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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief
1 Tenders: 26091089 1 Civil Work 1 Dismantling Aluminium Partitions Including Disposal Of Unserviceable Material 2 Civil Work 2 Providing And Laying Vitrified Tiles In Floor With Different Sizes (Thickness To Be Specified By The Manufacturer), With Water Absorption Less Than 0.08% And Conforming To Is:15622, Of Approved Brand And Manufacturer, In All Colours And Shade, Laid With Cement Based High Polymer Modified Quick Set Tile Adhesive (Water Based) Conforming To Is : 15477, In Average 6 Mm Thickness, Including Grouting Of Joints (Payment For Grouting Of Joints To Be Made Separately).(Size = 600Mm*600Mm) 3 Civil Work 3 Grouting The Joints Of Flooring Tiles Having Joints Of 3 Mm Width, Using Epoxy Grout Mix Of 0.70 Kg Of Organic Coated Filler Of Desired Shade (0.10 Kg Of Hardener And 0.20 Kg Of Resin Per Kg), Including Filling / Grouting And Finishing Complete As Per Direction Of Engineer In Charge 4 Civil Work 4 "Providing And Fixing Aluminium Work For Doors, Windows, Ventilators And Partitions With Extruded Built Up Standard Tubular Sections/ Appropriate Z Sections And Other Sections Of Approved Make Conforming To Is: 733 And Is: 1285, Fixing With Dash Fasteners Of Required Dia And Size, Including Necessary Filling Up The Gaps At Junctions, I.E. At Top, Bottom And Sides With Required Epdm Rubber/ Neoprene Gasket Etc. Aluminium Sections Shall Be Smooth, Rust Free, Straight, Mitred And Jointed Mechanically Wherever Required Including Cleat Angle, Aluminium Snap Beading For Glazing / Paneling, C.P. Brass / Stainless Steel Screws, All Complete As Per Architectural Drawings And The Directions Of Engineer In Charge. (Glazing, Paneling And Dash Fasteners To Be Paid For Separately) : Powder Coated Aluminium (Minimum Thickness Of Powder Coating 50 Micron)" 5 Civil Work 5 For Shutters Of Doors, Windows And Ventilators Including Providing And Fixing Hinges/ Pivots And Making Provision For Fixing Of Fittings Wherever Required Including The Cost Of Epdm Rubber / Neoprene Gasket Required (Fittings Shall Be Paid For Separately) Powder Coated Aluminium (Minimum Thickness Of Powder Coating 50 Micron 6 Civil Work 6 Providing And Fixing 12 Mm Thick Prelaminated Particle Board Flat Pressed Three Layer Or Graded Wood Particle Board Conforming To Is: 12823 Grade L Type Ll, In Panelling Fixed In Aluminum Doors, Windows Shutters And Partition Frames With C.P. Brass / Stainless Steel Screws Etc. Complete As Per Architectural Drawings And Directions Of Engineer In Charge Pre Laminated Particle Board With Decorative Lamination On Both Sides 7 Civil Work 7 Providing And Fixing Glazing In Aluminium Door, Window, Ventilator Shutters And Partitions Etc. With Epdm Rubber / Neoprene Gasket Etc. Complete As Per The Architectural Drawings And The Directions Of Engineer In Charge . (Cost Of Aluminium Snap Beading Shall Be Paid Separately) With Float Glass Panes Of 5 Mm Thickness 8 Civil Work 8 Filling The Gap In Between Aluminium Frame And Adjacent Rcc/ Brick/ Stone Work By Providing Weather Silicon Sealant Over Backer Rod Of Approved Quality As Per Architectural Drawings And Direction Of Engineer In Charge Complete. 9 Civil Work 9 Providing And Fixing 100 Mm Brass Locks For Aluminium Doors Including Necessary Cutting And Making Good Etc. Complete 10 Civil Work 10 Providing And Fixing Aluminium Tower Bolts 11 Civil Work 11 Providing And Fixing Alumiunium Round Shape Handle Of Out Dia 100 Mm With Ss Screws Etc. Complete 12 Civil Work 12 Providing And Fixing Pvc Wall Panels With Alumimium Frame Work 13 Civil Work 13 Making New Connection Of Copper Pipe From Interior Unit Of Split Air Conditioner Up To Compressor Unit Along With Conduting And, Insulation Etc 14 Civil Work 14 Supplying And Charging R 22 Refrigent Gas In 1.5/2 Ton Window/Split Type Ac Units Including Pressure Testiing , Leak Detecton, Vaccumission, Testing, Commissioning Etc., As Required 15 Civil Work 15 Hiring Of 2 No Labour For 2 Days For Shifting Of Existing Furniture, Equipements, Office Records Etc.
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Due Date : 27/09/2021
2 Tenders: 26085279 Manufactured And Supply Of Prefabricated Ojl Shelter Of Size 18.30M X 9.08M. The Stores As Per List Attached As Appx ‘A’ To Include The Following : (A) 04 X Living Area Of Size 4.498M X 7.128M Each. (B) 04 Nos Toilet Cum Bathroom Of Size 2.908 X 2.04M With Height Of 2.15M Attached With Each Living Room Having Common Partition Wall. (C) Verandah. 18.30M X 1.83M Covered Glazed Verandah With Polycarbonate Sheet (Transparent) Upto Column Ht Of 2.10M At The Cantilever End All Along The Length Of Living Area 0.9M Puff Panel Cladding Above Ffl. (D) 06 X Steel Truss Span Not Less Than 9.08M As Per Drawing. (E) 12 X Aluminium Door Including Frame And Shutter And All Necessary Fittings. (F) 10 X Aluminium Window Including Frame And 02 Nos Sliding Shutter And 01 No Wire Mesh Shutter With Each Window. (G) Puf Pannels All Around Shelter Made Of 0.63Mm Thick Pre Coated Gi Skin Outer Walls Filled With Puf Thickness 58.74Mm. (H) Pre Painted Galvanium Sheet 0.63Mm Thick Including Ridge Cover For Roofing. (J) Gypsum Board False Ceiling Panels Of Size 600Mm X 600Mm Each Including Alumn Snap Grid And Tying Wire. (K) 450Mm Wide Sunshade Of Galvanium Sheet Incl Suitable Iron Bracket. Job 2 2. Design Data (Living Room). (A) Length 18.30 Mtr.(Out To Out Measurement Of Puf Panel Walls). (B) Width 7.25 Mtr. (Out To Out Measurement Of Puf Panel Walls). (C) Height 2.70 Mtr(Clear Headroom Upto False Roof). (D) All Dimention Shown At Drg Sheet No 01. 3. Structural Members. (A) Columns, Trusses And Purlins. All Columns, Trusses And Purlins Will Be Made Of Rectangular/Square Hollow Tube Section Conforming To Is 4923 And Structural Steel Shall Conform To Is 2062. Thickness Of Cleats To Truss Should Be Minimum 6Mm. Six Trusses Will Be Provided Fabricated In Two Modular Inter Connectable Parts. The Verandah Should Be Provided With Truss Supported By The Main Columns And Verandah Columns. Each Main Column Shall Have Base Plate Of Size 300Mm X 200Mm X 10Mm With Four Holes For Fixing Foundation Bolts With Nuts And Top Sleeve Plate Of Size 250Mm X 250Mm X 8Mm With Predrilled Holes Of Appropriate Sizes For Fixing With The Truss. Each Truss Shall Have Appropriate Plate Of Size 250Mm X 250Mm X 8Mm With Predrilled Holes Of Appropriate Sizes For Fixing The Truss With The Main Column. All The Members Like Trusses, Purlins And Columns Will Be Fixed With 10Mm Dia And 150Mm Long Nuts And Bolts, . Make: Sail/Tata/Lloyd /Jindal/Bhushan Having Isi Mark Make And Conforming To Given Is Specifications. Bounded To The Polyurethane Foam. The Pre Coated Gi Sheet Should Conform To Is 14246 1995 With Manufacturer Test Certificates Conforming To Specification. Base Metal Of Gi Skinned Crca Sheet Should Be As Per Is 513 And Galvanization As Per Gr 120 As Per Is 277. (B) Base Plate And Foundation Bolts. (I) Base Plate At Foundation. Size 300Mm X 200Mm X 20Mm Thick With Holes For Foundation Bolts. (Ii) Foundation Bolts. Size 16Mm(Dia) X 450Mm(Long), Four Numbers For Each Foundation. The Bolts Must Be Made From High Tensile Steel Rod And Minimum Length Of Threads Should Be 100Mm. Each Foundation Bolt Will Be Provided With Ms Anchor Plate Of Size 50Mm X 50Mm X 6Mm Thick Welded At Bottom Of Foundation Bolts. Each Bolt Will Be Provided With Two Nos Of Suitable Washers And Nuts, Made Of High Tensile Steel. 4. Foundation Of Column. (A) Pcc 1:2:4 Type B1 (20 Mm Graded Stone Aggregate) Of Size 350Mm X 350Mm X 900Mm Over The Sub Base Pcc 1:5:10 Of Size 500Mm X 500Mm, 150Mm Thick. Four Nos Of Foundation Bolts 450Mm Long, 16Mm Dia And 100Mm Thread At Top With Nuts And Washers For Each Column Will Be Provided. Details Are Given As Per Drg. (B) Foundation Of Dwarf Wall Brick Masonary Wall In Cm 1:6 Of Size 345Mm Width And Under Gl 450Mm Depth And Above Gl 450Mm Over Pcc 1:5:10 E2 (40Mm Graded Aggregate) Of Size 450Mm Width And 150Mm Thick
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Due Date : 08/10/2021
3 Tenders: 26077684 Kitchen Equipment Stainless Steel Covering Decorative Lighting Painting And Aluminium Window At The Newly Procured Restaurant Boat 2 CIVIL AND ELECTRICAL WORKS.
Due Date : 30/09/2021
4 Tenders: 26049986 Improvement To Palika Niwas Housing Complex, Lodhi Road Sh Replacement Of Old M S Window With Aluminium Window At Palika Niwas Housing Complex Lodhi Road Civil Works.
Due Date : 23/09/2021
5 Tenders: 26046639 Provision Of Prefabricated Living Shelter (10 Men) Of Size 10.00X6.00M Clear Ht 3.00M At Both Sides And 3.76M At The Central Gable With Verandah 2.00M Wide On One Side Along The Length Of Shelter, Two Puf Doors, Two Aluminium Door And Eight Aluminum Windows As Per Drawing And Specification.
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Due Date : 22/09/2021
6 Tenders: 26046451 1 Aluminium Partitioning Supply And Fixing Of Aluminum Partition At Library, C Dot, Bangalore. As Per The Specification Document Enclosed. 2 Aluminium Partitioning Windows "Supply And Fixing Of 3 Track Aluminium Window With One Track With Mosquito Mesh And Slliding Doors, Locks Etc. Aluminium Thickness : 2Mm As Per The Specification Document Enclosed"
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Due Date : 20/09/2021
7 Tenders: 26018815 Construction Of Laboratory Cum Head Office Building For Export Inspection Agency At Gambhiram, Visakhapatnam. SW Construction Of Slab Over Drain, Aluminium Partition Work, PVC Flooring, Roof Over DG Set, Emergency Exit Staircase With Steel Structure, Tile Work In Floor And Walls Of Inside Sump And Water Tank, Toughen Coloured Glazing And Air Tight Double Glazing To The Existing Aluminium Windows And Minor Works Etc..
Due Date : 16/09/2021
8 Tenders: 26017695 2059 P.W. Mandr To N.R. Bldg. Repairing Work In Sector No.28 And Sector No.29 Suvidha Kacheri, Gandhinagar. [Flooring, Plaster Door, Aluminium Window, Sanitary Work, China Mosaic, Compound Wall, Fencing, Gate Etc. Work] .
Due Date : 21/09/2021
9 Tenders: 25996684 Auction Sale Of Immovable Secured Asset To Be Sold. Tender No: Sbi/Spb/01 Property No. 1 – (Title Deed Holder: Sri. Darshan Murthy) All That Piece And Parcel Of The Apartment Bearing No.313, Situated On The Third Floor, Building Known As “Sai Varenya Park View”, Having Super Built Up Area Of 1075 Sq.Ft (Which Is Inclusive Of The Balconies And Proportionate Share In The Common Areas Such As Passages, Lobbies, Lifts, Staircases And Other Area Of Common Use), Along With A Covered Car Parking Space Bearing No.313, Situated In The Stilt Floor And The Apartment Having Rcc Roofing, Vitrified Flooring, Teak Wood Finishing Main Door And Other Doors Having Sai Wood Frames And Flush Shutters And Aluminium Windows, Along With Electricity, Water And Sanitary Connection, Together With All Appurtenances Whatsoever, Whether Situated On, Below Or Above The Surface. Undivided Share, Right, Title, Claim And Interest In The Land Equivalent To 231 Sq.Ft In The Converted Land Bearing Sy.No.53/3, (Duly Converted From Agricultural Purposes To Non Agricultural Residential Purposes As Per Official Memorandum Bearing No.Aln/(S.U)S.R./7/09 10, Dated 27.05.2009, Issued By The Special Deputy Commissioner, Bengaluru District, Bengaluru), Measuring To An Extent Of 15 Guntas, Situated At Turahalli Village, Uttarahallihobli, Bengaluru South Taluk, Presently Coming Within The Jurisdiction Of The Bruhut Bengaluru Mahanagarapalike And Presently Bearing Katha No.47,Sy.No.53/3, Turahalli, Bengaluru, Bounded On : East By : Land In Sy.No.52 And Road, West By : Land Belonging To Revanna, North By : Road, South By : Land Belonging To Muninanjappa. .
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Due Date : 13/09/2021
10 Tenders: 25995647 Minor Repairs Providing Aluminium Windows White Washing And Providing Sanitary For Toilets To Existing Revenue Ward Office Yenugomda For Newly Proposed Basthi Davakana In Mbnr Mplty .
Due Date : 13/09/2021
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