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No. Tender ID & Tender Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tender: 10060051 Auction Sale Of Assorted Heavy/Light Metal Scrap, Assorted Aluminium/Ss/Ms/Fiber Utensils,Etc, Asbestos Sheets.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 03/08/2016
2 Tender: 10059832 Auction Sale Of Battery 400 Ah, Marr Tower, Etc.
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 06/08/2016
3 Tender: 10059827 Auction Sale Of 20K Ewsd Tax Exchange, Battery Cells 400Ah & 600Ah, Etc .
PUNJAB Refer Detail 06/08/2016
4 Tender: 10059823 Auction Sale Of Non Silicon Brass Fcc 130 Mm W/O Primer, 100 No, 1125 Kg, Burnt Brass (Saa) Mix Metal, 1000 No, 1000 Kg, Steel Scrap H2a Cont With Crate 6A, H2a = 1000+ Sc 6A = 250, 4125 Kg, Plastic Scrap, 1000 Kg, Non Silicon Brass Fcc 130 Mm W/O Primer, 100 No, 1125 Kg, Bullet Scrap, 500 Kg.
JAMMU AND KASHMIR Refer Detail 03/08/2016
5 Tender: 10059811 Auction Sale Of Als(Loose), 02D145871y, Vfjstln 14930, Wgh460530, 2.5 Ton Tc(Loose) (W/O Alternator & Self Starter), 01D 13 8384E, Mg (Loose) (Accidental Veh Scrap), 01P080630, 209821.
JAMMU AND KASHMIR Refer Detail 03/08/2016
6 Tender: 10059794 Auction Sale Of Als Lrv (Loose), 01P 01 3873W, Stln Lrv Url 208477, 2.5 Ton Tc(Loose) (W/O Alternator), 04C 17 3388E, Lpta02306, Als(Loose) (W/O Self Starter & Alternator), 08D 17 7020X.
JAMMU AND KASHMIR Refer Detail 03/08/2016
7 Tender: 10059783 Auction Sale Of Battery, Gen Set, Cover Outer, Mix Metal Scrap, 2800 Kg, Trailer Ff Large, 1 No, Air Field Fire Crash Trailer, 1 No, Cabin Scrap 1 Ton, Cabin Scrap 4 Ton, Cabin Scrap S/Man, Platform Scrap S/Man, Cabin Scrap S/Man, Chassis Scrap 2.5 Ton, Platform Scrap 2.5 Ton, 15 No, 4300 Kg, Chassis Scrap S/Man, Chassis Scrap Kraz, Chassis Scrap 2.5 Ton, Etc, Tlr 1 Ton 2 Wheeler, 3 No, 1200 Kg.
JAMMU AND KASHMIR Refer Detail 03/08/2016
8 Tender: 10059772 Auction Sale Of Aluminum Scrap, 2400 Kg, Eng Assy Kraz, 6 No, Eng Assy S/Man, 5 No, Eng Assy Als 5/7.5 Ton, Cover Outer 1200X20, 18 Ply, 110 No, Cover Outer 900X20, 20 No, Plastic Scrap, 900 Kg, Mix Metal Scrap, 5000 Kg, Computer Scrap, 5500 Kg, Iron Scrap, 4500 Kg, Aluminum Scrap, 2200 Kg.
JAMMU AND KASHMIR Refer Detail 03/08/2016
9 Tender: 10059759 Auction Sale Of Woolen Small Jackets (Made In China ) Langzi Brand, Full Sleeves Winter T Shirts, Trouser-Next.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 03/08/2016
10 Tender: 10059754 Auction Sale Of Pcb Input Board Model Vc-B50ka Analog-In/Digital-In And Digital Out, I) Smart Electric Door Lock Body With Fitting Accessories, Protective Safety High Shoes, Multi-Gas Monitor Model Bm 25A, Fabric: Polyster, Dyed Woven 220 Gsm For Suitings In 58 Wide Rolls, Black Woods Superior Vintage Dry Gin, Cashmere Wool Scarf, (09 Pkt. 836 Pcs), Hawk Engine Control Module (Ecm) A-35, Throttle Body, Model Az175e For Cng Automobiles., Synthetic Bees Wax Blended With Jasmine Fragrance., ( 01 Pkt. 163.8 Kg.).
NEW DELHI Refer Detail 03/08/2016
11 Tender: 10059745 Auction Sale Of Machinery Parts Scrap, Boiler Air Heater Tube Scrap, Grinding Roller Scrap, Boiler/Economiser Tubes Scrap, Grinding Media Ball Scrap, Liner Scrap Of Mill Of 50 Mw, Grinding Ring Of Mills Scrap & Grinding Ball Scrap, Crusher Hammer Scrap & S.S. Magnetic Burner Pipe Scrap, Steel Barrel/Drum 200/210 Ltr. Empty, Used Crusher Hammer Scrap & U/S Bearing Scrap, Ms Sheet /Gi Sheet/Tin Scrap.
CHHATTISGARH Refer Detail 03/08/2016
12 Tender: 10059738 Auction Sale Of Mixed Ms/Ci & Machinary Parts Scrap, Gi Sheet/Ms Tin/Esp Sheet Scrap & Empty Brakage Drum Scrap, Bearing Scrap, Air Heater Pipe Cut Pieces Scrap(Small Pieces), Crusher Hammer, Ss Basket &Other Steel,Ss Magnetic Impeller Scrap, Boiler Tube Scrap, Conveyor Roller Scrap (With Rubber), Grinding Ring Scrap & Grinding Ball Scrap, Empty Steel Drum/Barrel 200 Ltr. Capacity, Ash Pump , Gear Box & Gear Steel Scrap, Ceramic Bend Scrap, S.S. Scrap , Aluminium Cladding Sheet Scrap, 200/210 Ltr. Empty Steel Oil Drum.
CHHATTISGARH Refer Detail 03/08/2016
13 Tender: 10059729 Auction Sale Of 600Ah Battery, Etc.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 02/08/2016
14 Tender: 10059727 Auction Sale Of Dmt Printers, Dumb Terminal With Key Board, Central Ac Plant For Unit-04, Ambassador Car Or03-8194, 11Kv Sf6 Breakers & Panel Of Kirloskar Make.
ORISSA Refer Detail 27/07/2016
15 Tender: 10059725 Auction Sale Of Vehicle.
ANDHRA PRADESH Refer Detail 27/07/2016
16 Tender: 10059723 Auction Sale Of Lv7/Nsn 2520-002395 Universal Joint Front, 372 Nos, 260.401 Kg, Lv7/Nsn 2520-000606 Shaft Set Front Axle Rh, 29 Nos, 333.5 Kg, Lv7/Ofv 44709 Bearing Assy 2087 Nos, 52.175 Kg, Lv7/Man 2520-000105 Gear Helical 2Nd Speed29, 198 Nos, 532.62 Kg, W-5 Wx-0688 Ladders Step 5Ftx1dt Wide, 20 Nos, 624 Kg, Lv6/Mt7 3110-002401 Cup Tapper Roller Brg 98.425Mm, 1532 Nos, 1532 Kg, Lv7/Ofv Xowf-3-000109 Clutch Front Winch, 280 Nos, 420 Kg, Lv7/Man 5340-014285 Supporting Ring, 2801 Nos, 491.94 Kg, W-3 Wx-0492 Machine Drilling Bench Med Duty, 1 Nos, 80 Kg, W-3 Wx-0102 Lathes Engine Ss And Sc 12In Dia Swing Over Bed, 1 Nos, 2500 Kg, Lv7/Nsn Ibp-2040La Contact Set Assy, 8414 Nos, 92.554 Kg, Lv7/Nsn 2520-000613 Shaft Axle Automotive Lh Front, 245 Nos, 1078 Kg, Lv7/Nsn/Maj 2805-000011 Engine Gasoline Short, 1 Nos, 452.5 Kg.
NEW DELHI Refer Detail 29/07/2016
17 Tender: 10059720 Auction Sale Of Iron Scrap Seat Frames(All Types), Scrap Tvs Televisions, U/S Tube Light/Super Nova Frames, U/S Tierod Pull & Push Rods, Iron Scrap Tools, Plas.Con.Water Tanksplastic(Alltype, Iron Scrap Washing Plant W/O Motor.
ANDHRA PRADESH Refer Detail 27/07/2016
18 Tender: 10059718 Auction Sale Of Castiron Scpclutch Master Cylinders, Steel Melting Scrap Delivery Valves, U/S Diesel Engine (Firex), Used Delux 2 Seater W/Bot&Back Rest, Brls Scp(Iron)Brlsemptygreasew/Olid, Brlscp(Iron)Brls Engoil210ltrsempty, Iron Scrap Grease Gun(Hand Type).
ANDHRA PRADESH Refer Detail 27/07/2016
19 Tender: 10059717 Auction Sale Of Condemned Vehicle Spare Parts Such As Wiper Blade, Universal Joint, Benjo Bolt Etc.
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 18/08/2016
20 Tender: 10059713 Auction Sale Of Electrical Items, Computer Monitors, Printers, Ceiling Fans, Wall Fans, Wooden Shelf (Big),Steel Box, Steel Rack Etc..
WEST BENGAL Refer Detail 17/08/2016
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