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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6406269 Conclusion of Contract for Supply of Meat Dressed, Meat on Hoof, Poultry, Eggs, Fish, Potato, Onion, Garlic, Firewood, Charcoal, Lime Quick, Combined Items (Vegetable Fresh, Fruit Fresh, Condiments, Bread, Ice, Potato, onion, Garlic) UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document16/04/2015
2 TR 6421336 Provisioning of Civil Hired Transport at Bareilly UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document14/01/2015
3 TR 6406305 Supply of Meat Group items and fresh suppliers – Meat Dressed, Meat on hoof, poultry ( broiler), eggs, fish, potato, onion, garlic, firewood, charcoal, lime quick, combined items ( vegetable fresh, fruit fresh, condiments, bread, ice, potato, onion, garlic etc. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document17/12/2014
4 TR 5399875 Refilling of CO2 type fire extinguisher Max._I TE Itarsi. UTTAR PRADESH28,736.0016/12/2014
5 TR 6479777 E-Auction of Sale of Land/Building. UTTAR PRADESH19,00,000.0009/12/2014
6 TR 6485680 Sale of the attached property of the Certificate Debtors. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document09/12/2014
7 TR 6462024 Expression Of Interest For Development Of Sources - 1. Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride Pvc Flooring To Rdso Spec Rdso/2006/Cg – 12 (Rev.1). 2. Prelaminated Shaded Compreg To Rdso Spec C-K513. 3. ‘Liner’ Used In The Primary Suspension Below Hytrel Lower Washer Of Icf Type Bg Mainline Coaches To Rdso Spec. No. Rdso/2008/Cg-10. 4. Injection Moulded Polyacetal Protective Tube To Rdso Spec No. Rdso/2009/Cg-03. 5. Fire Retardant Upholstery Cloth To Rdso Spec. No. C-K 610. 6. Injection Moulded Axle Box Front Cover To Rdso Spec Rdso/2007/Cg-07. 7. High Capacity Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer Upper Washer & Lower Washer Assembly Used In The Primary Suspension Of B.G. Emu/Dmu Coaches To Rdso Specification No. Rdso/2010/Cg-04 And Drawing No. Cg-10036 For Lower Washer Assembly And Cg-10037 For Upper Washer. 8. Self Lubricating Polyester Resin Composites Based Wearing Piece For Side Bearer For Use In Icf Type Bg Main Line, Emu / Dmu Coaches To Rdso Spec No. Rdso/2008/Cg-06 UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document08/12/2014
8 TR 6058376 Granting license for Trolley Retrieval & Mntc. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document07/12/2014
9 TR 6456652 Supply Of 4.5 Kw,110/120 V Dc Brushless Alternator With Rectifier Regulator Alongwith Belt Tensioning Device As Per Rdso Specification No.Rdso/Pe/Spec/Tl/0054-2003 [Rev.O] With Amendment No.I And 2. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document02/12/2014
10 TR 6488482 Supply Of French Polish Is:348/1968 [First Revision] Amdt.No.1. Reaffirmed 1991 Or Latest. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document27/11/2014
11 TR 6463917 Supply Of Electrode Holder Type A-600 Amps With Full Insulated Make:M/S.Esab India Ltd.Model No.Confort 600.M/S Welsping Universal Model No.Ehkh60/Ehecd60 And M/S Ador Welding Ltd.Model No.Sparkweld 600Amps UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document21/11/2014
12 TR 6450003 Supply Of Silver Brazing Alloy Rod 1.60Mm Dia X 500Mm Long Specn Bacu Ag 6/Table Iv On Is 2927/1975 Or Latest With Chemical Composition As Follows Silver : 60 - 62Percent, Copper : 27 - 29Percent, Zinc : 9 - 11Percent Other Elements Total 0.15Percent. Melting Range 690 C - 735 Packed In Suitable Box To Avoid Atmospheric Exposure And Giving Other Information Such As 1. Date Of Manufacturing 2. Descriptive Specification 3. Name Of Manufacturer/Brand 4. Packing Details Such As Quantity And Weight. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document20/11/2014
13 TR 6477501 Supply Of Single Core,Wire Flaxible Round Copper Multi Strand Size 0.75 Sq.Mm Pvc Insulated Unsheathed Wire Copper Conductor For Rated Voltages Up To And Including 750 V As Per Is:694/2010 [Fourth Revision] UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document20/11/2014
14 TR 6469788 Supply Of Flexible Mica Sheet[Mp-60-Fcz] Size: 0.8 Mm.X 910 Mm X 910 Mm Confirming To Spec. No. Ao-268 Alt-2 [Shelf Life 10-Month] UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document20/11/2014
15 TR 6437400 Supply Of Energy Efficient Copper Wound Ballast [Choke] For 400 Watt Hpsv Lamp Generally As Per Is:6616/82 Reaffirmed 1996 And Suitable For 200- 220-240 Volts [I.E.Three Taps] And Non Tw Marked Single Phase, 50 Hz. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document19/11/2014
16 TR 6437412 Supply Of Thermostatic Switch For Water Cooler Having Adjustable Setting Between 7C To 22C. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document19/11/2014
17 TR 6463905 Supply Of M.S.Welding Electrodes Class A1 Size 4 X 450 Mm To Irs:M-28/12, Amend. No. 1 Of Mar-2003 And Amend. No. 2 Of Sept-2003, Code As Per Is:814/2004. Rdso Approved Brand. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document19/11/2014
18 TR 6463931 Supply Of Paint Ready Mixed, Red Oxide [Isc:446], Brushing Finishing, Glossy For General Purposes. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document18/11/2014
19 TR 6447817 Supply of Universal Multiple Wire (Forming) Decoiling Straightening and Bending Machine. UTTAR PRADESH11,98,000.0014/11/2014
20 TR 6447834 Supply of Rod Bending MAchine (Automatic) for U-pin. UTTAR PRADESH3,05,000.0014/11/2014
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