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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tenders: 13686864 Auction Sale Of Scrap Coach Fan Broken, 150 No, Etc, Scrap Motor Parts Scrap ( M.Oil Filter, Etc, Scrap Star Gear Tail Pinion T/C, 100 Nos, Scrap Radiater Assly Broken Alluminum L/L, 10 Nos, Etc, Scrap Stub Axle T/C, 05 Nos, Scrap Moter Parts ( M.Oil Filter. Etc, Scrap Front Wheel Hub T.C, 05 Nos, Scrap F.I.Pump Housing T/C, 10 Nos, Etc, Scrap Pressure Jack, 15 Nos, Scrap S.C & M.C Clucth Assly. T.C, 200 Nos, Scrap Fire Extinguisher, 20 Nos, Scrap Moter Parts ( M.Oil Filter. Etc, Scrap Self Pinion T/C, 100 Nos, Scrap Banch Vice, 2 Nos, Scrap Rocker Assly 1510 M, 150 Nos, Scrap A.C. Head Assly T C, 50 Nos, Etc, Scrap Water Pump Assly Tc, 100 Nos, Etc, Scrap S.C & M.C Clucth Assly. Tc, 100 Nos, Etc, Scrap Self Pinion T C, 100 Nos, Scrap Rotor For Alternatar Tc, 25 Nos, Scrap Tape Record Broken, 5 No, Scrap Pressure Jack, 35 Nos, Scrap S.C & M.C Clucth Assly T.C., 100 Nos, Scrap Banch Vice, 3 Nos, Scrap Battery ( 12 V 19 P ) Ig 60 Ignite, 100 Nos, Etc, Scrap Wheel Rem 9.00 20 Without Ringh And Lock, 50 Nos, Etc, Scrap Rear Brake Drum Broken, 10 Nos, Scrap Prop Shoft Saleding Yock, 50 Nos, Scrap Presser Plat For Car, 20 Nos, Scrap Water Pump Assly Old U/S Tc, 100 Nos, Etc, Scrap Cluth Plate Assly For Car, 20 Nos, Scrap Disc Plate For Presser Plate, 30 Nos, Scrap Pop Rivet Machine Old, 30 Nos, Scrap Crown Wheel & Tail Pinion Old U/S Tc, 20 Set, Etc, Scrap Gear Box Coller Bush U/S Tc, 50 Nos, Scrap Engion Piston With Pin Old, 50 Nos, Etc, Scrap Stator For Altenater Old, 25 Nos, Scrap Armature For Self Old, 25 Nos, Scrap Etickting Machine Old, 853 Nos, Scrap Water Cooler Old, 01 No, Scrap Oil Lifter Old, 04 Nos, Scrap Cylinder Liner Old, 600 Nos, Scrap King Pin Old, 30 Nos, Scrap Pressure Plate L/L, 10 Nos, Scrap Motor Parts & Iron Sheet Shackle Hanger, Etc, Scrap Spring Leaf All Size, 3000 Kg, Scrap Ball And Roller Bearing Scrap, Etc, Used ,Black Vulcanising Cement , Etc, Scrap Empty Barrel Capacity Of 210 Ltr , Etc, Scrap Water Pump Fan Plastice Old U/S, 151 Nos, Scrap Empty Barrel Capacity Of 210 Ltr , Etc, Scrap/ U/S,Moter Parts ( M.Oil Filter. Diesel Filter.Air Filter., Etc, Tyre 7.50 X 16 Old Serviseable/(Nylone), 150 Nos, Scrap Couring Bag 9.00 X 20, 150 Nos, Etc, Scrap Seat Fram 02 Seater, 45 Nos, Scrap Seat Fram 03 Seater, 40 Nos, Scrap ,Water Pump Fan Broken Plastic, 25 Nos, Scrap Brunt Oil ( Mix Dust & Water), 8510 Ltr, Scrap Tyre 9.00 X 20 (Nylone), 1375 Nos, Etc.
UTTARANCHAL Refer Detail 07/02/2018
2 Tenders: 13666593 Complete Repairs To 130Hp Dc Swing/Crowd Motor Armatures For 10Cu.M Beml Rope Shovel Working At Ocm 1 Rgiii Area. .
TELANGANA 4,50,000.00 05/02/2018
3 Tenders: 13663366 Supply Of Armature For Self Starter (24 Volt) With Carbon And Spring Of Ashok Leyland Truck Model Comet.
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 19/01/2018
4 Tenders: 13650283 Auction Sale Of Cond.Aluminium Sheet,Beeding Cut Pieces, Cond.Iron Scrap, Broken Seat Frame, Pipe Cut Pieces, Cond.Rubber Scrap, Cond.Empty Paint Tin (4,20 Ltrs), Cond.Wooden Scrap, Cond.12V Battery 21 Plates, Cond.12V.Battery Ltv, Cond.Empty Grease Barrels With Lid, Cond.Used Old Records, Waste Papers, Cond.Turbo Charger, Cond.Ceiling Fan (With Out Leaf), Cond.3 Phase Motor, Cond.3/8" Drilling Machine, Cond.Air Conditioner (Both Split & Window), Cond.Xerox Machine & Roneo Each One, Cond.Cash Counting Machine, Cond.Auto Lubrication Distribution Unit, Cond.Welding Machine, Cond.Aluminium Piston, Cond.Aluminium Item Scrap "A" Grade, Cond.Air Compressor Assembly ( Volvo Vehicle Use), Cond.Air Compressor Assembly, Cond.Cylinder Liner, Cond.Crank Shaft, Cond.Connecting Rod, Cond.Electronic Scraps(Computer Ups=11Nosmall Size), Cond.Electronic Scraps, Cond.24V S.S.Armature, Cond.Clutch Disc, Cond.Gear Wheel (Teeth Wornout), Cond.Bearing & Cone Scraps, Cond.Fuel Pump Element, Cond.Brake Drum, Cond.Spring Plate Cut Pieces, Cond.King Pin, Cond.Hanger / Shackle, Cond.Air Tank, Cond.Tools Equipment ( Slf Door Closer), Cond.Waste Air Filter& D.Oil Filter, Cond.Power Steering Pump, Cond.Front Brake Chamber, Cond.Slack Adjuster, Cond.Tie Rod End Assy/ Pull & Push Assy, Cond.Cond Fan Clutch (Viscaus), Cond.Radiator Core (Copper), Cond.Radiator Core With Inter Coler (Aluminium), Cond.Auto Scrap, Cond.Auto Scrap, Cond.Tyre Buffing Dust, Cond.Curing Bag & Envelopes, Cond.Full Circle Flap, Cond.Polythene Paper/ Nylon Bag, Cond.Tyre Tread Rubber Cut Pieces, Cond.Nylon Tyre 9.00X20 (Burst), Cond.Full Circle Tube 9.00X20 (With Neck).
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 17/01/2018
5 Tenders: 13643370 Auction Sale Of Cond. Iron Scrap , G.I.Sheet Cut Pieces(Old), Cond. Iron Scrap, Cond. Iron Scrap M.S.Angle Etc, Cond. Scrap Plastic, Cond. Scrap Rubber, Cond. Iron Scrap Empty Paint Tin, Cond. Scrap Wooden, Cond. Waste Grease With Barrel, Cond. Scrap Electrical Items, Cond.Scrap Hat Rack, Cond. Scrap Aluminium Piston, Cond. Scrap Brass Rivet, Cond. Scrap Copper Wire, Cond. Scrap 24V. S.S. Armature, Cond. Scrap Rotor, Cond. Scrap Clutch Disc, Cond. Scrap Crown Wheel & Pinion, Cond. Scrap Rear Brake Shoe, Cond. Iron Scrap Brake Drum, Cond. Iron Scrap Spring Plate Cut Pieces, Cond. Iron Scrap Iron Dust, Cond. Iron Scrap Hanger/Shackle, Cond. Scrap Air Filter, Cond.Scrap Pull And Push Rod, Cond. Scrap Oiled Filter With Barrel, Cond. Scrap Fan Clutch, Cond. Scrap Radiator Core(Copper), Cond.Scrap Radiator Core(Aluminium), Cond. Scrap Curing Bag And Envelopes, Cond. Scrap Flap Cut Pieces [ 1 Mt App.], Cond, Scrap Full Circle Flap, Cond. Scrap Polythene Paper/ Nylon Bag, Cond. Scrap Tyre Tread Rubber Cut Pieces(1Mt App.), Cond. Scrap Tyre Tread Rubber Cut Pieces(1Mt App.), Cond. Scrap Full Circle Tube W/O Neck Seat, Cond. Scrap Tube Cut Pieces(1Mt App.), Cond. Scrap 12V Battery 21 Plates, Cond. Scrap Nylon Tyre 9.00X20.00 (Burst).
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 17/01/2018
6 Tenders: 13623670 Procurement Of Ssl Eng Items Engne Oh Set, Rotor, Startor Electronic Regulator With Carg Bush, Ce Bearing, De Bearing, Rectifier Assy, Armature, Engne Oh Set, Rotor, Field Coil, C.E Bearing, D.E Bearing.
UTTAR PRADESH 62,000.00 16/01/2018
7 Tenders: 13619533 Supply Of Armature For Fuji Traction Motor .
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 24/01/2018
8 Tenders: 13604255 Supply Of Armature Lifting Device With Plate As Per Drg. No. 2Tms/Cnb/Drg./2014/5 Ref A01no. Ref B 01 No. Ref C 02 Nos.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 23/01/2018
9 Tenders: 13602467 Auction Sale Of Scrap Drill Machine Armature, 20 No, Scrap Self Armature, 20 No ,Scrap Wiper Machine 12 Volt/24 Volt, 120 , O, Etc , Scrap Motor Parts, Filter, Fag Lamp, Head Lamp, Break Shoe, Etc , Scrap Tyre 900 X20, Qty. 900, Etc , Scrap Presser And Mechnical Jack, 60 No , Scrap Radiator Assembly, 20 No, Etc ,Scrap Alternator Stator, 30 No, Etc , Scrap Radiator Plastic Tank, 58 No , Scrap F.I. Pump 1510 &1210, 38 No , Scrap Ceilling Fan, 15 No, Scrap Electric Welding Plant, 01 No, Etc , Scrap Grease Gun Bucket Type, 06 No, Etc , Scrap Empty Drum 210 Ltr Capacity Open Mouth/Closed Mouth, 150 No , Scrap Spring Leave Broken, 8 Ton Scrap Turbocharger Assy. Tc/709 M, 10 No, Etc , Scrap Wiper Machine 12V/24V, 30 No, Etc ,. Scrap Presser And Mechnical Jack, 15 No , Scrap Tyre 900 X20, 500 No, Scrap Tube 900 X20, Etc , Scrap Motor Parts, Filter, Fomp, Etc., 01 Ton , Scrap Inter Cooler, 06 No Scrap Heating Machine Big, 07 No, Scrap Heating Machine Small, 11 No ,Scrap Motot Parts Filter, Pump Etc., 01 Ton .
UTTARANCHAL Refer Detail 12/01/2018
10 Tenders: 13592476 Rewinding Of Pilot Exciter Armature Of Stage I Units At Tb Dam Power House .
MULTI STATE 1,03,250.00 22/01/2018
11 Tenders: 13584055 Supply Of D.C. Drive Armature.
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 15/01/2018
12 Tenders: 13583875 Supply Of Armature Bearing Pe Suitable For Mainline Emu Traction Motor Type 4601 Az Toskf Nu 326 Ecm/C4 Va 301 Or Fag Nu 326 Em1c4 F1 Or Equivalent Ntn Japan Make.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 22/01/2018
13 Tenders: 13582193 Supply Of Armature For Railway Carriage Fan 110V Dc Complete With Commutator.
ORISSA Refer Detail 13/02/2018
14 Tenders: 13580186 Supply Of 1. Stator And Coil Asm, Drawing No. 2802919 Alt Ga. [Pl No. 18100259] 2.Armature And Rectifier Mounting Asm, Drawing No. 2802926 Alt Ga.[Pl No.18100260] .
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 08/02/2018
15 Tenders: 13580161 Complete Rewinding Of Tm Armature 4601Az/4601Bz,Qty 50 Nos .
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 05/02/2018
16 Tenders: 13574607 Repairing Of Self Starter Armature, And Alternator Three Vehicles At Auto Garage Ksa. .
MAHARASHTRA 15,340.00 13/01/2018
17 Tenders: 13574036 Supply Of Armature Sub Assembly .
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 10/01/2018
18 Tenders: 13571602 Supply Of Stator Assy Armature Assy, Brush Holder & Carbon Brush.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 09/01/2018
19 Tenders: 13557674 (A)Self Armatuire And Filed Coil Rewinding Job Of Hyva And Payu Loader (B) Overhauling/ Repairing 10 Nos. Hydraulic Jack Of Hyva At Aaws Under Katra Area.
JHARKHAND 59,899.00 16/01/2018
20 Tenders: 13542954 Auction Sale Of Old & Used Computer Component (For More Details See Annexure 1 ) ; Old & Used Printer Cartridge ; Old & Used Refrigarator 23 Nos ; Old & Used Air Conditioner 87 Nos ; Old & Used Water Cooler ; Old & Used Acb 1000 Amp ; Old & Used Armature ; Old & Used Bottol Cooler Cap.200 Ltr ; Old & Used Street Light Fitting Housing 70W ; Old & Used Package Unit Conditioning Coil ; Old & Used Radiator Scrap .
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 04/01/2018
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