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1 Tenders: 19479307 supply of udhyog item for central jail bhopal g i sheet all gej, loha chadar all gej, natbolt all gej, loha angale all size, chokor loha saria all size, chokor loha pipe kandum all size, gool loha pipe kandum all size, gool loha saria all size, loha patti all sut, loha repit all size, balding rad beed 1kg pack, gas balding rod pital, gas balding rod loha, gas balding rod aluminium, gas balding rod loha 10 no, gas balding rod loha 8 no, carwid gas balding, coal stones, kachra tirali wheel with bearing, food tirali wheel with bearing, steel machhar jali 3feet arj, steel machhar jali 4feet arj, loha machhar jali 3feet arj, loha machhar jali 4feet arj, gas slender rifil, tape rol, bagli, binding wire, khas packet, switch, indicator, regulator, condensor, jalpari, ezas motor, loha jali 1x1 4feet arj, steel chadar in 20 gaiz 8x4, steel chadar in 22 gaiz 8x4, steel chadar in 22 gaiz 8x3, bombay nails 2 and 3 inch, grinder big patthar, sankal kunda, chappa kunda, almirah handle, almirah lock, doom bale kabja 3 inch, g.i. taar (senting baala), plastic handle, steel handle, haldrop steel 10 inch, haldrop steel 12 inch, grease, mobbel oil 40 no 5l pack, mobbel oil 90 no 5l pack, ghaslet (carosin)tel, suti rang, belding machine oil, belding machine oil, asian paint apcolight in defferent colour 1 lit, pack, asian paint apcolight in white colour 1 lit, pack, asian grey putti 2kg pack, redoxide, golden powder, distemper 10l pack, terracotta apex, terracotta s, pop, black board paint, thhiner, hematon paint all colour, febric colour (12 colour), poster colour (12 colour packet), florosent colour ( all colour), copper powder, water prof paper 100 no., water prof paper 180 no., kenwas rol (6 feet pna), thharmacol 1c.m.(42 sheet per bandle), thharmacol 1.5c.m.(28 sheet per bandle), thharmacol 2 c.m.(21sheet per bandle), thharmacol 2.5c.m.(17 sheet per bandle), thharmacol 4 c.m.(10 sheet per bandle), thharmacol 6 c.m.(07 sheet per bandle), thharmacol 8 c.m.(5 sheet per bandle), gond liquid (5 liter pack), texcher white (01 l pack), satan cloth in different colour, stainner colour in 200gm pack, water proof paper 220 no., oil tube colour 120 and 60ml pack, stepller pin in different size, canvas complete with inner frame in different size, varnish, linsid oil 500ml pack, terpintine oil 500ml pack, afsara pencil b 1 to b 10, non dust rubber big, jarjat cloth, lining cloth, paplin cloth, kiran golden, nakki golden white 100gm pack, champa 100gm pack, mor pankh, white moti, crapeball, gond sukhi dalli wali, raping paper, sunhare moti, wall choti 12 no., gota 0.5 inch, jama cloth, long and big moti, suti dhaga pakka, cotton rol, vile cloth, net (jali wala kapda), makhmal cloth, astar cloth cotton, les patli wali, les moti wali, reshmi thread gitti, satan ribin, kadai thread (box), kashidari thread (box), mala, camrin cloth, chhit cloth, mukut, chauk mitti, double bed plan chadar, safed dhaga tericat 300m reel, safed dhaga tericat 135m reel, safed batan, khaki batan, press batan, machine sui chptha mattha, machine sui gol mattha, turpai sui, hath sui all size, silai machin tel, telar inchi tep 5feet, silai scissors 10 no., silai scissors 12 no., ilastik 1.5 inch, bakram, paint hook hy, telor chak, vibhagiya flag.
Due Date : 09/08/2019
2 Tenders: 19472231 Supply Of Stapler,Poker Or Awl,Pins Or Tacks,Envelopes.
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Due Date : 26/07/2019
3 Tenders: 19465109 Purchase Of 1 Xerox Paper A 4 21Cm X 29.7 Mm Wt 2.18 Kg Gsm 70, Sheet 500, Make Jk 2 Blak Cd Rewriteable Make Sony 3 Envelops 16"X12" Brown/Yellow With Cloth Legal Size As Per Sample 4 Envelops 10"X12" Yellow Color With Cloth 5 Envelope A 4 Size With Water Proof Telic 6 Envelops 4"X8" Brown/Yellow As Per Sample 7 Attendance Register Big Size (Containing 100 Pages ) 8 Register 8 Qrs Best Quality 9 Pencil Soft4hp, Make Apsra 10 Gum Fevicol Bottle Small , 11 Room Freshner For Offrs Room 12 High Tech Pen 0.5 Pilot Blue 13 Malmal Cloth Use For Dark Packing 14 Room Refreshner For Office Use Make Ambipur 15 Register 4 Qrs 16 Register 6 Qrs Best Quality 17 Stepler Pin Small Size 10M Make Kangaro 18 Stepler Pin Big No 24/06 Im Make Kangaro 19 Hit Kill Malaria (Spray)
Due Date : 23/07/2019
4 Tenders: 19441428 Supply Of Stapler , Stapler , Stapler Pin , Stapler Pin , Stapler Pin, Pins Or Tacks , Battery Cell , Paper Clips , Tag Fastener , Gum (Paper Adhesives, Liquid Gum And Office Paste Type) , Glue Stick , Glue Stick , Gum (Paper Adhesives, Liquid Gum And Office Paste Type) , Marking Pen Permanent, Highlighter , Sketch Pen (Fibre Tip).
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Due Date : 20/07/2019
5 Tenders: 19441403 Supply Of Stapler , Stapler Pin , Correction Pens White Fluid ,Pins Or Tacks , Tag Fastener , Wooden Pencil , Eraser , Manual Pencil Sharpener , Scales (Steel Scale) , Gum (Paper Adhesives, Liquid Gum And Office Paste Type) , Self Adhesive Flags , Glue Stick , Folder Binding Accessories Dak Pad ,File Board Flap , Paper Clips , Carbon Papers , Stamp Pads , Ink For Stamp Pads , Report Cover , Conference Folder , Report Cover , Paper Or Eyelet Punches , Stapler , Stapler Pin , Desk Pads Writing , Diaries Printed Plain Register , Diariesprinted Plain Register , Sketch Pen (Fibre Tip) , Marking Pen Permanent, Highlighter , Envelopes , Envelopes.
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Due Date : 19/07/2019
6 Tenders: 19441288 Supply Of Stapler , Stapler , Stapler Pin , Adhesive Tape Spindles,Adhesive Tape Spindles , Scissors , Wooden Pencil , Correction Pens White Fluid , Scales (Steel Scale) , Marking Pen Permanent, Highlighter , Adhesive Tape Spindles , Marking Pen Permanent, Highlighter , Glue Stick , Adhesive Tape Spindles , Crayons , Gum (Paper Adhesives, Liquid Gum And Office Paste Type) , Desktop Trays Or Organizers , Pins Or Tacks , Stamp Pads , Paper Clips , Paper Or Eyelet Punches , Glue Stick , Marking Pen Permanent, Highlighter , Wooden Pencil , Eraser , Wooden Pencil , Stapler Pin , Tape Dispensers , Adhesive Tape Spindles.
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Due Date : 01/08/2019
7 Tenders: 19430998 Supply Of Group E Items Full Scape Paper (Best Quality), Dfc Paper (65X40 Cm) Hpc, Computer Paper A4 (75 Gsm And Above), Computer Paper Fs/Legal (75 Gsm And Above), Transperent Cello Tape Role 1//, Transperent Cello Tape Role 2//, Brown Cello Tape Role 1//, Brown Cello Tape Role 2//, File Board With Cloth Flap, Poly Coated File Cover, Chalk Pencil, Eraser, Cd (Round), Alpin (T Pin) (Containing 100 Pin Box), Gems Clip (Plastic), Gum (750 Ml) (In Dozen), Glue Stick, Brown Envelop (10X24)Cm (Per 100), Brown Envelop (11X24)Cm, Brown Envelop (12X28)Cm, Staples Pin No. 24/6, Staples Pin No. 10, Staple No. 24/6, Staple 10, Carbon Paper (Kores), Stamp Pad, Stamp Pad Ink (Per Dozen, Cotton Tag (Per Bundle), Ball Point Pen (Per Dozen), Ball Point Refill, Correcting Pen, Correcting Fluid, High Lighter Pen, Wooden Pencil, Computer Item, Computer Tonner (Canon), Computer Mouse, Computer Key Board, Item For Hygiene And Sanitation, Lime (Slaked), Lime (Unslaked) (In Tin), Lime Brush (In Dozen), Washing Soda (Isi) (In Kg), Washing Soap (In Kg), Phenyl (In Ltr), Harpic (Big Size) (In Dozen), Toilet Cleaning Brush, Air Freshner (Odonil Packet), Baygon Spray (5 Ltr. Tin), Baygon Spray Pump, Bleaching Powder, Toilet Soap (In Dozen), Tooth Powder (100 Gm Pack), Tooth Brush, Coconut Oil, Steel Water Filter (Above 15 Ltr), Filter Candle (In Dozen), Sanitary Napkin (For Women), Broom, Item For Security Purposes, Torch Battery (Everyday), Torch (3 Cells), Halozen Bulb, Halozen Holder, Bulb 100 Wt (Bajaj/Philips), Cfl Bulb (18 Wt And Above) (In Nos), Led Bulb (9W And Above), Electric Pendant Holder, Tube Light 40 Watt (Philips), Tube Light Frame (Philips), Tube Light Electronic Choke (Philips), Wax Candle, Sports Item, Carrom Board (Complete Set), Carrom Men, Volley Ball (Cosco), Volley Ball (Net), Ludo, Chess Board (Complete Set), Tube Well Item, Tube Well Washer, Tube Well Valve, Tubewell Handle, Tube Well Rod And Plunger, Tube Well Nut And Bolt, Miscellaneous Item, Bamboo (Jati), Bamboo (Bhuluka), Gi Wire, Fan Bearing (6201 And 6202), Fan Capacitor (2.50 Amp And 3.15 Amp), Insulating Tape (For Electrical Works), Electric Switch, Flexible Wire.
Due Date : 18/07/2019
8 Tenders: 19423359 Supply Of Stapler.
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Due Date : 18/07/2019
9 Tenders: 19410446 Supply Of Stapler , Stapler , Correction Pens White Fluid , Gum.
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Due Date : 17/07/2019
10 Tenders: 19396740 Supply Of Stapler.
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Due Date : 13/07/2019
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