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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief
1 Tenders: 15372263 Supply Of Alum Inner Frame For Ay .
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Due Date : 21/05/2018
2 Tenders: 15372222 Supply Of Set Of Alu Inr Frame For Lscn .
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Due Date : 23/05/2018
3 Tenders: 15366314 Supply Of Aluminium Inner Frame For Double Sealed window arrangment for 2 feet 00 Inches door window to Drg No.ICF/SK 3 5 3 001. Item 1. Alt h Special conditions: the item shall be powder coated to ICF/MD/Spec 091. Rev 2 and colour shade No.7546 (VORY) of MARPOL
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Due Date : 24/04/2018
4 Tenders: 15360890 Supply Of Aluminium Sliding Frame For Big Window .
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Due Date : 25/04/2018
5 Tenders: 15330603 Providing And Fixing Of Aluminum Doors And Windows Frames And Shutters
Due Date : 04/05/2018
6 Tenders: 15314911 Provn Of Road Furniture Addn/Altn To Dhobi Ghat Improvement Of Garbage Bins And Provn Of Aluminium Frame Windows And Certain Misc Works In Block No P17 At Af Camp Naraina Under Age Br Af Rajokri Of Ge Af Gurgaon .
Due Date : 03/05/2018
7 Tenders: 15308446 Providing And Fixing Aluminium Door Shutter Including Frame At Different Floor Of Hpt, T.V. Tower At Pitampura, Delhi. .
Due Date : 23/04/2018
8 Tenders: 15301410 Supply Of Aluminium Sliding Frame For Big Window.
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Due Date : 24/04/2018
9 Tenders: 15289029 Supply Of Cushioned Seating Arrangement, Custom Made Modular Storage Unit, Wall Mounted Overhead Storage Cabinet, Wall Mounted Flying Equipment Storage Unit, Modular Workstation Console 4X4x2.5 With Inbuilt Partition Cabinet, Erogonomic Posture Corrector Seating Arrangement, Briefing Room Platform With Vinyl Flooring, Fabrication Of Briefing Podium With Integrated Light Amplifier And Speaker, Double Decker Cushioned Bed Cum Seating Arrangement For Aircrew Rest, Room Partition With Powder Coated Aluminium Frames And Lamination Sheets, Wallmounted Breakfast Counter 10X2 With 18 Mm Marine Plywood Veneer Coated And Polished 12 Mm Tinted Glass, Squadron Successor Board With Commanding Officer Picture Enclosure, Wooden Panel And Inbuilt Led Lighting Arrangement, Trophy Stand, Plotting/Planning Table, Mission Chart And Map Table, Squadron History And Evolution Display Stand 8 Ft Semicircular Wooden Board With Concealed Wiring And Lighting Arrangement, Window Wooden Architrve, Wall Paneling 15X3 With 18 Mmb Plywood And Veneer Polish, Wall Mounted Lfa Map With Inbuilt Compass Rose, Pvc Roller Blinds With Pelmets, Aircraft Fuselage Vinyl Painting, Fabrication And Installation Of Tallies With Led Lights, Relocation And Refurbishment Of Office Infrastructure (Including Dismantling Transportation And Installation New Building).
Due Date : 23/04/2018
10 Tenders: 15286717 Supply and installation of Aluminium sliding window with powder coated, Two way track, Aluminium frame thickness 2.5 mm, Glass Thickness 3.5 mm. Per window size: 4 ft x 5 ft.
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Due Date : 12/04/2018
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Aluminium Frame Tenders

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