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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tenders: 13676777 Repairs To Wooden Alumnium Joinery Built In Furniture Rolling Shutters Misc Under Age Br I Area At Mil Stn Sri Ganganagar .
RAJASTHAN 20,00,000.00 07/02/2018
2 Tenders: 13671882 Design, Development, Manufacturing, Testing And Commissioning Of Aluminum Car Body Train Sets
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 25/01/2018
3 Tenders: 13670144 Supply Of Aluminium Identification Tag For Spherical Roller Bearing , Material Spec.To Is:737 2008, 31000 To Scr/Lgd's Drg No:Scr/C&W/Lgd/Sk 0904, Alt:3.
ANDHRA PRADESH Refer Detail 19/01/2018
4 Tenders: 13670089 Supply Of Alluminium Immepller.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 18/01/2018
5 Tenders: 13669303 Supply of Aluminium Extruded Section To Specn. Is:733 1983, Design. 19000 Or 19500(New),1200 (+/ 2)Mm In Length With 2 Mm Slit Upto 27(+/ 1)Mm Depth From The Centre Of One End Of The Rod. .
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 05/02/2018
6 Tenders: 13669168 Supply Of Aluminium Tag For 16 T Wheel Set .
WEST BENGAL Refer Detail 19/01/2018
7 Tenders: 13668493 Supply Of Aluminium Casing .
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 02/02/2018
8 Tenders: 13667907 Providing Aluminium Prelaminated Board And Glass Partitioning In The New Annex Computer Building In G.M.Unit,J.A. .
ORISSA 6,26,039.00 25/01/2018
9 Tenders: 13667659 Repair Replacement Of Tiles Aluminium Joineries And Misc Br Works At Cariappa Vihar Under Ge West Delhi Cantt 10 .
NEW DELHI 49,00,000.00 02/02/2018
10 Tenders: 13665060 Improvement Of Amenity And Community Centre Building Floor Portion Sh Flooring Finishing And Aluminum Work Being Used By Ftr Hq G Branch At Bsf Campus Masimpour.
ASSAM 2,35,257.00 20/01/2018
11 Tenders: 13664802 Supply Of Alluminium Casting Triple (3 In 1 Fitting)
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 23/01/2018
12 Tenders: 13664728 Supply Of Aluminium Tags On The Axle Box Housing To Swr/Cws/Myss Sk No.Whl 04 766And Material Specification For Aluminium Tag For Axle Box To Is:737 2008.Aluminium Strip For General Engineering Purpose Grade 40800.
KARNATAKA Refer Detail 05/02/2018
13 Tenders: 13662685 Supply Of Stainless Steel Side Wall, End Wall, Partition Panel, Moulding And Roof Panel For Dmu/Tc/V/Ss Coaches Consists Of: 1)Side Wall Panelling To Drg No. Dmu/Tc/V/Ss 4 2 002, Alt B, Col I & Ii. 2)End Wall Panelling To Drg No. Dmu/Tc/V/Ss 4 2 003, Alt F, Col I 3)Partition Panel And Moulding To Drg.No. Dmu/Tc/V/Ss 4 3 001, Alt C, Col I, Item No. 5, 6 & 7. 4)Roof Panel And Ducting Arrgt. To Drg. No. Dmu/Tc/V/Ss 4 4 007, Alt C, Col I All Aluminium Items And Air Exhauster For Lavatory Shall Be Powder Coated To Icf/Md/Spec 091, Rev.02 And Colour Shall Be Glossy Metallic Silver To Code No.Kep:891/8312/12.
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 22/01/2018
14 Tenders: 13662628 Sale Of Unserviceable Materials (Scrap) Aluminum Plate, Iron Tin, Plastic And Gallen.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 19/02/2018
15 Tenders: 13662584 Supply Of Aluminium Goblets.
KERALA Refer Detail 31/01/2018
16 Tenders: 13662307 Auction Sale Of Aluminum Items, Iron Items, Iron Pipe Materials, Plastic Materials, Wooden Items, Cloth (Tent, Tarpaulin, Other), Generator, Personal Computer, Computer Battery, 12 V Battery, Photocopy Machine, Fax Machine, Ups, Changeover, Printer, Stepalizer, Water Filter, Usha Fan.
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 30/01/2018
17 Tenders: 13662124 Installation Of Pumps With Modifications M Suction Anddischarge Piping, Laying Of Product Transfer & Service Water Pipe Lines And Providing Aluminium Enclosure & Equipment Labelling At Swro Pilot Plant.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 25/01/2018
18 Tenders: 13662080 Fabrication, Inspection, Testing, Supply And Installation Of Aluminium Shield Dc Bath.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 24/01/2018
19 Tenders: 13660056 Supply of 15 Tons Aluminum Lifting Device .
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 30/01/2018
20 Tenders: 13659975 Sir J.J. Hospital David Sassoon Building Repairs And Renovation Of H.O.D. Cabin, Seminar Hall, Record Room, Meter Room, Storage Room, Toilet, Passage And Alluminium Covering To Lift Portion On Ground Floor.(2Nd Call) .
MAHARASHTRA 8,10,010.00 20/01/2018
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