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1 Tenders: 20360892 Supply Of Consumables Consumables. 1.01 1Ml Glass Vials With Cap (For Sample Introduction In Gc And Hplc) 1.02 100Meter Fame Column For Gc (Wax Colum For Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Profiling 1.03 Aerator 1.04 Air Bellow 10Ml 1.05 Air Bellow 10Ml 50Ml 1.06 Aluminium Foil 1.07 Lab Apron 1.08 Asbestos Board 120Mm Dia With A Hole About 65Mm Dia 6Mm Thickness For Pv 1.09 Autoclavable Test Tubes Caps Compatible With (18X150mm) Test Tube Colours Green) 1.1 Autoclavable Test Tubes Caps Compatible With (18X150mm) Test Tube Colours White) 1.11 Autoclavable Test Tubes Caps Compatible With (18X150mm) Test Tube Colours Yellow) 1.12 Autoclavable Test Tubes Caps Compatible With (18X150mm) Test Tube Colours Red) 1.13 Basin Evaporator Porcelain 150Ml 1.14 Bottle Brush 1.15 Bottle Opener 1.16 Brass Mesh With Lid And Collecting Pan Of Size 4.0Mm, 3.35Mm, 1.70Mm, 1.19Mm, 2Mm,0.85Mm, 0.71Mm, 0.6Mm, 0.210M 1.17 Bulb For Pippet 2Ml 1.18 Burner With All Brass Spring Loaded Lock Type Heavy Stop Cock 1.19 Butter Paper 1.2 China Dish 10Ml (Porceleine) 1.21 China Dish 100Ml (Porceleine) 1.22 China Dish (Porceleine) 125Ml 1.23 China Marking Pencil (Crucible Marking) 1.24 Chromatography Paper 1.25 Crucible (Silica) 50Ml 1.26 Crucible Gooch 1.27 Crucible Porcelain 125Ml 1.28 Crucible Porcelain 50Ml (Low Form Porcelain Cruicible With Lid) Mouth Size 59Mm, Bottom Width 30Mm, Height 37Mm, With Stand Temperature Upto 1050C 1.29 Crucible Silica With Lid 50Ml 1.3 Crucible Tongs Big (Length 50Cm) 1.31 Crucible Tongs Medium (Length 30Cm) 1.32 Crude Fiber Bag (Nylon) 1.33 Cruicible Porcelin Superior Quality 1.34 Db 5 Ms Column Or Equivalent For Pesticide Residue Analysis Using Gc Msms 30Mx0.25Mmx0.25Micro Meter 1.35 Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction Tube To Be Used In Extraction Of Pesticide Using Quechers Method Of The Tube Must Contain Anhydrous Maganesium Sulfate, C 18, Primary, Secondary Amine And Must Be Xomplaint With Aoac Or Cen Method 2Ml Capacity 1.36 Disposable Syringe 5Ml 1.37 Disposable Syringe Filter Nylon 0.45 Micrometer 25Mm Dia (0.45Micro Meter)25Mm 1.38 Dropper 125Ml 1.39 Dropping Bottle 1.4 Evaporating Dish (Silica) 100Ml 1.41 Evaporating Dish (Silica) 125Ml 1.42 Face Mask Surgical N95 1.43 Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Wax Column Which Can Resolve All The 37 Components In Fame 1.44 Filter Paper Ordinary 1.45 Filter Paper Chromatography 1.46 Filter Paper Whatman No.1 150Mm 1.47 Filter Paper Whatman No.1 110Mm 1.48 Filter Paper Whatman No.4 1.49 Filter Paper Whatman No.42 1.5 Filter Pump 1.51 Fluted Filter Paper 240Mm Dia 1.52 Forceps Big 1.53 Forceps Small 1.54 Gerber Tube Stopper 1.55 Germitol 1.56 Class Beads 1.57 Glass Filter Pump 1.58 Gloves Nitrile Powder Free (Medium) 1.59 Gloves Surgical 1.6 Gloves (Sterile Without Powder Coated) 1.61 Gloves Disposable 1.62 Glove Nitirle 1.63 Gooch Crucible Porcelain 30Ml 1.64 Heating Coil 100 0 Watts 1.65 Hispark 1.66 Hot Plate 1.67 Hplc Amino Column For Analysis Of Glucose And Fructose With Corresponding Guard Column 4.6X150mm Column, 5 Micrometer 1.68 Hplc C 18 Column With Corresponding Guard Column 4.6X 150Mm Column, 5 Micrometer 1.69 Hplc Vial (Glass Vials With Insert 1.5Ml) 10 Packets 1.7 Hplc Vial (Glass Vials Without Insert) 10Packet 1.71 Hplc Vial (Plastic Vials With Insert 1.5Ml) 10Packet 1.72 Immune Affinity Column For Aflatoxin For Extraction Of B1, B2, G2, G1 Must Have A Expiry Of 1.5 Years Or Better From Time Of Receipt And Is Procured From A Reputed Manufature 1.73 Immune Affinity Column For Aflatoxin (For Exteraction Of M1 In Milk) Must Have A Expiry Of 1.5 Years Or Better From Time Of Receipt And Procured From A Reputed Manufacture 1.74 Inoculation Nichrome Loop Fixed 1.75 Knife 1.76 Kraft/ Brown Paper 1.77 Lab Towels Big 1.78 Laboratory Tray Plastic 450X350x75mm 1.79 Linen Synthetic Cloth 1.8 Litmus Paper Blue 1.81 Lock Stopper 1.82 Lpg Connection Tube With Metal Coating 1.83 Micropipette Tips 1000Ml 5 Packets 1.84 Membrane Filter Sterile Whilte Gridded 47Mm Dia, 0.45Mm Pore Size 8 Packets 1.85 Micropipetter Tips 10Ml 1.86 Microfibre Filter Paper 110Mm Dia, 100 Micron 1.87 Micropipetter Tip 5Ml 1.88 Micropipette Tip Box 1 10Ml 1.89 Micropipette Tip Box 5 Ml 1.9 Micropipette Tips 10Ml (5 Packets) 1.91 Micropipetter Tips 100Ml 5 Packets 1.92 Micropipetter Stand (Plastic) 1.93 Micropipetter Tip Box 10 100Ml 1.94 Micropipette Tip Box 10Ml 1.95 Moisture Trap (Closed Type Without Stopper) 1.96 Mortar And Pestle (Iron) 1.97 Mortar And Pestle (Porcelain)Small 1.98 Mortar And Pestle (Glass)Small 1.99 Natural Wool White 2 Non Absorbent Cotton 2.01 Nylon Filter Paper (0.45 Micrometer X 47 Millimeter For Mobile Phase Filtration From A Reputed Manufacturer 2.02 Ochra Test Column (Immuno Affinity Column For Analysis Of Ochratoxin A From A Reputed Manufacturer 2.03 Parafilm 4" X 125 Ft Roll 2.04 Parafilm Roll 2.05 Pendrive (32 Gb) 2.06 Personnel Protective Equipment Glouse, Mask And Gogle (High Quality) 2.07 Pipette Bulb (Bellow) 100Ml 2.08 Plastic Containers For Keeping Samples 1Kg.Cap 2.09 Powder Funnel 3 Inch Plastic 2.1 Ria Vial With Cap 4Ml 2.11 Ria Vials With Cap 2.12 Rubber Adapter 25Ml For Gooch Crucible 2.13 Sample Bottle 500Ml Plastic 2.14 Sealing Machine Small 2.15 Self Adhesive Tape 11/2"(Cello Tape) 2.16 Silicon Cork For Mojonnier Apparatus 2.17 Silicone Tubing For Distillation Unit (1Cm Diameter) 2.18 Slide For Microscope 2.19 Soap Solution 2.2 Solid Phase Extraction Cartridge C 18 For Pesticide Analysis In Water Sample (500Ml 1 Ltr Sample) 2.21 Spatula One End Flatted 2.22 Spatula Big 2.23 Spatula Semi Micro 2.24 Spatula Small 2.25 Stainless Steel Draining Basket, Mesh Type For Drying Test Tubes (18X50) 2.26 Stand For Drying Glasswares 2.27 Stand Nessler Tube 100Ml 2.28 Stand Test Tube (Round Polylab) 2.29 Stand Tripod (Metalic) 2.3 Sterile Gloves (Size 7) 2.31 Stickers For Sample Labelling 2.32 Surgical Knife Stainless Steel 2.33 Syringe 5Ml Capacity 2.34 Tarzon Tubes (15Ml) 2.35 Tarzon Tubes (50Ml) 2.36 Test Tube Brush White Large 2.37 Test Tube Brush White Medium 2.38 Thermopmeter 0 60 (Readig 0.2) 2.39 Tissue Paper 2.4 Tissue Paper Lint Free 2.41 Tlc Aluminium Sheet 2.42 Tongs (Long) 2.43 Tongs Longer For Muffle Furnance 2.44 Tray For Ria Vial 2.45 Triclogel (Hand Disinfectent Gel) 500Ml 2.46 Tube Holders 2Ml, 15Ml, 50Ml (Multi Tube Holders) 2.47 Twine 2.48 Vacuum Manifold For Solid Phase Extraction Cartridge Assembly Pesticide Analysis In Water It Must Be Accompanied With A Pump And Vacuum Manifold Assembly And Is Able To Filter Water Through C18 Solid Phase Extraction Cartridge 2.49 Wash Bottle (Plastic) 1000Ml 2.5 Wash Bottle Plastic 500Ml 2.51 Water Bath Coil 2000W 2.52 Water Still Coil 1000W 2.53 Weighing Bottle With Stopper 50Ml 2.54 Whatman Filter Paper No.1(150Mm) 2.55 Whatman Filter Paper No.4 2.56 Whatman Filter Paper No.42 2.57 Whatman No.1 (110Mm) 2.58 Whatman No.1 Sheet 2.59 Wire Gauze 2.6 Zip Lock Cover 10"X 8'' 2.61 Zip Lock Cover 6" X 8'' 2.62 Zip Lock Cover 5" X 8'' 2.63 Autoclavable L Rod (Borosilicate Glass) 2.64 Dettol 500Ml 2.65 Empty Tip Box With Blue Tip Tray For 1000 Microlitre Tips 2.66 Extension Code (15Amp Socket With 5 Meter Wire Length) 2.67 Hi Care Triclosan Gel 500Ml 2.68 Laboratory Trolley (No Of Shelf 3, Stainless Steel Body, Four Wheel, Load Up To 200Kg)For Microbiology 2.69 Membrane Disc Filters (Sterile) Dia 47Mm. Poresize 0.45Micro Meter 2.7 Micropipette Tips Autoclavable 1. Yellow Tips (0 200Micro Metre) 2.71 Micropipette Tips Autoclavable 2. Blue Tips (0 1000Micro Litre) 2.72 Sample Collection Bottle (Gramma Radiation Sterile, Polypropylene 100Microlitre, Transport) 2.73 Soap Solution 5 Ltr 2.74 Stainless Steel Forceps With Polypropylene Finger Grip., Flat And Smooth Surface Medium Size 2.75 Sterile Disposable Surgical Gloves (Powder Free)6.5" 2.76 Thermofinn Pipette Tips (Fix Vol 10Ml ) 2.77 Tween 20(Acs) 2.78 First Aid Kit [List Of One Box Include Adhesive Plaster 19X72 Nos), Adhesive Plaster 25X72 (15 Nos), Adhesive Plaster Knuckle Nos), Adhesive Plaster Fingertip (8 Nos), Sterile First Aid Dressing Medium (4 Nos), Gauze Bandage 5Cmx4 Meter (2 Nos), Examinatiion Gloves Pair (2 Nos), Antiseptic Lotion50ml (1Nos), Antiseptic Cream 20Gm (1Nos), Burn Heal Cream 20Gm (1Nos), Scissors 5.5" Tough Cut (1Nos), Roller Bandage (1Nos), Absorbant Cotton Roll Minimum Pack Size (1Nos)]
Due Date : 01/11/2019
2 Tenders: 20247656 Procurement Of 220(Two Hundred Twenty)Sets Single Phase 1(One) Hp Paddle Wheel Aerator With 2(Two) Impellors Fitted Hdpe Floats For Fishponds During 2019 20 Miscellaneous Works.
Due Date : 21/10/2019
3 Tenders: 20244485 Part I: Providing Aerator And Allied Accessories To Existing 14 Mld Stp In Gangavathi City Under Amrut Additional Grants 2 Part Ii: Operation And Maintenance Of Stp, Aerator And Allied Accessories For Period Of Five Under Amrut Additional Grants 2.
Due Date : 14/10/2019
4 Tenders: 20108348 Services For Operations Operation And Maintenance Of Bandra E.P.S. And W.W.T.F. 1). Operation And Maintenance Of Mechanical And Electrical Equipments At Bandra E.P.S. And W.W.T.F., As Per Technical Specifications (Including Extra Labour Staff In Monsoon). 2). Loading, Unloading And Transportation Of Removed Grit And Screened Material From Bandra E.P.S., W.W.T.F. And I.P.S. To Suitable Dumping Ground For The Period Of 6 Months, As Per Specifications. 1. 6.6 Kv / 440 V Auxiliary Transformers 2. 6.6 Kv High Tension Panel With All Control Circuits 3. High Tension Capacitor Bank 5 Nos. (3 Phase Capacitor) 4. Main Pumps With Motors, Hp 516, Kw 385, 6.6 Kv 5. Bearing Cooling Water Pump With Motor, Type Induction Motor, 440 V, 2 Hp 6. Gland Cooling Water Pump With Motor, Type Induction Motor, 440 V, 2 Hp 7. Compressor With Electric Motor, Type Twin Lobe Pressure 0.75 Bar 8. Aeration System With 32 Nos. Diffusers In One Grit Chamber 9. Utility Service Pump And Distribution System (Service Water And Potable) 415 V,15 Hp 10. 440/415 V Low Tension Panel With Control Circuit At Various Locations 11. Low Tension Capacitor Banks 75 Kvar, 40 Kvar 12. Site Drainage Pump Make Ksb 10Hp 13. Supply Fan, Kw 1.5, Hp 2, Rpm 680 14. Dewatering Wet Well Pump Make Ksb 75 Hp 15. Roof Extract Fan, Make Crompton Greaves, 415 V (±10%), 4Amp., ? Connected, Kw 1.5, Hp 2, Rpm 680 16. Cooling Tower Fan 17. H.T. Rake In Type Breaker Make Schneider 18. L.T. Breaker Make L And T 19. Conveyor Belt Assembly At Fine Screen Along With Motor 415 V, Hp 20. Rake Screen Assembly With Motor Make Voltas 21. Mechanically Operated Gates 22. Electromechanical Actuators 23. Battery Charger 24 V 24. Ups System 25. Grab Bucket Crane 5 Ton 26. E.O.T. Crane 25 Ton 27. Outfall Crane 10 Ton 28. Vertical Drill Machine 29. Welding Machine 30. Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton 31. Diesel Generator Set, 200 Kva 32. Submersible Pump 7.5 Kw, 415 V 33. Dewatering Pump 56.5 Kw, 415 V 34. Chain Pulley Block, Capacity 1 Ton, Lift 7M, 35. Electric Hoist, Capacity 2Ton, Lift 10M, 415V 36. Skip Trolley 37. Flap Gates, Make Jash 38. Mud, Drain, Scum Type Gate Valves 39. Lighting System 40. Fabrication Work Across The Plant Including Stair Cases, Railings, Gates, Gratings Etc. 41. Level Indicator 42. Electric Cables, Point Wiring, Earthing System At Specific Locations Across The Plant 43. Storm Water Nullahs Across The Plant 44. Any Other Equipment / System Installed Newly Has To Be Maintained As Per Specifications.
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Due Date : 20/09/2019
5 Tenders: 20013390 Supply Of Aerators For Pond.
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Due Date : 25/09/2019
6 Tenders: 19827523 Supply And Installation Of Aerator Taps And Dual Flush Cisterns At Polymer Terminal, Ppmc.
Due Date : 02/09/2019
7 Tenders: 19546962 Supply Of Aerator.
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Due Date : 29/07/2019
8 Tenders: 19435899 Supply And Installation And Commisioning Of Floating Aerators At Ongc Hazira Plant. .
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Due Date : 05/08/2019
9 Tenders: 19424881 Supply Of Fisheries Material (Aerator).
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Due Date : 11/08/2019
10 Tenders: 19419132 Supply Of Good Quality Aerator Under The Scheme Of Replication Of Moina Model For Higher Productivity To The Different Blocks In Hooghly District Of West Bengal During The Year 2019 20. OTHERS.
Due Date : 25/07/2019
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