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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6406269 Conclusion of Contract for Supply of Meat Dressed, Meat on Hoof, Poultry, Eggs, Fish, Potato, Onion, Garlic, Firewood, Charcoal, Lime Quick, Combined Items (Vegetable Fresh, Fruit Fresh, Condiments, Bread, Ice, Potato, onion, Garlic) UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document16/04/2015
2 TR 6406305 Supply of Meat Group items and fresh suppliers – Meat Dressed, Meat on hoof, poultry ( broiler), eggs, fish, potato, onion, garlic, firewood, charcoal, lime quick, combined items ( vegetable fresh, fruit fresh, condiments, bread, ice, potato, onion, garlic etc. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document17/12/2014
3 TR 5399875 Refilling of CO2 type fire extinguisher Max._I TE Itarsi. UTTAR PRADESH28,736.0016/12/2014
4 TR 6058376 Granting license for Trolley Retrieval & Mntc. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document07/12/2014
5 TR 6323240 Supply of L.P.Cyclinder 100mm Dia For Elgi Trc-1000 Mn Compressor.. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document11/11/2014
6 TR 6411636 Supply of Decorative thermosetting synthetic resin bonded laminated sheet. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document07/11/2014
7 TR 6411739 Supply of Lead acid battery 210 AH capacity in hard rubber container 2 Volt battery shall have micro porous vent plug and float guide along with enter cell and end cell connector with fastener etc of 24 Volt DC TL system and confirming to IS:6848-1979 with amndt. No 1,2 And 3 and annexure H with correction slip of RDSO or latest. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document07/11/2014
8 TR 6411745 Supply of Low Maintenance Lead Acid Battery 800 AH 2V Complete with micro porous vent plug,sealed float and guide ,inter cell inter unit and end cell connectors and fastners two pairs of inter cell connectors each consisting of one inner and one outer strips as specified in fig.2A of IS :6848 shall be used.the fastners shall be as per fig.2B of IS: 6848-79.The complete cell shall confirm to RDSO spec No RDSO/PE/SPEC/AC/0058 -2005 Rev-0 or latest UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document07/11/2014
9 TR 6383875 Supply Of Fabricted Hand Brake Wheel [Side Operated] To Rdso Drg. No. Sk-78525 Alt. Nil, Item No. 1 To UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document05/11/2014
10 TR 6411342 Supply of Electronic Ignitor Electronic Ignitor Suitable For 150/250 /400 Watts, Hpsv Lamp To Operate On 230 Volts,A.C. Supply 50 Phase. Make:- Philips/Bajaj/Crompton/Nerolite. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document05/11/2014
11 TR 6411394 Supply of Tape Nomex Tape 10 Mm Wide 2 Mil Thick Made From M/S. Dupont Type 410 to The Supplied 50 Mtrs Roll . As Per Manufacturers Own UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document05/11/2014
12 TR 6393335 Supply of Core Assly.For Modified Radiator Wdm2 Locos To Dlw Drg. No.Tpl-0884 Alt. A Sheet 3 Of 3 And Dlw Part No. 11453199. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document05/11/2014
13 TR 6393346 Supply of Axle Box Roller Bearing Pl No.11400110 L-6180 For Nei Type Axle Box For Ydm4 Locos To Item No.11 Of Dlw Drg.No.1107v 71890. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document05/11/2014
14 TR 6393354 Supply of Transition Screw Coupling For Wdm3d Locos To Rdso Drg.No. Skdl-2494 Alt-17. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document05/11/2014
15 TR 6256094 Supply of 65 Teeth Gear Wheel For Wag -7 Loco, As Per Rdso Drg .No. Skdl- 4372, Alt. 4,June-2005 Rdso Specification No. Mp.0.2800.09 [Rev 02]. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document05/11/2014
16 TR 6391875 Supply of Standard Hexagonal Head Bolt size 24 x 70 mm long to IS:1363/2002 with standard Nut and Spring Washer to IS: 3063/1994 with amdt. No-1.Bolt property clause:4.6,Nut property clause:5,Type of spring washer:-B- type. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document05/11/2014
17 TR 6399106 Supply of Motor sprit petrol MS Petrol to IS:2796/2000 MS-87 ON. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document05/11/2014
18 TR 6409030 Supply of Sealed Window Glass Unit for wider window- 1220 mm to RCF Drg. No. AE54107 Alt. d. Matl. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document05/11/2014
19 TR 6410993 Supply of Air Brake Hose Coupling Feed Pipe. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document03/11/2014
20 TR 6410999 Supply of Air Brake Hose Coupling Brake Pipe. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document03/11/2014
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