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No. Tender ID & Tender Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tender: 14223860 Providing And Supplying Of Split Type Air Conditioners Machines At Govt. Hospital, C.H.C. In Diu District.
DIV AND DAMAN 6,48,000.00 24/02/2018
2 Tender: 14223853 Providing And Supplying Of Split Tye Air Conditioners Machines At Mamlatdar Office, Cricket Pavilion & Facility Block Padmabhushan Sports Complex – Diu.
DIV AND DAMAN 7,31,000.00 24/02/2018
3 Tender: 14223847 Renovation And Repairing Of Government High School Near Saudwadi Panchayat, At Saudwadi In Diu District.
DIV AND DAMAN 8,53,783.00 24/02/2018
4 Tender: 14223843 Repairing And Strenghthening To The Existing Fishing Jetty By Providing Cement Concrete Pavement Situated At Vanakbara, Diu.
DIV AND DAMAN 19,36,894.00 24/02/2018
5 Tender: 14223835 Construction Of Compound Wall Alongwith Landscaping And Approach Road Of Nagoa Pump House Near Diu Airport At Nagoa – Diu.
DIV AND DAMAN 19,37,063.00 24/02/2018
6 Tender: 14223830 Providing And Erecting Of Chain Like Fencing In Forest Area – Diu.
DIV AND DAMAN 36,26,939.00 24/02/2018
7 Tender: 14223719 Providing Tetrapods For Coastal Protection Near Summer House, Chakratirth And Gangeshwar Road Line Important Location In Diu District.
DIV AND DAMAN 2,89,06,393.00 22/02/2018
8 Tender: 14171198 Expression Of Interest For Operations Of Water Taxis At Diu .
DIV AND DAMAN Refer Detail 06/03/2018
9 Tender: 14049826 Construction Of Sock Pit For Bucharwada Village Area At Bucharwada Village Panchayat, Diu.
DIV AND DAMAN 3,39,214.00 18/02/2018
10 Tender: 14049812 Recarpeting Of Cement Concrete Road Starting From Jenti China House To Sona Bai Varjang House & Various Street Of Ambawadi At Bucharwada Village Panchayat, Diu.
DIV AND DAMAN 2,76,401.00 18/02/2018
11 Tender: 14049796 Renovation And Maintenance For Toilet At Navapara Of Fatak In Bucharwada Village Panchayat, Diu.Sh: Demolition Of Existing Slab And Construction Of New Slab, Plaster Work And Plumbing Work Etc. Complete.
DIV AND DAMAN 3,06,914.00 18/02/2018
12 Tender: 14049664 Supply & Installation Of Stainless Steel Open Gym.
DIV AND DAMAN Refer Detail 17/02/2018
13 Tender: 14049605 Levelling Of Beaching Platform With R.C.C.Pavement Behind Fisherman Society Diesel Pump At Saudwadi Area, Vanakbara, Diu.
DIV AND DAMAN 3,35,01,735.00 22/02/2018
14 Tender: 14049547 Renovation Of Complain Centre Of Electricity Department At Fudam, Diu.
DIV AND DAMAN 9,67,503.00 17/02/2018
15 Tender: 14049541 Construction Of Reverse Osmosis Room And Panel Room At Kevdi Pump House – Diu.
DIV AND DAMAN 10,95,579.00 17/02/2018
16 Tender: 14049529 Raising Of Compound Wall And Construction Of Internal Road And Parking Shed At Public Works Department Garage, Gandhipara, Diu.
DIV AND DAMAN 20,83,799.00 17/02/2018
17 Tender: 14049522 Renovation Of Conference Hall New Entrance Gate Along With Other Civil Works At Electricity Office At Diu.
DIV AND DAMAN 21,55,626.00 17/02/2018
18 Tender: 14049506 Renovation And Repairing Of Government Middle, High School And Higher Secondary School At Vadimata, Saudwadi In Diu District.
DIV AND DAMAN 29,86,710.00 17/02/2018
19 Tender: 14049495 Providing, Supplying, Erecting, Testing And Commission Of Silent Diesel Generator Sets With Standard Manual Control Panels And Cabling, Earthing Etc. Of Diesel Generator Sets At Water Treatment Plant, Kevdi Water Pump House, Gandhipara – Diu & Offtake Point – Diu.
DIV AND DAMAN 44,60,263.00 17/02/2018
20 Tender: 14048586 Purchase And Installation Of Laboratory Equipments.
DIV AND DAMAN Refer Detail 22/02/2018
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