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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tenders: 12762863 Supply of Aluminium Manganese Master Alloy. Specifications As Per Ofb Eproc Tender. Tender Id 133Mmett17004439 .
TELANGANA 13,00,630.00 11/10/2017
2 Tenders: 12758634 Auction Sale Of Unserviceable Air Tanks And Diesel Tanks, Unserviceable Crown & Pinion Assy Tata & Ll, Unserviceable Electrical Items Head Lighters , Reflectors, Switches , Fuse, Wires , Tale Lamps And Regulators & Electric Horns, Un Serviceable Miscellaneous Auto Parts Such As Kinds Of Hex Nuts & Bolts, Piston Rings, All Types Of Coil Springs, Impellors, Engine Valves, Push Rod, Clutch Withdrawal Plats, Clutch Fingers, Delivery Pipes, Tie Rod Ends And Washers, Slack Adjuster Parts, Buffing Blades, Starter Pinion Etc., Unserviceable Armature T/T And L/L, Starter Bodies Solenoidswitches, Starter Motor Assy, Stator Assy, Rotor Assy & Starter Pinions, Unserviceable Brake Chamber Ll & Tt, Air Drier, Unserviceable Trolley Jack And Bottle Jack Parts& Tanker Spring Bell Crank, Volvo Unservicable Alternator, Rested Oil/Greese Barrel,Silensor Muffler, Unserviceable Ac Blower Motor & Fan, Unserviceable Ll Hino Gearbox, Unserviceable Zf Gearbox, Aluminum Alloy Materials, Brass Scrap Unserviceable, Bearings Unserviceable, Un Serviceable All Type Of Clutch Disk, Unserviceable Wheel Disc, Unserviceable Gi Sheet Cut Pieces, Steel Scrap Kingpins, Unserviceable Axle Shafts, Lathe Turnings.
KERALA Refer Detail 27/09/2017
3 Tenders: 12756587 Supply Of Terminal Indicators For Passenger Trains Tp 1 M Dia, Size 2 Mm Thick Alloy Alluminium Sheet Confirming To Is 736 In Sizeshape Etc Vide Irpw Manual Para 807 And 808 With Back Support 25 X 25 X 3 Mm Angle Iron. The Entire Face Of Signshall Be Covered With Yellow High Density Eqcapulated Rectroreferective Sheeting With Heat Lamp Vaccom Machine, Thespeed Figure/Word/T/P And T/G Etc Shall Be Cut Of Black Sedtchal Film And Provided On The Base Sheet With Hlya/Alvaprocess. As Per Drawing Attached .
GUJARAT 1,18,000.00 26/09/2017
4 Tenders: 12750997 Supply of Alluminium Alloy Alsi 132.
UTTAR PRADESH 26,90,000.00 23/09/2017
5 Tenders: 12749774 Procurement Of Aluminum Alloy Inqots.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 23/09/2017
6 Tenders: 12738808 Supply Of Aluminium Alloy Heavy Duty Box Type Tiltable Tower Extension Ladder 16 Feet And Extended Height To 40Feet 12M .
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 06/10/2017
7 Tenders: 12721193 Auction Sale Of Primer N/S Brass, Burnt Brass Scrap , Mix Metal Scrap (Alluminium Alloy).
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 22/09/2017
8 Tenders: 12720088 Supply Of Examination Table, Sto0l Ss (Revolving), Dressing Trolley Stainless Steel, Lamp Infra Red, Hospital Bed, Tray Kidney, Bed Pan Ss, Infusion Stand, Stretcher Foldable With Bag, Oxygen Concentrator, Pulse Oxymeter, Forceps Dissecting Plain, Tongue Depressor, Scissor Straight, Needle Holder, Diagnostic Box, Alluminium Alloy Portable Oxygen Cylinder, Alcohol Breath Analyzer, Inperative Ecg Machine, Linen And Clothing Articles, Test Type Distance Vision Chart, Microscope, Centrifuse Electric Complete In Case, Pipette Bulb, Glucometer.
ARUNACHAL PRADESH Refer Detail 07/10/2017
9 Tenders: 12700217 Supply Of Aluminium Alloy Conduit 40Mm Dia.
DIV AND DAMAN Refer Detail 18/09/2017
10 Tenders: 12686911 Disposal Of M.S. Scrap, Auto Parts Scrap, Nihard Scrap, Bearing Scrap, Cast Iron Scrap, Rubber Scrap, Aluminium Scrap, Aluminium Alloy Scrap, S.S Scrap, Cupronickel Tube Scrap, Rail Cut Bits Scrap, Manganese Scrap, Deal Wood Scrap, Dirty Oil, Empty Barrels, Etc., Available At Central Stores In Mettur Thermal Power Station I /Mettur Dam 06 In As Is Where Is Basis. .
TAMIL NADU 1,77,00,000.00 20/09/2017
11 Tenders: 12675225 Supply and erection Three Set And Six Set At Various Places At Ward No 75 Probable Cost To Estimate (1) Providing & erecting 8m high (clear height) galvanised OCTAGONAL pole with foundation bolts having bottom of 135mm A/F top 70 mm A/F on provided foundation as per specification no OHPL/OPL DSR 8.3.15 (2) Providing and casting of M 20 grade reinforced cement concree RCC foundatiion suitable for 9m and 10m high contagonal /conical GI pole considering the s afe soil bearing capacity at site as 10 T/sq m at 1.5 m depth including supply of steel concretet exca (3) Supplying and erecting LED Flood fitting of 150 W, including lamp, with PF > 0.95 class IP 65 and above class IP 65 & above Housing of pressure die cast alluminium alloy and heat sink extruded alluminium complete per specification No FG ODF/FLS 2 DSR 2 9 (4) Supplying and erecting Street light bracket For erection of six fitting on tubular welded pole with 40 mm aia 1.0 m long B grade GI pipe along with pole cap of 125 mm dia 600 mm long duly welded as per specification (5) S&E mains with 2x2.5 sqmm F.R. copper pvc insulated wrie laid in provided conduit/ trucking /inside pole/Bus bars or any other places, as per specification no WG MA/BW DSR 1.3.5 (6) S&E mains with 2x4sqmm F.R Stranded / solid alluminium pvc insulated wire laid in provided condit /trucking /inside pole/ Bus bars or DSR 1/4/2 (7) S&E & terminating pvc armoured cabe 4 core 10 sq.mm aluminium conductor with continuous 5.48 sqmm 12 SWG G.I. earth wire complete erected with glands & lugs, on wall /trusses/pole or laid in provied trench/pipe as per specification no CB LT/AL DSR 7.1.15 (8) S&E street light deco bracket for erection of three fitting on tubular welded pole with 40mm dia 1.0 m long B grade G.I. pipe alongwith pole cap of 125mm dia 600mm long duly welded as per specification no FG BKT/BPC DSR 2/6/8 (9) Providing pipe type earthing with 0mm dia G.I. pipe or 20mm dia GI rod complete with all materials as per specification no EA EP DSR 9.1.4 (10) Making trench in hard murum /Tar road of suitable width and depth as per IS for laying provided LT cable up to 10sqmm complete as per specification no CW EXN /CTR DSR 16.1.2.
MAHARASHTRA 18,69,877.00 16/09/2017
12 Tenders: 12673347 Supply of Aluminium Alloy Scaffold, 'H' Frame, Aluminium Platform Etc., .
KARNATAKA Refer Detail 04/10/2017
13 Tenders: 12668120 Supply Of 25Mm Dia Aluminium Alloy Coupler08172166.
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 13/09/2017
14 Tenders: 12650773 Supply of Ladder Aluminium Alloy Tiltable Trolley Tower Extension Ladder .
KARNATAKA Refer Detail 27/09/2017
15 Tenders: 12637570 Procurement Of Sheet Alluminium Alloy .
ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR 4,11,450.00 09/10/2017
16 Tenders: 12635775 Supply Of Lte:Qty:2467.50 Kg Aluminium Alloy Rod 31.75 +/ 0.14 Mm Dia In St Length Of 2 3 Meters.To Specn: Is 733 1983 (Reaffirmed 2006) (Thirdrevision) Desig 64430 &Quot;W&Quot; Condition. .
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 26/09/2017
17 Tenders: 12634471 Supply Of Aluminium Alloy Perforated Sheets And Al. Angles For Insulation For Yard Nos.1233 1237.
GOA Refer Detail 07/09/2017
18 Tenders: 12622472 Auction Sale Of Aluminium Alloy Materials& Aluminium Radiators,Aluminium Materials (Old) Brass Radiators.
KERALA Refer Detail 06/09/2017
19 Tenders: 12611618 Supply Of Aluminium Alloy Sheet 0.25Mm Thick.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 16/09/2017
20 Tenders: 12554215 Starategic Alliance With Technology Suppliers/Epc Pacage Supplioers Having Technology Tie Up For Manufacturing Of Hogh And Aluminum Alloys,Sheets And Plates And Other Downstream Products.
TELANGANA Refer Detail 05/09/2017
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