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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tenders: 13232130 Supply Of Air Filter Regulator Input 7 To 10 Ksc, Output: 0 To 4.5 Ksc, End Connection: 1/4" Npt Female. Pressure Gauge: Dial Size 50 Mm Approx, Dual Scale, Markings In Ksc And Equivalent In Psi, Bowl Capacity: 130 200 Cc Approx, Body & Bowl: Die Cast Aluminum, Drain Valve: Ss 304 (Or) Ss 316, Main Valve: Neoprene Molded On Ss 304 (Or) Ss 316 Stem, Adjustable Screw With Check Nut In Ss, Diaphragm: Nylon Impregnated Neoprene, Mounting Accessories Are To Be Provided. Output Pressure Gauge Range: 0 To 6 Ksc, End Connection: 1/4" Npt Female, Filter Element: 15/25 Micron Sintered Bronze Or Better.
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 08/12/2017
2 Tenders: 13231523 Supply Of Fresh Air Filter For Lhb Rmpu A.C. Coaches Confirming To Rdso Specification No.Rdso/Pe/Spec/Ac/0055 2003 Rev 2 With Drg.No. Rdso/Pe/Sk/Ac/0074 2004Rev 1 Overall Size Of Filter 480 Mm X 260 Mm X 10 Mm Instead Of Size Mentionedin Drg.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 30/11/2017
3 Tenders: 13230600 Supply Of Element Air Cleaner Primary Pt. No. 81802437 For Payloader Model Hm 2021 & Alu 400 Engine.
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 11/12/2017
4 Tenders: 13230586 Supply Of Element Filter Hyd,Element Filter Transmission,Filter Element Air Cleaner.
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 11/12/2017
5 Tenders: 13226196 Supply, Packing, Loading, Transportation, Unloading, Storage, Installation Of Air Intake Filters At Gppc’S 702 Mw Combined Cycle Power Plant At Village Kovaya, Near Pipavav, Tal. Rajula, Dist. Amreli Gujarat, India .
GUJARAT 1,00,00,000.00 01/12/2017
6 Tenders: 13223527 Supply Of Set Of Voltas Make Fork Lift Spares Consisting Of Two Items 1.Dry Type Air Filter To Voltas Part.No. Mh10197 Qty. 04 Nos. 2.Bear Cat Tyre 6.50 X 10 Voltas Part.No. Mh 785765903 Qty. 02 Nos.Oem / Authorised Dealers Only To Quote.
ANDHRA PRADESH Refer Detail 30/11/2017
7 Tenders: 13223400 Supply Of Set Of Return And Fresh Air Filter For Lhb Type Ac Coaches.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 26/12/2017
8 Tenders: 13221123 Supply Of Element Air Cleaner Part No.4055279 Make: Cummins .
ANDHRA PRADESH Refer Detail 29/11/2017
9 Tenders: 13221024 Supply Of Element Air Cleaner Part No.4055280 Make: Cummins .
ANDHRA PRADESH Refer Detail 29/11/2017
10 Tenders: 13218749 Supply Of Procurement Of Filter Media For Return Air Of Llyod Electric Make Lhb Type Rmpu Etc.
WEST BENGAL Refer Detail 01/02/2018
11 Tenders: 13216422 Auction Sale Of Plastic Bottles Of Plant Bio Fertiliser Nbp 4 L,,Car Parts 1)2 Pcs Air Filter. 2) 5 Pcs Oil Filter. 3) 1 Pc Fuel Filter. 4) 1 Pcbelt,Timing. 5) 4 Pcs Break Pad. 6) 2 Pcs Contact Set. 7) 4 Pcs Spark Plugs. 8) 11 ,Pcs Small Plastic Horn Parts For Fiat.,Rectangular Steel Plate ,Lenght 630 Cms, Breadth 200 Cms, Thickness 7 Mm (0.7 Cm)Stc 5040 Pieces Small Round Shaped Matalic Parts,(Cylinerical Shaped Pcs) ,Length 1.5 Inch, Dia 2 Inches,Desc.: ,Car Parts 1)2 Pcs Air Filter. 2) 5 Pcs Oil Filter. 3) 1 Pc Fuel Filter. 4) 1 Pcbelt ,Timing. 5) 4 Pcs Break Pad. 6) 2 Pcs Contact Set. 7) 4 Pcs Spark Plugs. 8) 11 ,Pcs Small Plastic Horn Parts For Fiat. ,Rectangular Steel Plate ,Lenght 630 Cms, Breadth 200 Cms, Thickness 7 Mm (0.7 Cm) ,Stc 5040 Pieces Small Round Shaped Matalic Parts (Cylinerical Shaped Pcs),Length 1.5 Inch, Dia 2 Inches ,Glass Covers For Automobile Size: 30 X 20 Cms,Stc Plastic Toys Of Various ,Oximax' Brand Water Disinfection System ,88 Pcs Of Electrical Switches And Circuit Breakers. ,Radiator Made Of Aluminium With Plastic Tanks Of Various Nos. =Srno No Of Radiatortotal ,Pcs= 1)M003380 Ap 1 Pc, 2)M003412 Ap 3 Pcs,3)M003447 Ap 2 Pcs,4)M003508 Ap 1,Pc, 5)M003350 Ap 3 Pcs, 6) M003512 Ap 1 Pc, Total 11 Pcs. Country Of Origin: India ,Power Capacitors(Dc) (Esta) Qn Kvar Cn 560 Uf Int Fuses Yes, Un 3.8 Kv Csat 99%,Connection 1 A, Fn Dchz Non Pcb Type, R M Tem. Cat 25/+ U 16/45 Kv Year Made 2000 ,Made In Germany ,1) Wooden Packing Material ,2) Ir Regular Shape And Size,Tubes Of Energy Saving Lamp Without Caps With Ballast 1)2U 8W=2000 Pcs. 2)2U ,11W=2000 Pcs.3)2U 14W=5000 Pcs.4)3U 18W= 1000 Pcs.5)3U 21W=1000 Pcs.6)3U ,50 Drums Non Hazardous Glue 20 Kg Each ,Bale 1 4 Sarees Of 5 Mt. Length Each, 60 Cut Pcs Of Poly Fabrics (Samples) (2.25 ,Mt X 115 Cms) Tested Wt.21 Kgs ,Bale 2,3 & 4 697 Pcs Of Plane Packaging Sheets, 100 Pcs Of Printed Packaging ,Sheets,(Approx 15558 Mt.) Tested Wt. 64 Kgs. ,Empty Iron And Steel Drums ,One Bath Enzyme Fe 3 B) Powder Alkali Agent Fe 3 White Crystal Granular. :,A) One Bath Enzyme Fe 3 B) Powder Alkali Agent Fe 3 White Crystal Granular. ,Gas Inflated Life Jackets Model Zhgq4t 0511 ,400 Copies Of Catalogues Of Panasonic Co. ,25 Brochures For Telephone ,Containing 6 Pcs Control Voltage Csp 100, Brand : Serra, 24Dc M. I. France ,Skid Containing Printing Machine,Mixture For Filler In The Form Of White Powder 330/410/412 S.V. And Coloured Sand ,Colour Black / White / Grey M. I. Germany,Aluminium Silencer Height : 54 Cms Diameter 12 Cms ,Stc 1 No.Twin Breather Assy. With 15 Nb Pipe Silicage Breather, Style St 604634, ,Year 2009 Serial Nos. 20 3714 And 20 3715 M. I. India ,Rejected Wooden Packing Materials, Uneven Planks,50 Paper Bags Contents : ,Shrink Rolls 4 Pcs, Adhesive Tapes 10 Pcs, Embrodery Thread 3Rolls, Adv. Display ,Boards 4 Pcs, Advertising Papers 708 Pcs.,4 Ctns=80000 Pcs Of Sewing Machine Needles#3(2000 Pcs Each Ctn) As Marked (40 Box 500 ,Pcs = 20000), M.I.Not Found,Rusty Iron Plate And Scrap ,Stc 10 Pcs Of Abrasive Cloth Belts (1350 Mm X 2620 Mm),Leather Straps (For Horse) ,Iron Pipe Magnetic, Length Of Pipe Is 670 Cms, Thickness Of Pipe Is 4Mm (Aprox) ,Stc 9 Pcs Of Hydraulic Cylinders Of Various Sizes With Wooden Stand And Product ,Catalogues, Brochures Etc. ,Stc 5 Exhibition Stands With Box In Ckd Condition ,Water Cooling Jacket Of Main Engine, Make Man B W,2 Pkgs Stc= 47 Ctns + 4 Loose (Set Of 2) Made In Spain. ,I) 60 Pcs Of Set Of 2 (Eaude Toilette/Body Spray Natural Spray/Deo Body Spray)Of ,Ibiza Playboy, Malibu Playboy, Addidas Ieedive, Dynamic Plus, Puse Game.,Ii) 100 Pcs Of Set Of 3 Eude Toilette, Deobody Shower Gel 100Ml, 150Ml & 200Ml ,Playboy, Ibiza Sanjulian ,Iii) 96 Pcs Of 75Ml. Addidas Woman Fruity, Natural Vitality, Woman Vitality, Woman ,Fresh, Woman Free. ,Stc Methocarbamol Usp Manufacturing Year Nov. 2013 Expiry Year Oct. 2018 ,Woven Highspeed Corrugator Belt Of Size Length 21 M X Width 1.68 M X Thickness 9 Mm,Honda City Body Kit ,Medonic M Series Diluent ,Stc 07 Ctns (3000 Pcs) Cosmetic Pencils / Kajal ,Emerson Network Power Unit ,Stc 09 Rolls Of Thermal Laminated Film ,Gear Unit ,Defective Transmitter Receiver ,Water Saving (Water Absorbing) Polymer Crystals,1. Illuminated Led Furniture Chairs Table Dance Floor (Cubes) Etc. Made By Huajun., ,2. Inflatable Pool Floats Of Different Shapes Manufactured By Ncr Leisure Pvt Ltd. ,Made In China ,Belt Buckles ,Stc 22 Rolls Polyester Printed Fabric (Name And Logo Of Lucknow Public School & ,Colleges Rpinted All Over The Fabric) ,Steel Plates ,Stc 15 Rolls Of Polyester Metallised Film 12 Mic/48 Gauge Thickness, Length 24500 ,Mt/Roll, Width 1080 Mm ,Brass Scrap. ,20 Boxes = 20 Pcs Of Tv & Video Rack In Ckd Condition ,Non Magnetic Shifting Rod, Machinery Spares (Gear Box / Machinery Parts, Shaft, ,Spring, Carbon, Booshers, Rubber Rings) ,Non Magnetic Shifting Rods Each Of 80 Cms Length Spare For Textile ,Machinery (Each Rod Made Of Iron And Aluminium) ,Gpz Brand Ball Bearings (Made In Ussr) And 01 Pc Of Machine Part ,1 Case Contg. Fire Proof Shutter Of Universal Film Projector Or Fire Back Assessories ,As Under: 1) 4Pcs Tin Made Shutter With Glass Cut To Size 2) 2Pcs Tin Made Components ,Cut To Size 3) 2 Packets Accessories Such As Screws,Rubber, Tubes Etc (Assessed As ,Scrap) ,1)7 Cans & 3 Plastic Drums Silica Gel Desiccant Activated 2)115 Pcs 100% Cotton ,T/Shirts Medium Size Blue Colour Filled In 1 G/ Bag 3)900 Pcs Plain Printed Circuit ,Board (Maze Board) 4)10 Pcs Fair Child Printed Circuit Board 5) 150 Pcs Fair Child ,Printed Circuit Board 6) Various Electrical /Electronics Parts [ 4 Pcs Timer, 29 Pcs ,Plastic Gear White, 19 Pcs Plastic Rods (Brown Colour), 900 Pcs Plastic Washers Of ,Different Sizes, 500 Pcs Nylon Washers, 20 Pcs Fitting Elbow White, 90 Pcs Plastic ,Knobs, 425 Pcs Spring Caralon Metallic, 19 Pcs Plastic Gear White, 45 Pcs Plastic ,Gear Black, 25 Pcs Rubber Rods, 15 Pcs Fitting Elbow Colour (Black/Grey), 20 Pcs ,Diaphragm Relanisher, 49 Pcs Metallic Shaft Small, 15 Pcs 'O' Ring, 50 Pcs On Off ,Switches, 30 Pcs Diaphragm Small, 10 Pcs Plastic Gear Black, 25 Pcs Drive Belt, 10 ,Pcs Magnetic Coils, 04 Pcs Copper Coils With Control Switch, 95 Pcs Pulley (Red)] ,Stc 03 Ctns. ,01 Ctn Containg Pen Knives 171 Nos., Ball Pens 65 Nos., Key Chain 325 Nos, ,02 Ctns Of Pp Gunny Bags Containing Paper Advertising Material ,Rough Marble Stones In The Form Of Lumps. ,Stc 44 Plastic Strips ,Handicraft (Woodcraft) Of Teak Wood Table Base ,Empty Wooden Spools/Reels Used For Rolling Of Electrical Cables Or Rolling Of Fabric ,Components Of Audio System (Springs, Sw Plates, Gear Plates Etc.) ,1 Trunk (Aluminium Make) Containing 02 Ctns Of 'Returned Exhibition Goods' Viz. 3 ,Pcs Of Travelling Bags/Carry Bags, 01 Pcs Of Nylon Baby Sack, 02 Pairs Of Kids Hand ,Gloves, 20 Pcs Of Magnets, 01 Pc Of Fibre Glass Helmet, 07 Pcs Of Face Statue ,(Plastic)( 5 Pcs Are Damaged), 01 Pc Of Office Punch Brand 'Kangaroo', 01 Pc Of ,Steel Stapler Of Kangaroo Brand, 01 Staple Pin Box, 01 Pcs Of Cello Tape Cutter,01 Pc ,Of Red Colour Cap, 01 Pc Of Elastic Waist Support Belt, 01 Pc Of Mask From Nose To ,Neck, 01 Pc Of Knee Pad, 01 Pc Of 'L' Shape Elbow Guard & Advertising Publicity ,Material Including Brochers, Catelogues With Product Discription Specifications & ,Pictures, Letter Heads & Stickers, Visiting Cards Etc. ,36 Pcs Each Of Processed Slab (Moulded Articles) With Grooves Composed Of Concrete ,Size 15"X7.5"X2" ,Cement Concrete Blocks Used As Packaging Material For Engine ,Global Heavyweight Clear Hangers (17") ,Global Heavyweight Clear Hangers (17") ,Usha Super Gaskets ,Iron/Steel Pipe Rusty & Magnetic, Length 1190 Cms Dia 22 Cms & Thickness 3 Mm ,Used Old Medical/Hospital Equipment And House Hold Articles ,Thermocol Packaging Material ,Enzyme Charts (Medical Chart) In The Form Of Brochures Size 28` X 21.5` ,Iron Oxide Cont No. Lhcu2950330, Tolu2549250 ,Ladies Sleeveless Printed Gowns With Sizes I.E.14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28 Etc. Material ,Viscose (As Per Tcr) ,Uneven Sizes, Small Pcs Of Broken Marble Slabs ,3 Bales And Loose Pcs Of Synthetic Rubber Tyre Tubes ,Wheel Chair (Small) 2, Wheel Chair (Big) 1, Iv Saline Stand 13, Bed 4, Soft ,Toys 1 Box, Ecg Monitor 1 Box .
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 04/12/2017
12 Tenders: 13212692 Supply Of Air Purifier With Hepa Filter, Pedestal Mounting Single Phase220 V, Ac, 50 Hz, Dimension: 1350 X 180 X 482 Mm, 45 Watt. Make: Kent,Philips Or Pureit .
HARYANA Refer Detail 24/11/2017
13 Tenders: 13212546 Supply Of A Set Of Air Filter Element Outer Part No. 141109234232 And Air Filter Element Innerp. No. 141109234243 For Cotton Greaves Make Diesel Engine Model No. Cpcb Ii.Each Set Consist Of Two Items. Qty. 02 Nos. Make Cotton Greaves Or Sunshineengineers And Consultants Delhi Only .
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 30/11/2017
14 Tenders: 13212426 Supply Of B Check Kit For Dg Set Cummins Make Model No. Ktaa 19G10 1.Element Lub Oil Filter Item No 3889310 2 Nos 2. Element, Oil Bypass Filter Item No 3889311 1 Nos 3. Separator, Fuel Water Itemno 3329289 2 Nos 4. Inhivitor, Corrosion Item No 4926654 1 Nos 5.Element, Air Cleaner Item No 4020551 1 Nos 6. Element, Aircleaner Item No 4020552 1 No.
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 24/11/2017
15 Tenders: 13212291 Supply Of Compressed Air Filter.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 13/12/2017
16 Tenders: 13211428 Supply Of Set Of Spares Of Aikon Make Cdts Consisting Of Seven Items, 1Programmable Logic Controller Lhb Design Part No. 400014 Aikon Qty. 01 Set Aikon Part No. 400014 2 Flapper Valve Assembly ,Part No. 110300 For Cdts Use, Make Aikon Alkon Part No. 110300Qty. 01 Set 3 Slide Valve Assembly With Ss Lower Box New Part No.11017 1 Alkon Qty. 01 Set 4 Pressuriser Assembly Lhb Newdesign Part No. 110035 11 For Alkon Qty. 01 Set 5 Air Filter assembly, Part No. 200001 For Cdts Use, Make Alkon Qty. 02 Set 6Air Cylinder Assembly For Flapper Valve, Part No. 111503 Alkon Qty. 02 Set 7 Air Cylinder For Lower Side Valve, Part No.111501 For Cdts Use Alkon Qty. 02 Set .
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 27/11/2017
17 Tenders: 13196037 Nctps ? I Se/Mi Circle ? Mpm Dn. Ac Plant ? Carrying Out Time Bound Programme For Cleaning Of Drymetalic Air Filters And Cooling Coil In The Ahu, Lubricating Of Ahu Unit Blower Bearings, Cleaning Of Cooling Tower Collection Basin Fills, Nozzles, Against Coal Powder Deposits And Attending Works In Ahu, Ac1480 Compressors And Lg Water Cooled Screw Chillers To Improve Ac Effect To Avoid Loss Of Generation, For A Period Of 6 Months From The Date Of Taken Over Of Site. .
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 05/12/2017
18 Tenders: 13194306 Supply of Compressed Air Ceramic Filter .
UTTAR PRADESH 3,97,957.00 21/12/2017
19 Tenders: 13192761 Supply Of Element Air Cleaner Part No.4055279 Make: Tata Cummin .
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 22/11/2017
20 Tenders: 13190932 Supply Of Element Air Cleaner Part No.4055280 Make: Tata Cummins.
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 22/11/2017
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