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1 Tenders: 15528819 Sw 1: Padugupadu Repairs To Loading/Unloading Platform Area Of Jumbo Rake Siding Of Up Yard And Down Yard At Pgu Station In Sse/W/Bttr Section. (Rs.52,05,033/ ) Sw Ii : Ngpm Vrjn Proposed Construction Of Gate Lodge At Lc No.38 At Km. 99/2 4 Between Ngpm Vrjn Stations (Rs..5,17,545/ ) Sw Iii : Surareddypalem Repairs And Strengthening For Existing Approach Road To Sdm Station In Sse/W/Ogl Section. ( Rs. 29,48,193/ ) Sw Iv : Ongole Repairs To Roof Leakage By Providing Galvalume Sheets For Cell Kitchen, Sleeper & Ac Waiting Hall, Ladies Waiting Hall And Cti/Ogl Office On Pf No.1 At Ongole Station In Sse/W/Ogl Section. (Rs.9,04,430/ ) Sw V : Gdr Bza Recouping Of Monsoon Reserve Stock On Emergency Basis At Nellore & Ongole Sub Divisions In Den/South/Bza Jurisdiction (Rs.24,13,989/ ) .
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Due Date : 14/06/2018
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Unloading Oil Tenders

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