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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief
1 Tenders: 21511855 Supply Of Lock Plate ( Over Speed Trip Plate ) To Main Drawing No. 10180011 Alt Y Part Drawing No. D30090 Nil.
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Due Date : 05/02/2020
2 Tenders: 21511806 Supply Of Locking Plate For Wheel And Axle To Icf Drg. No. T 0 2 637, Alt. 3 And C.
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Due Date : 04/02/2020
3 Tenders: 21511412 Supply Of Metal Wearing Plate Part No Rm08b 27 0206 .
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Due Date : 24/01/2020
4 Tenders: 21509685 Supply Of Breaker Plate And Cage Screen Plate For Crushers For Vstps. Corrigendum.
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Due Date : 07/02/2020
5 Tenders: 21508437 Repair And Revisioning Of Various Mechanical Equipments Of Slagyard Of Sms 1. Repair Of Slag Dump Car. A. Repair Of Trunion Assembly Of Slag Dump Car Which Includes The Following Jobs. A. Replacement Of 4 Sets Of Slag Pot Locking Brackets With New Brackets: Old Brackets Are To Be Removed By Gas Cutting New Brackets Are To Be Cut By Gas Cutting From The Plate And The Cut Plates Are To Be Shifted To Sms Area Repair Shop For Machining. These Plates Are To Be Collected By Party After Machining And Are To Be Fitted On The Trunion And Welding Of The Same Is To Be Carried Out. Care Should Be Taken To Avoid Distortion During Welding. B. Repair Of Trunion Ring Inspection Of Trunion Ring Asly For Weld Cracks Distortion Etc And Carrying Out The Following As Per The Requirement. 1. Replacement Trunion Inner , Outer, Top And Bottom Ring Portion 2. Gouging, Grinding, And Welding Of Cracks 3. Repair / Replacement Of Trunion Ring Inside Slag Pot Supporting Brackets. B. Dismantling Of Old Drive Cover, Fabrication And Erection Of New Drive Cover, Removal Of Damaged Hand Railing On Drive Side And Non Drive Side And Providing With New Hand Railing In Dump Car. Steps Are Also To Be Inspected And Rectification Work Is To Be Carried Out. C. Removal Of Old Side Heat Shields (Complete Towards Pit Side) And Replacing The Same With Newly Fabricated Heat Shields In Slag Dump Car. Two Sets Of Heat Shields Are To Be Fabricated. One Set Is To Be Installed On Car And Other Set Is To Be Handed Over To The Shop As A Spare For Future Use. D. Inspection Of The Slag Dump Car Frame And Rectification Of Any Abnormalities Like Heightening Of The Structure, Cutting The Body (Frame) By Providing Necessary Strengthening Etc., To Remove The Sagging And Reassembling The Frame And Strengthening The Frame By Stiffeners Welding. E. Revisioning Of Drive System Of Slag Dump Car A) Inspection Of All Internals Of Primary Gear Box And Secondary Gear Box Of Tilt Drive And Lt Gearbox. In Case Of Any Damages Are Noticed, The Shaft Assly / Gear Box Are To Be Replaced. Motor Base Frames Of The Lt And Tilt Drive Are Also To Be Inspected And Necessary Rectification Work Of The Base Frames Are To Be Carried Out After Dismantling The Frame . B) Inspection And Rectification Of Bolt Connections Between (I) Secondary Gear Box, Drive Pinion And Trunion Ring. (Ii) Non Drive Pinion And Trunion Ring (Iii) Rack Foundation Bolt Etc., Rack / Pinions Are To Be Replaced If Found Defective / Damaged During Inspection. Rfx No.2600005348 Page 8
Due Date : 28/01/2020
6 Tenders: 21507870 Manufacturing And Supply Of Mechanical Hardware For Environment Testing Of Ins Ins Housing Chassis Assy ,Calibration Base Plate Assy
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Due Date : 13/02/2020
7 Tenders: 21507404 Supply Of Hydraulic Head ,Vane Pump ,Roller ,Bearing Pin ,Compression Spring ,P End Jain ,Parts Set Of Seals ,Nozzle 1793 ,Washer For Nozzle ,Cam Plate ,T D Piston ,Element ,Nozzle ,Washer For Nozzle ,Cam Shaft ,Parts Set Of Seals ,Solenoid ,Hydraulic Head
Due Date : 30/01/2020
8 Tenders: 21507034 Sl Description Of Work Qty Unit 1.00 Opening Of Ht/Lt Connection Of Transformers Atteding Oil Leakage From Transformers By Opening Top Cover Plate And Draining Of Oil Into Drum Upto Lt Bushing Rod, Opening Of Oil Lt Bushing Rod, Changing Of Oil Seals By New One And Refitting Of All Ht/Lt Connection. Top Cover Plate Assembly, Refilling Of T/F Oil Including New Oil For Desired Level, Making Fresh Ht/Lt Connection, Neutral/Earthing Connection (Both Body And Neutral) Dressing Of Lt Cable, Re Arranging Of Dlms Meter Cts And Control Cable Making Connector (All Required Material, Labour And Tandp Provided By The Contractor) 2.00 250 Kva Transformer. 15 Nos. 3.00 400 Kva Transformer. 10 Nos. 4.00 630 Kva Transformer.
Due Date : 27/01/2020
9 Tenders: 21505744 Dismantling And Withdrawal Of Old And Damaged Mother Impact Plate And Fabrication And Fitting Of New Mother Impact Plate At Feeder Breaker No 1 Of Muraidih Colliery Under Barora Area Electrical And Maintenance Works.
Due Date : 03/02/2020
10 Tenders: 21502689 St Forg Plate Bottom(Mag Gun).
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Due Date : 04/02/2020
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