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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 5799051 Renewal of Oracle ATS. HARYANARefer Document31/03/2015
2 TR 6685554 Running & maintenance of guest house, transit camp, field hostels etc. HARYANA1,26,95,000.0030/12/2014
3 TR 5456218 Supply Of Pump Spares. HARYANARefer Document29/12/2014
4 TR 6685559 Supply of Conveyor Belt 1800 mm/MN 1000/4 5+2 FR, CE. HARYANA67,50,000.0024/12/2014
5 TR 6685540 Construction of balance work of Roads & Drains under main plant & offsite area. HARYANA1,50,90,000.0023/12/2014
6 TR 6685552 Street lighting of balance portion of enabling township. HARYANA20,93,000.0023/12/2014
7 TR 6685557 Annual Maintenance Contract for Motorized & Pneumatic Actuator. HARYANA62,43,000.0023/12/2014
8 TR 6685561 Supply of Oil storage Tank as per BS- 2594, Wheel mounted, Capacity: 30 KL (Qty-02 nos) HARYANA37,60,000.0022/12/2014
9 TR 6685569 Supply of Soft Touch Radial & other Seals for Air Pre heater. HARYANA32,94,000.0019/12/2014
10 TR 6685541 Balance work of MUW Pump house Area. HARYANA86,51,000.0018/12/2014
11 TR 6685546 Annual Maintenance Contract for Natural Draft Cooling Tower. HARYANA16,65,000.0018/12/2014
12 TR 6685550 Annual Electrical maintenance of switchyard, EHV power transformer etc. HARYANA42,90,000.0018/12/2014
13 TR 6646755 Appointment Of Consultancy Firms To Review Transmission System Transfer Capability And Review Of Operational And Long Term Planning. HARYANARefer Document17/12/2014
14 TR 6651953 Appointment Of Consultancy Firm To Review The Status Of Implementation Of Recommendation Of Enquiry Committee On Grid Disturbance And Protection Audit (Pkg-A). HARYANARefer Document17/12/2014
15 TR 6651957 Appointment Of Consultancy Firm To Review Transmission System Transfer Capability And Review Of Operational And Long Term Planning (Pkg-B) HARYANARefer Document17/12/2014
16 TR 6685565 Supply of Ion Chromatograph for measurement of ION at PPB level. HARYANA50,55,000.0017/12/2014
17 TR 6685543 Providing Approach Road for Cooling Tower no 1, 2, 3 & fire water pump house. HARYANA35,21,000.0016/12/2014
18 TR 6685548 Operation and Maintenance of Air Condition and ventilation system. HARYANA42,58,000.0016/12/2014
19 TR 6680224 Supply Of Quick Release Valve Sub Assly. HARYANARefer Document15/12/2014
20 TR 6652626 Supply Of Kit Of Pu Paints For Lhb Rajdhani Coaches. HARYANARefer Document15/12/2014
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