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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6172262 Disposal of scrap materials – Fused Tube Rods, Empty Cement bags, Empty tin of cement paint and pipe line joints, Empty oil drum Empty oil/ coulur drum, Empty HDPE Bags, Unsusable iron Hoops, Waste un usable Paper cones, Used oil Along with 2 drums. MAHARASHTRARefer Document02/08/2014
2 TR 6188284 Supply of paper Roll. MAHARASHTRARefer Document02/08/2014
3 TR 6215690 Supply Of Cylindriceelipin, Intermediate Wheel, Lid Lh, Rubber Rubber Grommet, Suelion Tube, Suelion Had. MAHARASHTRARefer Document02/08/2014
4 TR 6217898 Supply of Bobbin Holder for Ring Frame. MAHARASHTRARefer Document02/08/2014
5 TR 6211947 Supply of Bottle Brush with stiff & Good quality Nylon bristles Size: 12” , Bristles handle portion length 7” Total length 19” MAHARASHTRARefer Document31/07/2014
6 TR 6220235 Supply of (1) Philips make Infrared (IR) heating lamp 250 watt, 220-230 volt, thread type holder, for space heating purpose. (2) Siemens make Air break contactor type 3 TF-34 – 00-0A , Coil 24 VAC. (3) Siemens make Auxiliary contact 1 NC for 3 TF- 34 type contactor. (4) Auxiliary contact 1 No For Mixing, Blowroom, Drawing m/c & L.R. Ring frame m/c space heating purpose. MAHARASHTRARefer Document31/07/2014
7 TR 6217952 Supply of 11th middle Roller LH & RH for L.R Ring frame and Jockey pulley shaft bracket with slot & Hex Hd. Bolt for H.S. Ring frame. MAHARASHTRARefer Document31/07/2014
8 TR 6206043 Annual rate contract for Supply of packing materials, Cardboard and Bardana, Unlaminated New HDPE Woven Fabric. MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document28/07/2014
9 TR 6206063 Sale of scrap materials, Plastic sheets, Iron hoop sheet, Plastic bardana, Paper cone, Boulder, Earth, Copper cable, Copper sheet, M.S. Pipe, Plastic bobbin, Bobbin holder, Plastic basket drum, A.C. sheet, C.I. and M.S. Mix scrap, Plastic strip separate PVC, Broken drum G.I. and Broken sheet, Iron strip, Compressor oil. MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document28/07/2014
10 TR 6210516 Registration of MSME Firms for Supply of spare parts/Consumable items, Ball bearing, V Belts, Timing belts, Oil Grease, Electrical equipments, Spare parts of Textile machinery, Paper cone Industrial grease, HDPE bags, etc. packing material. MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document28/07/2014
11 TR 6159553 Supply of DK 800 Card. [Spurr Gear, Flat Belt Pulley dia 300mm, Double Groove a Section V Belt Pulley Outer] MAHARASHTRARefer Document26/07/2014
12 TR 6188441 Supply of 110 MM Single „Y, 110 MM Plug Bend, 110 MM Went Cowl, 110 MM Clip, 75 MM Pipe, 1 ½” Cement Khila, Rubber Lubricant, Two Way Bib Cock with Flange, Angle Cock, To Wel Ring, C.P. Wast Coupling, Bottle Trap, PVC Nani Trap Jali 5” Round, Soap Dish S.S, Ro BB Hook, S.S. Sink Nirali 22” x 17, Polyalk, Hack Aid Plast, Fixo Prime, Rusticide, Sunplex, Window sill & Jambs – Kaddapa Patti, Aluminium Box pipe, Handle Al, ¾” Interlock Al, Bearing bottom, Al. Window Sliding Lock, F. Pattil, Bearing, Track P.V.C, Glass P.V.C, U. P.V.C. (Gasket), C.S.K. Metal Screw, Glass 5 mm, Aluminium extended Tubular, Glass Clips, Gas Kit /PVC Lining. MAHARASHTRARefer Document21/07/2014
13 TR 6188439 Engineering. Bathroom Internal Plumbing Pipe Work. MAHARASHTRARefer Document21/07/2014
14 TR 6119544 Supply of Steam Coal. MAHARASHTRARefer Document19/07/2014
15 TR 6149321 Supply of Materials for Compact Motorised Indoor RMU With 1set (Incomer Breaker & 2 Nos. Incomer Breaker) for 1 no. 1MVA & 1 No. 1.5 MVA Transformer With Inbuilt SMPS at Prodar Mills Mumbai MAHARASHTRARefer Document18/07/2014
16 TR 6149323 Supply Of Materials And Labour For Electrical Trenchs For Laying Ht Cables And Others Allied Work At Podar Mills, Mumbai 013. MAHARASHTRARefer Document18/07/2014
17 TR 6161961 Supply of Folding Machine Bracket (SG Casting) Along With Nylon Bush & Shaft, 20T Gear Wheel, Folding Machine Bearing Bracket, Warping Machine Break Liner With Spring. GUJARATRefer Document18/07/2014
18 TR 6161979 Providing 180 Lift, 20 Dui Spindle – Bolster Repairing. GUJARATRefer Document18/07/2014
19 TR 6149318 Appointment of Contractor For Cone Yarn packing in Winding Department. MAHARASHTRARefer Document16/07/2014
20 TR 6125833 Supply of Air conditioners on rental basis for one year i.e. 1.8.2014 to 31.7.2015. MAHARASHTRARefer Document15/07/2014
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