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1 Tenders: 18898358 Supply Of Anvil (Part No C1401761) Suitable For Cp Pneumatic Impact Wrench Model No Cp610 Rp .
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Due Date : 28/05/2019
2 Tenders: 18883301 Supply of Supply Of Symmetric Type Diamond Anvil Cell And Its Accessories .
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Due Date : 10/06/2019
3 Tenders: 18831564 Supply Of Bench Vices.Heavy Duty,Fixed Base,Double Ribbed With Long Anvil And Heavy Horn Size 6 Inch. Make:Herman Or Arete Or Vijay Or Shiva Tools.
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Due Date : 20/05/2019
4 Tenders: 18809680 Supply Of 1 Plumber Stove Melting Solder 2 Plumber Oil Stone 150*50*25Mm 3 Plumber Brush Steel Wire 150*50Mm 4 Plumber Scribing Gauge 5 Plumber Soil Pot With Brush 6 Plumber Pot Hook 7 Plumber Branch Gimltes 6 To 12 Mm Set. 8 Plumber Plumbers Ladle 9 Plumber Tool Cacuking Set “S” 10 Plumber Fire Buckets With Stand 11 Plumber Sight Rail And Booning Rod 12 Plumber Water Meter 15 Mm 13 Plumber Washer Cutter 14 Plumber Chisel Coldflat 20X200 Mm 15 Plumber Rule Wooden 4 Fold,600Mm 16 Plumber Spanner Monkey Up To 50Mm 17 Plumber Plumber Metals Melting Pot 10 Kg18 Plumber Drill Twist (Straight Shank) 3Mm To 6Mm 19 Plumber Marking Table 900*600*900* 20 Randac File Flat Rough Double Cut 21 Randac File, Half Round, Fine Double Cut, 22 Randac File, Round, Fine Double Cut 23 Randac File Flat, Fine Double Cut, 24 Randac File Square, Fine Double Cut, 25 Randac File Triangular Fine Double Cut 26 Randac Scriber 27 Randac Centre Punch 28 Randac Try Square 29 Randac Divider Spring Joint 30 Randac Caliper Spring Joint Side 31 Randac Caliper, Odd Leg, Spring Joint Length 150Mm 32 Randac Hammer Ball Pain 33 Randac Cold Chisel Flat And Cross Cut Length 150Mm 34 Randac Engineers Rule 35 Randac Tape Measuring 36 Randac Pliers Combination Insulated 37 Randac Pliers Long Nose 38 Randac Pliers Flat Nose 39 Randac Line Tester 40 Randac Tweezers 41 Randac Surface Plate 42 Randac Oil Can 43 Randac Surface Gauge Universal 44 Randac Bench Vice45 Randac Hack Saw Tubular Metal Frame Adjustable 46 Randac Snip Sheet Metal Straight Nose 47 Randac Snip Sheet Metal Curved Nose 48 Randac Anvil 49 Randac Stakes [ Different Types] 50 Randac Tin Smith 51 Randac Wooden Mallet /Nylon Mallet 52 Randac Round Punch 53 Randac Electrical Drill Portable Drill With Chuck And Key, 54 Randac Screw Driver,Plastis Handle, 6Mm Tip Length 55 Randac Screw Driver, Plastic Handle, 10Mm Tip Length Flat Tip 56 Randac Philips Screw Driver 57 Randac Screw Driver , Plastic Handle,Flat Tip 58 Randac Soldering Iron Exchangeable 65 Watts Copper Tip 59 Randac Knife Folded Stainless Steel 150Mm 60 Randac Tong Tester (Clamp On Multi Meter) 61 Randac Tenon Saw 62 Randac Firmer Chisel 63 Randac Rawal Plug Tool 64 Randac Fire Extinguisher 65 Randac Fire Buckets66 Randac D.E Spanner 67 Randac Ring Spanner 68 Randac Quick Couples, Process Tube Adopter 69 Randac Tong, Close Mouth And Pick Up 70 Randac Welding Table For Gas/Arc 71 Randac Flaring Tool,Punch Type,Set Single Type For Tube. 72 Randac Swaging Tool, Punch Type, Set Of Size For Tube. 73 Randac Bending Spring External Type, For Copper Tube 74 Randac Pipe Cutter Miniature For Copper Tube 75 Randac Pinch Of Tool, Of Copper Tube 76 Randac Ratchet Spanner Of 77 Randac Capillary Plug Gauge 78 Randac Piercing Pliers And Reversing Valve With Access Fitting 79 Randac Spanner Double Ended 80 Randac Ring Spanner Off Set 81 Randac Wrench Adjustable 82 Randac Wrench Adjustable 83 Randac Wrench Adjustable 84 Randac Valve Key Handle(Treated As Consumable) 85 Randac ( Hollo) Punch Hole For Cutting Gasket 86 Randac Scissor, Gasket Cutting Stainless Steel 87 Randac L Allen Key 88 Randac T Allen Key Set89 Randac Pipe/Cutter With Built In Reamer Amd Speace Cuttter For Copper Tube 90 Randac Pipe /Tube Bender Lever Type 91 Randac Spanner Double Ended 92 Randac Pipe Wrench 93 Randac Lapping Plate 94 Randac Hammer Ball Peen 95 Randac Puller 3 Legged With Flexible Arm 96 Randac Hand Blower Portable Complete 97 Randac Spirit Level Precision Metallic 98 Randac Tap Set With Matching Drills 3 Mm To 16Mm 99 Randac Tap Set With Matching Drills ¼'' To 5/8'' 100 Randac Refrigerant Cylinder 101 Randac Heating Kit With Infrared Bulb 102 Randac Plumbing Hammer Weight 103 Randac Cylinder 134 A 104 Randac Torque Wrench 105 Randac Piercing Valve 106 Randac Feeler Gauge 107 Randac Four Way Reversible Valve 108 Randac Vernier Height Gauge 109 Randac Tape Measruing Graduation In Mm110 Randac Voltmeter, Ac/Dc Portable Precision Grade Digital Panel Board Type 111 Randac Ammeter, Ac/Dc Portable Precision Grade Digital Panel Board Type 112 Randac Megger 113 Randac Wattmeter Multirange Up 114 Randac Multi Meter Digital Type 115 Randac K.W. Meter 116 Randac C.R.O Single Beam 117 Randac C.R.O Dual Trace/ Double Beam 118 Randac A.F.O Oscillators 119 Randac Pressure Gauge Digital Type 120 Randac Compound Gauge, Digital Type 121 Randac Service Man Thermometer In 30 C To +30 C Metal Case 122 Randac Gas Leak Detector For Halogen Gas 123 Randac Electronic Leak Detector 124 Randac Sling Psychro Meter 125 Randac Stop Watch 126 Randac Vernier Caliper 127 Randac Micrometer Outside Measurement 0 25Mm 128 Randac Multi Meter Analogue Type 129 Randac Tachometer Digital, Multi Range130 Randac Micron Vacuum Gauge 131 Randac Sensor Thermometer (Digital) 132 Randac Fin Straightened/Fin Comb 133 Randac Filler Gauge 134 Randac Wire Gauge Metric And With Worth 135 Randac Dial Thermometer Remote Control, Armored Capillary Dial 136 Randac Anemometer 137 Randac Compressors Testers For Small Hermetic Compressors Input/ Output 138 Randac Digital Thermometer [Treated As Consumable] 139 Randac Temperature Andhumidity Recorder 140 Randac Instrumentation Screw Driver Set 141 Randac Digital Weighing Machine 142 Randac Computer Latest Version With Printer 6,Hard Disc 143 Randac Lcd Projector/Led/Lcd Tv 144 Randac Laptop 145 Randac Ups 146 Randac Copier Machine .
Due Date : 19/05/2019
5 Tenders: 18809497 Supply Of 1 Mmv Allen Key Set Of 12 Pieces 2 Mmv Screw Driver Blade 3 Mmv Screw Driver Blade 4 Mmv Scriber 5 Mmv Spanner Socket With Speed Handle, T Bar, Rachet And Universal Set Of 28 Pieces With Box 6 Mmv Steel Rule 7 Mmv Ac Alternator Slip Ring Puller 8 Mmv Belt Tensioner Gauge 9 Mmv Chain Pulley Block Capacity With Tripod Stand 10 Mmv Cylinder Liner Dry And Wet Liner, Press Fit And Slide Fit Liner 11 Mmv Different Type Of Piston Model 12 Mmv Flat File, Bastard 13 Mmv Grease Gun 14 Mmv Magneto Spanner Set With 8 Spanners 15 Mmv Automotive Oil Pump For Dismantling And Assembling 16 Mmv Radiator Cut Section Cross Flow 17 Mmv Radiator Cut Section Down Flow 18 Mmv Radiator Pressure Cap 19 Mmv Spanner T. Flocks For Screwing Up And Up Screwing Inaccessible 20 Mmv Thermostat 21 Mmv Thread Pitch Gauge Metric 22 Mmv Spring Tension Tester 23 Mabr Digital Thermameter 24 Mabr Garage Rack 25 Mabr Grease Gun 26 Mabr Hand Vice – 37 Mm 27 Mabr Inter Chargeable Driver Set 28 Mabr Lead Light 29 Mabr Megnato Spenner Set With 8 Spenners 30 Mabr Panel Assembly Hold Sppourt Arms31 Mabr Panel Cutter (Two Way Nibbler) 32 Mabr Plastic Feeler Gauges 33 Mabr Steel Wire Brush 50Mmx150mm 34 Mabr Suction Cup 35 Mabr Taps And Dies Complete Sets (5 Types) 36 Mabr Thread Pitch Gauge Metric, Bsw 37 Mabr Trim And Upholstery Tools 38 Mabr Bench Vice 39 Mabr Angle Grinder (10 12 Cm) For Cutting And Grinding 40 Mabr Belt Sander (Narrow Surface) 41 Mabr Body Measurement Tools Gunsight, Trammel Gauge, 2M Straight Edge And Measuring Tape 42 Mabr Body Shell Light Motor Vehicle Of Different Manufactures 43 Mabr Bonded Auto Glass Removal And Replacement Tools 44 Mabr Caulking / Panel Seam Sealer / Panel Adhesive Application Gun 45 Mabr Die Grinding Kit 46 Mabr Disc Sander – 18Cm47 Mabr Discrete Component Trainer / Basic Electronics Trainer 48 Mabr Dust Extraction Connections (Vacumm) 49 Mabr Gas Welding Table 1220Mm X760mm 50 Mabr Motor Vehicle Suitable For Body Shop Repair –Light Motor Vehicle Ofdifferent Manufactures 51 Mabr Pneumatic Rivet Gun52 Mabr Power Hacksaw Kit 53 Mabr Random /Dual Action Orbital Sander (12 15 Cm) 54 Mabr Spot Welder (Single And Double Sided) 55 Mabr Tin Smiths Bench Folder 600 X 1.6Mm56 Mabp Bucket, Sponge, Squeegee, Chamois And Tack Rags 57 Mabp Collapsible Panel Stands 58 Mabp Colour Matching Cards /Panels (Magnetic, Chromalux Card Or Primed Metal) 59 Mabp Depth Micrometer 0 25Mm 60 Mabp Different Type Of Bumping Hammers 61 Mabp Different Type Of Body Hammers 62 Mabp Different Type Of Body Picks 63 Mabp Different Type Of Body Spoon 64 Mabp Different Type Of Dolly Block65 Mabp Different Type Of Finishing Hammers 66 Mabp Different Type Of Pick Hammers 67 Mabp Digital Thermometer 68 Mabp Door Handle Tooln (Clip Pullers) 69 Mabp Drill Twist 1.5 Mm To 15 Mm (Various Sizes) By 0.5 Mm 70 Mabp Different Type Of Spoon 71 Mabp Files Assorted Sizes And Types Including Safe Edge File (20 Nos) 72 Mabp Garage Rack73 Mabp Gloves For Welding (Leather And Asbestos) 74 Mabp Grease Gun 75 Mabp General Purpose Dolly 76 Mabp Hand Operated Crimping Tool (I) For Crimping Up To 4Mm And (Ii) For Crimping Up To 10Mm 77 Mabp Insulated Screw Driver 20 Cm X 9Mm Blade 78 Mabp Lead Light 79 Mabp Left Cut Snips 250Mm 80 Mabp Oil Stone 15 Cm X 5 Cm X 2.5 Cm 81 Mabp Paint Measuring / Mixing Stick And Jug Sets 82 Mabp Paint Scrapper, Putty Mixing Board, Putty Applicator /Knife 83 Mabp Panel Buffing Machine (18 Cm) 84 Mabp Pipe Cutting Tool85 Mabp Pipe Flaring Tool 86 Mabp Plastic Feeler Gauges 87 Mabp Prick Punch 15 Cm 88 Mabp Rivet Sets Snap And Dolly Combined 3Mm, 4Mm, 6Mm 89 Mabp Sheet Metal Cutting Pliersleft , Right Hand And Straight –Jaw 90 Mabp Shear Tinmans 300Mm 91 Mabp Spanner T. Flocks For Screwing Up And Upscrewing Inaccessible 92 Mabp Spirit Level 2V 250, 05 Metre 93 Mabp Steel Wire Brush 50Mmx150mm 94 Mabp Scriber 15 Cm 95 Mabp Spanners Socket With Speed Handle, T Bar, Ratchet And Universal Upto 96 Mabp Steel Rule 30 Cm Inch And Metric 97 Mabp Toe Dolly 98 Mabp Taps And Wrenches Metric99 Mabp Thread Pitch Gauge Metric, Bsw 100 Mabp Trim And Upholstery Tools 101 Mabp Various Sanding Blocks Soft, Hard, Speed File And Denibbling Tools 102 Mechanic Diesel Engine Spanners Socket With Speed Handle, T Bar, Ratchet And Universal Upto 32 Mm Set Of 28 Pieces With Box 103 Mechanic Diesel Engine Steel Tool Box With Lock And Key (Folding Type) 400X200x150 Mm 104 Mechanic Diesel Engine Anvil 50 Kgs With Stand 105 Mechanic Diesel Engine Chain Pulley Block 3 Ton Capacity With Tripod Stand 106 Mechanic Diesel Engine Cylinder Bore Gauge Capacity 20 To 160 Mm 107 Mechanic Diesel Engine Depth Micrometer 0 25Mm 108 Mechanic Diesel Engine Dial Gauge Type 1 Gr. A (Complete With Clamping Devices And With Magnetic Stand) 109 Mechanic Diesel Engine Different Type Of Engine Bearing Model 110 Mechanic Diesel Engine Different Type Of Piston Model 111 Mechanic Diesel Engine Drill Twist 1.5 Mm To 15 Mm (Various Sizes) By 0.5 Mm112 Mechanic Diesel Engine File, Square 30 Cm Round 113 Mechanic Diesel Engine Flat File 35 Cm Bastard 114 Mechanic Diesel Engine Fuel Feed Pump For Diesel 115 Mechanic Diesel Engine Radiator Pressure Cap 116 Mechanic Diesel Engine Spanners Socket With Speed Handle, T Bar, Ratchet And Universal Upto 117 Mechanic Diesel Engine Tachometer (Counting Type) 118 Mechanic Diesel Engine Taps And Dies Complete Sets (5 Types) 119 Mechanic Diesel Engine Taps And Wrenches Metric 120 Mechanic Diesel Engine Telescope Gauge 121 Mechanic Diesel Engine Torque Wrenches 5 35 Nm, 12 68 Nm And 50 225 Nm122 Mechanic Diesel Engine Vernier Caliper 0 300 Mm With Least Count 0.02Mm 123 Mechanic Diesel Engine Drill Point Angle Gauge 124 Mechanic Diesel Engine Files Assorted Sizes And Types Including Safe Edge File (20 Nos) 125 Mechanic Diesel Engine Granite Surface Plate 1600 X 1000 With Stand And Cover 126 Mechanic Diesel Engine Hammer Plastic 127 Mechanic Diesel Engine Hand Reamers Adjustable 10.5 To 11.25 Mm, 11.25 To 12.75 Mm, 12.75 To 14.25 Mm And 14.25 To 15.75 Mm 128 Mechanic Diesel Engine Magneto Spanner Set With 8 Spanners 129 Mechanic Diesel Engine Prick Punch 15 Cm 130 Mechanic Diesel Engine Punch Letter 4Mm (Number) 131 Mechanic Diesel Engine Scraper Flat 25 Cm 132 Mechanic Diesel Engine Scraper Half Round 25 Cm 133 Mechanic Diesel Engine Solid Parallels In Pairs (Different Size) In Metric 134 Mechanic Diesel Engine Thread Pitch Gauge Metric, 135 Mabp Lcd Projector / Led / Lcd Tv (42") 136 Mabp Multimedia Dvd For Automotive Application / Subjects 137 Mabp Online Ups 2 Kva ..
Due Date : 19/05/2019
6 Tenders: 18791289 Reconditioning Of Mill Crown Pinion And Anvil Plate By Supply And Welding Of Special Electrode Miscellaneous Works.
Due Date : 16/05/2019
7 Tenders: 18702367 Supply Of Anvil For 7/8 Inch Nose Assembly Should Be Of Part No N531 Of Avlock Make Or Compatible With 7/8" Nose Assembly Of Part No. N53 Of Avlock. Make/Brand Avlock, Stanley,Huck Or Alcoa Only.
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Due Date : 23/04/2019
8 Tenders: 18652430 Auction Sale Of Cutters Anvil Half Round 1200 G.
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Due Date : 15/04/2019
9 Tenders: 18620494 Supply Of Set Of Spares For Repairing Of "Installation Tool With Hand Held Unit Of 3/4" And 7/8" Of Lock Bolt Machine" Make : Avlock Or Similar, One Set Consisting Of 03 Items : (1) Lock Stanley Part No. Ms21 Or Equivalent, Qty = 05 Nos. (2) 3/4" Ejector Release, Stanley Part No. 73412 03308 Or Equivalent, Qty = 10 Nos. (3) 7/8" Anvil, Stanley Part No. 73410 03201 Or Equivalent, Qty = 02 Nos.
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Due Date : 16/04/2019
10 Tenders: 18590306 Supply Of Electric Impact Wrench With Kit 1/2" Cordless Impact Tool Kit Drive Size 1/2" Standard Anvil, Model No. W 7150 K2 , Voltage 20V , Rpm 1900 Blows Per Minute 2300 , Weight With Battery 3 Kgs. Torque Range 68.880 Nm Included In Kit M 1/2" Impact Tool (1) Iov20 Charger (1) 20V Li Ion 3.0 Ah Batteries.
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Due Date : 22/04/2019
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