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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 5033236 Lifting of Wheat From FCI Depots, Grinding into Atta by Dry grinding Process, Purchase of Bran, buy back of Refraction and Used Wheat Bags, Transportation of Atta na Bran by Road Transport to FSD Leh to be Concluded by MG ASC. JAMMU AND KASHMIRRefer Document07/11/2014
2 TR 5778006 Supply of Jam Td, Tea CTC, Almond Giri, dal Varieties, Edible oil, Butter, Sugar, malted milk food, Desi Ghee, Match box, ration (Custard powder, Brandy, Tomato Sauce, pickle, Biscuit, Horlicks) Cheese, Wheat atta Whole meal, Suji, Maida and Dalia, Broiler Alive. JAMMU AND KASHMIRRefer Document30/07/2014
3 TR 5756850 Purchase of dry / tinned items, dal varieties, edible oil, sugar, tea CTC, jam tinned, butter, desi gheet, raisin brown, MM food and almond giri. JAMMU AND KASHMIRRefer Document12/07/2014
4 TR 5786197 Supply of Salt, Dog biscuit, Broiler Alive and Eggs fresh, Vegetable Fresh, Fruit, bread. JAMMU AND KASHMIRRefer Document30/06/2014
5 TR 5772865 Purchase of atta, suji, maida, dalia, jam, butter, tea ration, sugar, dal varieties, refined oil cheese td, mm food and other ASC articles. JAMMU AND KASHMIRRefer Document28/06/2014
6 TR 5824857 Quantification of losses suffered by J.K. on account of Indus water treaty. JAMMU AND KASHMIRRefer Document28/06/2014
7 TR 5827615 Provision of porta cabin. JAMMU AND KASHMIR55,00,000.0020/06/2014
8 TR 5399834 Supply of Various Groups of Special Rations. Beverages Group, Coffee Group, Eggs Fresh Group, Noodles Group, Biscuit Group, Almond Group, Ground Nut Group, Cashew Nut Group, Chocolate Bar Group, Eclairs Group, Juices Group, Pickles Group, Semiyan Group, Desi hee Group and Isabgol Group. JAMMU AND KASHMIRRefer Document12/06/2014
9 TR 5780956 Provision of Semi Underground F.G.L Shet at Air Force Srinagar. JAMMU AND KASHMIR35,00,000.0009/06/2014
10 TR 5780957 Provision of 03 Semi Underground Shelter at Air Force Srinagar. JAMMU AND KASHMIR31,00,000.0009/06/2014
11 TR 5824865 Provision of Water Supply Connection to Comn DET at Singhpura. JAMMU AND KASHMIR40,00,000.0009/06/2014
12 TR 5824872 Special Repairs to Building no. P-884. JAMMU AND KASHMIR29,50,000.0009/06/2014
13 TR 5824875 Certain Repair to Roads in Zone B. JAMMU AND KASHMIR34,00,000.0009/06/2014
14 TR 5824880 Special Repair for Replacement of CT/PT of 33kv Line of BB Cantt. JAMMU AND KASHMIR13,50,000.0009/06/2014
15 TR 5731144 Provision of Pre Fab Four Room Accommodation with Corridor And Five Garages for Nre Refueling Section at AF Station Leh JAMMU AND KASHMIR1,56,00,000.0006/06/2014
16 TR 5820885 Supply of Fitter Tool Set Full Description As Per Pdf File Attached. . JAMMU AND KASHMIRRefer Document04/06/2014
17 TR 5828033 Supply of Desktop Computer and Printers . JAMMU AND KASHMIR16,59,990.0031/05/2014
18 TR 5814313 Special Repair to security wall in Chowkiball arrision. JAMMU AND KASHMIR19,50,000.0029/05/2014
19 TR 5814315 Special Repair to building no. P-699 at BB Cantt. Srinagar. JAMMU AND KASHMIR48,00,000.0029/05/2014
20 TR 5822495 Provision of toilet, urinal, kitchenette and protective work. JAMMU AND KASHMIRRefer Document29/05/2014
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