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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 4677956 Supply Of Yoke Bushes Against Tcmou . PUNJABRefer Document31/03/2015
2 TR 4746437 Supply Of Metallic End Covers . PUNJABRefer Document31/03/2015
3 TR 5837487 Supply of Crank Shaft 06 cylinder. PUNJABRefer Document07/07/2014
4 TR 5835753 Supply of Bogie Frame Assembly For Wag-7 Loco. PUNJABRefer Document20/06/2014
5 TR 5763515 Purchase of Cattle Feed Ingredient PUNJABRefer Document18/06/2014
6 TR 5836382 Supply And Stacking Of Stone Metal 40 Mm, Stone Chips 20 Mm, Coarse Sand And First Class Bricks For Permanent Works At Km 201.170 On Bathinda- Barnala Section At Bathinda Military Station Under 141 Dmc In The State Of Punjab. PUNJABRefer Document11/06/2014
7 TR 5836395 Supply And Stacking Of Stone Chips 13.20 Mm, Stone Chips 11.20 Mm And Coarse Sand For Re-Surfacing Works Between Km 0.00 To Km 0.800 On Road North End Hussainiwala To Tac Hq Under 141 Dmc In The State Of Punjab. PUNJAB95,000.0007/06/2014
8 TR 5820909 Supply of Item No. 1 And 2 : Single Bottle Vcb, 25 Kv/1000 Amps Confirming To Clw Specification No. Clw/Es/C-47 Single Bottle. . PUNJABRefer Document06/06/2014
9 TR 5777680 Supply of Traction Alternator Type. PUNJABRefer Document06/06/2014
10 TR 5833770 Procurement Of Galvanized Steel Barbed Wire - 50 M/Ton . PUNJABRefer Document02/06/2014
11 TR 5835739 Supply of Pin With Collar. PUNJABRefer Document02/06/2014
12 TR 5835740 Supply of Pin With Collar. PUNJABRefer Document02/06/2014
13 TR 5831200 Supply of Set of Pillar Assembly for Hot Buffet. PUNJABRefer Document02/06/2014
14 TR 5780688 Construction of Sewage Treatment Plant Sunam, Longowal, Tappa, Bhadaur. Corrigendum PUNJABRefer Document02/06/2014
15 TR 5780885 Provision of OTM Accn at North of LAL Tikku Khad at Mamun. PUNJAB23,90,00,000.0002/06/2014
16 TR 5835988 Supply of split type room air conditioner capacity 2.0 TR complete with all accessories and installation. PUNJABRefer Document02/06/2014
17 TR 5829867 Replacement Of Battery Bank At Bathinda And Suratgarh . PUNJABRefer Document31/05/2014
18 TR 5816287 Construction of 12 Meter Wide Elevated Road In Basti Bawa Khel On Jalandhar-Kapurthala Road At Jalandhar, Punjab . PUNJABRefer Document30/05/2014
19 TR 5836134 Supply of bead, carbonated soft drink and fruit juice, hospital comforts cheese spread and match box, sugar, edible oil, dal varieties, atta, salt, maida, suji and daliya, oil lubs and grease and hygiene chemical items. PUNJABRefer Document30/05/2014
20 TR 5763219 Supply of Steep cap piston 3 RV. PUNJABRefer Document30/05/2014
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