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Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh assumes strategic importance for Indian defense. Rich and tranquil expanses of meadows, perennial rivers, dense forests and fertile soil of Uttar Pradesh provide excellent economic opportunities. Uttar Pradesh is well endowed with abundant wealth of land, water, minerals and forest produces. It has skilled, educated and technical human resource base. It also has excellent connectivity to all parts of the country, through efficient and reliable transportation facilities. Large numbers of bank branches have been established in the State, including major foreign banks, for providing good financial services to the local communities and investors. Besides, there exists a well-developed special purpose modern industrial area like software technology parks, electronic city, toy city, plastic city, integrated agro park, Leather Park, chemical complex and textile city.

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UTTAR-PRADESH's All Tenders | Results : 5878 Tenders Found

No. Tender ID & Tender Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tender: 12350914 Survey , Design, Supply , Laying , Jointing , Testing , & Commissioning And Operation & Maintenance For A Period Of 12 Months Of “Water Carrier System (Laying Of 1100Mm Dia . Tein (Double) D.I. (K-9) Pipes), Intake & Related Structures And Allied Works For Conveying 80 Cusec Raw Water Form Bidhnu Canal Near Bidhnu Kasba To The Gtpp Site Kanpur” Which Is Suituated Approzimately 45Km From Water Intake Point .
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 03/08/2017
2 Tender: 12350584 Supply Leak Detection Equipment Including Training To The Departmental Staff For Its Operation.
UTTAR PRADESH 23,73,000.00 19/08/2017
3 Tender: 12350540 Supply Of Leak Detection Equipment Including Training To The Departmental Staff For Its Operation.
UTTAR PRADESH 44,46,000.00 19/08/2017
4 Tender: 12349827 Replacement Of Deffective Or Demaged Towers Of 400 Kv Parichha-Orai-Mainpuri Dc Line With New Towers .
UTTAR PRADESH 48,87,000.00 27/07/2017
5 Tender: 12349818 Overhauling Of 33 Kv Vcb At 132 S/S Tanda Ambedkarnagar.
UTTAR PRADESH 95,000.00 21/08/2017
6 Tender: 12349812 Replacement Of Old 245Kv Isolators At 220Kv S/S Sahibabad Under Etd-I, Ghaziabad .
UTTAR PRADESH 6,40,000.00 21/08/2017
7 Tender: 12349808 Annual Maintenance At 132Kv S/S Vaishali Under Etd-I, Ghaziabad.
UTTAR PRADESH 13,00,000.00 21/08/2017
8 Tender: 12349804 Providing And Fixing 120 Watt Led Lights.
UTTAR PRADESH 2,00,000.00 28/07/2017
9 Tender: 12349798 Overhauling Of Air Compressor Of Circuit Breaker At 220 Kv Ss Saharanpur.
UTTAR PRADESH 90,000.00 27/07/2017
10 Tender: 12349793 Cleaning Replacement Of Defective Door Machine Damaged Rubber Sealing Lining Maintenance Of Alluminium Door Frame Glasses Of Control Room Committee Room Area At 400Kv Substation Azamgarh .
UTTAR PRADESH 2,00,000.00 23/08/2017
11 Tender: 12349790 Providing And Fixing Of Bay Name Board For 132Kv 33Kv Feeders Transformer Bays And Transformer Description Board At 132Kv Substation Mehnagar And Lalganj Under Etd Azamgarh .
UTTAR PRADESH 2,00,000.00 23/08/2017
12 Tender: 12349788 Cutting Of Grasses At 132Kv Substation Lalganj And Mehnagar Under Etd Azamgarh.
UTTAR PRADESH 2,00,000.00 23/08/2017
13 Tender: 12349783 Replacement Of Damaged Perforated Tray At 132 Kv Sub Station Ambala Road .
HARYANA 1,10,000.00 27/07/2017
14 Tender: 12349779 Overhauling And Repairing Of 145 Kv Isolator Installed At 132 Kv Ss Deoband Under Etd Ii, Saharanpur .
UTTAR PRADESH 1,90,000.00 28/07/2017
15 Tender: 12349759 Additional Balance Works Of 220Kv Sitapur-Nighasan Line Under Etd Sitapur (Electrical Works).
UTTAR PRADESH 11,48,000.00 27/07/2017
16 Tender: 12349736 Providing Lighting Distribution Panel At 220 Kv S/S Mirzapur .
UTTAR PRADESH 2,00,000.00 26/07/2017
17 Tender: 12349433 Supply Of Cleaning Mateirl At Shakti Bhawan Extn Lko .
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 02/08/2017
18 Tender: 12349426 Tender For Electrification Of Villages Mazras Of 2 Nos. Dist Of U P Through Ddg Under Ddugjy On Turnkey Basis Design, Supply, Inst. Commi. Of Solar Pv Power Plants Along With Power Distr. Network And Release Of Service Connections To Bpl On Bomt .
UTTAR PRADESH 14,70,00,000.00 21/08/2017
19 Tender: 12349399 Handpump Installation Of Work .
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 27/07/2017
20 Tender: 12349394 Handpump Installation Of Work .
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 27/07/2017
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