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1 Tenders: 17437001 Pistal Type Pneumatic Drill Screw Driver And Pop Riveter. .
Due Date : 02/01/2019
2 Tenders: 17435942 Auction Sale Of Cond Used Tools Item Consisting Of Drill, Spanners Bench Vice Maxcullar Crow Bar Screw Driver Cold Chiesel Hammer,Spirit Level Agars Pliers Drill Machine Pick Beaters Wire Ropes Pully Jack Pully And Lifting Item Drilling Machine Of Sort And Sizes And Other Tools Items In Broken , Damaged And Mixed Condition Including P.Way Items ,Hs Items Qty Approximate .
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Due Date : 18/12/2018
3 Tenders: 17409245 Auction Sale Of 98090616 (13) [Hsn Code 82041110 Gst18% On Rcm Basis] Cond And Us Tools Scrap Chain Pulley Block 15 T Capacity 02 Nos(Weight 525 Kgs Approx.); Simplex Jacks 15T Cap 07 Nos(Weight 257 Kgs Approx.); Pulley Block Single/Double Sleeve,Forge Portable; Tirfors Of Capacity 1.6/2.6/2/3 Tonne; Chain Tong,Crimping Tool With Bits,Hammer Hand Ball Peen 2Lb,Stripper/Nipper; Clamps & Skids; Chisel Cold,Funnel Tin,Cutting Pliers,Screw Driver 6 Inch/Flat 12 Inch,Screw Flat 6 Inch; Sump Pumps; Bench Vice; Cutting Plier 16Mm/8Mm,Pipe Wrench 18 Inches,Ellen Key 14Mm,Screw Driver 12/10/06 Inches,Extension Rod For Box Spanner ,Ratchet,T Handle Bar,Hammer 800/250Gm,Socket Set Of 6 Bits With Two Side Handle Box Type,De Spnr Set 10 Pcs,Crimping Tool 10Sq Mm,Feeler Gauge Set 0.5 Mm To 1.5Mm,Wrench Adjustable 12/10 Inches,Pulley Extractor 3 Jaws Size 50X200mm,Hammer Sledge 2.5/3.5/6 Kgs,Spanner Open Jaw Se 1 Inch,Spanner Open Jaw De 7 8 Inch,Anvil 150 Kgs,Axes; Box Instrument Ascola,Conel Gauge,Elcometer Pentest Coating Thickness Gauge;Flint Lighter,Key For Gas Cylinders,Hack Saw Frame,Plane Smoothing 2 Inches,Hand Saw 36 Inches,Torque Wrench 5/8 Inches,Pm Snap 20Mm,Hammer Sledge 14/6/12 Lbs; Pipe Ring For Threading,Scale Metric,Wrench Monkey 18 Inches,Pipe Wrench 350Mm/450Mm; Saw Hand 3 Inches,18 Inches,Saw Cross Cut 5 Inches,6Inches,Scissors 18 Inches,5.6 Inches,Spanner De 5/8X 1/2 Inches,3/8 X 1/2 Inches,Hand Saw 24 Inches; Die Set 15Mm To 25Mm With Nut,Die Set 3 Inches,Flat Iron For Thinker,Die Set 3 To 4 Inches; Rail Thermometers; Augur Carpenter 7/8 Inch,Chipping Hammer 2Kg.Full Or Broken.With Or Without Attachments..Location:Bin No.3 In Nf Ward & Right Side Of Nf Yard Main Road.(Image Attached) .
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Due Date : 14/12/2018
4 Tenders: 17401619 Supply Of Plastic Tag Cutting Plier And Double End Reversible Screw Driver As Per Annexure.(Annexure Attached) Make Proskit (Taiwan)/ U.S.Tools(Usa) /Knipex (Germany) .
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Due Date : 13/12/2018
5 Tenders: 17392669 Supply Of Electrical Point Machine Non Trailable, Internal Locking 220Mm Throw, Minimum Ac Immunity 160V Ac, Complete With Junction Box, Two Of Telescopic Pipes, Point Insulation Set, Ground Connection Set, Clamp Point Lock 60 Kg Tws For Bg Tools And Complete Accessories As Per Drg No.Rdso S/11000, Rdso/S 3454, Rdso/S 3395 And All As Per Rdso Specification Irs:S24/2002 With Amendment 01 Irs Type The Following Set Of Tool Kit Is Suitable For Box Shall Be Supplied Along With Every Set Of Eight Point Machine; 1. M6/M8/M18/M20/M22 Box Spanners, 2. M10/M12 Spanner, 3. Adjustable Wrench, 4. Screw Driver 300 Mm Long. A Copy Of Installation And Maintenance Mannual Shall Be Supplied Along With Each Point Machine.
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Due Date : 24/12/2018
6 Tenders: 17391354 Torque Screw Driver Adjustable 10 80 Cnm Torques Crewd River Adjustablet O 50 450C Nm
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Due Date : 12/12/2018
7 Tenders: 17389078 Supply Of Dead Weight Tester (Dual Piston Hydraulic), Specification: Dead Weight Tester (Dual Piston Hydraulic). Range: 1 350 Kg/Cm2, Accuracy: 0.1% Of Reading (Indicated Pressure), M.S. Weight Sets Details: 0.05 Kg/Cm2 X 1 No., 0.1 Kg/Cm2 X 1 No., 0.2 Kg/Cm2 X 2 Nos., 0.5 Kg/Cm2 X 1 N0., 1 Kg/Cm2 X 1 No., 2 Kg/Cm2 X 2. Nos.,5Kg/Cm2x6 Nos., Test Connection:1/2"Bsp. Supply Shall Include A) Basic Instrument + M.S. Weight Sets + Hydraulic Oil + Spirit Level + Set Of Adopters Bsp & Npt Ni Plated Brass Of Sizes, 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" + Dust Cover + Wooden Carrying Case For Weights + Spare Seals (Bonded Seals, O Rings, Nylon Washers) + Instruction Manual. B) Optional Items Like: Pointer Puller + Punch + Required Screw Driver + Required Set Of Spanners + Right Angled Adaptor + Two Gauge Adaptor + Calibration Certificate From Nabl Accredited. Dead Weight Tester With All Above Accessories (Supply Shall Include (A) & (B) Are Consists As One Set. Make: Nagman (H3000 Dp 350 2)/ Wika/ Budenberg / Fluke.
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Due Date : 28/12/2018
8 Tenders: 17385781 Supply Of Screw Driver, Slotted Head Blade Thickness 1.2 Mm, Blade Tip Width 8Mm, Blade Length 150Mm, Total Screwdriver Length With Handle 270Mm Hsn Code:82054000 .
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Due Date : 28/12/2018
9 Tenders: 17362664 Supply Of 1)Feed Through Terminal Screw Clamp As Per Sg12907, R08, It 001. Qty: 1400 No 2)End Plate For Item 001 & As Per Sg12907, It 001A. Qty: 100 No 3)"Horizontal Marker For Item 001 & As Per Sg12907, It 001B And Packet/Box Quantity Qty: 36 No 4)Top Connected Insulated Two Way Shorting Link For Item 001 & As Per Sg12907, It 001C. Qty: 300 No 5)Top Connected Insulated Three Way Shorting Link For Item 001 & As Per Sg12907, It 001D. Qty: 150 No 6)Screw Driver Operated Stud Type, Non Disconnecting Type Terminal Block With Barrel Nut To Provide Test Sockets As Monitoring Points For Test Plugs As Per Sg12907, It 002 Qty: 14000 No 7)End Plate For Item 06 Above And As Per Sg12907, It 002A . Qty: 300 No 8)"Horizontal Marker For Item 06 Above & As Per Sg12907, It 002B And Packet/Box Quantity. Qty: 210 No 9)"Insulated Two Way Open (Fork) Type Shorting Link For Ite M 06 & As Per Sg12907, It 002C. Qty: 2600 No 10)Insulated Three Way Open (Fork) Type Shorting Link For Item 06 & As Per Sg12907, It 002D. Qty: 1000 No .
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Due Date : 10/12/2018
10 Tenders: 17358449 Supply Of Screw Driver With Gripping Device 1.7Mm (Only Three Brands Orthomax , Asteofix Or A.K.Surgicals) .
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Due Date : 14/12/2018
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