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No. Tender ID & Tender Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tender: 17186326 Supply Of Wire Rope Of Ø 12, 6X36. Construction: Steel Core (Iwrc). Ungalvanised Rho Lay Quality Minimum Breaking Force 1770 N/Mm², Is 2266-89 , L= 320M X1 Reel.
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 22/11/2018
2 Tender: 17186217 Supply Of Esab Durochrome Welding Electrode Of Dia. 4Mmx350mm, Esab Terroweld Dlh Welding Electrode Of Dia.4Mmx350mm.
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 19/11/2018
3 Tender: 17186199 Supply Of Spare Drum For 12’ X 16’ Drum Filter,Hdo.
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 17/12/2018
4 Tender: 17186196 Supply Of Calibration Of Instruments Of Electrical Section Turamdih Mine.
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 20/11/2018
5 Tender: 17185967 Auction Sale Of "Scrap D.O Gibs,D.O Cotter,Stretcher Chair Bar, Steel Pot Slide Chair Rail 90R(Below 1Mtrs), Pwi Lot No.-.(1) 31/D.O.Gibs/Crp/16-17 For Qty.-1057Nos-0.70Mt, (2) 32/D.O.Cotter/Crp/16-17 For Qty.-246Nos-0.12Mt, (3)33/Stretcher Bar/Crp/16-17 For Qty.-59Nos-1.21Mt, (4)34/Steel Pot/Crp/16-17 For Qty.-319Nos-7.77Mt, (5)35/Slide Chair/Crp/16-17 For Qty.-343Nos-4.88Mt, (6)38/Rail 90R/Crp/16-17 For Qty.-28Nos-0.566Mt Loction:-(1),(2),(3),(4)&(6) Km-17/5-7,Sse(Pw)Store,Crp, (5)Km-23/27-29,Sse(Pw)Store Bhme" .
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 20/11/2018
6 Tender: 17185965 Auction Sale Of "Scrap Steel Xing Sleeper Bg, Pwi Lot No.- (1)09/Brwd/18 For Qty.-100Nos-347.71Mtrs-12.344Mt, (2)10/Brwd/18 For Qty.-100Nos-377.56Mtrs-13.403Mt, (3)11/Brwd/18 For Qty.-100Nos-358.06Mtrs-12.711Mt Location:-(1), (2), (3)In Front Of Sse/Sig./Office/Brwd." .
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 20/11/2018
7 Tender: 17185963 Auction Sale Of "Scrap Ohe Cut Mast Off Size & Type (1)Stock Holder Lot No.-Sse/Trd/Crp/1/15 For Bfb[8X8], Qty.-03Pc-7.89Mtr-403.968Kg, Rsj[8X6], Qty.-05Pc-16.45Mtr-878.260Kg, K-150, Qty.-05Pc-20.48Mtr-781.92Kg, B-175, Qty.-04Pc-15.76Mtr-703.03Kg, Ttu, Qty.-03Pc-8.28Mtr-641.21Kg, K-200, Qty.-02Pc-7.35Mtr-366.54Kg, Bfbu, Qty.-04Pc-8.23Mtr-620.45Kg, Bfb[6X6], Qty.-18Pc-69.93Mtr-2659.43Kg, (2)Stock Holder Lot No.-Sse/Trd/Crp/2/15 For O Type, Qty.-12Pc-79.21Mtr-4400.11Kg N Type, Qty.-15Pc-70.36Mtr-2445.01Kg (3)Stock Holder Lot No.-Sse/Trd/Crp/1/16 For B-200Type, Qty.-09Pc-33.56Mtr-1703.51Kg B-175Type, Qty.-04Pc-15.51Mtr-691.90Kg B-155Type, Qty.-10Pc-39.21Mtr-1531.93Kg Bfb[8X8], Qty.-06Pc-14.99Mtr-767.49Kg, Bfb[6X6], Qty.-06Pc-22.01Mtr-837.04Kg, Rsj[8X6], Qty.-04Pc-12.51Mtr-666.78Kg, (4)Stock Holder Lot No.-Sse/Trd/Crp/2/16 For O Type, Qty.-18Pc-71.09Mtr-3999.381Kg N Type, Qty.-01Pc-5.42Mtr-183.60Kg Total Weight In Mt =24.281Mt Location:- (1) Near Tower Wagon Shed, Loc-Crp/1008-1010, (2)Near Crp Depot Boundary Loc-Crp/1010-1012, (3)Near Tower Wagan Shed/Crp Loc-Crp/1008-1010, (4)Near Tower Wagan Shed Loc-Crp/1010-1012 " .
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 20/11/2018
8 Tender: 17185961 Auction Sale Of "Scrap Ohe Cut Mast (1)Stock Holder Lot No. 01 For C-10, Qty.-09Nos-32.58Mtr-847.08Kg, C-12, Qty.-13Nos-41.43Mtr-1284.33Kg, C-14, Qty.-01Nos-0.85Mtr-30.6Kg, Rsj[8X6], Qty.-02Nos-3.19Mtr-170.31Kg, Bfb[6X6], Qty.-01Nos-1.00Mtr-38.03Kg, (2)Stock Holder Lot No. 02 For C-10, Qty.-01Nos-3.27Mtr-85.02Kg, C-12, Qty.-07Nos-25.03Mtr-775.93Kg, C-14, Qty.-02Nos-7.07Mtr-254.52Kg, Rsj[8X6], Qty.-06Nos-16.17Mtr-863.31Kg, Bfb[6X6], Qty.-01Nos-2.75Mtr-104.58Kg, Bfb[8X8], Qty.-03Nos-7.42Mtr-379.90Kg, (3)Holder Lot No. 03 For C-10, Qty.-04Nos-11.46Mtr-297.96Kg, C-12, Qty.-47Nos-168.11Mtr-5211.41Kg, C-16, Qty.-01Nos-7.13Mtr-292.33Kg, Rsj[8X6], Qty.-11Nos-30.15Mtr-1609.70Kg, Bfb[6X6], Qty.-04Nos-13.42Mtr-510.36Kg, Bfb[8X8], Qty.-03Nos-09.06Mtr-463.87Kg, K-150, Qty.-01Nos-2.75Mtr-104.99Kg, B-150, Qty.-02Nos-16.23Mtr-634.10Kg, B-175, Qty.-01Nos-7.44Mtr-331.89Kg, Total Weight In Mt Of Lot No.01, 02 & 03 =16.129Mt Location:-(1),(2)&(3) Near Tower Wagan Shed Gomoh" .
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 20/11/2018
9 Tender: 17185959 Auction Sale Of "Scrap Fir Wood (Average Size 2.15Mtrs) Pwi Lot No.- (1)1/Fire Wood/Sc/17-18 For Qty.-126Nos-5.923Mt, (2)2/Fire Wood/Sc/17-18 For Qty.-160Nos-5.928Mt Location:-(1)&(2) Pwi Store Hzd" .
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 20/11/2018
10 Tender: 17185958 Auction Sale Of Scrap Empty Drum 20 Lit Capacity Without Lld Lot No.45/Empty Drum 20 Lit Cap/Sc/16-17 For-109 Nos, 0.250Mt Location-Pwi Store Hzd. .
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 20/11/2018
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