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Oil-And-Natural-Gas-Corporation-Limited's All Tenders | Results : 593 Tenders Found

No. Tender ID & Tender Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tender: 9111085 Auction Sale Of Non Moving Surplus Capital Item
ASSAM Refer Detail 29/02/2016
2 Tender: 9111081 Auction Sale Of Condemned Truck And Truck Mounted Winches
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 29/02/2016
3 Tender: 9110184 Auction Sale Of Conserved Burnt Oil .
GUJARAT Refer Detail 01/03/2016
4 Tender: 9104237 Supply And Installation Of Condenser And Chiller Pump, Cooling Towers And Ahu Coils Of Central Air Conditioner.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 01/03/2016
5 Tender: 9097791 Hiring of Services for Inspection and NDT of Cranes of MH Asset..
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 29/02/2016
6 Tender: 9097790 Supply of Wooden Planks/Beams.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 01/03/2016
7 Tender: 9097768 Installation of Screw Pumps and Associated Modification at Lanwa GGS-III Mehsana.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 29/02/2016
8 Tender: 9097764 Earth filling, Hardening, between LAQ and Infocom office building and construction of Parking Sheds in ONGC Nagar, Mehsana Asset.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 01/03/2016
9 Tender: 9097762 Construction of WBM road and chain link fencing (new land) at Sobhasan CTF.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 02/03/2016
10 Tender: 9097756 Rate contract for construction of SRP foundation for Three years 2016-19 at Mehsana Asset.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 01/03/2016
11 Tender: 9097753 Revamping of water injection header at NDJ9 and NDJ14 EPS.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 01/03/2016
12 Tender: 9097750 Modification in civil works for the fire fighting system at Sanand57 in Area-III.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 01/03/2016
13 Tender: 9097748 Hiring Of Ctu Services On Call Basis For Ahmedabad Asset And Mehsana Asset For A Period Of Three Years.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 01/03/2016
14 Tender: 9097738 Hiring Of Different Kind Of Vehicles For Year 2016-19 For C2c3 Plant Ongc Dahej.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 01/03/2016
15 Tender: 9097734 Engagement of Third Party Inspection (TPI) for the works of Construction of Boundary Wall and Security cabins at Ubharat, Bhata and Dumas Valve Stations and other Misc. works at Valve Stations for ONGC Hazira Plant, Surat (Civil and Electrical Works)"
GUJARAT Refer Detail 29/02/2016
16 Tender: 9097728 Engagement of Third Party Inspection (TPI) for the works of Re-Construction of Boundary Wall around Phase-I and Bachelor Accommodation ONGC Township (except front portion) and other Miscellaneous works at Phase-I ONGC Nagar, Surat.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 29/02/2016
17 Tender: 9097717 Procurement of Screw Air Compressor .
TRIPURA Refer Detail 01/03/2016
18 Tender: 9097714 Procurement of High Volumetric Capacity Progressive Cavity Pumps for Artificial Lift Surface Team, Mehsana.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 06/04/2016
19 Tender: 9097704 Supply And Installation Of Gas And Oil Corrosion Inhibitor System At Various Production Installations Of Ahmedabad Asset.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 06/04/2016
20 Tender: 9097618 (Short) Civil Works At Msdi Well Site For Deployment Of Work Over Rig Operations In Krishna Area (Bantumilli Block).
ANDHRA PRADESH Refer Detail 15/02/2016
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