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1 Tenders: 24021837 Repairs Of Bed Plate Of Ulhas Bridge (Up & Dn.) At Kms. 57/26 32 On Kyn Igp Section Of Mumbai Division. Bidding Type Normal Tender .
Due Date : 20/01/2021
2 Tenders: 23358636 Purchase Of Machine, Tools And Equipment For Electrician, Fitter, Electronic Mechanic And I.C.T.S.M Trade (Server Computer Desktop Computer Laptop, Notebook Intel Mobile Desktop Based Pc With Lcd Monitor Tablet Printers: Laserjet, Deskjet, Passbook, Mfd Network Printer Online Ups Wi Fi Lan Cards Lcd/ Dlp Projector Computer Spares: Lcd/ Led/Tft Monitors Keyboards Mouse Anti Static Pads Anti Static Wrist Wraps Digital Multimeters Blu Ray Drive And Player External Hard Disk Digital Camera Hd Display Network Storage Card Reader Game Video Card Web Cam Surround Sound Speakers Different Types Of Memory Cards Laptop Kits Laptop Spares: Cabinet With Display, Memory, Hard Disk, Battery Pack, Keyboard Membrane, Chargers Smps Trainer Kit Ups Trainer Kit Power Electronics Trainer Kit Post Error Debugging Card Fire Fighting Equipments Hardware And Network Trainer Kit Wireless Access Point Router Managed Layer 2 Ethernet Switch Managed Layer 3 Ethernet Switch Network Training System Lan Protocol Simulation And Analyser Software Network And Internet Security Trainer Network Cables Utp Network Cables Coaxial, Flat, Ribbon Connectors For Cables Rj 45 Connector Fluke Meter Crimping Tools Poe Adapters Network Camera (Outdoor/ Indoor) Fibre Optics Cable With Lc Connector Lc Connector Module Dual Dc Regulated Power Supply Dc Regulated Variable Programmable Dc Power Supply Lcr Meter (Digital) Handheld Signal Generator With Digital Display For Frequency Amplitude Battery Charger Analog Multimeter Clamp Meter Function Generator (Dds Technology (Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse, Serial Data, Ttl And Modulation.) Dimmer Starter Autotransformer Analog Component Trainer Milli Ammeter (Ac) Milli Ammeter (Dc) Op Amp Trainer Digital Ic Trainer Digital Ic Tester Digital And Analog Bread Board Trainer Rheostats Various Values And Ratings Power Electronics Trainer With At Least 6 No's Of Application Board Mosfet Characteristics Scr Characteristics Scr Lamp Flasher Scr Alarm Circuit Series Inverter Single Phase Pwm Inverter Computers In The Assembled Form (Including Cabinet, Motherboards, Hdd, Dvd, Smps, Monitor, Kb, Mouse, Lan Card, Blu Ray Drive And Player), Ms Office Education Version. Laptops Latest Configuration Laser Jet Printer Internet Broadband Connection Electronic Circuit Simulation Software With 6 User Licenses Different Types Of Electronic And Electrical Cables, Connectors, Sockets, Terminations. Different Types Of Analog Electronic Components, Digital Ics, Power Electronic Components, General Purpose Pcbs, Bread Board, Mcb, Elcb Dso (Colour) Soldering And De Soldering Station Smd Soldering And De Soldering Station With Necessary Accessories Dol Starter Ac Motor Trainer Kit % Hp Motor Single Phase Contactors Relays Mcb Dol Starter Frequency Modulator And Demodulator Trainer Kit Pam, Ppm.Pwm Trainer Kit Am/Fm Commercial Radio Receivers Microcontroller Kits (8051) Along With Programming Software (Assembly Level Programming) Application Kits For Microcontrollers 6 Different Applications Sensor Trainer Kit Containing Following Sensors 1. Thermocouple 2. Rtd 3. Load Cell/ Strain Gauge 4. Lvdt 5. Smoke Detector Sensors 6. Speed Sensor 7. Limit Switch 8. Photo Sensors 9. Optocouplor 10. 10. Proximity Sensor Various Analog And Digital Ics Useful For Doing Project Works Mentioned In The Digital And Analog Ic Applications Modules Different Types Of Electronic And Electrical Cables, Connectors, Sockets, Terminations. Fiber Optic Communication Trainer Seven Segment Dpm Trainer Lcd Based Dpm Smps Of Different Make Ups Trainer Ups 3 Kva With Backup Time Minimum 30 Minutes Mobile Phone Trainer Smart Phones Of Different Make Android/Windows) Cell Phone Power Source With Charger Chords For Different Cell Phones Lcd Tv (Trainer Kit) Lcd Tv (21") Led Tv (Trainer Kit) Led Tv (21”) Home Theatre System Solar Training Kit/ Simulator Led Lighting System Contactor And Auxiliary Contacts Contactor And Auxiliary Contacts. Limit Switch Rotary Switch Relay A. Cut Out Relays B. Reverse Current C. Over Current D. Under Voltage Pin Type, Shackle Type, Egg Type And Suspension Type Insulators Including Hardware Fitting Hydrometer Load Bank ( Lamp / Heater Type) Brake Test Arrangement With Two Spring Balance Rating Laboratory Type Induction Coil Out Side Micrometer Thermometer Digital Series Test Lamp Knife Switch Dpdt Fitted With Fuse Terminals Knife Switch Tpdt Fitted With Fuse Terminals Miniature Breaker Earth Plate Earth Electrode Mccb Elcb And Rccb Fuses Rheostat (Sliding Type) Capacitors Various Electronic Components 1 Various Lamps Plug Socket Piano Switch Lamp Holder Cables: Twisted Pair Non Metallic Sheathed Cable Underground Feeder Cable Ribbon Cable Metallic Sheathed Cable Multiconductor Cable Coaxial Cable Direct Buried Cable Bus Bar With Brackets Rubber Mat Electrician Helmet Rcc Pole With Accessories (Ms Angle Iron, ‘C’ Clamp, Stay Insulator Etc.) And Materials Safety Belt Ohm Meter; Series Type And Shunt Type, Portable Box Type A.C. Voltmeter M L. Analog, Portable Box Type Housed In Bakelite Case Milli Voltmeter Centre Zero Analog, Portable Box Type Housed In Bakelite Case Ammeter Mc Analog, Portable Box Type Housed In Bakelite Case Ac Ammeter Ml, Analog, Portable Box Type Housed In Bakelite Case Kilo Wattmeter Analog Digital Wattmeter A.C. Energy Meter Power Factor Meter Digital Frequency Meter Magnetic Flux Meter Lux Meter Tachometer Tachometer Tong Tester / Clamp Meter 3 Point D.C. Starter 4 Point D.C. Starter Wheat Stone Bridge With Galvanometer And Battery Single Phase Variable Auto Transformer Phase Sequence Indicator Growler Ac Starters: A. Resistance Type Starter B. Direct On Line Starter C. Star Delta Starter Manual D. Star Delta Starter Semi Automatic E. Star Delta Starter Fully Automatic F. Star Delta Starter Soft Starter G. Auto Transformer Type Oscilloscope Dual Trace Function Generator Soldering Iron Temperature Controlled Soldering Discrete Component Trainer Linear I.C. Trainer Digital I.C. Trainer Domestic Appliances A. Electric Induction Plate B. Electric Kettle C. Electric Iron D. Immersion Heater E. A.C. Ceiling Fan And Ac Table Fan F. Geyser (Storage Type) G. Mixture And Grinder H. Washing Machine Semi Automatic I. Motor Pump Set Oil Testing Kit Inverter With Battery Voltage Stabilizer Dc Power Supply Battery Charger Current Transformer Potential Transformer Solar Panel With Battery Pentium Iv Computer Or Latest Ink Jet/ Laser Printer D.C. Shunt Generator With Control Panel Motor Generator (Ac To Dc) D.C. Compound Generator With Control Panel Including Fitted Rheostat, Voltmeter, Ammeter And Breaker Dc Series Motor Coupled With Spring Balance Load Dc Shunt Motor Dc Compound Motor With Starter And Switch Motor Generator(Dc To Ac) Set Consisting Of Shunt Motor With Starting Compensator And Switch Directly Coupled To Ac Generator With Exciter And Switch Board Mounted With Regulator, Breaker, Ammeter, Voltmeter Frequency Meter, Knife Blade Switch And Fuses Etc. Set Complete With Cast Iron Bed Plate, Fixing Bolts, Foundation Bolts And Flexible Coupling. Ac Squirrel Cage Motor With Star Delta Starter And Triple Pole Iron Clad Switch Fuse With Mechanical Load. Ac Phase Wound Slip Ring Motor With Starter Switch Universal Motor With Starter/Switch Synchronous Motor With Accessories Like Starter, Excitation Arrangements. Thyristor /Igbt Controlled D.C. Motor Drive With Tacho Generator Feedback Arrangement Thyristor/Igbt Controlled A.C. Motor Drive With Single Phase Transformer, Core Type, Air Cooled Three Phase Transformer, Shell Type Oil Cooled With Delta/ Star Diesel Generator Set With Change Over Switch, Over Current Breaker And Water/ Air Cooled With Armature, Stardelta Connections Ac 3 Phase Used Dc Generators Series, Shunt And Compound Type For Overhauling Practice Pillar Electric Drill Machine Motorized Motorised Bench Grinder A.C. Series Type Motor Single Phase Capacitor Motor With Starter Switch Stepper Motor With Digital Controller Shaded Pole Motor Machine Maintenance Mannual For Lathe, Pedestal Grinder, Drill Machine, Power Saw Temperature Gauge Dowel Pin (Straight) Standard Tap Screws Lapping Plate Medium Carbon Heat Treated Alloy Steel Metric Studs And Bolts Along With Nuts (For Display) Of Standard Length (May Be Manufactured Inhouse) Caps Screws Cast Iron Globe Valve (Flanged Type) C.L. Sluice / Gate Valve (Flanged Type) Stop Cock M.S. Pipe G.L. Pipe Slip On Forged Steel Flange Bolt And Nut With Washer (May Be Manufactured In House) Jigs And Fixture (Sample) For Demonstration (May Be Manufactured In House) Pulleys (For V Belt Or Flat Belt) Steel Keys (May Be Manufactured In House) Damaged Old Spur Gear V Belt And Flat Belt Packing Gasket Washer, Clutch, Keys, Jib, Cotter And Circlip Carbide Wear Block. Stillson Wrenches Pipe Bender Machine Spool Type With Stand Manually Operated. Adjustable Pipe Chain Tonge To Take Pipes Adjustable Spanner. Drilling Machine Bench D.E. Pedestal Grinding Machine With Wheels Rough And Smooth Earth Clamps. Arc Welding Table (All Metal Top) With Positioner. Oxy Acetylene Gas Welding Set Equipment With Hoses, Oxygen And Acetylene Cylenders, Regulator And Other Accessories. Gas Welding Table With Positioner With Fire Bricks Welding Torch Tips Of Different Sizes For Oxy Acetylene Gas Welding Gas Lighter. Trolley For Gas Cylinders. Chipping Hammer Gloves (Leather) Leather Apron. Spindle Key For Cylinder Valve. Welding Torches. Welding Goggles Welding Helmet With Coloured Flame Retardent Glass Tip Cleaner Compressor Unit Pneumatic Trainer Kit, Each Consisting Of The Following I. Single Acting Cylinder Ii. Double Acting Cylinder Iii. 3/2 Way Valve Iv. 3/2 Way Valve V. One Way Flow Control Valve Vi. 5/2 Way Valve Vii. 5/2 Way Valve Viii. 5/2 Way Pneumatic Actuated Valve Ix. 3/2 Way Roller Lever Valve X. Shuttle Valve (Or) Xi. Two Pressure Valve (And) Xii. Pressure Gauge Xiii. Manifold With Self Closing Xiv. Pushbutton Station For Electrical Signal Input Xv. Relay Station Xvi. 3/2 Way Single Solenoid Valve Xvii. 5/2 Way Single Solenoid Valve Xviii. 5/2 Way Double Solenoid Valve Xix. Power Supply Unit, Xx. Profile Plate, Anodised Aluminium Pneumatic Workstation With 40 Square Mm Aluminium Profile Legs, Wooden Work Surface, And One Pedestal Drawer Unit Having 5 Drawers, Each With Handles And Individual Locks, On Metallic Full Panel Drawer Slide: Carrier For Mounting Components, Such As Pb And Relay Boxes. Cut Section Model For Pneumatic Components Hydraulic Trainer Kit, Each Consisting Of The Following Matching Components And Accessories: 1. Hydraulic Power Pack Ii. Pressure Relief Valve Iii. Drip Tray, Steel Iv. Pressure Gauge V. Four Way Distributor Vi. Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Vii. Suitable Weight Viii. Mounting Kit For Weight Ix. 3/2 Way Directional Control Valve X. 4/2 Way Directional Control Valve Xi. 4/3 Way Directional Control Valve Xii. Non Return Valve. Xiii. Pilot Operated Check Valve Xiv. One Way Flow Control Valve Xv. T Connector With Self Sealing Coupling Nipples (2 Nos.) And Quick Coupling Socket (1 No.). Xvi. Profile Plate, Hydraulic Workstation With 40 Square Mm Aluminium Profile Legs, Wooden Work Surface, And One Pedestal Drawer Unit Having 5 Drawers, Each With Handles And Individual Locks, On Metallic Full Panel Drawer Slide: Cut Section Models For Hydraulic Components
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Due Date : 05/10/2020
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Bed Plate Tenders

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