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No. Tender ID & Tender Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tender: 8395946 Auction Sale Of Scrap Maruti Alto,Scrap Toyota Corolla.
KARNATAKA Refer Detail 08/10/2015
2 Tender: 8395944 Auction Sale Of Battery.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 08/10/2015
3 Tender: 8395929 Auction Sale Of 10-40 Mm +62 Percent Fe B.F.Grade Clo - Koira Mines,Iron Ore Fines 56 - 52 Percent Fe - Koira,10-180 Mm +65 Percent Fe Soft Grade Lump Clo - Gandhamardhan Mines.
ORISSA Refer Detail 08/10/2015
4 Tender: 8395905 Auction Sale Of Maruti Gypsy Hr 26 H 8036,M/Gypsy 410,Toshiba Electronic Photocopier Machine, L.I. Ups,Battery 12 Volt Various Ah,Top Deck Assy. Tarpuline.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 08/10/2015
5 Tender: 8395799 Auction Sale Of Miscellaneous Fire Wood,Teak Billet,Teak Fire Wood,Teak Billet.
KERALA Refer Detail 07/10/2015
6 Tender: 8394548 Auction Sale Of Alluminium Scrap, 2500 Kg, Blanket O/S , 7000 Kg, Battery Mt O/S Lead Acid Type , 12000 Kg, Cable O/S, 2000 Kg, Canvas Scrap , 9000 Kg, Computer & Elect Scrap , 3000 Kg, Eng Assy Mt O/S , 5000 Kg, Hardened Steel , 4000 Kg, Ms Scrap , 5000 Kg, Jack O/S, 5000 Kg, Trolley , 3000 Kg, Tent O/S, 9000 Kg, Tyre Mt O/S, 17000 Kg, Wheel Disc O/S , 10000 Kg.
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 12/10/2015
7 Tender: 8394538 Auction Sale Of Car Amb, 06B094875n, Aaf898119, 03Elaf102065, 1 No, V, Maruti Gypsy 413, 00B076061p, Mg71in207735, G13bbn109940, 1 No, V, Jeep 550Xd M&M, 02B 84137L, M1 1Aa 4Dc 21A 11104, Dc 44J 95374, 1 No, V.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 12/10/2015
8 Tender: 8394381 Auction Sale Of Mh-01-H-1296 - Ambassadormh-01-Y-270, Tata Careermh-04-Bg-5453, Maruti Omni Vanmh-01-Ba-115.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 15/10/2015
9 Tender: 8394323 Auction Sale Of Incinerator Make: Multifab (Gujarat) Pvt Ltd. Capacity : 25 Kg.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 21/10/2015
10 Tender: 8390001 Auction Sale Of E-Waste, Monitor , Printer , Scanner , Table Fan, Telephone & Glass Piece.
KERALA Refer Detail 09/10/2015
11 Tender: 8389988 Auction Sale Of Damaged E-10B Store Materials: Iti Smps Module-40 Nos./200A Smps Module-06 Nos./Siemens Smps-12 Nos./Rbdc Smps Module-22 Nos./Fr/Fc Module For 100A Smps Power Plant (P/P)-03 Nos./Dsa Module For 100A P/P-01 No./Rbdc Dsa Module-01 No./Iti Smps Main Rack-02 Nos./Extn. Rack For 100A Smps P/P-14 Nos./Mde-02 Nos./Mod-02 Nos./Eta Rack-06 Nos./Cx Rack-06 Nos./Urm Rack-09 Nos./Mr Rack-06 Nos./Pc Work Station-34 Nos./Amraraja Bty. Cells-07 Nos./Tty-04 Nos./Printer-01 No./Runway-15 Nos./Mdf Iron Materials-700 Kgs.(Approx.)/Earth Strip, Iron Angular-50 Kgs./Card (Large Lot)-01 No.
WEST BENGAL Refer Detail 30/10/2015
12 Tender: 8389973 Auction Sale Of Su63 Lathe M/C (Bay Gh), Univerisal Milling M/C (Bay Gh), Pedestal Grinding M/C (Bay Ab), Surface Grinding M/C (Bay Bc), 3T Eot Crane (Bay Ab), Ver. Coln. Drilling M/C (Bay De), Cylindrical Grinding Machine (Bay De), Bending Machine (Bay Bc), Pipe Bending Machine (Bay Ab), Dynamic Balancing Machine (Bay Ef), Furance (Bay Bc), Spectrolab Oldest M/C.
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 20/10/2015
13 Tender: 8389960 Auction Sale Of Pendulum Gr. 03 Bay D400, Shot Blast 03 Bay 12 T, Hydro Blast 05 Bay 60T, Band Saw (Metal Pattern Section), Eot Crane 09 Bay 20/5 T, Bench Drilling M/C (Fitting & Painting Section), Bit Mortiser (Bay De), Milling M/C (Bay Ab), Shot Blast-Air. Pedestal Grinding M/C (Bay Gh).
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 20/10/2015
14 Tender: 8389952 Auction Sale Of Planning M/C Hd16 (Bay 5), Circular Saw M/C Sgk -1250 (Bay 5), Drilling , C Lathe Sr 1250 (Bay 5), Pendulum Grinder & Chain M/C (Bay 6), Eot Crane 50/8T (Og Bay), Hydro Blast 08 Bay 60 T, Shot Blast 09 Bay 25 T, Pendulum Gr. 09 Bay D400, Hydro Blast 02 Bay 40 T, Annealing F/C 02 Bay.
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 19/10/2015
15 Tender: 8389946 Auction Sale Of Brkt Crane Fg Bay 5T, 3 T Induction Furnace (Bay Bc), Mould Filler -Single Arm ,Q-3 M3 (Bay Fg), Moulding Drying Furance 5X 7 X 3 M (Bay 9), Lathe - Sr 1000 (Bay 1), Grinding M/C, But63/3000 (Bay 1), Pendulum Grinder & Chain M/C (Bay 4).
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 19/10/2015
16 Tender: 8389940 Auction Sale Of Miscellaneous Scrap Items Like - Wooden Rack Open, Wooden Table, Steel Table, Steel Almirah, Sliding Door Wooden Rack, Wooden Tea Cabinet Etc..
WEST BENGAL Refer Detail 16/10/2015
17 Tender: 8389937 Auction Sale Of Miscellaneous Scrap Items Like Fire Fighting Engine ,Pump & Accessories Beside Bfs,Ms Pipes On Hose Stand,Wooden Box Etc.
WEST BENGAL Refer Detail 06/10/2015
18 Tender: 8389934 Auction Sale Of Electronic Locks, Floor Tiles, Brush Cutter, Glass Wash Basins, Manganese Ore Raw Hide, Manganese Ore Raw Hide, Iron Coil, Aluminium Cups, Blue Metal Used For Construction, Full Body Kit.
KERALA Refer Detail 14/10/2015
19 Tender: 8389927 Auction Sale Of Impedance Bridge, Voltage Stabilize & Multimeter Ebm-220.
KERALA Refer Detail 12/10/2015
20 Tender: 8389919 Auction Sale Of Pvc Drums.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 03/11/2015
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