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Indian Tender & Global Tenders Online
Indian Tender & Global Tenders Online
Indian Tender & Global Tenders Online

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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tenders: 8661353 Supply Of 1 Basketball Stag 4022 New Ring With 4 Rubber Springs. Solid 20 Mm Thick. 2 Spalding Ball Basketball Jam Session Basketball, 7 3 Basketball Spalding Ball Triple Threat Basketball, Size 7 4 Volleyball Cosco Bcc0003 Volleyball Net 5 Nivia Super Synthetic Volleyball (Vb 474) Assorted 6 Nivia Vb 470 Pu 5000 Volleyball White 7 Vinex Vollyball Antenna 8 Cricket Kokaburra Menace Pro 85 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Standerd Size 9 Kookaburra Kahuna Prodigy 95 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Standard Size 10 Avm Fortuner Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat 11 Headly Heavy Cricket Tennis Ball, Pack Of 6 (Yellow) 12 Thrax Attacker Grade A Leather Cricket Ball Ball Set (Th_Cb_0000007) 13 Diamond Tournament Stumps (White) 14 Badminton Li Ning G Force Power 1000 S2 Badminton Racquet 2 15 Yonex Mavis 500 (28) 16 Yonex Aerosensa 2 Feather Shuttle White(Pack Of 12) 17 Cosco Aero 777 18 Table Tennis Stag Clip Table Tennis Net 19 Stag Power Drive Plus Table Tennis Racquet 20 Stiga Cup Ping Pong Ball Diameter: 4 Cm(Pack Of 6) 21 Cricket Ball For Visually Handicaped 22 Chess For Visually Handicaped 23 Carrom Powder 24 Football Nivia Storm Football (Fb 354) Assorted Size 5 25 Football Fb 272, Nivia Super Synthetic Size 5 26 Nivia Torrido Medium Gg 943 Goalkeeping Gloves (M, White).
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 30/11/2015
2 Tenders: 8661352 Supply Of 1 Intel 530 240Gb 2.5 Solid State Hard Drive Ssd ( Sc2 Bw240 A40) 2 Uninterrupted Power Supply Make: Apc Ups Model Br1000g In 3 Cordless Telephone Instrument Landline Please Quote For Different Make 4 Telephone Instruments Landline Please Quote For Different Make.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 30/11/2015
3 Tenders: 8661351 Supply Of 1 Conference Pad Size: 1/8 Of 10 Pages Front Page With Institute Logo & Title 2 Scribbling Pad Size: 1/8 Of 40 Pages Front Page With Institute Logo & Title 3 Scribbling Pad Size: 1/6 Of 40 Pages Front Page With Institute Logo & Title 4 Ajanta Spiral Pad Size: No. 8 Of 40 Pages Front Page With Institute Logo & Title.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 30/11/2015
4 Tenders: 8661350 Supply Of Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star Split Air Conditioner With Copper Fittings/Pipes.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 30/11/2015
5 Tenders: 8661349 Supply Of 1.Model: Dell Networking N4032f Switch (Layer 1 Managed Switch) 2. Model: Dell Networking N2024 (Layer 2 Managed Switch) 3.Force 10 4820T 1000 Base Sx Optic 4.Trans Receiver Sfp 1000 Base – Sx Optics 850 Mm Wavelength Upto 550 M Reach.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 30/11/2015
6 Tenders: 8661348 Wadegaon – Hardoli To Wardha Border (Nh. 47 Amaravati Road).
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 31/12/2015
7 Tenders: 8661347 Supply Of Capd Fluid 2.5 Percent 02 Litre Bag With Minicap.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 02/12/2015
8 Tenders: 8661346 Supply Of 1 Voice Recorder Make: Sony 2 Stata / Ic Package With 5 Licenses 3 Stata Transfer 12 ( Single User License) 4 Atlas.Ti Package With 5 Licenses (Os Combo)
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 30/11/2015
9 Tenders: 8661345 Mehdoli To Sikandara Road, Badi Kumhari Aawastola Road, Sibarballa (Katangjhari) To Pateltola Road, Belgaon To Bakoda Road, Rampayali To Garra Road, Dasehratola To Shivatola Road, Devari To Khamghat Road, Chillod Basti Marg Road, Rategoan To Fogal Tola Road, Miregaon Basti Marg Road, Chitaltola To Bahiyatikur Road, Badi Kumhari ( Dhapera Rail.) To Patharwada Road, Boritola To Podutola Road, Garra To Salaitola Road Road, Ballharpur Lakhantola Daharpiwadha Road, Bakoda Mohgaon (Bori) Road, Choti Kumahari To Dhapera Nadi Ghat ,Chillod Mararitola Kosamtola Bazartola Chandrapuri Road, Bharveli Gonditola Mararitola Hirapur Road, Kodiya Mararitola Gonditola Gangatola Khamghat Road , Manpur To Barghat Road, Tikari Kholtola Nahartola Jangaltola Padartola Road, Badgaon Jeevantola Kamthi Road, Gonglai To Bhamori Road,
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 31/12/2015
10 Tenders: 8661344 Supply Of Capd Fluid 1.5 Percent 02 Litre Bag With Minicap.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 02/12/2015
11 Tenders: 8661343 Replacement Of Smps Of Dell Computers.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 30/11/2015
12 Tenders: 8661342 Supply Of Cap. Lactobacillus Rhamnosus Gr 1, Lactobacilus Reuteri Rc 14 1 Billion In Al/Blister Packing.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 02/12/2015
13 Tenders: 8661341 Supply Of Cyl Bore X Stroke : 225 X 300Mm, Clockwise From Generator Side, Screw, Housing, Spring, Valve Flap, Distance Pipe, O Ring, Sealing Ring, Nut, Washer..
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 03/12/2015
14 Tenders: 8661340 Supply Of Cap. 10 Essential Amino Acids, Multivitamin And Minerals In Al/Blister Packing.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 02/12/2015
15 Tenders: 8661339 Supply Installation And Commissioning Of Distribution Fuse Board , Size 97X76x21cm In Robust Sheet Enclosure, 3 Phase With Neutral Bar 415 Volts, 50 C/S A.C. Rated Current 100 Amps, 6 Way Porcelain Fuse Base And Grip With Copper Base Bar Size 40X6mm Conforming To Is:2675/1983 [Or Latest] In Column A,B And C Of The Main Assembly Shop. Make: Jai Champion/Crompton Greaves/L And T.
WEST BENGAL Refer Detail 04/12/2015
16 Tenders: 8661338 Supply Of 7[Seven] K.W, 415 Volt Capacity Water Heater For Heat Exchanger For Vpi Plant. As Per Drawing No.: Clw/Mpp/He Dt. 20 05 15. Make And Brand: Philips/Bajaj/Electronet Control/ Control Gears.
WEST BENGAL Refer Detail 04/12/2015
17 Tenders: 8661337 Procurement Of Excavator Be 220 (Element Inner, Air Cleaner, Hose, Feed Pump, Arm Cyl Service Kit Consisting (K2), Hose).
PUNJAB 5,00,000.00 10/12/2015
18 Tenders: 8661336 Supply Of Tab. Methionine, Choline, Branched Chain Amino Acid, Inositol And Others In Al/Blister Packing.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 02/12/2015
19 Tenders: 8661335 Supply Of Primary Vertical Damper For Wdp1 M Loco To Drg./Specn No. [I] Sk.Vl 650 Alt 1 [Ii] Mp.O.49.00.16 [Revision 01] June 2010.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 08/12/2015
20 Tenders: 8661334 Day To Day Maintenance And Operation Of Pumps For The Period Of 60 Days At Juna Kunada Ocm.
MAHARASHTRA 1,92,781.00 10/12/2015
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