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Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh assumes strategic importance for Indian defense. Rich and tranquil expanses of meadows, perennial rivers, dense forests and fertile soil of Uttar Pradesh provide excellent economic opportunities. Uttar Pradesh is well endowed with abundant wealth of land, water, minerals and forest produces. It has skilled, educated and technical human resource base. It also has excellent connectivity to all parts of the country, through efficient and reliable transportation facilities. Large numbers of bank branches have been established in the State, including major foreign banks, for providing good financial services to the local communities and investors. Besides, there exists a well-developed special purpose modern industrial area like software technology parks, electronic city, toy city, plastic city, integrated agro park, Leather Park, chemical complex and textile city.

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UTTAR-PRADESH's All Tenders | Results : 3929 Tenders Found

No. Tender ID & Tender Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tender: 10850685 Supply Of Gate Valves, Spares Of Pumps And Over Head Tank For Filtration Plant, Otps, Obra. .
UTTAR PRADESH 6,08,000.00 26/12/2016
2 Tender: 10850683 Application Of Thermal Insulation On Bypass Air Pipe Lines, Hot Air Box, Classifier Cone, Trunion Tube, Etc Of Milling System And Also Thermal Insulation On Fo Pump Pipe Lines Valves, Etc. Along With Supply Of Material During Overhauling Of Unit 5 .
UTTAR PRADESH 19,70,000.00 11/01/2017
3 Tender: 10850681 Replacement Of Centre Feed Pipes Of Ball Mill Bbd-4772 Installed In 2 X 500 Mw, Btps, Anpara .
UTTAR PRADESH 12,00,000.00 11/01/2017
4 Tender: 10850316 Electrification Of Bus Station At Pratapgarh .
UTTAR PRADESH 14,02,833.00 15/12/2016
5 Tender: 10850309 Supply Of 200Mva Transformers .
UTTAR PRADESH 56,00,00,000.00 14/12/2016
6 Tender: 10848998 Rate Contract Of Supply, Installation (Including Wiring Up To Critical Electrical Loads) & Commissioning With 05 Years Comprehensive Maintenance Of Solar Pv Power Plants Each Capacity 05 Kw In Government Inter Colleges Situated In Various Districts Of Uttar Pradesh.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 14/12/2016
7 Tender: 10848163 Installation Of New 40 Mva, 132/33 Kv T/F In Place Of Burnt & Damaged, 20 Mva T/F 132/33Kv T/F At 132Kv S/S Bharwari Under Electy. Trans. Division- Iv, Allahabad.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 09/12/2016
8 Tender: 10848160 Riffling And Replacement Hose Pipe At Various Substation Under Electy, Trans, Division- Iii, Allahabad.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 09/12/2016
9 Tender: 10848159 Survey, Design, Supply, Laying, Commissioning And Testing Of Raw Water Rising Main From Intake Well At Matatila To C.P. Tank (1800 Mm Dia – 1200 M.) And Raw Water Gravity Main From Matatila To Babina Water Works (1700 Mm Dia – 19900 M), Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (Pccp) With Sliding Overlapwelded Joint And Other Allied Works On Turnkey Basis.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 20/12/2016
10 Tender: 10848155 Providing Of Mulsifire System On 2×200 Mva, 220/132 Kv T/F At 220 Kv Rewa-Road Under Electy Trans Division-Ii, Allahabad.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 22/12/2016
11 Tender: 10848150 Providing & Laying Of M.S. Pipe Line To Provide Fire Hydrant System To 2×200 Kv Isolux Bay At 220 Kv Rewa-Road Under Electy Trans Division-Ii, Allahabad.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 09/12/2016
12 Tender: 10848146 Maintenance And Operation Of 220/132 Kv Sirathu For The Period Of 01 Year Under Electy. Trans. Division-Iv, Allahabad.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 22/12/2016
13 Tender: 10848144 Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of 2×200 Mva, 220/132 Kv T/F At 220 Kv Rewa-Road Under Electy Trans Division- Ii, Allahabad.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 22/12/2016
14 Tender: 10848135 Providing 1 No. Diesel Vehicle With Driver For 400 Kv Sub-Station Mant, Mathura.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 14/12/2016
15 Tender: 10848125 Overhauling Of Mulsifire System At 220 Kv Sub-Station Firozabad.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 27/12/2016
16 Tender: 10848068 Upgradation Of Charkhari And Kharela Water Supply Scheme1. Treatment Plant (01 No.) 2.25 Mld2. Distribution System-6.0 Kms.3. Boundry Wall And Miscellaneous Works4. Building Works -A. Sub Station (02 No.)B. D.G. Set Room (01 No.)C. Wwe Quarter (01 No.)D. Cholorinating Room (02 No.)5. Renovation Of Existing Structures.
UTTAR PRADESH 2,19,70,000.00 15/12/2016
17 Tender: 10847634 Supply Of 05 Nos. Computer Operators (On Contract Basis).
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 30/12/2016
18 Tender: 10846574 Re-Internal Wiring And Yard Lighting Work Of Bus Station.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 06/12/2016
19 Tender: 10844176 Survey Design Supply And Laying Of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe Of 2000 And 1500 Mm Dia Under Combined 50 Cusec Ganga Water Project For Noida And Ghaziabad .
UTTAR PRADESH 22,50,00,000.00 22/12/2016
20 Tender: 10844053 Construction Of Depot Workshop On Co-Oprative Land At Badaun .
UTTAR PRADESH 6,20,75,288.00 19/12/2016
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