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1 Tenders: 20511602 Enquiry For Calibration Of Digital Barometers As Per Beml Requirements..
Due Date : 11/11/2019
2 Tenders: 20475396 Camc For 02 Years Of All Equipment Held At Etf And Rtl, Nai (Karanja). ( 1 Heat Test Bath 2 Electric Operated Propellant Grinding Machine 3 B And J Test Bath 4 Methyl Violet Test Bath 5 Dutch Test Bath 6 Vacuum Stability Test Bath 7 Water Jacketed Oven 8 Low Temp Bath 9 Vacuum Pump 10 Precession Melting Point Apparatus 11 Magnetic Stirrer 12 Electric Heater With Regular Soxhlet Extn. For 100 300Ml Flask Size 4 Total Rating 600 Watts. 13 Balance Analytical Electronic Reliability Aeg 220 Std Deviation O.Lmg To 03Mg 14 Double Walled Bath With Digital Temp Controller 15 Hygrometer 16 Conductivity Meter Digital 17 Distilled Water Plant Ss 18 Ph Meter With Conductivity 19 Oven With Digital Temp. 20 Temperature Sensor 0 400°C (Digital Temp, Reader) 21 Digital Multimeter (1 Etf, 1 Mtf, 1 Proof House) 22 Manual Operated Propellant Grinding Machine 23 Shore Xd' Hardness Tester Phs 2 Along With Accessories 24 Shore (D' Hardness Tester Digital Along With Accessories 25 Shore 'A' Hardness Tester Phs 2 Along With Accessories 26 Thickness Gauge With Ancillaries 27 Shore Xa' Hardness Tester Digital Along With Accessories 28 D/C Cutting Machine With Associated Accessories 29 Digital Vernier Caliper 30 Digital Ph Meter Toshniwal Cl 54 31 Hot Plate 30 X 45 Cm 32 Barometer Analog 33 Ups 6Kva Apalab 34 Waterbath For Soxlet Extraction Apparatus 35 Energy Regulator With Pyrometer For Muffle Furnace 36 Magnetic Stirrer Without Hot Plate 37 Muffle Furnace 38 Ss Chamber Thermostatically Controller 39 Laboratory Oven Electric 40 Hot Air Oven 41 Hot Air Oven 12"Xl2"Xl2" 42 Specific Gravity Balance 43 J Tensile Testing Machine 44 D/C Cutting Machine (Manual) _ 45 Oven 2' X 2' X 4' )
Due Date : 04/11/2019
3 Tenders: 20442803 Procurement Of High Accuracy Digital Barometers As Rmc Standards.
Due Date : 25/11/2019
4 Tenders: 20438201 Supply Of One Telephone Instrument Having Advanced Features Like Built In Wireless Charging Facility, 3100 Mah Battery, 142.2 Mm X 69.9 Mm X 7.9 Mm Dimensions, Weight 150 Gm, Rear Camera And 10.0 Mp Front Camera, Touchscreen Bar , Android Operating System, 2.3 Ghz Octa Core Processor With 6Gb Ram And 128Gb Internal Storage , Expandable Microsd Storage Upto 512 Gb, Wi Fi , Gps. Bluetooth Version V5.0, Nfc, Usb(Type C And 3.1 Gen1), Ant+ , Accelerometer, Barometer, Fingerprint Sensor , Gyro Sensor , Geomagnetic Sensor , Hall Sensor, Rgb Light Sensor , Proximity Sensor Etc. Make Samsung Galaxy S 10 Or Similar, Black Colour.
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Due Date : 21/10/2019
5 Tenders: 20431372 Procurement Of Chemistry Lab .(Asbestos Sheet Pieces, Barometer, Complete With Show Cases , Beaker, Beaker Borosillicate Glass, Beakers With Different Sizes, Beakers, Beehise Shelve, Beehives Shelf Porcelain, Bell Jar, Bolometer, Bottle Aspiratory, Brush For Test Tube, Buckner Funnel, Bunsen Burners Brass, Burette, 50Cc Special Big, Burette Brushes, Burette Clamps, Burette Stand Metallic Large 8X5 Base Brass Rod With Heavy Brass Made Clamp And Boss Head Special Quality, Burettke Stand, Plastic Complete Set Wiring, Burettes Plastic Soml Polylab, Calorimeter, Capillary Tubes Park Superior, Capillary Tube, Carbon Electrodes, Cavity Plates, Chromatography Cabiner, Clamps With Boss Head, Condenser, Conical Flask, Conical Flasks, Coulometer, Crucible 25Ml Cruibles 25Cc With Lid, Deflagrating Spoon Brass, Desiccators Plates, Desiccators, Dishes, Distillation Apparatus 4 Litres Stainless Steel, Electrical Automatic, Distillation Flasks With Side Arm, Droppers, Dropping Bottle, Electric Heater Pak Made, Electrolytic Cell, Electronic Balance, Evaporation Dishes, Files, Filters Paper, Filter Pump, Flasks Filtering, Flask Flat Bottom, Flask Round Bottom, Funnel Stand Shisam Wood, Funnel Stand With Retort Ring, Glass Jars, Glass Tubing Park Soft, Graduated Pipette, Borosil Glass, Hand Gloves, Hoffmans Voltammeters Borosil Glass, Hot Plates, Ignition Tubes, Infrared Spectrometer, Kipps Apparatus 250 Ml Polycab, Leibigs Condensor With Stand, Lgnition Tubes Pkt, Litmus Paper, Magnesium Ribbon, Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plats, Measuring Cylinder Measuring Flask, Mechanical Stirrer With Hot Plate, Meeker Burner, Melting Point Apparatus, Mercury Metal Imp, Model Atomic Plastic Balls And Springs English Type Set Of Senior Polycab, Nmr Spectrometer, Optical Spectrometer, Oven Alum, Periodic Table Large Coloured Usa Type, Pestle Mortar, Petri Dish, Ph Paper With Colour Scale Roll, Ph Meter Electrical Pen Type, Physical Balance In Glass Case Marble Base Capacity 200 Gms Sensitivity 10 Mgm With Original Weight Box, Pinch Clips, Pipette Borosil Glass, Pipette Brushes, Pipette Brushes, Pipette Stands, Quick Fit Apparatus For Distillation Consisting Flask And Condenser Quick Fit Pyrex Heating Complete, Reagent Bottle, Retorts, Round Botton Flask Biglass, Rubber Cork, Rubber Tubing Soft, Separating Funnel, Separating Funnel, Separating Funnel, Silica Crucible With Lid, Single Pan Analytical Balance, Sodium Silicate, Soxhlet Apparatus, With Condenser Complete, Spatula Stainless Steel, Spatulas, Gravity Bottle, Spectrophotometer, Spirit Lamp, Sprayer, Stand Sx5 Heavy With Rod Card Box Pack, Test Tube Holder Iron With Wooden Handle, Test Tube Brushes, Test Tube Holders, Test Tube Stand Steel, Test Tube Stands, Test Tubes, Thermometers, Thistle Funnel N / Glass, Tongs Iron Nickelled, Tripod Stand, Vacuum Pump, Valumetic Flask, Vicometer Ostwald, Washing Bottles Plasttic, Washing Bottles, Water Bath, Water Bath Copper, Water Distiller, Distillation Apparatus, Single Complete With Stand, Watmans Filter Paper, Wire Gaugze With Asbestos, Wooden Cork Assorted, Woulfs Bottle,)
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Due Date : 04/11/2019
6 Tenders: 20431371 Procurement Of Physics Lab .( Optical Bench Apparatus And Rods, Abonite Rods, Ammeter Best Quality Bench Type Dual Range, Analog Ammeter, Analog Voltmeter, Apparatus To Show Force On A Conductor In A Magnetic Field, Avometer Mechanical High Ranges, Bar Magnet, Bar Magnet Plastic Coated Ceramic, Bar Magnets, Battery Holders Cell Box Of One Tow Cells And Woobox With Brass Teminals, Bell Jar And Air Pump, Burette Clamp And Boss Head, Calorimeter With Wooden Jacket + Stirrer + Lid Superior, Capapcitor, Ar Bulb, Capacitor, Car Bulb, Carbon Rod, Circular Coil, Compass, Compound Pendulum, Concave Lens, Concave Lense, Concave Miror, Connection Wires, Constant Volums Air Thermometer Wooden Stand On Cast Iron Base Brass Leveling Screws And Glass Pulleys Bulb Superior Quality, Convex Lens, Mirror, Convex Mirror, Drawing Pins, Electric Balance Precision Type Capacity, Electric Calorimeter, Electrically Maintained Tunning Fork Large, Electroscope, Fly Wheel Unit, Fortune Barometer, Galvanometer, Geometry Box Wooden Large For Black Board, Glass Rods, Glass Slab, Gold Leaf Electroscope, Graduated Cylinder, Heating Plates With Regulator, Helical Spring Apparatus On Iron Stand, Hoffman Voltmeter, Holder For Lense Y Shape On Metal On Metal Adjustable Stand Superior, Hooke Law, Hypsometer, Keys, Jockey, Lead Shots, Mass Box, Masses Box, Mercury Lamp, Meter Rod Wooden Best Export Quliry, Metric Bridge, Micrometer China Complete Set, Micrometer, Milliammeteres Bench Tye Ac Ohmic Resistors, Pendulum Balls, Plane Mirror, Plano Convex Lens, Plates For Simple, Plotting Compass, Post Office Box Plug Type Fitted England Wite Whoud Coils, Precision Balance, Prisms, Pulleys, Sonometer, Spectrometer, Spherometer, Steam Boiler, Stop Wtch, Striking Hammer, Tangential Galvanometer, Test Tube, Thermometer, Vernier Callper, Weight Box, Wheatstone Bridge, Xy Oscilloscope, Manuals)
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Due Date : 04/11/2019
7 Tenders: 20334274 Procurement Of Chemistry Lab At Idtr Jamshedpur And Trtc Patna. 1 Asbestos Sheet Pieces, Size: 10" X 10" X 1/16" 2 Barometer; Complete With Show Cases 3 Beaker 1000 Ml R 4 Beaker 500 Ml R 5 Beaker 250 Ml R 6 Beaker Borosilicate Glass 100 Ml R 7 Beakers, (With Different Sizes): (100 Ml,250Ml, 500Ml) 8 Beehise Shelve, Size: 3" 9 Beehives Shelf Porcelain 10 Bell Jar, Size: 8" X 4" 11 Bolometer 12 Bottle Aspiratory (St) 13 Brush For Test Tube 14 Buckner Funnel, Size: 3" J Brands 15 Bunsen Burners, Brass C.P. 16 Burette 50 Cc Special Big 17 Burette Brushes 18 Burette Clamps: Fisher Type Clamps 19 Burette Stand Metallic Large 8" X 5" Base Brass Rod With Heavy Brass Made Clamp And Boss Head Special Quality (Set) 20 Burette Stand Wooden Red Shlsham 21 Burette Stands: Plastic 9"X6" Complete Set Wiring 22 Burettes: Plastic Soml Polylab 23 Calorimeter: 24 Capillary Tubes Pak Superior
Due Date : 19/10/2019
8 Tenders: 20248870 Supply Of Barometer Analogue To Measure Atmospheric Pressure With The Following Features: (1) Range:700 800 Mmhg & 940 1060 Mb Aneroid. (2) Dial Size: 80Mm Dia With Ms Metal Frame. Make: Barigo German Or Equivalent. Note: Item To Supplied Along With Calibration Certificate And Warranty Certificate.
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Due Date : 16/10/2019
9 Tenders: 20011614 Auction Sale Of Unserviceable Items : Table Lamp, Locks, Digital Ammmeter, Table Fan, Veric Assorted, Metallurgical Polishing Machine, Digital Voltmeter, Sodium Lamp, Michlson Inter Ferometer, Hall Voltage And Hall Coefficient Apparatus, Four Probe Apparatus, Compound Lab Microscope, Muffle Furnance, Oxygen Cylinder, Uv Vis Spectrophotometer, Steel Tray, Saybolt Viscometer, Ordinary Balance, Red Wood No 2 Viscometer, Red Wood No 1 Viscometer, Englers Viscometer, Penterometer, Conductivity Meter, Ph Meter, Micro Pipette Controller, Heating Mantle, Cvt – 500, Cvt– 1000, Non Woven Carpet, Steel Chair, Stool Wooden, Study Table Wooden, Study Chair Wooden, Air Conditioner, Digital Bomb Calorimeter, Digital Elmer Photometer, Abel’S Flash Point Apparatus, Water Analyzer Kit Cmk 731, Heavy Duty Meter Still (Wall Mount), Test Tube Shaker, Digital Conductivity Meter, Barometer, Bench Vice, Drilling Machine, Hot Plates, Handsaw, Hacksaw Frame, Mechanical And Digital Screw Gauge, Table Fan, Wolf Brand Grinder, Water Distilling Machine, Travelling Microscope, Metallurgical Polishing Machine, V.T.V.M, Biprism Assembly, Complete Hall Effect Experiment Kit, Complete Set Up To Determine Curie Temp., Complete Set Up To Study Of Transistor Characteristics Apparatus (Pnp Npn), Complete Set Up To Determine Hall Voltage And Hall Coefficient., Dielectric Constant Kit .
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Due Date : 18/09/2019
10 Tenders: 19957898 Supply Of Research Fortins Barometer Mercury Filled For Accurate Measurement Standard Bore Of Glass Tube 6 Mm Filled With Triple Distilled Mercury In Vacuum Position With Nabl Certificate As Per Attached Annexure Make: Timc Or Similar.
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Due Date : 06/09/2019
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