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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief
1 Tenders: 14956738 Supply Of Alluminium Plain Sheet Size 610X255x1mm Is:737/86 .
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Due Date : 20/03/2018
2 Tenders: 13968723 Supply Of Alluminium Sheet.
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Due Date : 08/03/2018
3 Tenders: 13692068 Supply Of See/Pha Scripted In Hindi Board Of Size 600X600mm Made Of 2Mmaluminium Alloy Sheets Conforming To Is:73791986 With High Intensity Prismaticgrade Iv Retro Reflective Sheet As Per Rdso Spec.No. Eti/Ohe/33A/12/97 Rev.7 Ofmake 3Mor Avery Dennission Of Usa Back Side Fitted With Iron Angle Of Size25mmx25mmx3mm Along With 4 Nos. Nut Bolt Required Size As Per Para Irpwm918 2 .
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Due Date : 23/01/2018
4 Tenders: 13582758 Supply Of Aluminium Sheet .
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Due Date : 10/01/2018
5 Tenders: 13540502 Supply Of Aluminium Chequered Sheet .
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Due Date : 09/02/2018
6 Tenders: 13490336 Auction Sale Of Scraped Broken Old Spring Cut Leaves, Scraped Cast Iron Cylinder Liners Etc, Scraped Cast Iron Brake Drums Etc, Scraped Old M.S Angle Etc, Scraped Old G.I Sheet Etc, Scraped Tar Mixing Top Old G.I Sheet & Cut Pieces, Scraped Old M.S Seat Frame Pipes Etc, Scraped Old Body Aluminium Sheet Etc, Scraped Aluminium Pistion Items Etc, Scraped Old Auto M.S Steels Spares Items, Scraped Old Gear Wheel Shafts & Other Items, Scraped Old Crown Wheel Pinion Sets, Scraped Old Clutch Plate, Scraped Old Brake Lining Clutch Facing, Scraped Old Brake Lining Clutch Facing, Scraped Old Brake Lining Clutch Facing, Scraped Old Bearing & Cone Items, Scraped Old Used Borken Woods Etc, Scraped Old All Type Of Rubber Items ,Etc, Scraped Old Hanger & Shackle, Scraped Old Nozzle Elements & Mico Spares, Scraped Old Aluminum Inter Cooler, Scraped Old Aluminum Radiator, Scraped Old M.S Iron Chips & Iron Pits, Scraped Old Auto Electrical Items, Scraped Old 4 Ltr Empty Paint Tin, Scraped Condemned Old All Type Of Filters Items, Scraped Condemned Old All Type Of Plastic Items, Scraped Old 210 Ltr Empty Plastic Barrel, Scraped Wood Cut Pices Etc, Venbu Tree Apx Qty 1.000 Mt, Scraped Old 35 Ltr Plastic Can, Scraped Old Used Empty Plastic Milk Packet Cover, Scraped Old Used Waste Aluminum Stuffed Sheet, Scraped New Chassis Plastic, Scraped Old Used Canteen Items, Scraped Old Rear Brake Shoe 296 No's, Scraped Tata Drying Distribution Unit, Scraped Viking 1.1 Lit Diesel Filter Body, Scraped Hino Lift Pump, Scraped Ley. Automatic Slack Adjuster, Scraped Ley Gear Shifting Lever, Scraped Downward Front Joint With Yoke, Scraped Tata Front Brake Chamber, Scraped Tata Bs Iii Master Cylinder Assy, Scraped Tata Bs Iii Clutch Releaser Bearing, Scraped Tata Cummins Flywheel Setting, Scraped Tata Slack Adjuster, Scraped Lmv A/C Pump, Scraped Old Celling Fans (Without Leaves), Scraped Portable Air Tank, Scraped 1 Ton Capacity Avery Weighing Machine, Scraped Philips 21" Television (Colour), Scraped Tyre Envolope Expander Ring (Red), Scraped Tyre Expander, Scraped Type Writing Machine, Scraped 12V 21P Monolid Batteries, Used 210 Ltr Waste Engine Oil With Barrel, Scraped Old Hand Drilling Machine Small Size.
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Due Date : 28/12/2017
7 Tenders: 13438393 Supply Of Retro Reflective Sign Board Made Up With Given Matterenclosed Cutted And Pasted On 3M High Intensity Prismaticvinyl And Same Pasted On 16 Gauge Aluminium Base Sheet Withnecessary Holes For Fastening Size 2 X1 . Hsn Code 995468 .
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Due Date : 09/01/2018
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Aluminum sheet Tenders

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