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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tenders: 13381251 Supply Of Aluminium Foil Casserole 200 Ml 50 Microns Dish With Aluminium Foil Cover 11 Microns And Aluminium Foil Paratha Wrapper 11 Microns For A Period Of One Year To Departmental Catering Units Of Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation Limited Irctc At Central Kitchen Noida And Base Kitchen New Delhi.
NEW DELHI 98,93,535.00 27/12/2017
2 Tenders: 13379760 Supply Of 6 Month Requirement Cashew Nuts Swp Grade 3 My, Different Sizes Of Aluminum Foil For Packing Of Skim Milk Powder Dairy Whitener 12 My, 1000 Gm Smp Cartons 8000 Nos
KARNATAKA Refer Detail 09/01/2018
3 Tenders: 13372179 Supply Of Different Sizes Of Aluminum Foil For Packing Of Smp/Dw To Kmf Mother Dairy, Bangalore. .
KARNATAKA Refer Detail 09/01/2018
4 Tenders: 13359913 Auction Sale Of Ms Scrap, Lathe Machine ( Cast Iron & Ms), Electrical Scrap (Air Conditioner), Gun Metal (Brass), Copper, Casting (Ci), Aluminium, Aluminium Foil, Electrical Scrap.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 20/12/2017
5 Tenders: 13333115 Supply Of Aluminium Foil Casserole (200 Ml) (50 Microns) Dish With Aluminium Foil Cover (11 Microns) And Aluminium Foil Paratha Wrapper (11 Microns) .
NEW DELHI 98,93,535.00 27/12/2017
6 Tenders: 13307617 Supply Of Aluminum Foil Lid For Cups And Glass,Printed Corrugated Boxes For Ciie,Printed Corugated Tray With Plate For Ftivoreo Laitt Gottles.,Ceka ,Ack Ghee Carton For Ghee (L Liter),Nted Duplex Boxes For Ghee (200M1,500M1),Printed Duplex Boxes For Peda (250 Gm, 500 Gm, & I G Cap).
CHHATTISGARH Refer Detail 29/12/2017
7 Tenders: 13305089 Supply Of Aluminium Foil, 6 Micron X 70 Mm Wide As Per Attached Specification And Tender. .
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 09/12/2017
8 Tenders: 13288784 Supply of aluminium foil casserols 450 ml capacity with laminated lid Irctc Std. L 14 Cm X W 12 Cm Depth 4 Cm 45 Micron. Hsn 7607.
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 11/12/2017
9 Tenders: 13282987 Supply Of Aluminium Foil Casserols 750 Ml Capacity With Laminated Lid Irctc Std. L 21 Cm X W 13 Cm, Depth 4 Cm 50 Microns. Hsn 7607.
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 11/12/2017
10 Tenders: 13278792 Procurement Of 171 Lines Of Consumable . 2" Aluminium Tape (2 Inch),Tape Transparent 2" 3M P/N 8671,Double Side Tape 1",Duck Tape (2 Inch Size Roll),Fire Tape 1",Tape Fire Proof 2",Teflon Tape,Acetone 450 Ml,Acf 50,Adhesive (Ec 1300L),Adhesive (946.3 Ml Tube),Silicon Rubber Rtv 102 Adhesive,Aquadis Capsules,Benzene 500 Ml,Cable Tie (Tyrap) (St 8 Nr) , Carbon Tetra Chloride (500 Ml) Copper Wire 0.4 Mm,Dye Penetrant Kit (Each Set Consist 3 Btls),Fluorescent Dye (330M1),Flux,Gauze Compress,Oil Sample Bottle 100 Ml (Plastic),Oil Sample Bottle 250 Ml (Plastic),Grease Proof Paper,Sealing Compound (Hyperix) (250M1),!So Propyl Alcohol,Alcohol,Locking Wire 0.8Mm. Loctite 496 (50 Ml) Lotoxane Mastinox 6856K (160 Ml) Mek (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) Molykote Contact Cleaner (400 Ml) Contact Cleaner(400 Ml) Muslin Cloth White Petroleum Ether White Petroleum Jelly Polishing Paper If & 2/0 (04 Each) Rust Lick/Rustoline (370M1) Sand Yellow Ral 1002 (Paint) Live Green Matt Ral 6003 (Paint) Servo 32 Jack Oil Wax Cord 20 Mtr Wd 40 (60 Nos In 400M1) (80 Nos In Lit Can) Developer,Anti Seizure Compound Jc 5A,Dc 33 Or Ms 33 Or Titanine Lr 4871,Dtd 900/4175 Silicon Compound,Alocrom 1200 Did 900/4413,Sae 80,T30 Distnet,Sae 140,Servo System 68 Of Indian Oil,Shell Spirax Ax 85W140,Specification Mil L 2105D,Digital Hygro Thermometer,Spec: Humidity Range:20 99%,Temp Range: 0 50 C,Wall Mounted Or Table Top,Filter Membrane (47Mm),Filter Membrane,(25Mm),Preservative Oil(Ardox 3965),Mc 20 (05 Ltr Tin). N L Patrol,White Spirit,Alpathic Naptha,Plexi Glass Polish,Celomer Compound,Tiflex 4170 Red Ink (200M1),Esds Mat,Marshaling Jacket (Red & Green) 5 Each,Marshaling Bat (Wooden),Marshaling Torch (Small Size),Dunlop Adhesive (S 758) (500Gm). 2" Aluminium Foil Altupol No.1 Altupol No.2 Soapy Water Battery Link Connecting Lug,Crocodile Clip,Black Color Thread Reel,Polyurethane Paint (Black And Red) 06 Itr Each,White Paint (Polyurethane),Paint (Yellow & Grey) Polyurethane Paints (3 Itr Each),Boric Acid 500Gm,Brown Sheet,Insulation Tape %",Insulation Tape (1"),Tape Adhesive Both Side 1",Threaded Seal Tape,Transparent Tape (2W),Brown Tape (2W),Paper Masking Tape (1"),Paper Masking Tape (2 Inch),Paper Masking Tape (3 Inch),Steel Grip Tape (2 Inch Wide),Cleaning Brush Nylon 1" And 2",Hexa Blade (12"X1"X 23G),Painting Brush W,Painting Brush 1",Painting Brush 2". Paint Brush 3"(7 Each),4" (7 Each)) Writing Brush No 1 & 6 (03 Each) Writing Brush(Three Units Of No. 3, Three Units Of No.5, & Two Units Of No.12) Writing Brush ( No. 8 & No. 10) (01 Each) Cleaning Brush (21/2" Width) Cleaning Brush (1.5%3" & 4") (05 Of Each Size) Painting Brush 10 No Iron Brush Chart Paper White Chart Paper Brown & White (100 Each) Grease Paper For Packing Water Paper Emery Paper (Course & Fine) (50 Each) Emery Paper Fine & Smooth (Zero & 2 Size) Sand Paper(Emery) Abrasive Paper 180 Abrasive Paper 220 And 240 (23 Each) Abrassive Paper 100 Epoxy Primer Polythene Roll (01 Mtr Inidth X 100 Mtr) Polythene Bag (Zip Lock Bag Of 10"X12" Size) ,Polythene Bag (Zip Lock Bag Of 4"X6" Size),Polythene Bag (Zip Lock Bag Of 6"X8" Size),Polythene Bag (Zip Lock Bag Of 8"X10" Size),Plastics Bags Zip Type For Certificate 8"X10" And 12"X12" (500 Each),Plastic Bag (Various Size) For Packing Stores,Bubble Packing Sheet (Width Approx 1 Mtr X 100 Mtr),Defueling Drum (100 Kr ) Made Of Aluminium With Aluminum Lid With,Thread Seal Locking System For Keeping The Drained Fuel),Solder (Any Pack Size),Syringe 10 Ml,Syringe 50 Ml,Syringe 100M1,Teepol,Thinner,Wooden Tool Box (L=30, W=18.5, H=16.5 Inch) Suitable To Carry Tools,& Lubricants.,Store Identification Label (Coloured Gummed),Size 3.5"X2.2"),Sample Picture Of Store Label — Uploaded On Last Page Of Tender,Documents.. Plastic Packing Strip Strip Lock Sponge Sheet 3'X61)(2" Three Step Plastic Ladder For Store Tool Bag Specs: Lxwxh= 16"X5"X12"Made With Seat Cover Cloth(Green Cover) With Double Zip And Handle Made Of Same Material For Holding It. (Required Tools/Spares Kept In Hepter) Plastic Jar (01 Ltr) (With Metal Cap),Glass Jar (For Atf Sampling) 1 Liter (With Metal Cap),Glass Jar (For Atf Sampling) 2 Ltr (With Metal Cap),Glass Jar (Aluminium Lid, Capacity 14 Ltr,Funnel Different Sizes With Marking (Steel),Container Plastics 2 Ltr Transparent,Beaker 500M1,Digital Weighing Machine General Purpose (Capacity Upto One,Quintal),Stock Net Fine Quality,Lint Free Cloth (1Mtr Wide),Rag Piece (White Hosiery Cloth),Old Dhoti Cotton,Savlon (100M1),Distilled Water,Saw Dust,Dendrite (500 Ml),Araldite 36 Gm,M Seal 100 Gm.
NEW DELHI Refer Detail 18/12/2017
11 Tenders: 13258297 Supply Of Aluminium Foil Laminated To Glass Cloth Tape Of Size:50Mm X 0.1Mm X 20 Mtr. Length.
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 12/12/2017
12 Tenders: 13250870 Supply Of Aluminium Foil.
KARNATAKA Refer Detail 28/12/2017
13 Tenders: 13232708 Supply of Aluminium Foil .
KARNATAKA 2,00,000.00 28/12/2017
14 Tenders: 13229066 Supply of Aluminium Foil .
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 13/12/2017
15 Tenders: 13218150 Supply Of Stepper Motor 1, Printing A4 Paper 0,Inkjet Color Refill Ink 0,Xerox Machine Opc Drum 0,Xerox Machine Toner Powder 0,Printer Opc Drum 0,Opc Drum 0,Air Conditioner 0,Air Conditioner For Dept. Library 0,Reading Table And Chair Set For Dept. Library 0,Gas Welding Set 0,Mach 3 Cnc Usb Interface Card 0,Multistrand Hook Up Wire 0,Sleeve (Wire Insulator) 0,Pcb Cleaning Brush 0,Desoldering Pump 0,Desoldering Wire 0,Quadcopter Kit For Educational Project ,Laser Engraving Machine ,Laser Source Head For Engraving Machine ,Silver /Aluminium Foil 0,Connecting Lug 0,Rccb ,Digital Miliohm Meter 0,Digital Frequency Meter ,Energy Meter ,Dc Shunt Motor 3 Point Starter ,Capacitor0 ,Capacitor0 ,Liquid Pcb Cleaner0 ,Liquid Soldering Flux ,High Quality White Soldering Flux ,Low Temperature Soldering Wire0 ,Transistor Bf4940 ,Led 0,Insulation Tap ,Cutter & Striper,Hard Disk ,Monitor ,3 Pin Socket ,3 Pin Socket ,1 Way Switch ,1 Way Switch ,Neon Light Tester0 ,Switch Box ,3 Core Mutistrand Copper Wire0 ,Projector With Ceiling Mount Kit 0,Delta, Adaptive Delta & Delta Sigma Modulation And Demodulation Trainer 0,Data Formatting And Carrier Modulation Receiver Trainer: 0,Ic 7476 0,Hdmi Wifi Video Receiver Dongle 0,Hack Rf Sdr 0,Function Generator 0,Lead Acid Battery Charger ,Leaf Switch ,Laser Protection Goggles 0,Head Phone Earmuff 0,Ups 1 Kva 0,Weight Machine 250 Kg 0,Pcb Copper Clad Board ,Pcb Copper Clad Board 0,Dso 0,Bench Power Supply 1 ,Bench Power Supply 2 ,Vaccum Cleaner 0,Blower 0,Vga Cable 0,Hdmi Cable ,Projector Ceiling Mount Kit 0,Solenoid Actuator ,Rfid Read/Write Module,Rfid Reader Module ,Rfid Keychain Tags ,Smd Soldering And Desoldering Station ,Soldering And Desoldering Station ,Third Hand With Magnifier ,Headband Headset Led Head Light Magnifier ,Digital Microscope For Pcb.
ASSAM Refer Detail 11/12/2017
16 Tenders: 13193020 Auction Sale Of Used Empty Plastic Cans, Used Empty Carbouys..Etc ,Al. Foil Scrap Of Condom ,Waste Papers Othrthan Box/Cartns Scrap M.S. & Scrap Light M.S (Tin), Scrap S.S. Scrap Ldpe .Scrap Bearing (All Sizas), Scrap Brass/Gunmeta Scrap Cable (Copper Conducter), Scrap Misc.Electl. Materials.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 27/11/2017
17 Tenders: 13187531 Supply & Installation Of 12 Mm Thick Aluminum Foil Faced Closed Cell Nitrile Rubber For Liquid Line Of ? 0.5” Dia Cu Pipe.
WEST BENGAL Refer Detail 06/12/2017
18 Tenders: 13162186 Rate Contract For Supply Of Silk Bags, Tassel Bags, Nylon Net Bags, Yellow Seed Envelops, Yellow Seed Envelops (Wax Coated), Plastic Pegs, Gunny Bags, Aluminium Foil Pouches, Water Proof Labels And Card Board Labels Etc. .
PUNJAB Refer Detail 04/12/2017
19 Tenders: 13140134 Supply Of Packing Materials (01 Bopp Tape (Gum Tape )1’’ & 2’’, 02 Pp Bottle And Cap With Wad, 03 Alluminium Foil, 04 Printed Pouch For Paneer 250 Gms & 1 Kg, 05 Printed Pouch For Paneer 500 Gms, 06 Tanker Gun Seal, 07 Tanker Plastic Seal).
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 17/11/2017
20 Tenders: 13133677 Supply Of Impeller Alluminium Cast Aerofoil 397 M .
GUJARAT Refer Detail 23/11/2017
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