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1 Tenders: 23684498 Purchase Of Scaffolding Items For Ntpc Solapur. Corrigendum.
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Due Date : 02/11/2020
2 Tenders: 23682574 Overhauling Of Boiler Pressure Parts, High Pressure Valves, Burners, Wind Box And Providing Cuplock Scaffolding Inside The Furnace Installed In Unit Ii, Rgtpp During Forthcoming Overhauling Of 600 Mw Unit Ii, Rgtpp, Hpgcl, Khedar, Hisar Machineries/ Mechanical Engg Items.
Due Date : 06/11/2020
3 Tenders: 23674385 Mahaveer Park Patni Bhawan. Construction Of Chabutra (Scaffolding)
Due Date : 29/10/2020
4 Tenders: 23664500 O/H OF DEAERATOR <(>&<)> BED PREPN <(>&<)> ERCT OF SCAFFOLDING IN BLRS.
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Due Date : 10/11/2020
5 Tenders: 23613640 Purchase Of Scaffolding Items For Ntpc Solapur..
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Due Date : 26/10/2020
6 Tenders: 23608598 Ttps Operation Circle Mpm I Uniti Removal Of All The Damaged Insulation In The Hot Primary Air Ducts From Air Preheaters To Mills Providing Scaffolding At Various Elevations And Insulating The Duct With Lrb Wool Mattresses And Cladding With G.I Sheet Miscellaneous Works.
Due Date : 30/10/2020
7 Tenders: 23539782 Jc20mlt245 Erection Of Scaffolding At Hrsg 5 Stack For Repair Of Damaged Insulation At Gujarat Refinery..
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Due Date : 22/10/2020
8 Tenders: 23531340 Shamshan Work Miscellaneous Works. Earth Work In Excavation In Foundation Trenches, Trenches Or Drains Including Dressing Of Dreins Sides And Ramming Of Bottoms Lift Upto1.5 Mtr Including Taking Out The Excavated Soil And Desposited And Refilling Of Jhiri With Watering And Ramming And Excavated Soil As Directed Within A Lead Of 50 Mtr. Hard/ Denses Soil Excavation For Roadwork In Soil With Hydraulic Excavator Of 0.9 Cum Bucket Capacity Including Cutting And Loading In Tippers, Trimming Bottom And Side Slopes, In Accordence With Requirements Of Lines, Grades And Crosssections, And Transporting To The Embankment Location With A Lift Upto 1.5 M And Lead Upto 1000 M As Per Technical Specification Clause 302.3 Carriage Of Earth I/E Loading And Unloading For All Leads From 1 Km Providing And Laying In Position Cement Concrete Including Curing, Compaction Etc. Complete In Specified Grade Excluding The Cost Of Centering And Shuttering All Work Up To Plinth Level. 1:4:8 (1 Cement : 4 Coarse Sand : 8 Graded Stone Aggregate 40 Mm Nominal Size). "Providing And Fixing Of Precast Concrete Interlocking Blocks Of M 30 Grade 60Mm Thick Manufactured From Fully Computerised Automatic Stationery Hydraullic Vibropressed Machine And Fully Computerised Automatic Batching Plant Of Class A1/A2 As Per Bs 6717:2001. The Cc Interlocking Paving Blocks Be Laid On Average 50Mm. Thick Bed Of Coarse Sand And The Joint Is To Be Filled With Fine Sand. Laying Procedure On Compacted Sub Base As Defined. Complete Job Is To Be Executed As Per The Instruction Of Engineer Incharge. The Rates To Be Inclusive Of All Lead, Lifts And Taxes. General Specification Of Blocks: 1) Shape As Defined By Engineer Incharge 2) Tensile Splitting Strength And Braking Load As Per Bs 6717:2001 3) Color: Grey Cement Natural Colour 4) Variation In Dimension: Less Than 1.6Mm. 5) Variation In Thickness: Less Than 3.2Mm 6) Abrasion: As Per Bs: 6717:2001 Add Extra Over Item For 80Mm Thick Block And Coloured Blocks" Plaster On New Surface On Walls In Cement Sand Mortar 1:4 Including Racking Of Joints Etc. Complete Fine Finish : 20 Mm Thick Finishing Wall With Water Proofing Cement Paint Of Approved Brand And Manufacture And Or Required Shade To Give An Even Shade Including All Scaffolding: New Work (Three Or More Coats). Random Rubble Stone Masonry For Foundation And Plinth In Cement Sand Mortar 1:4 ( 1 Cement : 4 Sand). Above 30 Cm Thick Wall : Structural Steel Work In Single Section Fixed With Or Without Connecting Plate Including Cutting, Hoisting Fixing In Position And Applying A Priming Coat Of Approved Steel Primer All Complete. Above Plinth Level Up To 4.50 Mtr. Height In Flats, Tees, Angels And Channels Painting With Enamel Paint Of Approved Brand And Manufacture To Give An Even Shade :Two Or More Coats On New Work Providing And Laying In Position Cement Concrete Including Curing Compaction Etc. Complete In Specified Grade Excluding The Cost Of Centering And Shuttering All Work Up To Plinth Level 1:1.5:3 (1 Cement :1.5 Coarse Sand : 3 Graded Stone Aggregate 20 Mm Nominal Size) Providng And Fabricating Reinforcement Using Steel Of Sail/ Vizak Rinl/ Tata Tiscon/ Essar/ Zindal Vijanagar Is : 1786 1989 For R.C,C Work Including Strighteing Cutting Bending Placing In Postion And Binding (Including Cost Of Binding Wire) All Complete Up To Floor Three Level. Thermo Mechaincally Treated Bars (Conforming Of Relevent Is Code) Centering And Shuttering With Plywood Or Steel Sheets Including Strutting Propping Bracing Bothways And Removal Of Formork Foundation In Basements Rafts, Footings Strap Beam, Of Colums, Etc. Upto Plinth Level. Providing And Laying In Position Specified Grade Of Cement Concrete For All Rcc Structural Elements Upto Plinth Level Including Curing, Compaction, Finishing With Rendering In Cement Sand Mortar 1:3 (1 Cement: 3 Coarse Sand) And Making Good The Joints Excluding The Cost Of Centering, Shuttering And Reinforcement. M20 Grade Nominal Mix (With Graded Stone Aggregate 20Mm Nominal Size) Random Rubble Stone Masonry For Superstructure Above Plinth Level One Storey Height Above 30Cm. Thick Walls In : Cement Mortar 1:4 ( 1 Cement : 4 Sand) Construction Of Granular Sub Base By Providing Well Graded Material As Per Mord Specification Table No. 400.1 And 400.2 Having P.I. Not More Than 6 Including Sprading In Layer Manually, Not Exceeding 150 Mm Loose Thickness And Consolidating With Smooth Wheel Roller To Acheive The 100% Proctor Density At Omc With All Lead Of Granular Material And Water, Hire Charges Of Machinary And Tandp Complete As Per Technical Specifications (Compacted Thickness To Be Measured) For Grading Iii Material Providing And Fixing M.S. Sheet Single Leaf Door Shutter In Angle Iron Frame 35X35x5mm Suitabilly Diagonally Braced With 25X3mm Flat Iron Above And Below Lock Rail Of Size 50X5mm Beading Extra Including All Fittings, As Per Direction Of Engg. Incharge But Excluding Cost Of Chowkhats: Including Two Coats Of Anit Corrosive Red Oxide Primer Paint M.S. Sheet 20 S.W.G. For Double Door Shutter Supply And Stacking Good Earth At Site Complete Including Loading Unloading And Transpiration Etc. Construction Of Tube Well Up To 100 Meter Depth And Above In All Type Of Rocks By Dth System And Over Burden, To Accommodate Casing Pipe Of Following Sizes In All Type Of Soils And Overburden Including Lowering Of Casing Pipes, But Excluding Cost Of Casing Pipes As Per Is: 2800 (Part I And Ii) 1979 Specifications. The Work Would Be Completed After Obtaining Sand Free Water. The Tube Well Should Have A Throughout Bore As Per Nominal Dia Of Casing Pipe: Supply Of Erw M. S. Black Casing Pipe Isi Marked (Is:4270/1992) Of Grade Fe410 Of Following Sizes At Site Of Work. Supplying And Installation Of Submersible Pumping Motor Pump Sets I.S.I. Marked (Is:8034 1989) Of Approved Make With Required Accessories Including Making Connection Suitable For T.W./D.C.B./Open Well. The Job Includes Lowering Riser Pipes, G.I./ H.D.P.E Pipe With Rope , Cables, Installation Of Complete Fitting And Accessories With Riser Pipes, Jointing Of Electrical Cables Upto Switchboard, All Labour For Testing Of Submersible Pump Set And Supply Of Water To Water Mains, Complete In All Respect Supply And Fixing Of Starter Panel For Following Rating Motors Made Out With Ms Powder Coated Sheet Housing Protection Relays For Overload, Short Circuit And Single Phasing On/Off Buttons Etc. Complete In All Respect S And F Tube Well Cover Of Tube Well Cover Of M.S. Sheet (6Mm Thick) With Nuts And Bolts Complete For Casing Size S And F M.S. Clamp, Set Of 50X6mm Flat From Ion With Nuts And Bolts Etc. For Holding The Riser Pipe Assembly Of Submersible Pump Set Supply Of 50Mm Dia G.I. Medium Class Pipe (Each Length 5.8 M To 6.0 M) Tripod As Per Drawing And Design With Chain Pulley Of 3 Mt. Capacity. Installation Of Submersible Motor Pump Set In Tube Well/Open Well Complete (Labour Charges Only) Including Transportation Of Tripod Chain Pulley Black And Any Other Material Required For Lowering Purpose P/ Laying Pvc Insulated And Pvc Sheathed Cable Of 1.1 Kv Grade With Aluminum Conductor Of Is : 1554 P 1 Of Group 2 Of Approved Make In Ground As Per Is 1255 Including Excavation 30Cm X 75 Cm Size Trench. 25 Cm Thick Under Layer Of Send Iind Class Bricks Covering, Refilling Earth And Making Necessary Connection As Required Of Size. P And F Tp And Nu 15 V Metal Clad Hbc Cum Revive Cable Switch Fuse Unite With Porcelain Kit Kats And Natural Link And Conforming To Is Is: 13947 P I And Ii Making Connections With Lugs Testing Required (32 A Rating) Supply And Erection Of Gi Octagonal / Conical Pole Of Following Length And Dimension As Per Table E 10 With Base Plate On The Cement Concrete Foundation Of M 20 Grade (1:1.5:3) With The Help Of Anchor Bolts Of Grade 6.8 (Is: 1367 P Iii ). The Pole Shall Have A Weatherproof Flush Door And Locking Arrangements. The Complete Work Shall Be Supervised And Certified By The Manufacturers For Satisfactory Supply, Erection, Testing And Commissioning. Octagonal Ms Poles Made Of S 355Jo Grade Steel Sheet , Folded Lengthwise To Obtained Octagonal Shape, Having Single Longitudinal Seam Weld And Hot Dipped Galvanised Internally And Externally In Accordance With Is 2629. (See Table E 10 For Specs.) 8 Mtr. G Ist 8 Mtr Supply, Erection And Fixing Of Hot Dipped Galvanised Overhang (48.3 X 3.25 Mm) With Cap (400 X 88.9 / 114.3 X 3.25 Mm) Over The Existing Poles Single Arm Overhang Single Arm Overhang Supplying And Drawing Fr Pvc Insulated And Unsheathed Flexible Copper Conductor Isi Marked (Is:694) Of 1.1 Kv Grade And Approved Make In Existing Surface Or Recessed Conduit/Casing Capping Including Making Connections Etc. As Required. Group Ist 2X 1.5 Sqmm Supplying And Drawing Fr Pvc Insulated And Unsheathed Flexible Copper Conductor Isi Marked (Is:694) Of 1.1 Kv Grade And Approved Make In Existing Surface Or Recessed Conduit/Casing Capping Including Making Connections Etc. As Required. Group Ist 2X 1.5 Sqmm Pandf 240/415 V Ac Mcb With Positive Isolation Of Breaking Capacity Not Less Than 10 Ka (B/ C/ D Tripping Characteristic) Isi Marked Is 8828(1996)]/ Conforming To Iec 60898 In Existing Board/Sheets Including Making Connections With Lugs, Testing Etc. As Required. Group Ist 6A To 32 A Rating25 Plate Earthing As Per Is:3043 With Copper Earth Plate Of Size 600Mm X 600Mm X 3.0Mm By Embodying 3 To 4 Mtr. Below The Ground Level With 20 Mm Dia. G.I. 'B' Class Watering Pipe Including All Accessories Like Nut, Bolts, Reducer, Nipple ,Wire Meshed Funnel, And C.C. Finished Chamber Covered With Hinged Type With Locking Arrangement C.I. Cover, C.I. Frame Of Size300mm X 300Mm Complete With Alternate Layers Of Salt And Coke/Charcoal, Testing Of Earth Resistance As Required. P And F G.I Pipe (External Work ) With G.I Fitting (Is:1239 Mark) Including Trenching And Refilling Earth Etc 50 Mm Dia Nominal Bore B Class P And F Ip 65/Ip 66 Protected Led Street Light Luminaire On Existing Bracket. Fixture Made From Power Coated Single Piece Pressure Die Cast Aluminium Housing With Heat Dissipation Fins On Housing With High Power Leds Of Cree/Nichia/Osram/Philips Make.Diffuser Glass Cover For Ensuring Ip 65 Protection For Lamp And Control Gear Compartment, System Lumen Out Put Of 1500 8500 High Power Led. Ntergrated Dreiver Shall Be High Efficiency Having Efficiency>85% And In Compliance To Iec Satandards System Life Of 25000 Burning Hours With 70% Of Initial Lumens Maintained. Fixture Shall Be In Ce Comliance. Led Street Light Fixiture 80 90 Watt Group 1
Due Date : 17/10/2020
9 Tenders: 23509393 Scaffolding Jobs During Rmp Pre Ta 2021 Along With Supply Of Material.
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Due Date : 14/10/2020
10 Tenders: 23505223 Dismantling Of Existing Structures Like Culverts, Bridges, Retaining Walls, Cc Road And Other Structure Comprising Of Masonry, Cement Concrete, Wood Work, Steel Work, Including Tandp And Scaffolding Wherever Necessary, Sorting The Dismantled Material, Disposal Of Unserviceable Material And Stacking The Serviceable Material With All Lifts And Lead Of 50 Metres As Directed By Engineer.
Due Date : 15/10/2020
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