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1 Tenders: 22901276 Diversion/Dismantling Of F 12 (6.6 Kv) Near Cmat At S.B. Project. . 1. Glazed Tiles, Terrazzo Tiles And Similar Articles. 2. Marble Slabs. 3. Asbestos Cements Products. 4. Finished Timber Products Such As Doors, Windows, Flush Doors, Particle Boards (Subject To Mandatory Test Being Satisfactory) Etc. 5. Bitumen In Sealed Drums. 6. Bitumen Felt. 7. Polythene Pipes And Fittings And Tanks. 8. Sanitary Fittings And Pipes Of S.W., Porcelain And Chinaware Materials 9. Laminated / Safety, One Way Vision, And Bullet Proof Glasses. 10.Chemical Required For Anti Termite Treatment (In Sealed Drums). 11. Paints, Varnishes, Distempers, Pigment, Spirits Etc. Electrical: 1. Transformers 2. Oil Filled Switch Gears. 3. L.T. Andh.T. Cables 4. Fans 5. Storage And Dry Batteries 6. Insulation Tapes. 7. Epoxy Cable Compounds. 8. Electric Light Fittings. 9. Wooden Battens, Casing And Capping And Wooden Boards. 10.Flexible Wires. 11.Pvc Materials. 12.Oil And Lubricants. 13.Rubber Materials. 14.Glass Wool, Thermocole And Other Insulating Materials. 15.Porcelain H.T. And L.T. Insulators. In Addition To Indemnity Bond, For Materials Listed Under Category B, The Contractor Shall Be Required To Provide Necessary Insurance Cover Of Equivalent Value Of Materials. Items Against Which No Secured Advance Shall Be Granted: Civil: 1. Glass Products Other Than Those Indicated In Category B. 2. Sand And Moorum 3. Chemical Compounds Other Than Those Indicated In Category B. Electrical: 1. Glass Gloves And Shades 2. Bulbs And Tubes 3. Petrol And Diesel 4. Freon And Other Refrigeration Gases.
Due Date : 31/07/2020
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Asbestos Cement Tenders

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