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1 Tenders: 16744513 Replacement Of Existing Air Circulators With 3’ Dia Pivot Social Wall Mounting Fans In Sri T.T, Tirumala
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Due Date : 28/09/2018
2 Tenders: 16730230 Replacement Of Existing Air Circulators With 3 Feet Dia Pivot Social Wall Mounting Fans In Sri T.T., Tirumala .
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Due Date : 28/09/2018
3 Tenders: 16724080 Supply of Supply Of Air Circulator .
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Due Date : 11/10/2018
4 Tenders: 16723262 Job Work For Provision Of Flood Lights, Heavy Duty Exhaust Fans And Air Circulators Including Wiring At Mechanical Laundry Of Inhs Sanjivani. .
Due Date : 27/09/2018
5 Tenders: 16694244 Supply Of Air Circulator Wall Mounted Bracket Fan, Size: 450 Mm Suitable For Operation On 220V / 5 Percent Ac Supply, 50 Hz. Make: Bajaj Supreme , Crompton, Havells, Khaitan Or Usha.
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Due Date : 24/09/2018
6 Tenders: 16680201 Auction Sale Of Cond. Aluminium Sheet, Beeding Cut Pieces Cond. Bold,Nuts & Rivits Cond. Plastic Scraps Cond. Rubber Scraps Cond. Empty Paint Tin (4,20 Lt) Cond. Wooden Scraps Cond. 12V. Battery 21 Plates Cond.Empty Grease Barrels With Lid Cond.Waste Grease With Barrel Cond. Used Oil With Barrel (210L) Cond. Empty Oil Barrels (210 Lt) Cond.Empty Plastc Barrels(210Lt) Cond.Syntex Tank Cond. Turbo Charger Cond. Hydraulic Bottle Jack Cond. Screw Jack Cond.Air Circulator (D.D Unit For Vehicle Use ) Cond. Single Phase Motor Cond. Exhaust Fan Cond. 3 Phase Motor Cond. 1/4" Drilling M/C Cond.Xerox Machine & Roneo( Each One ) Cond. Cash Counting Machine Cond. Fans ( Celing Fan 8, Fedaestrial Fan 1 ) Cond. Aluminium Piston Cond. Air Compressor Assembly Cond. Air Compressor Assembly( Volvo Vehicle Used ) Cond. Cylinder Liner Cond. Connecting Rod Electronic Scrap(Computer Inventer=11No Small Size) Electronic Scraps U.E.P.A.S.X=1No(Phone Intercom) Cond. Electronic Scraps( Tube Light Inventer ) Cond. Wiper Motor Assembly Cond. 24V S.S. Armature Cond. Clutch Disc Cond.Bearing & Cone Scraps Cond. Brake Drum Cond. Wheel Disc Cond. Steering Box Cond. Axle Shaft Cond. King Pin Cond. Alternator Assembly Cond.Tools Equipment(Sle Vehicle Door Closer) Cond. Rear Brake Chamber Cond.Power Steering Pump Cond. Front Brake Chamber Cond.Slack Adjuster Cond.Tierod End Assy/Pull&Push Assy Cond.Automizer Cond. Auto Scrap ( Volvo Item ) Cond. Tyre Buffing Dust Cond.Curing Bag & Envelopes Cond.Flap Cut Pieces(1.000 Mt App) Cond. Full Circle Flap Cond. Polythene Paper/ Nylon Bag Cond.Nylon Tyre 9.00X20 (Burst) Cond.Nylon Tyre 9.00X20 (Burst) Cond.Radial Tyre 9.00X20 (Burst) Cond.Radial Tyre 9.00X20 (Burst) Cond.Radial Tyre 9.00X20 (Burst) Cond. Full Circle Tube 9.00X20 (With Neck) Cond.Tube Cut Pieces (0.500 Mt App).
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Due Date : 19/09/2018
7 Tenders: 16676606 Supply Of Wall Mounted Type Heavy Duty Air Circulators
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Due Date : 06/10/2018
8 Tenders: 16674726 Repair, Replacement Of Varies Parts Of Ceiling Fans, Overhauling, Painting, Exhaust Fans, Air Circulators, Cooling Appliances, Geysers, Air Conditioner Connections, Dbs For Acs, Geysers And Certain Miscellaneous Works Under Ge (I) R And D Kanpur .
Due Date : 05/10/2018
9 Tenders: 16661700 Supply, Testing & Handing Over Of Heavy Duty Wall (Metal Body Air Circulator) Fan, 750Mm Sweep, Ac Single Phase Permanent Split Capacitor Type, Operating Voltage 230V, 50 Hz, Aerodynamically Designed Aluminium Alloy Single Piece Blade For High Air Delivery, Heavy Duty Motor Performs Well Even At Low Voltage, Heavy And Robust Cast Iron Base For Greater Stability, Precision Built Oscillating Mechanism With Indexing Option And 90 Degree Oscillation, Powder Coated Paint In Metallic Finish, Protects The Fan From Corrosion. Make Usha, Model Dominaire Wall Or Similar To Make Of Crompton/Havells/Bajaj. (Distribution: Sse/Elect/Rny= 30 Nos, Sse/E/Rpan= 20 Nos, Sse/E/Bg/Nbq= 10 Nos & Sse/E/Nlp= 20 Nos) .
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Due Date : 28/09/2018
10 Tenders: 16659585 Supply Of Air Circulator Heavy Duty Oscillation Type Propellar Fan, 3 Blade, Bracket Type Wall Mounting Fan Sweep 600Mm, Phase Single, 220 230, Power Input 200 Watt, Rpm 1400, Air Delivery 16.000 Cu.Mtr/Hr. Confirming To Is: 2997 Or Latest As Per Similar To M/S Crompton Greaves Model No. Ac600. W All I. Acceptable Brand Make Crompton Greaves/ Orient /Bajaj/ Khaitan /Usha .
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Due Date : 26/09/2018
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