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Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is a state in Central India. Its capital is Bhopal, and the largest city is Indore. Nickname the "heart of India" due to its geographical location in India, Madhya Pradesh is the second largest state in the country by area. The state has a total installed power generation capacity, most of which is under the control of the state and the central governments. The state has an agrarian economy. The major crops of Madhya Pradesh are wheat, soybean, gram, sugarcane, rice, maize, cotton, rapeseed, mustard and arhar. Minor Forest Produce (MFP), such as tendu leaves used to roll beedi, sal seed, teak seed, and lak also contribute to state's rural economy. The state has the largest reserves of diamond and copper in India. Other major mineral reserves include those of coal, coalbed methane, manganese and dolomite.

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MADHYA-PRADESH's All Tenders | Results : 46195 Tenders Found

No. Tender ID & Tender Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tender: 11585761 Construction Of Bituminous Road At Ward No 06 Scheme No 10 Maal Go Down Road Aata Chakki To Pradip Malkani Mandsaur .
MADHYA PRADESH 4,39,000.00 07/04/2017
2 Tender: 11585759 Construction Of Bituminous Road At Ward No 35 Nayaganw Baba Ramdev Temple To 8 Quarter Mandsaur .
MADHYA PRADESH 8,52,000.00 07/04/2017
3 Tender: 11585758 Construction Of Bituminous Road At Ward No 39 Scheme No 1 Indira Nagar In Front Of Mig Quarter Mandsaur .
MADHYA PRADESH 4,81,000.00 07/04/2017
4 Tender: 11585756 Construction Of Hall For City Livelihood Center On Nagar Palika Shopping Complex Ward 13 Mandsaur .
MADHYA PRADESH 21,34,000.00 07/04/2017
5 Tender: 11585755 Construction Of BT Road 700M At Ward No 5 From Amlai Chowk To Kanji House Burhar Town .
MADHYA PRADESH 8,55,000.00 10/04/2017
6 Tender: 11585753 Construction Of Cement Concrete Work From Charandas House To Mangusingh House Ward No 11 Mandsaur .
MADHYA PRADESH 5,72,000.00 07/04/2017
7 Tender: 11585751 Construction Of Cement Concret Road Near Ratandeep Colony Wardno.03 Mandsaur .
MADHYA PRADESH 2,00,000.00 07/04/2017
8 Tender: 11585750 Construction Of Cement Concret Road At Mahaveer Colony Gali No 1 Ward No. 03 Mandsaur .
MADHYA PRADESH 4,00,000.00 07/04/2017
9 Tender: 11585748 Construction Of Inter Locking Block And Boundry Wall Ward No 36 Mitra Nivas Colony Ratlam As Per Estimate .
MADHYA PRADESH 12,32,000.00 17/04/2017
10 Tender: 11585746 Ward 13 Me State Bank Colony Me Park Develoment Work .
MADHYA PRADESH 4,62,000.00 04/04/2017
11 Tender: 11585744 Shifting Of 11 Kv Line Amarnath Colony Road At Danish Kunj Road Bhopal .
MADHYA PRADESH 6,89,922.00 31/03/2017
12 Tender: 11585742 Construction Of Boundary Wall Ward No 12 Kasturba Nagar Ratlam As Per Estimate .
MADHYA PRADESH 4,88,000.00 17/04/2017
13 Tender: 11585739 Preparation Of Housing For All Plan Of Action Hfapoa And Detail Project Report In Gautampura Under Pmay .
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 31/03/2017
14 Tender: 11585735 Onstruction Of Boundary Wall Ward No 17 Ishwar Nagar Ratlam As Per Estimate .
MADHYA PRADESH 4,33,700.00 17/04/2017
15 Tender: 11585732 Supply Of Water Supply Maintenance Items At The Office Of Nagar Parishad Nagod In Year 2017-18 .
MADHYA PRADESH 40,00,000.00 08/04/2017
16 Tender: 11585730 Ward 08 Me Amedekar Colony Prajapati Mohlla Me Cement Concrete Road Work .
MADHYA PRADESH 21,82,000.00 07/04/2017
17 Tender: 11585728 Ward 08 Me Amedekar Colony Prajapati Mohlla Me Cement Concrete Road Work .
MADHYA PRADESH 21,82,000.00 07/04/2017
18 Tender: 11585725 Ward 41 Me Lekhraj Khateek Sidhar School Rampal Prajapati Deepu Jadon Gali Aampura Main Road Gali Water Bound Macadam Road Work .
MADHYA PRADESH 15,20,000.00 07/04/2017
19 Tender: 11585721 Construction Of Cement Concrete Renewal Work At Shringar Gali Ward No 25 Mandsaur .
MADHYA PRADESH 1,55,000.00 07/04/2017
20 Tender: 11585719 Survey Investigation, Design And Construction Including Procurement Of Rcc Anicut Barrage Having Approximately 2.40 M Height And 220 M In Length Including Us And Ds Bank Protection Digging Of Grout Hole And Cement Grouting Energy Dissipation Apron, Providing And Fixing Of 500 Mm Approx Sluice Gates With Suitable Nos Of Under Sluice To Pass Silt With Suitable Rcc Box Channels And Providing And Fixing Ms Shutters In Opening Of Anicut Across River Sindh Coordinates 25 10 5035 N 77 41 19 43E And Construction Of Store Room At Anicut Site At Near Village Bhadota Kolaras In Shivpuri District Mp On Lump Sump Contract Basis. For Kolaras Water Supply Scheme .
MADHYA PRADESH 5,19,00,000.00 25/04/2017
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