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1 Tenders: 23715072 Tender For Set Of Items For Partex T 1000 Cable Marker Printer Consists Of 3 Items As, 1) Po 06 Profile Yellow Cable Marker To Partex Part No: Po 06000Bn4 , Plain Tubular Pvc Material, 200M / Roll( Or) Equivalent Qty:5 Rolls. 2)Po 068 Thin Wall Profile Yellow Cable Marker To Partex Part No: Po 068Twbn4, Plain Tubular Pvc Material, 50M / Roll ( Or) Equivalent Qty: 2 Rolls 3) T1000 Ribbon Black With Chip To Partex Part No: T1000 Ribbon, 5 Catridges/Set And100m Each Catridge (Or) Equivalent Qty:3 Set.
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Due Date : 09/11/2020
2 Tenders: 23715049 Comprehensive Amc Of Computers, Servers, Printers, Laptops And Scanners For Its Offices In The State Of Haryana.
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Due Date : 15/11/2020
3 Tenders: 23714640 Nit For Dot Matrix Printer 24 Pin 80 Column From Approved Vendor.
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Due Date : 07/11/2020
4 Tenders: 23713845 Outsourcing The Services Of Meter Reading Through Gprs Based Mobile Devices And On Spot Bill Generation, On Spot Printing Of Bills And On Spot Delivery Of Bills With Your "Manpower, Mobile Device, Bluetooth Printer And Stationary" Using "Android Mobile Application, Web Based Software And Server/Network Infrastructure Of Mgvcl" For Five Nos. Of Subdivisions Of Lalbaug Division"Of Baroda City Circle. .
Due Date : 20/11/2020
5 Tenders: 23713759 Tender For Haemoglobin Testing Analyser With Following Specification : Specification Of Fully Automated Hplc Based Hba1c Analyser 1.Fully Automated System, Dedicated To Hba1c(Stable Hba1c), Hbf, (Hbs And Hbc Can Be Measured In The Variant Mode). 2. The Testing And Screening Should Be Based On Hplc(High Performance Liquid Chromatography) Technology. 3. The System Should Have The Feature To Perform Either Hba1c And Can Detect Hba2/Hbf/Hbs Without Changing Any Reagents Or Columns. 4.The System Should Have A Measurement Range Of 3 20% For Hba1c, 2 10% For Hba2 And 0 100% For Hbf. 5. The System Should Have In Kit Calibrator For Instrument Calibration Ensuring Accurate Quantisation Of Results. 6.The System Should Have Visible Alarm System For Low Buffer/Reagent/Overflow Of Waste Tank Reservoir. 7. The System Should Be Capable Of Sample Identification Using A Barcode Reader. 8. The System Should Have Complete Ready To Use Kit With Columns, Buffers, Primers, Calibrators For Demo Of The Machine. 9.The System Should Have The Facility For In Built As Well As Usb Port For External Printing Facility. 10. The Instrument Should Have Colour Graphic Lcd And Provide A Good Quality/High Yield External Printer. 11.The Company Must Provide The Current Ngsp List Where The Quoted Item Must Have No Interference Of Hbe,D,S,C While Reporting Hba1c. 12. The Company Should Have Facility To Provide Internal And External Normal And Abnormal Controls To Help Compare Results. 13. The Company Should Have Own Dedicated Service Engineer To Provide Uninterrupted Service. 14. The System Should Have A Memory Capacity Of At Least 500 Test Results. 15. The System Should Have Loading Capacity Of 10 Samples. 16.The Firm Should Provide Isa/Fda/Ce Approval Certificate. 17. The Firm Should Provide A Sine Wave Based Ups Of At Least 30 Minutes Back Up With The Instrument. 18. The Firm Should Mention The Analyser As Open Or Closed System. If Closed, The Firm Should Provide The Proprietary Certificate, Reagent Pack Size, Number Of Tests That Can Be Performed And Duration Of Stability After Opening The Pack And Price List Of The Consumables/Reagents And Spares. 19. The Firm Should Provide The Total Price Required Towards Reagents And Consumables For 2000 Tests, Which Will Be Required For Evaluation Of The Tender. Firm To Quote The Price Of Reagent In The Bid Separately. 20. The Firm Should Provide A Kit Strength Of At Least 400 Tests With The Machine And Complete Training To The Laboratory Personnel Free Of Cost. Detailed Specification As Per Annexure A .
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Due Date : 01/12/2020
6 Tenders: 23713741 Supply Of Electronic, Electrical A Furniture Items. (Desktop Pc 2 Laser Printer 3 Laser Printer Cartridge 4 Power Backup Ups 5 Scanner 6 Laptop 7 Projector 8 Projector Screen 9 Projector Stand 10 Split Ac 11 Voltage Stabiliser 12 Refrigerator 13 Sound System 14 Power Backup System 15 Photo Copier 16 Water Purifier, 1 Almirah (Type 1) 2 Almirah (Type 2) 3 Steel Rack 4 Computer Table 5 Office Table (Type 1) 6 Office Table (Type 2) 7 Office Chair (Type 1) 8 Office Chair (Type 2) 9 Office Chair (Type 3) 10 Office Chair (Type 3) 11 Patient Waiting Chair, 1 Desktop Computer (Type 1) 2 Desktop Computer (Type 1) 3 Laser Printer (Type 1) 4 Laser Printer (Type 2) 5 Backup Ups 6 Scanner 7 Laptop 8 Projector 9 Cable Projector For Setup: Vga Cable 10 Cable Projector For Setup: Hdmi Cable 11 Cable Projector For Setup: Power Cable 12 Projector Screen 6*4 Tripot 13 Projector Screen 6*8 Tripot 14 Projector Screen 6*4 Wall Hanging 15 Projector Screen 6*8 Wall Hanging 16 Projector Celling Stand (3 Ft) 17 Projector Celling Stand (4 Ft) 18 Spilt Ac (1.5 Ton) 19 Spilt Ac (2.0 Ton) 20 Voltage Stabilizer 21 Refrigerator 22 Sound System 23 Power Backup: Inverted 500 Va Power Backup: Lnverter 2000 Va Power Backup: Battery 150 Ah Power Backup: Battery 180 Ah Power Backup: Plastic Body Trolley Power Backup: Steel Body Trolley Photo Copier Water Purifier Printer Cartridge (12A Black) Printer Cartridge (88A Black) Printer Cartridge (78A Black) Almirah (Type 1) Almirah (Type 2) Steel Rack Computer Table Office Table (Type 1) Office Table (Type 2) Office Chair (Type 1) Office Chair (Type 2) Office Chair (Type 3) Office Chair (Type 3) Patient Waiting Chair
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Due Date : 21/11/2020
7 Tenders: 23713511 Supply Of Multifunction Machines Mfm , Scanners , Computer Printers ,.
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Due Date : 18/11/2020
8 Tenders: 23713403 Purchasing Of Computer With Accessories, Multi Function Printer, Ups And Photocopier Machine. Network /Communication Equipments.
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Due Date : 05/11/2020
9 Tenders: 23712713 Supply Of Desktop Computer Systems, Canon Scanner Drc 225 Hp A 10, Printer Model 128 Fn, Print Scan At Various Sections Of Ee 17, Kz, Ghmc .
Due Date : 04/11/2020
10 Tenders: 23712361 Supply Of Brother Make Label Printer Laminated Tze Tapes (GEM ID: GEM/GARPTS/01102020/D4RP92YYXRYN).
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Due Date : 19/11/2020
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