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1 Tenders: 20994721 Supply Of Hospital Pillow Covers Or Pillowcases.
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Due Date : 14/12/2019
2 Tenders: 20981107 Inviting Sealed Tender For The Supply Of Matress, Pillow And Hard Wood Bench
Due Date : 07/12/2019
3 Tenders: 20981103 Inviting Sealed Tender For The Supply Of Matress, Pillow And Hard Wood Bench
Due Date : 07/12/2019
4 Tenders: 20971762 Purchase Of Blanket, Mattress, Pillow.
Due Date : 06/12/2019
5 Tenders: 20970216 Supply Of Pillow Made Of Polyester Staple Fiber Of Following Size Length 45 Cms Plus/Minus 5 Percent, Width 30 Cms Plus/Minus 5 Percent Thickness 10 Cms Plus/Minus 5 Percent. Construction Details Material For Pillow Polyester Staple Fiber, Fiber Content 100 Percent White Virgin Hollow Fiber, Weight 290 Gms Minimum. Pillow Should Be Surrounded By Virgin Hollow Fiber Sheet Of 20Mm Thickness Minimum. The Covering Cloth Should Contain 50 Percent Minimum Polyester Yarn And Balance Cotton.Pillow Should Be Resistant To Normal Wash. Note: The Method For Indentification Of Fiber Shall Be As Per Is:667/1981 Or Latest. Logo Monogram : At One Corner Of Pillow The Following Should Be Woven Within An Area Of 7 Cm X 4 Cm With The Following Information Should Be Stitched (1) Name Of North Eastern Railway In Hindi And English (2)Year And Month Of Manufacture (3) Iind & Iiird Ac Service (4)Manufacturers Name And Brand. Packing: Each Pillow Should Be Packed In Polythen Packing Bag To Withstand Transit Damage.
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Due Date : 02/01/2020
6 Tenders: 20964487 Supply Of Pillow: A)Material For Pillow Polyester Staple Fiber.B)Fibre Content 100 Percent White Virgin Hollow Fibre.C)Weight 450Gm(Plus/Minus 5 Percent).D)Size Length:60Cms,Width:36Cms,Height:12Cms.E)Pillow Should Be Surrounded By Virgin Hollow Fibre Sheet Of 20Mm Thickness(Min.).F)The Covering Cloth Should Contain 50 Percent(Min.)Polyster Yarn And Balance Cotton.G)Pillow Should Be Resistant To Normal Wash.Monogram:At One Corner Of The Pillow The Woven Cloth Monogram Of Size 7Cmx5cm Is To Be Stitched Containing: A)Eastern Railwayb)Year And Month Of Manufacture.C)Manufacturer's Name And Brand.D)Ac Service .Diamensional Tolerance Plus One/Minus Ziro Mm.
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Due Date : 03/01/2020
7 Tenders: 20952130 Supply Of Bedsheets, Blankets And Pillows At Begumpet Airport.
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Due Date : 09/12/2019
8 Tenders: 20944919 Supply Of Pillow Case Mill Made With Ir Monogram Stamped In Indelible Ink In One Corner(With 03 Pairs Of Tags) 79 X 46 Cms. White To Is:745/75.
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Due Date : 19/12/2019
9 Tenders: 20932063 Supply Of Gauzethan, Bandage, Bed Sheet, Pillow, Pillow Cover, Curtain Cloth, Cover Cloth Running, Colored Bags
Due Date : 03/12/2019
10 Tenders: 20929300 Supply Of Polyster Staple Fibre Pillows Size : 57 X 30 X10 Cm, Weight 400 Grams +/ 5%. Construction Details : Material For Pillow Polyster Staple Fibre. Fibre Content : 100% Virgin Hollow Fibre Non Compressed In The Form Of Sheets. Identifiation Of Fibre Hollowness Will Be As Per Is 667/1981 Or Latest. Covering Cloth Should Contain 50%(Min.) Polyster Yarn And Balance Cotton. Pillow Should Be Resistant To Normal Wash. Ir Totem To Be Marked On Each Corner With Indelible Ink.
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Due Date : 18/12/2019
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