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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 5827564 Drivage Of Rising Stone Drift From 39R/15L For Installation Of Belt, Approaching At The Top Of Proposed Strata Bunker 39R/13L At Tandsi Mine, Kanhan Area . MADHYA PRADESH7,40,573.0006/05/2015
2 TR 5822809 Supply Of Meat Group Items And Other Perishable Items. MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document22/07/2014
3 TR 5814081 Supply, Installation and Annual, Maintenance Contract of CCTV system for VSTPP township at NTPC Vindhyachal . MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document21/06/2014
4 TR 5830240 Provision of Single Accommodation Room for 10 JCO’s at Army War College, Mahu. MADHYA PRADESH95,00,000.0013/06/2014
5 TR 5818111 Special repairs to Government Md Accommodation. MADHYA PRADESH65,00,000.0012/06/2014
6 TR 5827833 Auction sale of Forest product – Bamboo Quantity-9602. MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document09/06/2014
7 TR 5731577 Tender Invited From Registered Security Agency/Institutions for Providing Security Guard at Vikram University, Ujjain. MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document09/06/2014
8 TR 5834261 Construction of SSE (tele.) and SSE (signal) office at JABALPR MADHYA PRADESH29,59,424.0006/06/2014
9 TR 5806882 Special Repair to Building No CB-249 and 250 on School. MADHYA PRADESH43,85,000.0006/06/2014
10 TR 5820525 Provision of Diesel Generator Set 160kva and Allied Work. MADHYA PRADESH17,06,000.0006/06/2014
11 TR 5831640 Supply of Resister Grid For Mk-30B, Unit Rig, 120T And Bh-120T Dumpers . MADHYA PRADESH27,12,528.0005/06/2014
12 TR 5831644 Supply of Fastener Items For P And H 1900Al Shovel . MADHYA PRADESH6,24,964.0005/06/2014
13 TR 5830951 Supply of boxcar system. MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document05/06/2014
14 TR 5828889 Supply of 6 MW Vacuum Tube type Kiystron with Accessories. MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document04/06/2014
15 TR 5806261 Purchase of IR Thermal Imaging System. MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document04/06/2014
16 TR 5834258 Construction of Traction Sub-Station,OHEDepot/ PSI-Depot & Staff quarters (06 Unit-Type- II,03 Unit-Type-III & 02 Unit-Type-IV) at Rewa Station. MADHYA PRADESH3,22,63,982.0004/06/2014
17 TR 5741265 Supply Of Iodized Salt /Vacuum Evaporated Iodised Salt/Refined Iodized Salt. MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document03/06/2014
18 TR 5741268 Supply Of Carbonated Soft Drinks, Lime Based Soft Drinks And Lassi At Mhow Station MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document03/06/2014
19 TR 5806267 Purchase of Programmable High Current DC Power Supply. MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document02/06/2014
20 TR 5834252 Construction of Traction Sub-Station,OHEDepot/ PSI-Depot & Staff quarters (16 Unit-Type-II, 05 Unit- Type-III & 03 Unit-Type- IV) at Satna Station. MADHYA PRADESH4,55,94,723.0002/06/2014
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