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1 Tenders: 16590422 Auction Sale Of Condemned And Released Ms Scrap Consists Of Casnub Bogie Cut Pieces And Parts, Cond. Wagon Doors, Center Pivot Top Plate, Rake Cylinder, Buffer Casing, Stands Of Sorts And Sizes, Shock Absorbers, Sab, Pipes, Angles, Springs, Chains, Wire Rope, Buffer Casing, Top Bolster Of Bcn Bogie, Coupler Body, Trolley, Fabricated Channels, Platform Trolley, Auxilliary Reservoir Tanks, Knuckles Andsuch Other Simlar Wagon Parts And Other Ms As Is Where Is Condition. Custodian: Sse/Cw/Ermg. Ds8 No.534201 Dt.25.04.18, 534218 Dt. 03.04.18 And 534220 Dt. 18.05.18. Location: Available Near Sickline Shed In And Around Scrap Bin Of Erm Goods Yard. .
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Due Date : 13/09/2018
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Spent Fuel Storage Tenders

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