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1 Tenders: 27809688 (A) Pvdg./Ren./Rep. Of Ramps, Railing, Tactile Tiles, Signage Etc. To Make School Bldg. And Environment Barrier Free And Accessible. (B) Affixing Acrylic Sheets In Place Of Broken/Missing Window Pans At Sbv Narela, Delhi 110040. Civil Works.
Due Date : 01/08/2022
2 Tenders: 27808982 Auction Sale Of 145/AHMEDABAD Scrap Acrylic Sheet Cutting.
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Due Date : 27/07/2022
3 Tenders: 27766638 Auction Sale Of SMS 86 Acrylic Plastics Sheets And Offcuts.
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Due Date : 27/07/2022
4 Tenders: 27747222 Supply Of Pvc Foam Rigid Sheet, Acrylic Sheet, Acp, Pvc And Plywood Sheet, Galvanometer, Solar Panel And Hand Tools Kit To Drsc At K.U.Campus Dharwad.
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Due Date : 25/07/2022
5 Tenders: 27723890 A. Consultancy Services For Architects, Planners And Project Management, B. Sculpturor And Artists, C. Designing And Printing Of Colour Scenes, Photos, Write Up Etc On Different Materials Like Acp Sheet, Fibre Sheet, Acrylic Sheet Etc Consultancy.
Due Date : 19/07/2022
6 Tenders: 27687137 Renovation Upgradation Of Boundary Security Wall Of Hq Sdg Bsf Campus Near 3 Brd Chandigarh.( Sh Wring Light And Acrylic Sheets) Electrical Works.
Due Date : 23/06/2022
7 Tenders: 27685121 Supply Of Fabrication Of Acrylic Sheet File Holder Box As Per Specification..
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Due Date : 08/07/2022
8 Tenders: 27669364 Identification Of Domestic Manufacturers / Suppliers / New Intending Manufacturer To Install New Plant For Rcsv / Scsv And Ddsv Flue Gas Hydraulic Actuating System Along With Plc System Including Active Purge System And Oil Quality Monitoring System Instrumentation Goods.
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Due Date : 24/06/2022
9 Tenders: 27600991 Increasing Height Of Boundary Wall Along The Coal Stock Yard By Providing Acrylic Sheet (About 3.00 Metres) At Khairaha U.G. Mine Of Rajendra Sub Area Of Sohagpur Area. Civil Works Others.
Due Date : 28/05/2022
10 Tenders: 27596365 Fabrication, Supplying, Installation And Commissioning Of Led Signage Board Of I Love Panskura Letter In English, Here The Word Love Should Be Denoted In Appropriate Symbol. Led Of Each Letter Shall Be Of 2 Mm Acrylic Sheet About Height 1200 Mm And Miscellaneous Works.
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Due Date : 08/06/2022
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Acrylic Sheet Tenders

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