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No. Tender ID & Tender Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tender: 14372086 Tcr System (-)500Mvar (3X333 Configuration) Complete In All Respect Comprising Of 1 Phase Coupling Transformers (3 Main1 Hot Standby Configuration) Including Associated Equipments/System All Associated Civil Works Etc At 400 Kv Kurukshetra Under Implementation Of 500Mvar Thyristor Controlled Reactor At Kurukshetra 400Kv Bus.
HARYANA Refer Detail 04/04/2018
2 Tender: 14372064 Including Transformers For 132/66/11Kv Chungthang New S/S 132/66/11Kv Singhik New S/S 66/33Kv Lachen New S/S 66/11Kv Passingdong New S/S 66/11Kv Mangan S/S Extn And 66/11Kv Old Namchi Extn Under Comprehensive Scheme For Strengthening Of Transmission Distribution System In Ner Sikkim Intra-State Sikkim.
HARYANA Refer Detail 19/03/2018
3 Tender: 14369384 Invitation For Bids Ifb For Substation Package Sik-Ss03 Under Comprehensive Scheme For Strengthening Of Transmission And Distrivution System Single Stage Two Envelope Bidding Procedure Funding Domestic Competitive Bidding
HARYANA Refer Detail 19/03/2018
4 Tender: 14318202 Auction Sale Of 80Kn Disc Insulator , 100 No, Tin Patra, 5.00 Mt, Motor With Bevel Gear (Polyphase Make 415V 1.0Hp 1400Rpm), 102 Nos, Battery Vrla, No. Vol-2V, 95 No, Central Air Conditioner Plant Etc, Cvt 400Kv Wsi, 2 Nos, 120Kn Disc Insulator , 103 No, Transfomer Oil Scrap With 15 Nos. Drums, 3000 Ltr, Transfomer Oil Empty Drums , 400 No, Copper Scrap , 0.2 Mt, Aluminum Scrap , 1.50 Mt, Iron Scrap , 15.00 Mt, Plastic/Rubber Scrap , 1.00 Mt, Computer Assembled With Ibm Crt Monitor Etc, Earth Wire 7/4.22, 188.965 Mt, Vibration Damper (5.218 Mt), 5.218 Mt, Earth Wire Dead End (1.1154Mt), 1.1154 Mt, D-Shackle (1.2783Mt), 1.2783 Mt, Earth Wire Suspension & Clamp (0.017 Mt), 0.017 Mt, Copper Bond, 0.012 Mt, Maruti Esteem Car, Hr 26M 8184, 1 No, Transformer Oil Along With Drums , 3000 Ltr, Ms Steel , 1312 Kg, Oil Drums , 550 No, Iron Scrap , 1 Mt, Steel/Iron Scrap , 30 Mt, Scrap Acsr Conductor , 0.606 Mt.
JAMMU AND KASHMIR Refer Detail 26/02/2018
5 Tender: 14318143 Auction Sale Of Oil Test Kit Prayag Electrical (1 No.), 85.000 Kg, Dc Amplifier (1 No.), 14.000 Kg, Dew Point Meter (1 No.), 13.000 Kg, Voltage Regulator Jyoti Make (1 No.), 4.000 Kg, Auxiliary Relay (1 No.), 2.100 Kg, Modem-Uptron (1 No.), 15.500 Kg, Digital Frequency Meter (3 No.), 4.800 Kg, Multimeter (Motwane) (2 No.), 5.000 Kg, Analog Multimeter (2 No.), 4.000 Kg, Vpi Make 6Klph Oil Filtration Machine Etc, Challenger Vhf Etc, 64 Lines Pax Exchange With 3 Nos Sub-Scriber Cards (1 No.), 100 Kg, Mic- Spare Plcc Cards For Wstl Plcc Panels Etc, Crane (Pb043141 Pearey Lal & Sons Etc, Diesel Generator Set (Mta885g Cummins 09.06.1992 250Kva Etc, 30Klph Pedestal, Mounted Insulated Oil Storage Tank (1996 Make), 1 Nos, G I Wire 8 Swg, 835 Kg, Disposable Fiber Tip Pin Red Colour Etc, Pvc Armoured Sheathed Aluminium Power Cable 4Cx 16 Sq Mm , 30 Mtrs., Pendent Decorative Light Old & Used, 4 Nos, Surge Arrestor 390Kv Wsi, 4 Nos, Ct 400Kv Wsi, 12 Nos, Ct 400Kv Bhel, 1 Nos, Bushing 400Kv Bhel, 4 Nos, Grading Capacitor Abb, 2 Nos, 33 Kv Ct - Macroplast, 6 Nos, 400Kv Shunt Capacitor Bhel Make, 6 Nos, Pir Of 400Kv.Bhel Make C.B., 18 Nos, Bpi (220 Kv & 400Kv) Diff.Sizes, 13 Pcs, Long Rod Insulator, 20 No.
JAMMU AND KASHMIR Refer Detail 26/02/2018
6 Tender: 14318076 Auction Sale Of Battery, Oil Drum, Earth Wire, Disc Insulator, Aluminium Scrap, Iron Scrap, Plastic Scrap, Armoured Wire, Waste Transformer Oil, Iron Scrap, Empty Oil Drums, Sf6 Gas Cylinder, Wooden Scrap, Iron Scrap, Ac Watthour Meter, Analog Frequency Meter, Transducer, Definite Time Relay, Buzzer, Distance Protection, Auto Test Equipment, Dlds 3000 Psc France, Circuit Replica With Module, Sorel Dr, Optimho Lfzp Alstom, Distance Relay, Earth Fault Relay Cdd Alstom, Under Voltage Relay Avv Type Universal Electrical, Fuse Failure Relay Vapm Ee.
JAMMU AND KASHMIR Refer Detail 26/02/2018
7 Tender: 14310749 Tcr System 500Mvar Complete In All Respect Comprising Of 1 Phase Coupling Transformers 3 Main+1 Hot Standby Configuration Including Associated Equipment System And All Associated Civil Works Including Associated 400Kv Switchgear, Voltage Transformer, Cool
HARYANA Refer Detail 02/04/2018
8 Tender: 14221808 Extension Of 765 Kv Tamnar /S And 765Kv Dharmjyagarh S/S Under Additional System For Power Evacuation From Generation Projectsn Pooled Extension Of 765Jv Vindhyachal S/S Under Er-Nr Inter-Regional Corridor And Extension Of 400Kv Mapusa And 400Kv Narendra
GOA Refer Detail 29/03/2018
9 Tender: 14173901 Substation Package-Ss01 For Extension Of 765Kv Raigarh (Tamnar) S/S 765Kv Dharamjaygarh S/S Under Additional System For Power Evacuation From Generation Projects Pooled At Raigarh (Tamnar) Pool Extension Of 765Kv Vindhyachal S/S Under Wr-Nr Inter-Regional Corridor And Extension Of 400Kv Mapusa 400Kv Narendra New ( Kudgi Gis) Substations Under Additional Feed To Goa .
GOA Refer Detail 28/03/2018
10 Tender: 14173892 Package Tw01 For Execution Of 132 Kv D/C Transmission Line From Jeonathpur (Mughalsarai) To Sonenagar Via Karamnasa Tss, Kudra Tss Sonenagar Tss And New 132/25 Kv Substation (Tss) At Karamnasa, Sonenagar Gaya Including Bays At Gaya Gss Etc Under Consultancy Services To East Central Railway .
HARYANA Refer Detail 15/03/2018
11 Tender: 14173881 Supply Of Plb Hdpe Duct (40/30 Mm) For Nofn Works In Andhra Pradesh .
ANDHRA PRADESH Refer Detail 21/02/2018
12 Tender: 14166046 Renovation / Repairing & Repainting Of Quarters At Jiribam Sub Station
Delhi Refer Detail 05/03/2018
13 Tender: 14166045 Invitation Of Bids For Package – Tw01 For Execution Of 132 Kv Dc Transmission Line From Jeonathpur To Sonenagar Via Karamnasa Tss, Kudra Tss & Sonenagar Tss And New 132/25 Kv Sub Station Tss Including Bays At Gss Etc
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 14/03/2018
14 Tender: 14140966 Procurement Of Offline Fault Locators With Provision For Buy-Back Of 03(Three) Nos. Old Offline Fault Locators Under O&M.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 06/03/2018
15 Tender: 14140957 Housekeeping & Catering Services Of Transit Camp & Field Hostel At 800Kv Kurukshetra Hvdc Terminal.
HARYANA Refer Detail 09/03/2018
16 Tender: 14140949 Ugofc Fiber Laying From Pdd Rawalpora To Airtel / Bsnl Lalchowk To Bemina & Pdd Rawalpora To Tower N.
JAMMU AND KASHMIR Refer Detail 10/03/2018
17 Tender: 14140942 Procurement Of Smps Based Dc Power Supply For Customer Connectivities In Nr On Open Tender Basis.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 10/03/2018
18 Tender: 14138939 Tower Package-Tw01 For Diversion/Modification Of Existing 400Kv 765Kv D/C Transmission Lines Associated With Diversion/Modification Of Existing Powergrid Lines Due To Upcoming Construction Of Proposed Railway Line By M/S Ircon International Limited (Ircon) Under Consultancy Services.
CHHATTISGARH Refer Detail 12/03/2018
19 Tender: 14134471 Tender For Long Rod Polymer Insulator For + 500 Kv Hvdc Rihand-Dadri And + 500 Kv Ballia – Bhiwadi Transmission Lines
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 26/02/2018
20 Tender: 14134469 Package-P2 For Construction Of Transit Camp And D- Type Residential Quarter At 800 Kv Hvdc Terminal Station
TAMIL NADU 3,74,17,000.00 12/03/2018
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