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1 Tenders: 19491808 supply of store items all out machine and refile, broom, mop, cleaning powder, cleaning liquid, harpik or equarlent liquid, hand wash liquid, nepathlin ball, phenol, washing soda, lifebouy soup, detol soup, acid, t mug ordinary, utensil items, blue enamel paint, fevicol, surfacer, thinner, plastic paint, poster abcrilic colour set, rubber, kerosine, linseed oil, oil tube colour set, tarpin oil, pencil cell.
Due Date : 14/08/2019
2 Tenders: 19485540 Supply Of Store Items All Out Machine And Refile, Broom, Mop, Cleaning Powder, Cleaning Liquid, Harpik Or Equarlent Liquid, Hand Wash Liquid, Nepathlin Ball, Phenol, Washing Soda, Lifebouy Soup, Detol Soup, Acid, T Mug Ordinary, Utensil Items, Blue Enamel Paint, Fevicol, Surfacer, Thinner, Plastic Paint, Poster Abcrilic Colour Set, Rubber, Kerosine, Linseed Oil, Oil Tube Colour Set, Tarpin Oil, Pencil Cell.
Due Date : 14/08/2019
3 Tenders: 19470746 Supply Of Soda Wahing.
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Due Date : 25/07/2019
4 Tenders: 19430998 Supply Of Group E Items Full Scape Paper (Best Quality), Dfc Paper (65X40 Cm) Hpc, Computer Paper A4 (75 Gsm And Above), Computer Paper Fs/Legal (75 Gsm And Above), Transperent Cello Tape Role 1//, Transperent Cello Tape Role 2//, Brown Cello Tape Role 1//, Brown Cello Tape Role 2//, File Board With Cloth Flap, Poly Coated File Cover, Chalk Pencil, Eraser, Cd (Round), Alpin (T Pin) (Containing 100 Pin Box), Gems Clip (Plastic), Gum (750 Ml) (In Dozen), Glue Stick, Brown Envelop (10X24)Cm (Per 100), Brown Envelop (11X24)Cm, Brown Envelop (12X28)Cm, Staples Pin No. 24/6, Staples Pin No. 10, Staple No. 24/6, Staple 10, Carbon Paper (Kores), Stamp Pad, Stamp Pad Ink (Per Dozen, Cotton Tag (Per Bundle), Ball Point Pen (Per Dozen), Ball Point Refill, Correcting Pen, Correcting Fluid, High Lighter Pen, Wooden Pencil, Computer Item, Computer Tonner (Canon), Computer Mouse, Computer Key Board, Item For Hygiene And Sanitation, Lime (Slaked), Lime (Unslaked) (In Tin), Lime Brush (In Dozen), Washing Soda (Isi) (In Kg), Washing Soap (In Kg), Phenyl (In Ltr), Harpic (Big Size) (In Dozen), Toilet Cleaning Brush, Air Freshner (Odonil Packet), Baygon Spray (5 Ltr. Tin), Baygon Spray Pump, Bleaching Powder, Toilet Soap (In Dozen), Tooth Powder (100 Gm Pack), Tooth Brush, Coconut Oil, Steel Water Filter (Above 15 Ltr), Filter Candle (In Dozen), Sanitary Napkin (For Women), Broom, Item For Security Purposes, Torch Battery (Everyday), Torch (3 Cells), Halozen Bulb, Halozen Holder, Bulb 100 Wt (Bajaj/Philips), Cfl Bulb (18 Wt And Above) (In Nos), Led Bulb (9W And Above), Electric Pendant Holder, Tube Light 40 Watt (Philips), Tube Light Frame (Philips), Tube Light Electronic Choke (Philips), Wax Candle, Sports Item, Carrom Board (Complete Set), Carrom Men, Volley Ball (Cosco), Volley Ball (Net), Ludo, Chess Board (Complete Set), Tube Well Item, Tube Well Washer, Tube Well Valve, Tubewell Handle, Tube Well Rod And Plunger, Tube Well Nut And Bolt, Miscellaneous Item, Bamboo (Jati), Bamboo (Bhuluka), Gi Wire, Fan Bearing (6201 And 6202), Fan Capacitor (2.50 Amp And 3.15 Amp), Insulating Tape (For Electrical Works), Electric Switch, Flexible Wire.
Due Date : 18/07/2019
5 Tenders: 19329789 Supply Of Contingency (Lac Batti, Acid, Lifebouy, Washing Soap, Washing Soda, Washing Surf, Vim, Broom, Tokari Sweeper, Sweeper Brush, Match Box, Candle, Blade, Napthin Ball, Glass, Plastic Scrap Tokari, Plastic Tray, Plastic Bucket, Finit, Broom, Torch Cell, Phinit Pump, Odonil, Room Freshener, Heat Spray, Jug Plastic, Lock, Cfl Led, Button Holder, Pendent Holder, Remote Cell)
Due Date : 08/07/2019
6 Tenders: 19193051 Tender For Supply Of Hns To Government Ayurveda Collage And Hospital Mysore : 1 Bleaching Powder 2 Washing Soda 3 Sabeena Powder 4 Wheel Soap 5 Life Bouy Soap 6 Phenyl 7 Match Box 8 Dettol 9 Coconut Brooms 10 Methyline Ball 11 Politheen Covers 12 Politheen Covers 13 Hand Gloves 14 Flooring Brush 15 Brooms 16 Toilet Acid 17 Plastic Bucket (10 Lt) 18 Plastic Bucket (15 Lt) 19 Plastic Mug (1 Lt) 20 Plastic Dustbin 21 Tube Lights 22 Tube Light Set 23 Rubber Gasket 05 Lt 24 Rubber Gasket 12 Lt 25 Rubber Gasket 22 Lt 26 Gas Connetivity Tubes 27 Adhesive Plaster Rolles 28 Plastic Tubes 29 Rose Water 100 Ml 30 L.E.D. Bulb 31 L.E.D. Bulb 32 L.E.D. Bulb 33 L.E.D. Bulb 34 Disposable Gloves 35 Latex Disposable Gloves 36 Surgical Gloves Powder 37 Candles 38 Soap Oil 39 Enema Syringe Plastic 40 Plastic Aprons 41 Toilet Brush Plastic 42 Garbage Bags 43 Garbage Bags Big 44 Pedal Plastic Dustbin 45 Honey 46 Eucalyptus Oil 47 C.D. With Covers 48 Rubber Band 49 Navtal Key 50 Gum Powder 51 Rexene Cloth 52 Polythene Paper Good Quality 53 D.V.D. Re Writable With Covers 54 Xerox Paper A4 Size 55 Xerox Paper A3 Size 56 Cfl Bulb 57 Hand Wash Liq 58 Usb Pen Drive 59 Steel Taps 60 Dust Tray ( Mora) 61 Map With Stick (Cleaning) 62 Disposable Paper,For Massage Table 63 Coir Mates Big, 64 Rabber Mates Small 65 Sink Waste Pipe 66 Nold Tray
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Due Date : 19/07/2019
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Washing Soda Tenders

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