And26 (Ring And Open End) 98 Wrench For Taps And Reamers Adjustable Upto 99 Wrench Tap/Reamer 3/4 3/2 100 Levels Spirit 375Mm Long 101 Gauge Callipers Vernier Int. Ext. 6" 102 Gauge Callipers Vernier 300Mm 103 Callipers 600Mm 104 Micrometers Outside 0Mm To 25Mm 105 Spanner Adjustable 106 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge 107 Cold Chisel Tiger Delta 6" 108 Spanner Box 109 Screw Driver Mechanic 1 16 110 Screw Driver Flat Point 111 Screw Driver 112 Screw Driver Flat Point 8 113 Screw Driver Flat 10"L 114 Spanner Ring* Size 1 1/4" Bsw 115 Spanner Ring* Size 1 1/8" Bsw 116 Spanner Box Tubular 3/8" X 1/2" 117 Spanner Box Threaded 7/8"(4 6) 118 Spanner Se 1 1/4" 119 Spanner Se 1 1/2" Bsw 120 Spanner Adj 15In Length 121 Spanner Ring* Double Ended 7/8" X 3/8" Bsw 122 Spanner*Double Ended Special 3/8 X 5/16" 123 Spanner Aluminium Bronze 2 1/4" 124 Chisel Cold Flat Carbon Steel 25Mm 125 Chisel Cold Flat Carbon Steel 3/8" Inoval 3/8" X 1/4" Length 4" 126 Extractor Stud Remover Wrench Type 10Mm To 127 Spanner Open Jaw Double Ended Size 30Mmx32mm 128 Spanners Ring Bihex Double Ended Cranked 129 Spanners Ring Bihex Uni De, Chrome Plated 94"X100", 0.630, 06 130 Spanners Ring Bihex Deaf 1 1/8 X 1 5/16 American 131 Spanners Ring Bihex De, Cranked 125" X 144, 0.756", 0.832 132 Spanner Ring Bihex Double Ended Cranked 133 Spanner Ring Bl Hex De Cranked Size 1X 1 1/8" 134 Spanner Ring Bihezagon De Cranked Size 1X1 1/8" 135 Spanner Ring Bihex De Metric 12X 13Mm 136 Spanner Ring Bihex De Metric 14X 15Mm 137 Spanner Ring Bihex Double Ended Cranked Metric 16X17mm 138 Spanner Ring Bihex Double Ended Cranked 139 Spanner Ring Bihex Double Ended Cranked Metric 24X26mm 140 Spanner Ring Bihex Double Ended Cranked 141 Spanner Socket 3/4" Sq 142 Spanner Socket 3/4" Sq X 17/8" Af 143 Spanner Socket 3/4" Sq X 2" Af 144 Spanner Socket* Extension Bar For 3/4" Square 145 Handle Socket Spanner Ratchet Type Reversible 381X6" 146 Spanner Wrench 127Mm 147 Spanner Kit For Oil Fuel 148 Flange Blank For Pipe 149 Flange Blank 8" X7 1/2L 150 Flange Blank For Pipe 151 Tap Hand Plug 5/8" 14 Tpi 152 Tap Hand Second Bsw 1 3/8" X 5 Tpi Taper 153 Tap Bsw 1 7/8" X 4 1/3" Tpi Taper 154 Tap Bspf 5/8" 14 Tpi 155 Wrench Tap Reamers 1/8 To 1/2" Adjustable 156 Tap Bsf 1/4" Taper 157 Tap 5/16" Bsk Left Hand Taper 158 Tap Bsf 7/16" Taper 159 Tap Bsf 1/2" Taper 16 Tpi 160 Tap Hand Screwcutting For Use On High Tensile 161 Tap Bsf 3/8" Second.20Tpi 2Nd 162 Tap Bsf 7/16" Second 163 Tap Bsf 1/2" Second 164 Tap Hss Bsw 3/16" Taper 24 Tpi 165 Tap Hss Bsw 1/4" Taper 20 Tpi 166 Tap Bsp Thread 1 3/4X 11 Tpi Second 167 Reamer Hand Adjustable Type Stright Rou 168 Blade Saw 32X250mm 169 Gauge Feeler 11/2,2,3,4,6,8,10,12,15And25 Thow/Inch 170 Knurling Tool 1/2" X 1.1/8"L.6.5/8"Ext.Dia Of 171 Scrapper Half Round Best File Type 12" Long 172 Cylinder For Nitrogen Gas 5.66 Cum Capacity 173 Files, Flat, Bastard, 14" Handle No.5 174 Files Knife Bastard 4 In. Handle No.1 175 Files Knife Bastard 6 In. Handle No.2 176 File Precision 177 Reamers Hand Taper Pin 3/8" 178 Chisels Firmer 10Mm Complete With Handle No.2 179 Chisels Firmer 16Mm Complete With Handle 180 Handle For Files 90Mm Shaped 181 Wrenches Pipe 450Mm Capacity 50Mm 182 Wrench Pipe Chain Type 670Mm Capacity 6Mm To 65Mm 183 Wrench Pipe Chain 3/4" To 4", 37" Overall 184 Cylinder Freon R 134A 185 Micrometer Outside 0Mm To 50Mm Graduated In 1/100Mm, In Case 186 Micrometer Outside 0Mm To 100Mm Graduated In 1/100Mm, In Case 187 Caliper Outside Firm Joint 200Mm(8") 188 Caliper 12" Outside Firm Joint 300Mm 189 Portable Ehaust Fan 220/230V Single Phase 190 Gauge Wire 191 Complete Semi Rotary Hand Pump 192 Wheel Spanner 12" 193 Plier Eyelet Closing For Webbing 194 Calipers 12" Inside Firm Type 195 Calipers Combined In And Out 196 Viscometer Tube Type 197 Valve Repair Kit 198 Avcat Fuelling Hose Pressure 6 Kg/Sqcm Od 55Mm Id 40Mm 199 Screw Driver Electrician And Signallers 150Mm Moduled Octag 200 Tape Sounding Dip Heavy Weight 15Mtr Length 201 Torche Hand Signalling Safety For Fuelling At Sea 202 Pin Cutter Split Steel 5Mmx100mm 203 Pin Cutter Split Steel 6Mmx105mm 204 Allen Key Set In Mm 205 Allen Key Set In Inch 206 Chisel Cold Flat Carbon Steel 16Mm.Octa 16Mm Length 150Mm 207 Gauge Micrometer Depth 208 Hair Incinerator 209 Non Contact Tachometer 210 03Nos. Comprehensive Tool Kits 211 Inst. Calibration Kit 212 Online Pol Analyzer Kit 213 Ultrasonic Filter Cleaning Kit 214 Astro Calculator 215 Scientific Calculator 216 Hoisting Beam Arrangement
Refer Detail
Due Date : 09/11/2020
10 Tenders: 23683068 Supply Of Stores Out Of Adm Of Non Cantt Mil Stn Grant. 1 Photo State Paper A4 Ream 100 2 Photo State Paper Legal Ream 20 3 Photo Paper A4 Pkts 02 4 Bond Paper A4 Ream 01 5 Glossy Paper Colored Ream 01 6 Envelope Cloth Lined (12” X 16”) Yellow Nos 500 7 Envelope Cloth Lined (10” X 12”) Yellow Nos 500 8 Envelope Cloth Lined (5” X 10”) Yellow Nos 1500 9 Cd Mailer Nos 100 10 Pilot Pen V 7 (Blue) 10 Nos Per Pkt Pkts 02 11 Reynolds Pen (Blue) Pkts 10 12 File Cover Printed (Superior) (Green 50, Blue 50 Yellow 50) Nos 150 13 White File Cover Printed Nos 100 14 Plane File Cover Nos 100 15 Ring Binder Plastic File Folder Clip Inside Nos 20 16 Register 100 Pages Nos 20 17 Register 200 Pages Nos 30 18 Register 300 Pages Nos 30 19 Attendance Register 200 Pages Nos 10 20 Prade State Register 200 Pages Nos 02 21 Incoming Dak Register 300 Pages Nos 04 22 Outgoing Dak Register 300 Pages Nos 01 23 Clip Board 10” X 8” Nos 06 24 Dak Folder Superior Nos 04 25 Faber Multi Ohp (Cd,Glass,Plastic, Metal) Marker (Black And Blue) Nos 20 26 White Board Marker Pkts 02 27 Highlighter 05 Nos Per Pkts Pkts 10 28 Permt Marker Black 250 Nos 20 29 Lamination Roll 50 Mtrs/Roll Roll 01 30 Lamination A4 Size Nos 100 31 Dura Cell Aa 32 Dura Cell Aaa 33 Binder Clip Black (Orbit) Small 34 Binder Clip Black (Orbit) Medium 35 Binder Clip Black (Orbit) Large 36 Plastic Flag 37 Re Stick Notes (Oddy) (25Mm X 75Mm X3 Colours) 38 Coloured Tape ½ “ Red 39 Transparent Tape 3” 40 Brown Tape 3” 41 Transparent Tape 1” 42 Stapler Small 43 Stapler Pin (Kangaro) No10 M 44 Talc Sheet 100 Mtrs Per Roll 45 Brown Sheet (44” X 29”) 46 Stamp Pad 47 Ink Btl (Blue)For Stamp Pad (50 Ml) 48 Ink Btl Pilot Pen (60 Ml) 49 Ink Btl For Printer Epsonl 5190 (04 Colours) 65 Ml 50 Scissor (Medium) 51 Steel Scale 1’ 52 Writing Pad 53 Paper Cutter S/Steel 54 Pencil Hb (Natural) (10 Nos Per Pkt) 55 Glue Stick (Faber Castell) (10 Per Pkts) 56 U Clip Steel (50Mm (40 Pcs/Pkt) 57 Tag Superior (20 Nos Per Bdl) White 15 Cm 58 Calculator (Citizen) 59 Key Board With Mouse (Wireless) Intel /Acer/Hp Misc Store 60 Rope Manila 40 Mm 61 Flex Sheet Incl Printing And Instl Charges (23’ X 3’) 62 Paint White 63 Wood Skirting Kd Silver 64 Power Board For 5 Kv Stabilizer (V Guard) 65 Led Strip Light 66 Foot Mat Cloth
Due Date : 03/11/2020
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