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1 Tenders: 16986077 Supply Of Winter Jacket. Jacket With Inner Lining With Cap Orange Colour Superior Quality Size Medium 100 Nos, Large 100 Nos, Extra Large 100 Nos. Specification As Per Copy Enclosed.
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Due Date : 08/11/2018
2 Tenders: 16984322 Supply Of Wollen Vests (V Neck & Full Sleeve) For Entitled Security Staffs Of Itpo.
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Due Date : 31/10/2018
3 Tenders: 16939472 Supply Of Woolen Suit ( Trouser Of Woolen Serge) .
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Due Date : 13/11/2018
4 Tenders: 16919979 Supply Of Twill Weave Wool Fabric Cloth Serge Dress.
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Due Date : 20/10/2018
5 Tenders: 16891441 Supply Of Winter Liveries (Cloth, Sweaters, Shawls Of Raymond Limited)
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Due Date : 17/10/2018
6 Tenders: 16823918 Supply Of Winter Jacket .
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Due Date : 04/10/2018
7 Tenders: 16744677 Establishment Of Khaki Woolen Trouser ,Khaki Woolen Shirt ,Jursey Pullover ,Vest Woolen ,Khaki Woolen Socks ,Dms Boot Brown/Black ,Shoe Polish ,Peak Cap Khaki.
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Due Date : 03/10/2018
8 Tenders: 16663911 Supply Of Winter Jacket (Jacket With Inner Lining With/Without Hood/Cap), Orange Colour Superior Quality .
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Due Date : 24/09/2018
9 Tenders: 16652265 Purchase Of Different Types Of Clothing Articles (Including Ceremonial Uniforms), Nylon Web Equipments, Police Flags For Odisha Police Under State Budget Grant, Different Protective Uniform Articles For Odraf Units And Purchase Of Different Clothing Articles For Spc Cadet 1. Camouflage Short Great Coat (Winter Jacket) 2. Dark Green Colour Woolen Jersey 3. Rainwear Camouflage Poncho 4 Peak Cap 5. Forage Cap 6. Brown Colour Sea Cap With Odisha Marine Police Logo 7. Zap Cap 8. Sambrown Belt (Leather) 9 P.T. Shoes White (For Sports Purpose) 10. Ankle Boot Black (Pu Midsole With Rubber Outer Sole) 11. Sergeant Boot (Brown) 12. Oxford Shoe Brown (Pu Sole) 13. Jungle Boot (Pu Sole) 14. Khaki Terri Cotton Cloth 15. White Terri Cotton Cloth 16. Off Grey White Terri Cotton Cloth 17. Navy Blue Terri Cotton Colth 18. Jungle Patch Gabardine Cloth 19. Jungle Patch Cloth For Sog 20. Ground Sheet 21. Blanket Woolen 22. Mosquito Netting Cloth 23. Long Cloth For Mosquito Net 24. Tape Cotton For Mosquito Net 25. Carry Bag 26. T Shirt 27. Camouflage Colour T – Shirt (For Sog) 28. White T Shirt (For Spc) 29. Navy Blue Track Pant For Pt Purpose 30. Camouflage Colour Track Pant (For Sog) 31. Orange/Red Sleeveless Jacket With Tourist Police Written On White Fluorescent 32. Sleeveless Jacket For Marine Police 33. Vest Tourist Police .34. Traffic Helmet 35. Traffic Umbrella 36. White Slouch Hat With White Metal Op Monogram With Navy Blue Background 37. Black Slouch Hat (For Ssbn, Upd, Bbsr) 38. Arms Badge (Odisha Police) 39. Arms Badge (Sog) 40. Arms Badge (Bpspa) 41. Arms Badge (Oisf) 42. Arms Badge (Tourist Police) 43. Arms Badge For Upd Police Bbsr Ctc 44. Arms Badge Osaf 45. Arms Badge For Spc 46. Red Woolen Sash 47. Ankle Putty 48. Hackles Green 49. Hackles Red 50. Khaki Neck Tie 51. Blue Neck Tie 52. Whistle Metro 53. Whistle (Thunder) 54. Lanyard Khaki Round 55. Lanyard Khaki Braided 56. Lanyard Black Round 57. Lanyard Black Braided 58. Lanyard Navy Blue Round 59. Lanyard Navy Blue Braided 60. Ribbon Red & Blue 61. Five Pointed Star W/M 62. O.P. Letter White Metal 63. O.P. Cap Badge White Metal 64. O.S.A.P Shoulder Badge White With Name Of The Unit 65. O.S.A.P Cap Badge White Metal 66. Irb Shoulder Badge White With Name Of The Unit 67. Irb Cap Badge White Metal 68. Ssb Shoulder Badge White With Name Of The Unit 69. Ssb Cap Badge White Metal 70. O.A.P.F Shoulder Badge White Metal 71. O.A.P.F. Cap Badge White Metal 72. Oisf Shoulder Badge White Metal 73. Oisf Cap Badge White Metal 74. Orp Shoulder Badge White Metal 75. Cap Badge White Metal For Spc 76. Shoulder Badge White Metal With Name Of The Unit For Spc 77. Name Tape (Embroidery) 78. White Chevron Bar 79. Title Shoulder (Embroidery In Cloth Ossf) 80. Name Tape Embroidery For Ossf 81. Title Shoulder Embroidery Cloth Odisha Marine Police 82. Name Tape Embroidery For Marine Police 83. Sword Frog Leather 84. Cap Badge For Osaf(Embroidery In Cloth) 85. Shoulder Badge For Osaf(Embroidery In Cloth) Ceremonial Uniforms 86. Ceremonial Uniform (For Apr) I. Pagri (For Apr) Ii. Scarf (For Apr) Iii. Kamarpatti (For Apr) Iv. Shoulder Strap (For Apr) V. Yellow Woolen Sash (For Apr) 87. Ceremonial Uniform (For Osap) I. Pagri (For Osap) Ii. Scarf (For Osap) Iii. Kamarpatti (For Osap) Iv. Shoulder Strap (For Osap) V. Blue Woolen Sash (For Osap) 88. White Cotton Long Gloves 89. White Anklet Nylon / Web Equipments 1. Khaki Nylon Belt With Buckles White Metal 2. Khaki Nylon Belt (Officer) With Belt Plate 3. Tiffin Carrier 4. Water Bottle 5. Khaki Anklet 6. Khaki Sling For Sten Gun 7. Khaki Sling For Rifle 8. Khaki Insas Rifle Sling 9. Khaki Slr Sling 10. Khaki Ak 47 Rifle Sling 11. Khaki Holster For Revolver / Pistol 12. Khaki Pouch For Revolver / Pistol 13. Khaki Frog Bayonet No. I 14. Khaki Frog Bayonet No. Iv 15. Khaki Ammunition Pouch (2 Pocketed) 16. Khaki Magazine Pouch For Sten Gun 17. Khaki Ak 47 Magazine Pouch 18. Khaki Insas Rifle Magazine Pouch 19. Khaki Slr Magazine Pouch 20. White Nylon Belt With Buckles (W/M) (For Traffic Police) 21. Dark Green Nylon Belt With Black Colour Metal Buckles (For Sog) 22. Black Nylon Belt With Buckles White Metal 23. Black Nylon Belt Officers With Belt Plate With Marine Police Logo 24. Black Nylon Revolver Holster 25. Black Ammunition Pouch For Revolver / Pistol 26. Black Nylon Revolver Lanyard Police Flag 1. Replica Flag 2. Ceremonial Flag Uniforms / Dress And Personal Protective Equipments For Odraf Units 1. Odraf Dungaree 2. Odraf Track Suit 3. Odraf Rain Suit 4. T Shirt 5. Jungle Shoes 6. Safety Vest 7. Safety Shoes 8. Elbow Guard 9. Rack Sack / Back Pack 10 Arms Logo 11. Socks 12. Sleep Mate 13. Odraf Sports Cap With Logo 14. Hand Gloves 15. Knee Guard 16. Belt And Lanyard 17. Dust Mask 18. Water Bottle 19. Swimming Costume With Cap 20. Half Pant(Shorts) 21. Anklet
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Due Date : 12/10/2018
10 Tenders: 16636913 Supply Of Winter Jacket (As Per Specification & Drawing Attached) .
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Due Date : 08/10/2018
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