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No. Tender ID & Tender Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tender: 11581559 Hiring Of Vehicle For Repairing Of Hand Pump.
GUJARAT 4,99,961.00 07/04/2017
2 Tender: 11578774 Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Of New Pumping Machinery And With Comprehensive Operation And Maintenance
GUJARAT 49,00,000.00 31/03/2017
3 Tender: 11576852 Operation, Maintenance And Repairing Of Seven Regional Water Supply Scheme (Varnaofftake) In All Respect I.E. All The Components Executed Under The Project Mainly Pipelines / Civil Structures/ Head Works / Sub Head Works Etc. Including Establishment Charges And All Equipments / Materials / Labour For Repairing Of Pipeline And Other Civil Works Etc Comp. As Per Detailed Specification &Amp; Obligatory Requirement For 24 Months Including Supply Of Potable Water From Varnaheadworks To 31 Villages Includ .
GUJARAT 58,43,166.00 06/04/2017
4 Tender: 11576788 Designing And Construction Of Rcc Esr 2 Lacs Lits Cap.&Amp; 22 Mtr.Height Nearby Jaliya Head Works Site Under Gariyadhar Group Water Supply Scheme Stage 3 Taluka- Gariyadhar Dist- Bhavnagar .
GUJARAT 26,94,515.00 17/04/2017
5 Tender: 11576787 Construction Of 1.0 Lac Liter Capacity Underground Sump,Pump House(3.0 Mt X 3.0 Mtr) And Providing,Supplying,Lowering Laying,&Amp; Jointing Pvc Pipeline At Mahapur Village, Ta-Santaramapur Dist-Mahisagar- Second Trial .
GUJARAT 7,15,184.00 03/04/2017
6 Tender: 11575385 Mini Water Supply Scheme Work And 5 Years Repair And Maintenance.
GUJARAT 56,31,000.00 12/04/2017
7 Tender: 11573455 Providing And Laying Of Pvc Pipeline, Electrification, Under Ground Tank And Repair And Maintenance Work.
GUJARAT 10,62,435.00 18/04/2017
8 Tender: 11567882 Rising Main, Distribution Pipeline, R.C.C. Cistern, Water Trough, Under Ground Sump, Pump House And House Connection.
GUJARAT 23,63,000.00 28/03/2017
9 Tender: 11567654 R.C.C. Top Slab And Allied Work For R.C.C. Under Ground Sump.
GUJARAT 4,94,000.00 06/04/2017
10 Tender: 11567391 Supply Of H.D.P.E. Pipe.
GUJARAT 2,17,000.00 05/04/2017
11 Tender: 11567373 Providing Drinking Water By Tanker.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 05/04/2017
12 Tender: 11567334 Under Habitation Water Supply Scheme, Drilling Of Tube Well, Construction Of Otta Platform For Rotational Moulded Polythylene Water Storage Tank, Supplying And Fitting Of Rotational Moulded Polythylene Water Storage Tank (5000 Liter Capacity), Providing And Fixing Single Phase Pumping Machinery With Accessories, Providing, Lowering, Laying, Jointing Of Pipe Line, Construction Of Cattle Trough, Individual House Connection, Prefabricated Pump Cabin, Electrical Works And Its Allied Works Including .
GUJARAT 56,30,544.00 12/04/2017
13 Tender: 11567117 Unit Rate For Supply Of Water Through Tanker In Salt Cess Area Of Maliya And Halvad Taluka And Scarcity Period For All 1 Year.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 05/04/2017
14 Tender: 11566722 Comprehensive Operation, Maintenance & Repair Of 700 Mm Dia., 500 Mm Dia., 400 Mm Dia And 450 Mm Dia. G.R.P., Rising Main, Gravity Main Pipeline, Civil Structures, Including Proper Supply Of Water To Head Works Under The Project, Maintenance Of Record Etc. Complete For 36 Calendar Months Under M&Amp;R To Ranavav Group, Porbandar Group And Kutiyana Group. Tal: Porbandar, Ranavav, Kutiyana Dist: Porbandar (2Nd Attempt) .
GUJARAT 49,99,872.00 11/04/2017
15 Tender: 11561984 Providing Polypropylene Rope For Lowering Of Submersible Pump Set And H.D.P.E. Pipe In Artesian Well.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 31/03/2017
16 Tender: 11557935 Providing And Supplying Of Cast Iron Detachable Joints With Epdm Rubber Rings (Long Collar Suitable To Ac/ Pvc / Hdpe Pipes) .
GUJARAT 39,77,071.00 06/04/2017
17 Tender: 11557862 Design And Constructing Rcc Esr Of 40000 Ltr Capacity &Amp; 12.00 Mtr Height And Lowering Laying &Amp; Jointing 110Mm Dia P.V.C Pipeline &Amp; Pumping Machinary At Village Mahijada Ta:Dascroi Dist:Ahmedabad .
GUJARAT 10,47,256.00 05/04/2017
18 Tender: 11554418 Repairing Of Water Supply Scheme And Supply Of Labor.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 28/03/2017
19 Tender: 11552951 Providing Drinking Water On Dam Basis, Channel Work.
GUJARAT 23,87,000.00 23/03/2017
20 Tender: 11544597 Pipeline Connection With New Sump, Sump And Pipeline Work, Fitting Of Chlorination Plant.
GUJARAT 4,03,000.00 06/04/2017
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