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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 5330172 Civil work. GUJARATRefer Document09/01/2018
2 TR 6407012 Various Electrical And Instrumetation Job For Iron Ore Bending Station. GUJARATRefer Document12/09/2015
3 TR 5314019 Sale of Immovable Property (Plot). GUJARATRefer Document22/01/2015
4 TR 5288315 Erection and Maintenance of HT,LT Line & T/C work under Jetpur Rural Sub- Division. GUJARAT4,90,000.0024/12/2014
5 TR 5288336 Hiring of Closed body Vehicle(Tata Sumo/Bolero for IC Squad Under Jetpur Division. GUJARAT4,50,000.0024/12/2014
6 TR 5288330 Eathing work in Consumer Premises Under Jetpur Rural S/Dn. GUJARAT4,90,000.0024/12/2014
7 TR 5400974 Supply & erection work of LILO of one circuit of 400kV D/C Kosamba-Chorania transmission lines at 400KV Sanand-II (GIDC) S/S – 45Km with ACSR Twin Moose conductor . GUJARAT40,72,12,000.0012/12/2014
8 TR 6416708 Provision of Catering Services. GUJARATRefer Document26/11/2014
9 TR 5399316 Construction of House and Bridge. GUJARATRefer Document20/11/2014
10 TR 6387573 Provision Of Catering Services At Special Minor Unit [Smu] Through Calling Of Application For Catering Stalls At Palanpur Station Pf No 1 Adjoining Parcel Office Towards Abu Road Side. Smu/P-4 . GUJARAT10,00,000.0018/11/2014
11 TR 6387574 Provision Of Catering Services At Special Minor Unit [Smu] Through Calling Of Application For Catering Stalls At Ahmedabad Station Pf No 6/7 Between Pole No 11 & 12.Smu/A-2 . GUJARAT10,00,000.0018/11/2014
12 TR 6387576 Provision Of Catering Services At Special Minor Unit [Smu] Through Calling Of Application For Catering Stalls At Ahmedabad Station Pf No 1 Between Pay & Use & Rms Smu/A-1 . GUJARAT10,00,000.0018/11/2014
13 TR 6392138 Supply Set Of Lock Bolt To Emd Pt No 40080157, Dlw Pt 17420040 To Alcoa Part No C50lr-Br44-4 And Steel Collar To Emd Pt No 40022911, Dlw Pt No 17084301, Alcoa Part No Ac-R44u. GUJARATRefer Document12/11/2014
14 TR 6392151 Supply Of Switch Rotary-Isolation To Emd Pt No 40035100. To Dlw Pt No 18310175. GUJARATRefer Document12/11/2014
15 TR 6392158 Supply Of Traction Pinion Case Hardened For Emd Locomotive To Emd Part No 40074147 To Dlw Part No 18440010 Rdso Spec-No Ems-81. GUJARATRefer Document12/11/2014
16 TR 6418890 Supply of Secondary Yaw Damper For Hhp Locomotives Rdso Spec No Mp. Rev 03 April-12 And Drg No Sk.Vl-484 Alt-03. GUJARATRefer Document12/11/2014
17 TR 6418924 Supply of EPU/TPU Receptacle Emd Pt No.10634220 Dlw Pt No.18010556 GUJARATRefer Document12/11/2014
18 TR 6418942 Supply of Board Assembly To Emd No 8422220 Dlw Pt No 18350446 To Emd Drg No 8422220 Rev Latest. GUJARATRefer Document12/11/2014
19 TR 6392144 Supply Of Relay Gp.Emd Pt No. 8357415 Dlw Pt No.18180012 GUJARATRefer Document11/11/2014
20 TR 6392164 Supply Of Repaipr Kit Ecotlp Super Stack For Injector For Y -3 Scheduler Containing 10 Items To Interstateids Part No.4991056.1spray Tip/Needle Valve Spray Tip And Needle Valve Assly Pt 4991056-Qty-1.2cage Valve Spring Pt 4991056-Qty-1.3seat Valve Spring Pt 4991056 Qty-1.4spring Valve Pt 4991056 Qty-1. 5cage Valve Check Pt 4991056 Qty-1.6valve Check Pt 4991056 Qty1.7spacer Pt 4991056 Qty-1.8seal Injector Nut Pt 5235571 Qty-1.9gasket Filter Cap Pt 5226186 Qty-2.10filter Injector Pt 5228587-Qt2 GUJARATRefer Document11/11/2014
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