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No. Tender ID & Tender Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tender: 7730184 Auction Sale of Rosewood/Lm/Ii/C, Teak/LM/I/C.
KERALA Refer Detail 04/06/2015
2 Tender: 7730181 Auction Sale of Iron ore Lumps- Revenue Land No FDT, Iron ore fines - Revenue Land No FDT, Iron ore Lumps, Iron ore fines.
KARNATAKA Refer Detail 04/06/2015
3 Tender: 7730171 Auction Sale Of Steel Turning & Boring, Special Gear Oil For Rfm Used Servomesh Plus 320, Contaminated Used Hydraulic Oil, Fuse Fluorescent Tube Light, Hncm Steel Turning & Boring.
WEST BENGAL Refer Detail 05/06/2015
4 Tender: 7730170 Auction Sale of Teak III C.
KERALA Refer Detail 09/06/2015
5 Tender: 7730163 Auction Sale of Timber Acacia II C, Cheeni II C, Muttithoori II C, Thondupoliyan I C.
KERALA Refer Detail 09/06/2015
6 Tender: 7730138 Auction Sale of Cond.scrap non ferrous metal copper radiator pieces, Cond.scrap valuable parts kingpin, Cond.iron scrap light parts bolt, nuts, bushes, Cond.iron rear brake chamber assys, Cond.scrap air filters/power steering filters elements., Cond.iron scrap damaged barrels, Cond.scrap wiper motors, Cond.iron scrap old zinc sheets, and damaged tubelight frames, Cond.iron scrap bearings, Cond.iron scrap corrosioned bolts,nuts,sheets, barrels, Cond.iron scrap empty grease barrels with lid, Used 210ltrs. drained oil with barrels, Unclaimed items.
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 04/06/2015
7 Tender: 7730131 Auction Sale of Cond. Iron Hat Rack, Cond. Iron Crown Wheel, Pinion Wheel & Gears, Cond.Rubber Cuttings, Polythene Paper Chips and Gunny Bags, Cond.Iron Rusted Angles and other iron items, Cond.Iron GI & MS Cuttings New, Cond.Iron Spring Brackets & Shackles, Cond.Aluminium Cuttings New, Cond.Iron Bearings, Cones and Sleeves, Cond. Iron Brake Drums and other Cast iron items, Cond.9.00x20 Flaps,.
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 04/06/2015
8 Tender: 7730119 Auction Sale of The old APT Antenna and SDUC antenna & Misc Items.
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 12/06/2015
9 Tender: 7729961 Auction Sale Of Misc. Furniture Items, Misc. - Medical Instrument Items.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 11/06/2015
10 Tender: 7729951 Auction Sale Of Vehicle. (Tempo Trax Jeep - Gj-18-G-649 - 1998 Diesel)
GUJARAT Refer Detail 11/06/2015
11 Tender: 7729946 Auction Sale of Scrap Iron, Wooden, Brass, Plastic, Aluminium, Copper, CI Fittings, Empty Barrel 200 Ltr., Electric Meter 3 Phase, Ceiling Fan 1200 mm, Exhaust Fan, Geyser, Electronic Voltage Stabilizer, Tube inner of various size and Cover outer of various size, Batter 12 Volts various AH.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 15/06/2015
12 Tender: 7729908 Auction Sale of Scrap Wood, U/s Timber, Scrap Brass, Scrap Aluminium, Scrap Iron, Siren, Transformer of various KVA, Ceiling Fan, Padestal Fan, Exhaust Fan, Geyser, Energy Meter and Scrap Aluminium, Iron, Copper, Brass.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 16/06/2015
13 Tender: 7729901 Auction Sale of Swaraj Mazda Ambulance Van GJ-18-G-6907 with RC Book.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 19/06/2015
14 Tender: 7729891 Auction Sale Of Alluminium Scrap, Brass Scrap, Copper Scrap, Scrap Iron Pgi & Ms, Scrap Wood, Empty Containers, Plastic & Rubber Items.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 12/06/2015
15 Tender: 7729882 Auction Sale of Labour Van & jeep.
UTTARANCHAL Refer Detail 22/06/2015
16 Tender: 7729837 Auction Sale of Chadachi/Lm/Ii/B, Teak/Lm/Iii/C.
KERALA Refer Detail 04/06/2015
17 Tender: 7723188 Auction Sale Of Gsl Scrap (Rusty), Gi Scrap, 21.082 Mt, 2.008 Mt, Gsl Scrap(Rusty), Iron Scrap Of Tubular Scrap Pole, Tin Tapper Scrap, Motor Parts Scrap, T/F Body Scrap, Copper Scrap Hv & Lv Coil With Paper Insulation.
HARYANA Refer Detail 10/06/2015
18 Tender: 7723156 Auction Sale Of U/S & Scrapped Misc. E Waste Material, U/S & Scrapped Misc. Raddi Etc.
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 10/06/2015
19 Tender: 7723110 Auction Sale Of Dl-2Cm-2058 Mitshubishi Lancer, Ua-07-8036 Maruti Baleno, Dl-2Cm-6074,Mahindra Balero, Dl-3Cba-0352,Honda Civic.
NEW DELHI Refer Detail 18/06/2015
20 Tender: 7722982 Auction Sale Of Jeep M&M 550 Xd 4Wd , 05B-091403P, 51B 16109, Dc 54B 33074, 1 No, V, Maruti Gypsy King (Mpfi-413) , Ly 5/7.5 Ton Als 4X4 Mk-Iii, 01D-139596K, Vfj Stl 011200, Tlh 181698, 1 No, V, Tk 2.5Ton Tata Tc, 03C-068909H, 13612 Vfj 1003, 30J 62289348, 1 No, V, Mc Hero Honda Cd 100, 03A-054783H, 03D 13F00682, Etc.
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 11/06/2015
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