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Indian-Railways's All Tenders | Results : 279 Tenders Found

No. Tender ID & Tender Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tender: 7323247 Supply Of Abrasive Rail Cutting Disc 16 Inch 400 Mm 400X4x22.23 For Partneer K-1200 Rail Cutting Machine As Per Rdso Specification No. Tm/Sm/2 Rev.01 Of 2007
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 17/03/2015
2 Tender: 7323239 Supply Of Indicator Red Colour Model Rt R 24 Volt Dc
GOA Refer Detail 11/03/2015
3 Tender: 7323226 Supply Of Stopping Disc To Plasser Part No Wc16du.
GOA Refer Detail 18/03/2015
4 Tender: 7323150 Supply Of 1450 Mah Ni Mh Battery Pack For Gp 328 Vhf Uhf Part No Pmnn4008ar
GOA Refer Detail 19/03/2015
5 Tender: 7323137 Supply Of Armoured Optic Fibre Cable Mono Mode Having Twelve 12 Core Fibre To Rdso Spec Irs Tc 55 2006 Revision 1.0 Or Latest As Per Arrangement Drawing Enclosed..
GOA Refer Detail 19/03/2015
6 Tender: 7323127 Supply Of Lt For Primary Vertical Stop As Per Rcf Drg No Lw 01116 Alt Nil.
GOA Refer Detail 18/03/2015
7 Tender: 7318079 Supply Of Asbestos Covered Hydraulic Hose To Is:7651 1997 As Per Sae100 R8 Type At Inside Systhetic Rubber Material, Hose Length-5000Mm, Id-1 , With Swivel Nut And Adpapter 1 Bsp Mild Steel Galvanized Fitted At Both End.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 13/03/2015
8 Tender: 7316668 Supply of Silver Medals and Preparing, Polishing, Repairing and Engraving of Shield and Cups for use in 60th Railway week function.
NEW DELHI 8,50,000.00 10/03/2015
9 Tender: 7312363 Supply Of Maintenance Free Vrla Battery 2V, 200Ah, Upst200, Make- Exide, Hbl Or Amaraja.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 26/03/2015
10 Tender: 7311540 Supply Of Hydraulic Double Column Guillotine Shearing Machine[On Turnkey Basis]
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 01/04/2015
11 Tender: 7311457 Supply Of Desktop Computer With Preloaded Operating System As Per Technical Deatils Attache As Annexure
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 04/03/2015
12 Tender: 7305910 Supply of Cnc 10 Torch Flame Cutting Machine[On Turnkey Basis]
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 16/04/2015
13 Tender: 7305894 Supply Of Wheel Mounted Split Disc Ra680g For Rs 2, 1 Set Consisting Of 2Half Right Side And 2 Half Left Side
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 09/03/2015
14 Tender: 7305879 Supply Of Screw-In Rtd Temperature Probe Sensor With Terminals. Specification: 2 X Pt100 Part No: 902030/10-380-2003-1-6-75-999/000
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 27/03/2015
15 Tender: 7305477 Supply Of Set Of Side Wall Items For Lhb Gs Coachas Per Mppclhbasgs Version 4
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 12/03/2015
16 Tender: 7304992 Supply Of [1] Integrated Attendance Device Type-2 Integrated Attendance Device Manufactured As Single Unit. [2] Iris Authentication On Device For Use With Desktop.
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 19/03/2015
17 Tender: 7304965 Supply Of Hp Laserjet Printer Pro M121 6Nfh Multifunctional Printer As Per Attached Specification. Make: Hp Or Similar.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 19/03/2015
18 Tender: 7304940 Supply Of Telephone Cum Line Tester As Per Attached Specification Annexure-A.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 19/03/2015
19 Tender: 7304917 Supply Of Cartridge No. 309 For Canon Lbp 3500 Printer.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 19/03/2015
20 Tender: 7304830 Supply Of Copy Cartridge Of Xerox Work Center 133., Toner Cartridge Of Xerox Work Center 133.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 19/03/2015
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