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1 Tenders: 18202181 Supply Of Safety Items For The Fy 2019. ( 1 Safety Shoes Gents 2 Safety Shoes Ladies 3 Safety Hand Gloves 4 Face Mask 5 Safety Goggles 6 Safety Helmet 7 Arm Sleeve 8 Safety Harness 9 Ear Plug 10 Reflective Jacket 11 Safety Net 12 Mask(For Laboratory Use) 13 High Visibility Reflective Tape)
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Due Date : 15/03/2019
2 Tenders: 18180960 Supply Of Safety Wear (Goggles) Optically Corrected Polycarbonate Lens, Colour:Clear. Make:Udyodi G102 Or Equivalent .
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Due Date : 22/02/2019
3 Tenders: 18079623 Supply Of Muff Ear Is 6229/71 ,Safety Goggles (Spectacle) Is 1179/67 ,Reflective Tape 2” X 150’ Diamond Grade (Red)
Due Date : 20/02/2019
4 Tenders: 18066437 1 Amc For Computers, Printers And Other Computer Peripherals And Xerox Machines, Amc Of Micro Balances And Hardness Testers., Amc And Repairing Of Forklifts And Stackers. 2 Amc And Repairing Of Acs 3 Preparation Of Accounts And Taxation From Ca/Cwa Firm 4 Legal Services – From Advocate/Lawyer – Commercial/ Civil Case. 5 Vehicles On Hiring Basis 6 Pest Control 7 Horticulture And Gardening 8 Trimming Of Trees And Removal Of Plants And Vegetation On The Building. 9 Loading/Unloading Of Materials 10 Maintenance And Calibration Of Scales And Weights 11 Maintenance , Testing And Calibration Certification Of All Types Of Material Handling Equipment Including Cranes, Tackles, All Measuring Instruments Etc. 12 Refilling Of Printer Cartridges 13 Motor Winding 14 Repairing, Painting And Construction Of Civil And Related Works. 15 Repair And Maintenance Of Electrical And Related Services. 16 Canteen/Guest House And Security Services. 1 Hosiery/Cleaning Cloth/ Cotton Waste/ Old Cloth/ Vest Cloth, Wire/Brass/Nylon/Plastic Brushes With Wooden/Plastic Handles, Etc 2 Knife For Scan Coin, Diamond Laping Compound 3 Corn Cob 4 Polycarbonate Inserts, Circular Brass Wire Brush, Reducer, Friction Belt (Leather) 5 Cotton Waste, Vest Cloth, Etc 6 Buffing Items Like Cotton Bob, Felt Bob, Etc. 7 Tc Dies And Punches, Various Die Steels 8 Statellite Balls/ Steel Balls 1 Cello Tape, Canvas Cloth, Bubble Envelops, Poly Yarn Thread 2 Wooden Packing Boxes / Cartons 3 Blister Packs, Photo Frame, Tissue Paper, White Envelope. 4 Acrylic Stands And Cases Of Different Materials (Mof, Acrylic, Wood Etc.), Certicard. 5 Stickers, Labels, Thermal Transfer Ribbon 6 Various Types Of Woods Like Ply Wood, Sal Wood Etc. 7 Ribbons And Lanyards 8 Ldpe Film Rolls/ Poly Propylene Bags 1 Continuous Computer Stationary Paper With Perforation On Both Sides.2 Register/Magazine Printed As Per Requirement 3 Files/Diaries/Notebooks As Per Sample/Requirement 4 A4 Size Xerox Machine Paper 5 Chalk Pencils, Pencils, Pens, Erasers, Sharpners, Scales/Rulers, Etc 6 Printer Cartridges 1 Lighting, Switches, Contractors, Mcbs, Capacitors Etc. 2 Heating Elements, Various Siemens Make Drives, Modules (Er), Relays, 3 Motors Dc/Ac, Pump (Different Make), Power Supply 4 Solenoid Valves. 5 Optical Sensors, Proximity Switch, Sensors, Led’S 6 Printed Circuit Boards And Electrical Modules. 7 Cable (Metallic And Fiber Optic) 8 Soldering Equipment, Repairing Of Hmi/Display Of Machine. 9 Power Backup Systems, Batteries, Etc. 10 Insulation Strips 11 Telecom Equipment 12 All Types Of Printers And Peripherals 13 Electrical Appliances, Ht/Lt Cables 14 Dg, Compressors, Transformers, Acs Machines And Spares, Panel Ac. 15 Electrical Safety Gloves, Mats. 1 Firefighting Equipment 2 Safety And Security Equipment, Rubber Apron, Hand Gloves Etc. 3 Safety Goggles, Musk Respirator Etc. 1 All Type Of Bearings 2 Various Belts Like Power Belt, Timing Belt, Conveyor Belts, Endless Friction Belt Etc. 3 Fastner, Gears, Drill Bits, Shafts, Springs, Washers, Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Files, Pulleys, Different Tools Etc. 4 Material Handling Equipment 5 Valves, Air Filters, Oil Filters, Artificial Leather. 6 Pneumatic Cylinders, Connectors, Pipes, Hammers, Joints Etc. 7 Pressure Gauges And Regulators Etc, Lpg Regulator For Canteen. 8 Gaskets, Oil Seal, O Ring. 9 Lubricant Oils, Hydraulic Oil, Gear Oil, Castor Oil, Transformer Oil Etc. 10 Shaft 11 Springs 12 Hack Saw Blades And Band Saw Blades 13 Emery Paper 14 Indl. Adhesives, Resins, Polish Etc, Polishing Bar, Soap Nut 15 Various Ferrous And Non Ferrous Rods And Bar Ms Steel, Die Steel, Etc. 16 All Types Of Hardware And Paints17 Plumbing Items 18 Carpentry Items 19 Grinding, Machining, Cutting (Inserts, Holders, Etc), Milling Items 20 Pneumatic System Components 21 Hydraulic System Components 22 Lubrication System Components, Spares For Forklift/Stackers 1 Soaps/Detergent 2 Glass/ Steel Tumblers 3 Uniform Men And Women/Towel/Boiler Suit/Apron 4 Cotton Duster 5 Shoes (Safety And Ordinary) And Socks 6 Rubber/ Cotton Hand Gloves. 7 Furniture 1 Water Treatment Chemicals 2 General Chemicals And Lab Glassware 3 Acids (Like Hydrochloric, Sulphuric Etc.) Of Grade Ar/Lr/Commercial 4 Pickling And Polishing Compound 5 Phenol, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Dichromate, Phosphoric Acid Etc 6 Soda Ash (Light/ Heavy), Lithium Tube 7 Nitric Acid, Etc. (L.R. And A.R. Grade.) 8 Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Liquid Ammonia Etc. 1 Industrial Lpg Cylinder 2 Nitrogen, Acetylene, Oxygen, Etc 3 Refrigerant R 22, Etc 4 Petrol, High Speed Diesel, Kerosene 5 All Types Of Oils And Grease 1 Vegetables, Cereals, Oils, Grains, Pulses, Masalas, Etc 2 Tea, Milk, Sugar, Etc 3 Utensils And Appliances 4 All Canteen Provisions 1 Kaju Barfi, Sanpapdi, Rosogolla Etc. 1 All Types Of Medicines Including Tablets, Ointment, Syrup Etc. 2 All Types Of Surgical Equipment 3 All Types Of Medical Equipment.
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Due Date : 12/03/2019
5 Tenders: 18037755 Supply Of Safety Goggles 2 Items. .
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Due Date : 26/02/2019
6 Tenders: 17951384 Supply Of Black Sunglass For Eye Surgeries 6 Pc Per Pkt .
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Due Date : 11/02/2019
7 Tenders: 17921159 Procurement Of T And E Of Fitter Trade . ( 1 Steel Rule With Metric And British Graduation 2 Try Square 3 Caliper Inside Spring Type 4 Caliper Hermaphrodite Spring Type 5 Caliper Outside Spring Type 6 Divider Spring Type 7 Scriber 8 Centre Punch 9 Screw Driver 10 Chisel Cold Flat 11 Hammer Ball Peen With Handle 12 Hammer Ball Peen With Handle 13 File Flat Second Cut 14 File Flat Smooth 15 File Half Round Second Cut 16 Hacksaw Frame Fixed Type 17 Safety Goggles. 18 Dot Punch 19 Spirit Level Metal Type 2 300 Mm Basic Length Accuracy 0.1Mm/Meter 20 Stud Extractor Ezy Out 21 Combination Set )
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Due Date : 12/02/2019
8 Tenders: 17915477 Supply Of Industrial Type Safety Goggles To Protect The Eyes Of Painters Working In The Rough And Hazardous Conditions. 1) Minal Enterprises: Make Jayco, Model No. Art No. Js 7005 2) 3M India Ltd. : Make 3M, Model No. 3M Fahrenheit Goggle W/Tear N Wear Clear Acetate Af 3) G.M. Engineering Works: Make 3M Fahrenheit Goggle.
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Due Date : 04/02/2019
9 Tenders: 17901534 Safety Goggles .
Due Date : 19/02/2019
10 Tenders: 17898765 Supply Of Set Of Safety Items 1] Safety Nose And Mouth Protective Dust Respirator Make: Hemand /Udyodi/Venus ,Qty 900 Nos 2] Safety Goggles And Anti Dust Designed To Protect From Eye As Per En166f And Similar To Mode /No 231 /56 Make Safe /Work Ranger Udyogi Qty 150 Nos 3] Industrial Ear Defender For Hearing Protection Confirming To En 3521 1993 Similar Model No Ken 958 Of Make Work Ranger /Site Safe Udyogi Qty 60 Nos , One Set Consist Of Three Items .
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Due Date : 31/01/2019
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Safety Goggle Tenders

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