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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6526742 Auction Sale of Computer, Printer, UPS, Modem etc, BEML Dumper, Hyd. Excavator L&T, BEML Loader BL-30, Mahindra -Armada Jeep, BEML Haulpak 35 Dumper. CHHATTISGARHRefer Document26/10/2014
2 TR 6526729 Auction Sale of Sub-Assemblies/Spares-Radiators, Sub-Assemblies/Spares-Miscellaneous. CHHATTISGARHRefer Document22/10/2014
3 TR 6476286 Auction Sale Of Plot For Medical College & Hospital. WEST BENGALRefer Document20/10/2014
4 TR 6530649 Auction Sale Of Unserviceble X-Mer Al Winding 11/0.4 Kv 100Kva. CHHATTISGARHRefer Document15/10/2014
5 TR 6519842 Auction Sale Of Diesel Generator Set 1000 Kva, Spares For Usha Telehost - 27 Items, Spares For Hyd. Exavator Eder 165 Items. GUJARATRefer Document15/10/2014
6 TR 6530620 Auction Sale Of Brass Scrap. ASSAMRefer Document14/10/2014
7 TR 6530636 Auction Sale Of Complete Vehicle Maruti Gypsy Ambulence,Scrap Ferrous Metal, Misc. Scrap, Spaking Plug, Scrap Leather Etc.,Battery Mt Old, Ups, A/C Battery, Accumulators Etc.,Air Conditioner, Electrical Control Panel Etc.. ASSAMRefer Document14/10/2014
8 TR 6526335 Auction Sale Of Maruti Omni Cargo, Reg. No.Gj-1-Bt-7512, M-2007. GUJARATRefer Document14/10/2014
9 TR 6517596 Auction Sale of Scrap/Condemned Battery and Scrap/Condemned Tyres. WEST BENGALRefer Document10/10/2014
10 TR 6517601 Auction Sale of Miscellaneous MT Spare Parts, Condemned Canteen Proparty Canteen Dead Stock Miscellaneous Stores. BIHARRefer Document10/10/2014
11 TR 6517611 Auction Sale of Bags, Rags, Tin, Used oil, LPG Brass Scrap, LPG Copper Scrap and Iron Scrap, J Canes 20 ltrs, LPG Iron Scrap. ASSAMRefer Document10/10/2014
12 TR 6526714 Auction Sale of Vehicle -Condemned Swaraj Mazda, 4 x 2 Police Van and Condemned Maruti Gypsy 410. ASSAMRefer Document10/10/2014
13 TR 6504316 Auction Sale of Condemned EQPT Stores,M&E and Office Machine, Condemned Tentage(CTS) and EIC, Condemned BKF Stores and Misc.Stores, Condemned GIA(NWG) Stores and GIA/SPL GIA Stores, Condemned WAF Stores, Condemned Spare Parts & Miscellaneous Scrap, Condemned Battery of Various Vehicles, Condemned Tyre,Tube,Flaps of Various Vehicles, Burn Oil of Vehicle, Condemned Veh.Tarpouline,Hood and Lshing Rope, Condemned Vehicle Tools, Condemned Workshop Tools and Condemned Empty Barrel. WEST BENGALRefer Document09/10/2014
14 TR 6510530 Auction Sale of Condemned Capital Items of MS, Finance & HSE. GUJARATRefer Document09/10/2014
15 TR 6519879 Auction Sale Of Tempo Trax - Gj-18-G-754 With Rc Book. GUJARATRefer Document09/10/2014
16 TR 6526378 Auction Sale Of 220 Kv Cvt, 33 Kv Surge Capacitor. GUJARATRefer Document09/10/2014
17 TR 6526385 Auction Sale Of Ms Scrap, Gi Scrap - Assorted, Gi Earth - Wire Scrap, Old Meter Scrap And Acsr Conductor Scrap. GUJARATRefer Document09/10/2014
18 TR 6529794 Auction Sale of M S Scrap, Plastic Scrap- Empty, Crushed Hdpe, Containers Of Various Sizes, Rubber Hoses- 65 Nos., Battery Bank-30 Nos. RAJASTHANRefer Document09/10/2014
19 TR 6499054 Auction Sale of Maruti Frunty - GJ-18-A-4742,Jeep GJ-1-9249,Ambassador GJ-16-1513,Jeep GJ-1-9421. GUJARATRefer Document08/10/2014
20 TR 6499057 Auction Sale of Bogie Wheel consisting of rim, shaft, bearing of SPM. GUJARATRefer Document08/10/2014
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