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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6362778 Auction Sale of Met Coke Fines and Met Coke Dust. MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document22/09/2014
2 TR 6356004 Auction Sale of One Complete Set Of Jib Crane, Plain Particle Boards Made Of Rice Husk., GUJARATRefer Document19/09/2014
3 TR 6361345 Sale of Human Hair on Behalf of TTD. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document18/09/2014
4 TR 6344385 Auction Sale of Scrap Material - G.I., KV LA etc., Scrap Material - KV WAVE, KV LA, Assorted Aluminum & Copper Control Cable pieces, Transformer Bushing & Battery Charger, Disc Insulator, G.I. etc., Transformer Bushing KV CT etc., terminal Marshaling box ,KV CT, KV bushing ,G.I. Tower Scrap, KV CT, CT, Radiators, Empty oil drums, KV VCB and Control & Relay Panel,Radiators. MAHARASHTRARefer Document16/09/2014
5 TR 6362752 Auction Sale of Empty Oil Barrels, Contaminated Petrol, HDPE Barrels, Unserviceable Batteries. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document16/09/2014
6 TR 6343759 Sale of confiscated vehicles. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document15/09/2014
7 TR 6362763 Auction Sale of Old Vehicles. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document12/09/2014
8 TR 6344521 Auction Sale of unused steel materials. GUJARATRefer Document11/09/2014
9 TR 6362729 Auction Sale of Spare & Idle L&W Alignment, Battery Cell 1500 Ah, 2000 Ah, Power Plant, EPBT. RAJASTHANRefer Document11/09/2014
10 TR 6362736 Auction Sale of Testing Meters. GUJARATRefer Document11/09/2014
11 TR 6344524 Auction Sale of Incinerator Machine, Fax Machine, Cold Storage Cabinet, RO Water Purification Cap - 100 ltr per hrs, water cooler, ambulance van m&m diesel, 5 KVS UPS. GUJARATRefer Document10/09/2014
12 TR 6355994 Auction Sale of Vehicle -Alto K 10 GJ 8 R 5027, Tata Safari GJ 18 AB 4032, Maruti Estillo GJ 8 R 5285. GUJARATRefer Document10/09/2014
13 TR 6362679 Auction Sale of Machined Pin, Machined Plug, Copper Stud, Drg, Prod/045, Collet -1 - For CB II Operation, Collet -3 - For DB II Operation, Copper Tube Size : 118MM ID,8.5 MM Thick , Specn.BS STA-13 , GR,C2, Aluminium Shim 0.1mm Thick To Drg No : HAPP/MS/T/024, Aluminium Alloy Segment, Clamping Ring for SABOT 105MM, Hydraulic Clamping for MK-II 105MM. TAMIL NADURefer Document10/09/2014
14 TR 6344530 Auction Sale of Silicon Rubber Insulator Scrap, Copper Control Cable Scrap, Insulator Scrap, Old Meter Scrap, Old Relay Scrap, ACSR Conductor Scrap - Panthar. GUJARATRefer Document08/09/2014
15 TR 6344533 Auction Sale of Bags, Tin, Cartoon, Tin, Rags etc, Barrels, Drum, Plastic Jar, Iron Scrap etc, Iron Scrap, Copper Scrap, Brass Scrap. GUJARATRefer Document08/09/2014
16 TR 6349461 Auction Sale of 210 ltr Old MS rejected Barrel. WEST BENGALRefer Document08/09/2014
17 TR 6338864 Auction Sale of Old Dot Matrix Printers, Scrapped SMPS Power Plant, 25a Conv. Power Plant/. GUJARATRefer Document08/09/2014
18 TR 6362719 Auction Sale of Scrap Of Old, Used & Cut MS Chlorine Tonners, Non Ferrous - Old & Used Scrap Of Brass, Non Ferrous - Old & Used Scrap Of Copper and Non Ferrous - Old & Used Scrap Of Inconel. GUJARATRefer Document08/09/2014
19 TR 6362747 Auction Sale of 1000ah Battery. CHHATTISGARHRefer Document08/09/2014
20 TR 6344425 Auction Sale of 11 Kv XLPE/PILC Cable, Gi Scrap, Lead Scrap and Metal Parts With Porcelain - 11 Kv Disc Insulators. GUJARATRefer Document06/09/2014
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