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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief
1 Tenders: 16991239 Auction Sale Of Nq Drill Rods, Fabricated Water Tanker / Pipe Wrench Unserviceable Diamond Bit/ Reamer Shell Tyres & Rubber Scrap.
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Due Date : 01/11/2018
2 Tenders: 16982799 Supply Of 1) De Spanner Set 6X7 Mm To 30X32 Mm (Set Of 12 Nos.) 2) Ring Spaner 6Mm To 32Mm (Set Of 12 No.) 3) Insulated Combination Plier 8” 4) Slide Wrench 12" 5) Adjustable Wrench 8” 6) Allen Key Set 1/16 Inch X 3/8 Inch 7) Hacksaw Frames 300Mm Adjustable Type With Blade.
Due Date : 09/11/2018
3 Tenders: 16981705 Auction Sale Of 123001Tol 18D,98090616, Quantity 3215 Kgs Scrap Condemned Unserviceable Ms Tools Consisting Of Cutting Pliers, Spirit Level, Cement Concrete Insert, Drill Bits, De Spanners, Hacksaw Blades, Nose Pliers, Garden Seissors, Screw Drivers, Oxygen Regulators, Tacho Meters, Screw Gauges, Inside And Outside Calipers, Hammers, Chisels, Augers, Wheel Distence Measuring Gauges, Punches, Milling Cutters, Saws, Welding Holders, Welding Shields, Pipe Wrenches, Grease Guns, Torque Wrench Feeler Gauges, Files, Box Spanners, Level Spirit, Hydraulic Crimping Tool, Tap Set Different Sizes, Diameter Gauge, Bench Vice, Oil Cans Different Sizes, Hammer Keying, Axees, Chisel Flats, Ratchets, Hacksaw Frames, Reversible Ratchets, Weighing Holder, Tool Kit For Esn, Insert, End Mill 25 Mm, Earth Turning And Facing, Revolving Centre, Mts 90, Physical Balance, Electrode Holders, Earth Clamp, Nozzles, Circular Band Saws, Wood Cutting Pads, Tool Inserts, Allen Keys, Standard Weights, Auto Leveling Instruments With Pvc Box , Drawing Tools, Cutting Machine, Blowers, Bench Vice, Grease Gun, Rail Thermo Meter, Spark Plug, Power Coil, Bridge Rammer, Bearing Puller, Tirfors, Paragon Automatic Level With Pvc Box And Other Similar Items Of Tool Scrap Of Sorts And Sizes, Full Or Broken, With Or Without Attachments. Location In Godown No 3. Special Note Negligible Non Ferrous Attachments Available In Lot, 0.5 Percent Copper And 0.5 Percent Aluminium. Hsn Code 7204. Gst 18 Percent. Note To All Bidders A. The Gst Rate Applicable On The Date Of Delivery Has To Be Invariably Paid By The Successful Bidders Before Taking Delivery Of Material. B. In Case At A Later Stage, Any Difference In Tax [Short Collection] Is Brought Out By The Appropriate Authorities, The Purchaser Is Liable To Pay The Difference In Tax When Demanded By The Railways. In Case Of Non Deposition Of Such Differences By The Purchasers, Railways Reserve The Right To Recover The Same From The Bidders From The Bsvs Of Other Lots And To Block The Bidder From Participating In Future Auctions And Revoke The Ireps Registration. C. In Case Of Any Retrospective Reduction In Gst At A Later Stage, The Benefit Shall Not Be Passed On To The Bidders Purchasers. .
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Due Date : 23/10/2018
4 Tenders: 16981694 Auction Sale Of 98090616 (13) [Hsn Code 82041110 Gst18% On Rcm Basis] Cond And Us Tools Scrap Of Chain Pulley Block 1.5 T/5T/3T/10T(With Hand Chain)/2T Capacity 7 Nos (Weight 675 Kgs Approx);Simplex Jack 15T,Screw Jack 50T,Bemco 50T Capacity Jack 09 Nos(Weight 395 Kgs Approx), Cutter Sheet,Hacksaw Frame 25Mm., Eleco Meter Pentest Coating Thickness Gauge 25 700,Pm Snap 16Mm,Buster Chisel,Camel Gauge For Measuring Drybilin Thickness,Hammer Sledge 6Lbs,Pipe Cutter 1 Inch X 1 1/8 Inch,Springs Clips For Pm Rivetting Hammer,Wenjar Compass 6 Inches,Impact Wrench,Ml Makestar Square Drive Heavy Duty Double Hex Industrial Socket., Milling Cutters, Tools Scrap Of Automatic Cumalong Clamps 107 Sq Mm Contact Wire,Automatic Cumalong Clamps 130 Sq Mm Large Span Wire,Automatic Cumalong Clamps 93 Sq Mm For Anticreep Wire,Discharge Rod,Contact Wire Cum Along Clamp,Cutting Plier 8 Inches., Trip Track Spanner,Trip Torque Wrench 100T,Temperature Gauge,Augurs 3/4 Inch/16Mm/1/2 Inch,Pentest Coating Thickness Gauge 25Mm 70 Microns,Chisels For Pm Rivet Cutters,Pm Snap 12Mm/22Mm. Full Or Broken.With Or Without Attachments. This Lot Includes The Qty Available At Lot Nos.0016A.Location:Bin No.4 In Nf Ward & Near Platform On Right Side Of Nf Yard Main Road. (Image Attached) .
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Due Date : 24/10/2018
5 Tenders: 16980391 Purchase Of Spares For Torqtight Make Torque Wrench Of Parbati Iii Power Station. .
Due Date : 01/11/2018
6 Tenders: 16979163 Supply Of Torque Wrenches. .
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Due Date : 13/11/2018
7 Tenders: 16976109 Supply Of 1)Single Ended Box Wrench Set Qty: 1 No 8)Null Qty: Null Null .
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Due Date : 27/10/2018
8 Tenders: 16970360 Supply Of Adjustable Torque Wrench To Size 1/2 Inch Square Drive In The Range Of 50 250 Ft Lbs With Calibration Certificate. Make : Britool / Griphold / Tristar / Snap On / Taparia Only.
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Due Date : 29/10/2018
9 Tenders: 16964265 Supply Of Battery Operated Torque Wrench Capacity 200 To 940Nm As Per Technical Specification Enclosed In Annexure I. Make Hytarc, Tarc Or Exact Similar.
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Due Date : 14/11/2018
10 Tenders: 16956942 Repairing Of 50 Kg Grase Gun (Air Operated) And Impact Wheel Wrench Fiting With Matearial (Air Operated) For Tyre Opening And Fitting Of Tata Hyva And Payloader At Aaws Under Katras Area .
Due Date : 26/10/2018
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