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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tenders: 14379938 Providing Cobra Wire With Angle Iron In B S Fencing In Aor Of Bop Durga Tower,Spb Myan,Alfamachal,Garuda And Bt Forward Of 89 Bn Bsf Under Shq Bsf Sunderbani .
JAMMU AND KASHMIR 11,40,788.00 28/02/2018
2 Tenders: 14377055 Provision Made For Providing Detachable Iron Grills Of Size 2.00X1.00M With 35Mm L Angle With A Thickness Of 6.00Mm As Borders And 12Mm Square Bars As Horizontal And Vertical Bars To The Garba Grihas For All Temples .
TELANGANA 1,31,100.00 27/02/2018
3 Tenders: 14374301 Supply Of Ms Angle Size 25 Mm X 25 Mm.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 03/03/2018
4 Tenders: 14372783 Supply Of Aluminium Angle Moulding .
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 27/02/2018
5 Tenders: 14372028 Supply Of Alluminium ' L ' Angle Size: 25 X 25 X 2 Mm Thick X 1875 Mm Length To Is: 3908 (Rounded Edges ) .
ANDHRA PRADESH Refer Detail 27/02/2018
6 Tenders: 14371253 Supply Of Procurement Of M.S.Angle 150 X 150 X 12 Mm REQUIRED LENGTH 10 METER AND ABOVE TO IS:2062:2011, E 250 ( Fe 410 W ) QUALITY "BO"/"A" KILLED & NORMALISED IMPACT TEST MANDATORY AT O DEGREE CENTIGRADE.
PUNJAB Refer Detail 20/03/2018
GUJARAT Refer Detail 23/02/2018
8 Tenders: 14318670 Supply Of I S Equal Angles 150 X 150 X 16 Mm Confirming to IS: 2062/2011 E 250 Gr. BO' Semi Killed or Killed in the length of 5.5 Mtrs.to 6 Mtrs. Specification Confirming to IS;2062/2011, E 250 Gr. BO' Semi Killed or Killed.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 27/02/2018
9 Tenders: 14318279 Providing And Installation L Type M.S Angle And Bamboo Scaffolding Work At Hbt Hospital.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 24/02/2018
10 Tenders: 14318013 Supply Of Aluminium Step Ladder, Moveable With Safety Rail Ladder, Heavy Duty,Height 6.5 Feet, Side C . Section 68 Mm X 38 Mm Steps 25.4 Mm Dia Non Slipcorrugated Tubing Permanent Punching In Machine With Specious Aluminiumcheckered Plate Platform Size 900 Mm X 900 Mm And Height Of Platform 750 Mmfitted With Aluminium Safety Railing Painted Mild Steel Base Frame Fittedwith Breakable Wheels Use Necessary Aluminium L Angle And Nut Boltsover All Length Of Aluminium Ladder Including Plateform Height I.E 9 Feet Asper Is 3696, 11/199/2002 Material Spec Is 617/1975 .
WEST BENGAL Refer Detail 10/03/2018
11 Tenders: 14317779 Supply Of M.S. Unequal Angle Moulding Length 1250 Mm To Drg No. Misc/Sk 3016, Ref 03.
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 24/02/2018
12 Tenders: 14317514 Supply Of Scrap Aluminium,Ms Scrap In Various Shape And Size Including Ci And For Engine Parts It Will Be Damage By Company (Gi Scrap, Gi Ducting, Angle Challel, Various Structural Ms Material Etc.)
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 01/03/2018
13 Tenders: 14317293 Providing And Fixing Wire Weleded Mesh Fence Joinde Iron Angel Post Properly With All Meterial Tools And Labour Ete. .
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 25/02/2018
14 Tenders: 14316440 Supply Of Angle Handle 1".Sq. DRIVE APPROX. LENGTH 350 MM, PART NO AH4. Make : MAC MASTER, TORQUE MASTER OR EQIVALENT.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 13/03/2018
15 Tenders: 14315511 Supply Of Vcb Stand Assembly, Ms Angle Stand With .
NEW DELHI Refer Detail 28/02/2018
16 Tenders: 14314752 Supply Of Zinc Anode Plate &Zinc Anode Angle For Tmd At Kltps.
GUJARAT 1,31,600.00 27/02/2018
17 Tenders: 14314582 Auction Sale Of Aluminium Scrap , Iron Scrap Of Clutch Disc With Facing , Scrap Of Brake Shoe With Linning , Iron Scrap Of Cond Cylider Linner Iron Scraps ,Etc.. , Iron Scraps,Etc. , Iron Scrap(Spring Centre Bolt&Spring Metalbush) , Iron Scraps (New Gi Cut Pieces) , Iron Scrap,M.S.Angle,Etc. , Prebid Emd Rs.12000/ , Iron Scrap ,Etc. , Iron Scrap (All Types Of Hanger Shackle) , Scrap Of Cond.Shock Absorber ,Etc. , Iron Scrap (Scrap Of Bus Body Pieces) , Iron Scrap (Cond.Gears And Shaft Flywhell) , Iron Scrap (Cond.Bearing &Cones Sleeves) , Iron Scraps (All Types Of Axle Shafts) , Scrap Of 12V(21Plate) Mono Lid Batteries ,Etc.. , Scrap Of 12V(13Plate) Mono Lid Batteries ,Etc. , Scrap Of Inside Laggage Carrier,Etc. , Scrap Of Inside Laggage Carrier,Etc.. , Scrap Of Inside Laggage Carrier,Etc.., Condemned Nylon Atyre , Condemned Nylon Btyre , Condemned Radial Tyre , Scrap Of Brake Lining &Clutch Facing , Scrap Of Brake Lining &Clutch Facing, Scrap Of Old And Empty Grease Barrels , Scrap Of Empty 20 Lt Paint Tin , Scrap Of Old And Empty Oil Barrel , Scrap Of Empty 4 Lt Paint Tin , Scrap Of Old And Empty Solution Barrels , Old Empty Used Edbile Oil Tin , Scrap Of Tyre Buffiing Dust , Scrap Of Tyre Buffiing Dust , Condemned Tube With Mouth , Condemned Flap , Scrap Of Plastic Cane(40Lt 3,20Lt 11)Total 14Nos ,Scrap Of Syntax Tank Big 2,Sumall 1 , Scrap Of Polythne Cover,Etc. , Scrap Of Polythne Cover,Nylon Bags,Tyres , Cover.
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 01/03/2018
18 Tenders: 14228662 Auction Sale Of Rejected/ Scrapped C.I. Casting/ Malleable Casting, Miscellaneous Scrapped Items Of Iron And Steel Scrap Like Structural Steel Angle, Channels Etc. Cut Pieces Of Plates, Hardened Steel Items, Broken Scrapped Fabricated Frames, Racks, Bins, Damaged Tins, Bailing Strips Etc., Misc. Iron And Steel Scrap Of Tractor Sheet Metal, Rejected Scrap Steel Forgings, Miscellaneous M.S. Light Scrap Out Of Various Damaged Tractor Components And Non Tractor, Broken Pcs. Of Scrap Wood, Wooden Packing, Cut Tree Branches, Scrapped Aluminium And Copper Cable, Used Empty Glass Bottles, Broken Glass Pieces Cloth Pcs. Used Hand Gloves Without Oil Soaked Like Cotton, Leather, Broom, Brushes And Other Refuse Accumulating Every Day, Used Fork Lift Tyres, Rubber Scrap Out Of Worn Out Material Including Tractor Tyre, Tubes In Cut / Damaged Form.
TELANGANA Refer Detail 14/03/2018
19 Tenders: 14228590 Auction Sale Of Scrapped Cast Iron Boring With Traces Of Oil And Coolant & Spiral Machining, Rejected/ Scrapped C.I. Casting/ Malleable Casting, Rejected Scrap Steel Forgings, Sheet Metal, Hardware & Other Non Forging Material, Aluminium, Copper, Brass Not Included, Small & Big Pipe,Channel, Angle, Metal Jali, I Beam, Drums, Ms Trolley, Trolley Wheels, Hooks & All Ms Related Material (No Need To Deface) Metal Packing Strips, Corrugated Box Bundles Made By Press, Waste + Used + Loosed Corrugated Boxes + Partitions Of Any Size. Laminated Crb With Gunny Bags & Plastic Corrugated Box/Sheet. Use Of Press For Making Corrugated Box Bundles, (Actual Electricity Bill & Machine Repair/Maint. Charges To Be Paid By Scrap Contractor Also To Supply Labour For Making C.R.B. Bundles Is Their Responsibility.), Scrap Wood Indian Splintered/ Packing Wood, Soiled Wood, Plywood Including Planks Of Any Sizes, Machine Packing Wood, Plywood Boxes With Side Strips, Wooden Pallets,Scrap Plastic Tractor Parts & Others Plastic Parts, Scrap Harness, Scrap Aluminium Scrap Both Tractor And Non Tractor, Scrap Cable, Scrapped/ Used Machine Spare Parts/ Accessories & Electrical Acc. Like Choke Etc., Scrap Tractor Rubber Tube In Damage/Deface/Cut Condition.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 13/03/2018
20 Tenders: 14228542 Auction Sale Of Rejected/ Scrapped C.I. Casting/ Malleable Casting, Scrapped Steel Turning And Boring, Scrap Cast Iron Boring With Traces Of Oil And Coolant, Iron And Steel Scrap Like Structural Steel Angle, Channels Etc. Cut Pieces Of Plates, Hardened Steel Items, Broken Scrapped Fabricated Frames, Racks, Bins, Damaged Tins, Bailing Strips Etc.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 12/03/2018
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