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1 Tenders: 21498716 Supply Of Pull Rod Main Without Bushes For "A" Car Of Blcs Wagons To Drg No. Goc/W/Sk 3 15591, Alt.Nil Or Latest, Item Nos. 1 To 3 In Assembled Condition. Note: Material Specification For Item Nos. 1 & 2 Should Be Non Copper Content Steel To Is:2062 2011 E 250 A In Lieu Of Copper Content Steel To Is:2062 E 250 A With Cu Shown In The Drawing.
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Due Date : 04/02/2020
2 Tenders: 21487605 Supply Of Set Of Heavy Duty Split Pin For Brake Shoe And Pull Rod Of Wdg3a And Wdm3a Locomotives Consisting Of 02 (Two) Different Type Split Pin (I) Split Pin Size Dia: 25/64 Inch, Length: 3 5/16 Inch, Qty: 01 No (Ii) Split Pin Size Dia: 15/64 Inch, Length: 3 5/32 Inch, Qty: 01 No. Brand: Machine Fold, (N.B.: Sample Approval To Be Obtained From Consignee Before Supply Of Bulk Quantity).
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Due Date : 10/02/2020
3 Tenders: 21487539 Supply Of Pull Rod For Bobr Wagon To Rdso's Drg. No Wd 86013 S 72,Item No 1,Alt. No 1(One) Or Latest.
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Due Date : 07/02/2020
4 Tenders: 21454047 Supply Of Anti Pilferage Device For Bogie End Pull Rod Drawing No. Wd 91030 S/1, Alt.1 Item No.1 .
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Due Date : 24/01/2020
5 Tenders: 21445159 Supply Of Main Pull Rod Assembly (Short) Of Length 3115.5Mm For Bcna To Irs Drg.No. Wa/Bg 6354, Sl.No. 4, Alt.3.
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Due Date : 29/01/2020
6 Tenders: 21439455 Supply Of Pull Rod Main Slack Adjuster Side For 'A' Car Of Blc Wagon. Drg. No. Contr 9405 S/11_Alt. 7, Item No. 4 .
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Due Date : 04/03/2020
7 Tenders: 21435260 Supply Of Main Pull Rod (Short) For Boxn To Irs Drg. No.Wa/Bg 6354, Alt.3. Material And Specn. As Per Drawing.
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Due Date : 02/03/2020
8 Tenders: 21434944 Supply Of Roller For Bogie Pull Rod To Irs Part Drg. No. W/Bg 6200, Alt. 2 And (Except Material). Material To Is:2062 2011, Amendment No. 1 Of Nov.2012, Gr. E 250 A.
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Due Date : 05/02/2020
9 Tenders: 21424374 Supply Of Push Pull Rod [Traction Bar] For Wap7/ Wag9 As Per Clw Drg. No.1209.01.113.006 Alt.3 Or Latest Consist Of 3 Items. [1] Flange Should Be As Perclw Drg.No.1209.01.113.007 Alt 7 Or Latest. [2]Tube Welding As Per Clwdrg.No.1209.01.313.008 Alt 4 Or Latest. [3] Traction Bar [Push Pull Rod] Flangehole Size Should Be As Per Rdso Smi No.Rdso/2006/El/0241 [Rev 0 ] Dated24.10.06 Or Latest. Dpt & Mpt Testing To Be Done As Per Rdso Letterno.El/3.1.35 /12 Dated 15.09.2017.
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Due Date : 03/02/2020
10 Tenders: 21424044 Supply Of Bogie End Pull Rod For Bogie Brake Gear Of Blc Wagon Drg. No : Contr 9404 S/10, Alt(11), Item No 4.
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Due Date : 17/01/2020
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Pull Rod Tenders

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