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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tenders: 12520462 Procurement Of Annuniciation Speakers Required For Spreader And Crushers Working At Rg.Oc2 .
TELANGANA 10,00,000.00 11/09/2017
2 Tenders: 12495973 Supply Of Alarm Annuciator Ms Mp Series / Ann Msmp B 0045 [ 24 Blocks] .
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 23/08/2017
3 Tenders: 12487713 Supply Of Ip Based Centralised Announcement System.
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 16/08/2017
4 Tenders: 12486248 Supply Of 110V Dc Indoor Control And Relay Panels For Gc Breaker & Lv Breaker And 110V Dc Annunciation Panels Type A & Type B.
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 31/08/2017
5 Tenders: 12482231 Supply Of Control Console For Auto Announcement System. As Per Annexure Attached .
WEST BENGAL Refer Detail 30/08/2017
6 Tenders: 12471815 Supply, Installation Of Alarm Annunciators .
UTTAR PRADESH 6,96,500.00 12/09/2017
7 Tenders: 12470856 Supply Of Facia Announciator Model Micro Alarm No. Of Windows : 20 Power Supply :(90 270)V Ac/Dc. Communication Nil Equivalent To S/No: Ma 1545/06 07 Make : Accsys Electronics Chennai 97.
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 12/09/2017
8 Tenders: 12465140 Auction Sale Of Cctv Monitor, Hhmd Metor 28, Vertex Standard Walkie Talkie, Epabx, Fids, Photo Copier Machine, Kiosk, Pa Amplifier Rack With Announcement Console, Crt Tv, Fax, Photo Copier, X Bis.
WEST BENGAL Refer Detail 23/08/2017
9 Tenders: 12461989 Bza Division : Display Cum Announcement System On Important Mail/Express Trains Of Scr Vijayawada Division 6Rakes.
ANDHRA PRADESH 1,29,13,232.00 14/09/2017
10 Tenders: 12456141 Provision Of Digital Auto Announcement At Bassi And Getor Jagatpura Stations Of Jaipur Division .
RAJASTHAN 5,94,263.00 08/09/2017
11 Tenders: 12450200 Supply Of 15 Point Window Annunciator .
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 17/08/2017
12 Tenders: 12448490 Supply of Indoor Wall Mounting Remote Control Annunciation Panel .
KARNATAKA Refer Detail 16/08/2017
13 Tenders: 12446410 Supply Of Touch Screen Digital Platform Announcement System Similar To Bay Talkie Tech Make.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 17/08/2017
14 Tenders: 12443069 Supply, Erection and Commissioning Of 1No. 20 Window Static Annunciator Module And 1No.Digital Ammeter And Voltmeter In The Control Panel Of 230Kv Bus Transfer Breaker And Supply, Mounting And Wiring Of 110V Dc Trip Siren And 110V Dc Non Trip Siren In The Existing 110Kv Feeders Control Panel At 230Kv Sipcot Sub Station/ Meelavittan/ Tuticorin .
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 23/08/2017
15 Tenders: 12432714 Supply Of 16 Window Alarm Annunciator Model Mbas 9700 Aux. 110V Dc With 9400 Type Case, Window: 26X26 Mm With Hooter And Push Bottom Set Withcoupling Facility. Input And Rating Of Contact Is 110 Vdc .Make: Minilec Or Similar.
CHHATTISGARH Refer Detail 28/08/2017
16 Tenders: 12425515 Supply of Windows Annunciator .
KARNATAKA Refer Detail 11/08/2017
17 Tenders: 12423042 Provision Of Pc Based Announcement System And Three Line Display Board At Ratnagiri Station In Rn Region.
MAHARASHTRA 13,20,429.00 05/09/2017
18 Tenders: 12410525 Supply Of Annunciator Multiwaytelephone Exchange 5 Lines To Rdso Drg No Tca 3352 Adv Or Latest Suitable For Hand Generator Type Magnetotelephone As Per Irs Tc 36/97 .
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 08/08/2017
19 Tenders: 12409996 Repair Maintenance Operation of Sub Station, Diesel Generator Set And Lifts Installed At Delhi Sachivalaya, New Delhi. (Sh Comprehensive Maintenance Of Lift Voice Announcement And Floor Indication System Of Topaz Make). .
NEW DELHI 4,64,448.00 09/08/2017
20 Tenders: 12407057 Supply of Annunciator Facia Display .
ORISSA Refer Detail 18/08/2017
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Annunciation System Tenders

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