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Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is a state in Central India. Its capital is Bhopal, and the largest city is Indore. Nickname the "heart of India" due to its geographical location in India, Madhya Pradesh is the second largest state in the country by area. The state has a total installed power generation capacity, most of which is under the control of the state and the central governments. The state has an agrarian economy. The major crops of Madhya Pradesh are wheat, soybean, gram, sugarcane, rice, maize, cotton, rapeseed, mustard and arhar. Minor Forest Produce (MFP), such as tendu leaves used to roll beedi, sal seed, teak seed, and lak also contribute to state's rural economy. The state has the largest reserves of diamond and copper in India. Other major mineral reserves include those of coal, coalbed methane, manganese and dolomite.

All Tenders invited by Government of Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh State Govt. Departments, PSUs, Municipal Corporations of Madhya Pradesh are available in this Madhya Pradesh Tenders section. Detailed Tender Information contains tender notice including tender documents or scanned images of original publications of news paper.

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MADHYA-PRADESH's All Tenders | Results : 58312 Tenders Found

No. Tender ID & Tender Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tender: 15861324 Repairing Maintenance And Rectification Of Faults Stolen Refridgerant Pipe Line Of Split Type Ac At Csc, Gsm Section And Other Misc Work At Old Cto Building , Jabalpur .
MADHYA PRADESH 43,533.00 25/06/2018
2 Tender: 15861267 Supply Installation Testing And Commissioning Of 15Nos.*7 Tr Microprosessor Based High Precision Air Cooled Package Ac Units I/C Comprehensive Maintenance For Various T.E.Bldgs.
MADHYA PRADESH 48,031.00 25/06/2018
3 Tender: 15861172 Replacement Of Existing Old 500 Kva Transformer From Available 160 Kva Transformer, Its Associated Work And Misc Electrical Works At Max I Telephone Exchange Building Campus Sagar.Corrigendum
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 25/06/2018
4 Tender: 15861097 Acquiring Premises For Opening Of Its Existing Branches On Lease / Rental Basis In The Following Areas.
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 04/07/2018
5 Tender: 15860902 Spraying Water Through Mobile Tanker For Dust Suppression At Pouni Ocm Under Pouni Sub Area .
MADHYA PRADESH 1,71,920.00 28/06/2018
6 Tender: 15860894 Mechanical Transfer Of Coal In To Tippers At Vindhya Colliery Ground Stock And Transportation Of Coal From Vindhya Colliery Ground Stock To Wharf Wall Railway Siding Nowrozabad Johilla Area Quantity 57000 Te At 1000 Tpd For A Period Of 57Days .
MADHYA PRADESH 33,49,320.00 10/07/2018
7 Tender: 15860886 Assistance Required For Cleaning/Sweeping Of Office And U/G Galleries At Nowrozabad (W) Mine At Nowrozabad Sub Area Of Johilla Area. .
MADHYA PRADESH 2,23,645.00 30/06/2018
8 Tender: 15860877 Cleaning Of Malma From The Gallery And Drain Of 21Le, 23D/21L, And 36Le At Piparia Under Ground Mine, Umaria Sub Area Of Johilla Area .
MADHYA PRADESH 1,97,203.00 26/06/2018
9 Tender: 15860873 Procurement Of Copper Cable For Hmb15 Dragline .
MADHYA PRADESH 7,30,840.00 12/07/2018
10 Tender: 15860841 Hiring Of Contract For The Services Of Hot Tapping & Welding Of Split Tee For Creation Of Bypass Arrangement For The Inlet Valve Of Nfl Terminal”..
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 10/07/2018
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