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No. Tender ID & Tender Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tender: 7440304 Supply Of Nuc I5 Intel Core I5 -4250U Processorwith 3 Year Comprehensive Manufacturing Warranty.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 06/04/2015
2 Tender: 7440299 Annual Rate Contract For Printers Supply, Transportation To The Site, Installation, Acceptance Testing, Commissioning, And 03 Year On-Site Comprehensive Warranty Support Services Of Serviers At Cris/ Zonal Rly Hq S / Sites. The Warranty Support Services Would Be Valid For A Period Of 03 Years From The Date Of Final Acceptance Of The Hardware Items By Railways/Cris Or 42 Months From The Date Of Delivery To The Original Consignees, Whichever Is Earlier
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 21/04/2015
3 Tender: 7440254 Supply Of Branded Crank Case Lube Oils For Diesel Locos In Bulk Conforming To Relevant Specifications As Approved By Rdso. At Present Following Brands Of Multigrade Oil Are Approved By Rdso For Regular And Unrestricted Use : I Servo Rr-606 Mg Plus-Ii Ioc,Ii Hprr 813 M Hpc,Iii Mak Rr-513 M Bpc,Iv Mobil Rr Super 2413 Exxon Mobil,V Balmerol Rr 513 M Bl Co.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 30/04/2015
4 Tender: 7439976 Supply Of Oxygen Breathing Apparatus [Baocet Mk Ii] Including Mask, Oxygen Cylinder Of Half Hour Capacity With Parts Packed In A Tin Box. Make: Unique Or Similar.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 16/04/2015
5 Tender: 7439970 Supply Of Rickshaw Trolley With Three Wheel. Size Of Trolley[Wooden]: Length- 3 Feet 8 Inch, Width- 2 Feet 8 Inch, Depth- 2 Feet 8 Inch. Wheel Dia 2 Feet 2 Inch. Back Wheel With Rubberised Tyre, Front Wheel With Tube And Tyre. Chain And Pedal Drive. Trolley Part Will Be Of Wooden.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 14/04/2015
6 Tender: 7439961 Supply Of Office Executive Visitor Chair, U-Bend On Top Of Back For Resting The Neck While Stretching Or Slouching, Thicker Seat Cushion For Long Hours Of Comfort, Colour: Orange Frast Vis .Size: 61[W] X 64.5 [D] X 97.5 [H] X Seat Hight [Sh] 46.5 Cms. Make: Godrej Oxbo ,Wipro Or Similar.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 14/04/2015
7 Tender: 7438273 Auction Sale of Scarp Materials .
NEW DELHI Refer Detail 08/06/2015
8 Tender: 7438268 Auction Sale of Disposal Of Computers From Test Depot And Printers .
NEW DELHI Refer Detail 08/06/2015
9 Tender: 7435475 Supply Of Roller Guide Pipe For Hot Wheel Transfer Crane As Per Mukand Drawing No. 12628046/0.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 08/04/2015
10 Tender: 7432902 Supply Of Radial Drilling Machine On Turnkey Basis.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 29/04/2015
11 Tender: 7432878 Supply Of Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes Cap- 25T.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 30/04/2015
12 Tender: 7431584 Supply Of Installation Of Web Base Video Conference System : 1.Clear One Spontania Or Similar Make Standard Web Base Video Conferencing Personal Meeting Room - Qty. 01 No. 2. Dell Or Similar Make All In One Desktop Computer With Integrated Hdmi Out Port - Qty. O1 No. 3. Logitec Or Similar Make Hd Web Cam With Builtin Microphone - Qty. 22 Nos 4. Creative Sbs A40 Or Smilar Make 2.0 Usb Speaker System - Qty. 22 Nos. Specification : [As Per Annexure B Enclosed].
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 08/04/2015
13 Tender: 7431574 Supply Of Rolled Miled Steel Joist [Rsj] 203 Mm X 152 Mm X 52 Kg/M In 9.5M And Various Lengths Designated Wb-200 As Per Table 2.2 Of Is: 808/1989 Duly Drilled And Galvanized Using Fabricators Own Steel And Zinc As Per Rdso Drg. No. Eti/Ohe/G/00144, Sh-3, Rev-C, Eti/C/0030 Mod-F, Eti/C/0036 Mod-E, Eti/C/0181 Mod-C And Eti/C/0184 Mod-C And Specification No. Eti/Ohe/13[4/84]With A And C Slip Nos 1 To 3 For Galvanisation And Steel Conforming To Is: 2062/2006 Gr.E-250 [Fe 410W] Quality-A And Zinc To Is: 209/1992.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 01/05/2015
14 Tender: 7431568 Supply Of Solid Core 25 Kv Operating Rod Insulator Ri-6260 For 25 Kv A.C. 50 Hz Single Phase Over Head Traction Line As Per Rdso Specification No. Ti Spc Ohe Ins 0070 April 2007 Or Latest..
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 30/04/2015
15 Tender: 7431564 Supply Of Porcelain Bracket Insulator Cd 1050 Mm As Per Rdso Specification No. Ti Spc Ohe Ins 0070 April 2007 With Latest Ammendments For 25 Kv, A.C., 50 Hz, Single Phase Overhead Traction Line..
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 30/04/2015
16 Tender: 7430875 Supply Of Gps 18 X 5Hz Garmin Make Or Equivalent As Per Attached Specification.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 14/04/2015
17 Tender: 7425946 Supply Of Printer Cartridge Canaon 925 Or Similar
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 30/03/2015
18 Tender: 7425941 Supply Photo Copy Paper Ream Size A4 In 75 Gsm 1 Ream Equal To 500 Sheets
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 30/03/2015
19 Tender: 7421606 Expression of Interest for development of ‘G-clip/ e-Clip based designs of elastic rail clips fit for 25t axle load on Indian Railways.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 20/04/2015
20 Tender: 7420840 Supply Of Gear Motor, Make Nord Drive Systems Or Sew Only Specification Of Gear Motor .
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 24/04/2015
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